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Hi, great theme, but how do I remove the “Scroll to top” function?

It seems to go away when I remove the ”<?php wp_footer(); ?>” in the “footer.php”. But ”<?php wp_footer(); ?>” can be used for other scripts, so I guess there is an better way to remove it?

Unfortunately this didn’t work. I tried using the code bellow, but that removed the the entire footer:

#footer-wrap, .totop { left: -3000em; }

Hi, Above code is not same that I gave. Please use exact what I gave. do not change > to ,. If it still doesnt work , please email me with your website URL so that I can test it myself. I tested it on my demo website and it works.

I removed the ”#footer-wrap > .totop” from the style.css. That’s the reason it didn’t work.

- Thank you.

I’ve read the documentation several times and can not find the plugins.

The using the latest version of wordpress 3.7.1


Thank you for purchasing. The theme adds a new menu in Appearance -> Install plugins, where you can find the included plugins and install them.

Thanks again.

I found, thank you, but revslider in error:

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/var/lib/php-cgi/session/sess_22dm841eddktial2b2jpj8dk85, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /home/storage/7/dc/a8/opoetapizzariaeresta/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/revslider_admin.php on line 42

The using the latest version of wordpress 3.7.1

A new update just went live with updated Revslider. Please update.

Hello -

I am looking to purchase this theme but I have noticed a few issues with certain elements throughout the theme. I know you just pushed out an update to the theme but not sure if any of these were taken care of yet.

Product Carousel on Home page (in Firefox) is not showing the bottom borders, jQuery/height issue? http://cl.ly/image/3D2I2P2l3M0L

Select Boxes on Product Post page (all browsers) are kinda scattered, should probably stack instead of float, this would also look better in responsive. http://cl.ly/image/1G2C1k2Q2f2i

Write a Review (iPhone Portrait)is being cut off and not adapting to the viewport http://cl.ly/image/2I2D2w03082C

Product page tabs is jumbled on iPhone Portrait View http://cl.ly/image/1W0W1D0s3F2b

Should Disable “Zoom” on Product Images in Responsive < 768: http://cl.ly/image/1X1H2D2R3R2D

Product Carousel – Should have only one product in view in responsive < 768 instead of cutting off the next item: http://cl.ly/image/0a0W3D3o362W

If you could make these updates (so I don’t have to…lol), I would be more than happy to purchase this Theme and rate it 5 Stars. Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for your time to list of the problems.

I would like to address them in same sequence.

1)Carousel bottom looks good to me , not sure how do I regenerate the problem: http://prntscr.com/23f5b1

2) Select boxes for that same product looks good to me: http://prntscr.com/23f5n7

3) Write a review: You are right, I fixed it, and will include it in update as well.

4) Product page tabs: You are right, I fixed it, and will include it in update as well.

5) Zoom can be managed from admin, I just disabled it for mobile devices on layout2 and tested it on my android, all good. (you too please test on real phone)

6) This can be done but will need additional call to slider trigger function based on device width. I ignored it as its not so imp. You can do it if you want it.

In the end, I would request if you can send me email from my profile page. Thats faster easier and better way to communicate on these issues. As you might also agree, lengthy discussions here might confuse potential customers.



i was editing the functions.php and now i can’t access anything.. what can I do?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’<’ in /home/seafoode/public_html/wp-content/themes/justshop/functions.php on line 47

thanks much


It seems you made a syntax error , You can fix it by re-uploading fresh function.php fle via FTP. Editing by wp-admin will not anymore.

thank you very much it worked. is it possible for me to remove the “cloud pattern” corners for the product category on http://seafoodexpress.com.sg/?

Easiest way is to add following code in themeoptions/general/display/customcss box

.page-template-template-home-php ul.products li.product.product-category .shade-a, .page-template-template-home-php ul.products li.product.product-category .shade-b { display: none; }

I have entered the correct coordinates for the location I want the map on the contact page to display, but the map will not show up. How do I fix this issue?


Map will show up only on the page with Contactform as page template, if still it doesnt work let me know your website URL.

Love this theme! Very glad I purchased. The only problem I’m having is with the slider. I’ve activated the plugin and I still can’t seem to make it show up on the homepage. #1 – It will show up if I add the widget code to the widget section of the homepage, but from the documentation, I don’t need to do this correct? I just add [rev_slider slider1] to the Hero/Slider Area Content of the homepage, correct? #2 – I tried importing layout2-revslider.txt from documentation\Justshop\Resources\import-data and only some text appears but no images. Your documentation indicates that images are included true. Am I correct? #2 – Even when using the widget to add the slider, I can’t make it extend full page, regardless of the template I use. It’s the same size as the rest of the main body.

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious. I’ve been messing with this the last couple hours.. Everything else seems a breeze to setup but only having trouble with the slider. Thanks!


Happy to know you are happy with purchase.

For homepage, please enter the slider shortcode in Theme-options/Slider and Headline settings. More info: http://support.templatation.com/support/solutions/articles/134922-how-to-setup-revolution-slider-and-import-its-settings-on-homepage-like-demo-website. Yes, for slider import images will not be included , thats how slider is setup. But you can place images easily as shown in https://www.diigo.com/item/image/3wik9/e9j0


I have some problems with German localisation. No all WooCommerce texts are translated. WooCommerce version 2.0.19 is installed and this German localisation Plugin http://goo.gl/VUKPcJ at the latest version, which works fine on other WooCommerce themes. WPLAN is also set to de_DE.

Hope you can help me to find a solution.

I won’t translate it manually ;o)

Cheers Jing

Hi Jing,

Ofcourse I will help you, please email me from my profile page with your website URL so that I can catch the problem and suggest solution.

My first guess is the woocommerce template files that I modified in thmee, should be the one not getting translated by that plugin. Because I changed their textdomain.


Hi there!

This theme is awesome! the only thing i cant find/change is this:http://www.warmebakkerij.nl/wp-content/uploads/issue.jpg

This is only when i open the website in Firefox How can i remove this ebay “spam”


Thanks for appreciation. The theme has nothing to do with ebay nor does ‘ebay’ word exists in whole theme, this might be a plugin or some other external source doing this.

okee i will search for anything that might be it and let you know, when i find it ;)

Well i added AblockPlus to Firefox and it was gone ;) thx for the support!

Hi, I would like to have the border around the category image to also extend behind the category title and description.

How can I do this?



This will require woocommerce template modification, please email me from profile page and I can help you.

I just wanted to leave a quick comment to praise the team at Templatation…they are simply amazing! I needed some help to upload the demo data to mimic the demo site, and Dinesh had it up and running in no time. Very quick support!

Now that I have all the layers available, it is a VERY flexible and customizable theme. I would recommend it for any ecommerce website, not just bakeries or restaurants. Plus, the many revisions and updates are well worth the initial cost of the theme. Thanks!

Thank you very much :)

I want to make this settings: when you’re on the Products page (woocommerce), on a top category page (where only subcategories appear), I want the List View to be set by default, and when you’re on a subcategory page where are shown only products, Grid View should be set by default. Please tell me how to do this, thanks.

It seems you have bought my theme, if you bought from any other account please message from that account.

Hi, I like this theme and am looking to purchase. I have a client who wants to sell food for delivery, this seems like it may work. My question is – Is it possible to put an ‘add to cart’ button from within the MENU CARD section of products? I would like to click on a menu card product and in that products singular page show an add to cart also.



No it is not possible as both are total different things. Addtocart button applies to products only powered by woocommerce.

However, you can first build the menucard as per your need, than you can create woocommerce products, and then you can edit html of menucard and insert add to cart buttons manually. Not sure if it will work for you that way , just suggesting.

I’m looking to purchase this theme and want to know if there is an option for custom css, to modify things if I need to?

Does this theme support using PayPal Merchant account? If not what does it support?


Yes, there is option of customcss in the admin where you can place your styles.

This theme uses woocommerce plugin for ecommmerce, and yes, woocommerce supports paypal and all other major payment gateways.


Awesome…THANK YOU!!!

The theme doesn’t support multiple pages. If I’m using Full Width Page Template, I inserted this code: <!––nextpage––> inside the Text editor, and also “wp_link_pages()” inside template-fullwidth.php right after “the_content()”. And it’s not working..

It seems you have bought my theme, if you bought from any other account please message from that account.


I have problems with the top menu. The submenu’s are collapsed out automatically. See www.pofidik.nl.

In the admin panel I have managed it with submenu’s in a major menu item.

Can you help me out.


That text should be translatable , may be try re-scanning the po file again. if it still doesnt work , that “ADD” is in line number 275 of includes/theme-woocommerce.php file.

Thanks for the quick answer.. Where do I found the text, SALE!?

Thanks again, great work!


I did not do anything with SALE string, its powered by woocommerce , so please find it in plugin translations.


I am having problems changing the colour of the Footer-Wrap. Every time I try to change the path of the ‘background’ (I wanted to change the colour) it completely wipes out the area (the body background colour and the footer wrap become one)

I cannot even revert back as once this change has been made it is near impossible to get the origional ‘Footer-Wrap’ back (the only way is to rewrite the code in a new CSS file. Or so I have found)

Is there a way I can change the Footer-Wrap without having this hassle?

Also, I have found some missing icons whilst in Firefox. Is there a fix for this?

Otherwise, Great theme.


Thanks for purchasing and appreciation, whats the problem, please place below code in themeoptions/general/display/customcss box.

#footer-wrap{ background: #000000; }

Thank you for your reply. That seems to have solved my problem.

Also, where can I change the colour of the Start/Login Welcome Text Block? – My Social Media Icons are not visible.

Can you message me from my profile page with your URL please. So that I can actually see what you mean.

Hi, I am really interested in this theme and have a quick question (I am new, so sorry if it is a stupid one): In the layout #5 of this theme – is it possible to switch order of elements? I would like to see the “About” section above the three pictures that say: “Celebration cakes, fruit desserts, little cupcakes”. Thank you!


Yes, its possible, just swapping 2 lines of code in homepage template, I will do it for you if you email me once you purchased.


We have purchased ‘Just Shop’ Theme from you Now we are facing one issue in IE Browser When we click first time on submenu in navigation bar its not working But its only work when we click second time.

This issue is also in http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-cake-bakery-drinks-shop-wordpress-theme/4747148 by opening in Internet Explorer

Our purchased theme is www.wishinfo.net/projects/scrumptions.com/

Please guide us to fix that issue as soon as possible

Thanks Nitin Vachhani

Hi Nitin,

I just tested your website on IE and all looks good, which version of IE are you facing this problem ?


We are using IE version 10 http://www.wishinfo.net/projects/scrumptions.com/ In menu item called “Wedding” mouse over there.. then try to click on submenu called “Romantic and Traditional”.. it will not work first time.. but on second click its working.. this issue also fetched in your live preview of theme


I fixed this problem in latest version, please re-download the theme. Incase you want quick solution, you can only replace the old THEME/includes/js/general.js with new one.

Hi i got a problem with the Revolution Slider plugin, my website keeps going to the famous 502 error..

And i talked about it with my hosting, and they told me that the Revolution Slider plugin isnt working well, and is the issue for the 502 error’s

Greets Giovanni

The revslider plugin is being used on over 15,000+ sites, so I highly doubt revolution slider doesnt work.

Could you email me your website URL from my profile page please.

I want my theme to look like this setup…with my logo at the top, navigation centered and under logo: http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-cake-bakery-drinks-shop-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/4747148

I can’t figure out how to make that happen.

My website is http://newgraphicdesignsga.com/

And the only directions that your documentation have are to have the site looking like this: http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#!/logo_header_setup

Please tell me how to create the look I want, or where to get instructions on how to do this. THANKS.

Please go to Themeoptions/Layout and select header layout 5 and it will solve your problem.