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Hi there, I have some questions. 1) I would like to know how I can insert the “WRITE US” with a white box for a mail in a slider contact? 2) I would like to know why in a responsive version for mobile application a slider contact doesnt work good?

This is my link:

Please can you help me??? thanks


Thanks for your purchase. 1 – You have to install contact form plugin in your Wordpress admin 2 – It’s seems Apple don’t allow to custom easily input on mobile device

Let me know if you need something else

Best Barthelemy chalvet

Bonjour J’ai un probleme avec la page Layout, il y a un bug pour changer l’ordre d’apparition des éléments. la commande ne marche pas. comment puis je faire par d’autre chemins. agir sur le PHP ? avez vous rencontré ce problème?

merci de vos réponse

Bonjour Treillou,

Tout d’abord désolé pour la réponse tardive. Pouvez vous me donner un peu plus de détail sur le problème rencontré et un lien vers votre site afin que je puisse identifier ce problème.

Bien a vous

Barthélémy Chalvet

la page “Layout” n’agit pas sur l’odre

I haven’t bought yet but I love the theme – it seems to have some formatting issues on certain size mobile screens like iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. Maybe a little attention to these sizes in a future update would be nice?


Wouuu thanks a lot for this attention. Of course we’ll updated it as soon as possible


Hello, I have a few questions before buying this theme. I saw it haven’t been updated for a long time, is it compatible with the last Wordpress update? Second: can I add a store with Woocommerce Plugin? Thank you.

The page layout in kpanel doesn’t work! Please tell me that to do…Thanks

I’ve installed the theme (on a new site) and am faced with a blank page on my frontend and no admin panel on the backend. It’s completely unusable. Any chance of getting this to work? Thanks.

Plugin conflict. Problem solved. Theme seems to function on Wordpress 4.5. Sorry. :)

Seems to be lots of issues in the preview in Chrome..