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Great WordPress Theme, good luck with sales ! ;)

Thank you Holobest!

hallo no live preview :

2 question: is multilanguage available? WPML? it is maybe portfolio filtering ?

Hi Dani78,

Thank you for expressing interest in the theme!

To answer your questions, there is no “native” multilingual support built into Kabuki, apart from a convenient translation system; the theme hasn’t been tested with WPML. Regarding the portfolio – indeed, all portfolio pages have filters by tags, like this one for example – the filter is just above the images.

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

could you please add the social sharing? im intrested to buy this but without testing facebook it is uneuseful ( social sharing today is basic!!)

I totally agree that social sharing is very important nowadays, and I am definitely planning to include social sharing options into all of my themes; the reason why I haven’t done so already is because there are so many plugins that enable identical functionality, including e.g. Jetpack and Async Social Sharing. Due to the constraints of my schedule I will not be able to build a social sharing option into my themes at short notice (definitely not this week), yet in the meanwhile I’ve installed the Async plugin into the demo, so that you could check out how the buttons look like, e.g. on this page.

Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to approach me!

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

Hi dear thanks a lot for listening my opinions. unfortunately, as happend many times with ajax template, facebook integration doesnt work properly ( does it works als with portfolio elements? ) it is an old common problem i hope you could fix it in this beatiful template!!!

In case by saying that Facebook integration does not work properly you refer to the fact that the share box is being cut on the right-hand side – this issue arises from the fact that the theme’s content width is a bit too small for this particular plugin, while the Facebook sharing box does not allow external styling to make it narrower; however, this can easily be fixed by e.g. swapping the Facebook and the Twitter buttons in the plugin code, so that the former has more space for its box, like I did here.

Regarding your second question – it all depends on the particular plugin, e.g. this plugin allows putting the social sharing buttons also to portfolio item pages, e.g. like here.

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

Looks great! Good luck!

Thanks Siiimple! :)

Can you have pics from the portfolio show up on home page

Hey Richard1244,

sure – whichever pages you set as the front page in “Settings -> Reading”, will show up on home page, including a portfolio page.

Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Best, Andrew | Satori

Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanks, JFthemes :)

Short codes not working? Do I have to change a directory once the theme is installed?

Error Report:

Warning: include(../../../../../../wp-load.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/15/d299122162/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/Kabuki_Installable/Kabuki/includes/shortcodes-ultimate/lib/generator.php on line 4

Warning: include(): Failed opening ’../../../../../../wp-load.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php6’) in /homepages/15/d299122162/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/Kabuki_Installable/Kabuki/includes/shortcodes-ultimate/lib/generator.php on line 4

Fatal error: Call to undefined function current_user_can() in /homepages/15/d299122162/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/Kabuki_Installable/Kabuki/includes/shortcodes-ultimate/lib/generator.php on line 7

Hi rk88,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

According to the error codes, the issue you are facing is due to the fact that you’ve installed the theme into a folder inside a folder, i.e. you have a “Kabuki_Installable” folder inside the themes directory, and inside it there is a “Kabuki” folder which in turn contains the theme’s files. As indicated in the theme manual (page 1, section 1), it is recommended to install WordPress theme files into a folder in the themes directory (e.g. /wp-content/themes/Kabuki/, instead of /wp-content/themes/Kabuki_Installable/Kabuki). If you are using the WordPress built-in theme uploader, please use the “Kabuki_Installable.zip” archive as the source, and if you are using FTP, simply upload the unzipped “Kabuki” folder contained inside the “Kabuki_Installable” archive into the themes directory (wp-content/themes/), as noted in step 4 of the theme installation instructions.

There are two possible ways to fix this:

1. Uninstall the theme (go to “Appearance -> Themes”, activate any other theme, and then press “delete” under the Kabuki theme) and re-install it bearing in mind the above information [recommended].

2. Download a custom file I’ve made for you from my repository, unzip it, and upload the contained php file into the following folder:
replacing the existing file.

Should you have more questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me!

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

re-installed the folders correctly, got it! must have been sleeping reading the folders portion. thanks again.

Glad it worked ;) Anytime!

Andrew | Satori

Hello Satori Design,

Thanks for the great theme. I am a verified purchaser. I had a quick question regarding the responsiveness of this theme. When I try to open the website on my iPhone or mobile device, it seems to revert into a mobile theme, and the layout gets all wonky. Was there anyway to default the theme from not reverting to the mobile theme when on a mobile device, and keep its responsiveness.


There seems to be a malfunction with the twitter widget, when displaying posts. Sometimes it works but the majority of the time it doesn’t display properly and just shows “42 years ago” “1 year ago” with no posts at all. I might be missing something but is there a way to fix this.

Thank you.


- Mike

Hey Mike!

I saw your forum thread first, thus replied there :) http://satoristudio.net/forums/topic/theme-responsiveness/#post-593

Cheers, Andrew | Satori

I’m following all the readme.txt, the upload takes severales (hours) and at the end I’m getting some troubles SQL WARNING… And all the wordpress site gets down. Is there a chance that maybe the wordpress last update can crash it ?

It tooks hours to upload, after activating it here are the message I get:

Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/www/victoriacananova.ca/wp-content/themes/Kabuki/includes/quick-localization/ql_class.php on line 112 and defined in /home/www/victoriacananova.ca/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare grunion_media_button() (previously declared in /home/www/victoriacananova.ca/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/contact-form/admin.php:25) in /home/www/victoriacananova.ca/wp-content/themes/Kabuki/includes/contact-form/grunion-contact-form.php on line 678

I took the zip, unzipped it and uploaded it with transmit… :( This is not the first time I’m using templates ? I’m working on the last (FRENCH) wordpress version maybe localisation is causing this issue?

On the public site : Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_page_templates() in /home/www/victoriacananova.ca/wp-content/themes/Kabuki/includes/supersized/includes/WPSupersized.php on line 1116

UPDATE** Uploading by the classic admin interface doesn’t work either, I took the (installable.zip) and after a few seconds it says it can be installed. the last thing I’m gonna do is to reinstall all the CMS and the database with an non-translated version of wordpress, maybe it’ll work

Dear Ethanmtl,

this is the first time such issues have been reported for Kabuki (or any of my other themes, for that matter, as they are all built on the same nucleus). Could you please send me an email to support@satoristudio.net with the WordPress admin login and password, as well as ftp login and password (no disclosure guaranteed) – I will look from the inside and will do my best to help! The local version should not be connected to this issue, since the only difference in the localized versions is the language file.

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

Really love the theme. Thanks for great work.

I have one question. How can I create the landing page like your example, a clean page without a blog post. I understand that I need to create a blank page using a template. But how can I set the landing page?

Thanks for your support

Oh I got an answer now, thank you ^^

Hey Nuttaputch,

First of all, thank you for the purchase!

Glad you sorted it out, and sorry for a relatively slow reply – Christmas and all ;) Should you have more questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me – either here, or by creating a topic on my forums.

Happy holidays! Andrew | Satori

Hi satoridesign. Nice theme! Got 1 issue at this time. In internet explorer 10 the drop down menu does not work properly. Sometimes you cant reach the last button, cause it collapse before you can touch it… What could be the problem? Thx, Brian

And shouldn’t the fontface code be in the style.css? Thnx :)

Hi Andrew, Not getting the @font-face working here…. Is there a way to reset all fonts and just use my own? thx

Ah, sorry, Brian, you’re right of course – the @font-face declaration should be used in the stylesheet (style.css in the case of Kabuki). Take a look at how it is implemented in this live example. If you’re still having troubles implementing your own font, you can also send me an email to support@satoristudio.net with your admin credentials (no disclosure guaranteed), and the font file you wish to install, so that I am able to offer hands-on help.

Best, Andrew | Satori

Can i use a video on the homepage?

Hey Jairo348,

Thank you for expressing interest in my work!

To answer your question, at the moment Kabuki’s background slider does not support videos. As far as I know, the WP Backgrounds Lite offers this kind of functionality, and no compatibility problems have been reported for Kabuki so far. However, just to remain honest – I cannot guarantee 100% smooth integration with third-party plugins.

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

Hello, I would like to know how I can have custom post formats?

Also, from a post page, when I click the link to background slider options, I get this error “Cannot load wp-supersized.” How can I fix this?


Thank you, Emberday! Doing my best :)

Hi again. After I unzipped the file, I am now able to follow the link to the main bground slider options.

However, from a page or post, the tabs in bground slider options do not work. (I did not check if the tabs worked before). This means I am unable to create custom backgrounds. Could you let me know if I am doing anything wrong? Thanks

Dear Emberday,

could you please provide a screenshot demonstrating the issue? Or you can send me your admin credentials to support@satoristudio.net (non-disclosure guaranteed), so that I could see it for myself.

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

Hello, Before buying this theme, I am required to have the s2member plugin. is there any way you can tell me if this theme will work properly with this plugin?? Or any membership plugin? I already bought a theme that just doesnt work with the plugin so I would hate for this to happen again! Please let me know thanks!

Hey Ecmoyo,

thank you for expressing interest in my work!

I’ve tested a fresh Kabuki install with the free version of the plugin, and it seems to be working fine. However, I cannot tell you if integration will be 100% smooth since I haven’t checked all the numerous functions and settings options of the plugin.

If you want, you can let me know about what specifically went wrong with the theme you purchased previously, and I’ll tell you if that aspect is working properly with Kabuki.

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

Hi there, you seem to be having database issues… none of your demos work.

Hey James! Yes, indeed – the hosting server is down and none of my websites are working; I’ve sent them a support ticket, the demos should be back online in a couple of hours. I’ve already made a decision to move to another hosting at the beginning of February, it seems that the current guys do not take the word “uptime” seriously enough :)

Hey guys, before i purchase the theme: any chance to integrate full screen videos as well? Thx in advance! Best, Marcus

Hey Marcus!

Thank you for expressing interest in my work!

Kabuki allows displaying only images and image slideshows as full-screen backgrounds at the moment. Unfortunately all plugins that I know can achieve this kind of functionality are premium, e.g. search for “video background” on Activeden or WP-Backgrounds Lite on WordPress.org.

Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

I’ve purchased your theme – it’s awesome! Quick question: how do I get text to display with the slides on the home page the way your site example shows? Where does that information go (I think I’ll be using a NextGen gallery for this page)?


Thanks Andrew – the documentation is great, just couldn’t figure this out. One last thing – I pulled in the sample pages provided but the blog posts that you have provided aren’t showing up in the blog page. Any ideas? Thanks! Nikki

Andrew – I’ve set up the gallery for this page http://www.barktest.com/oneill/articles-and-lectures/ the way you’ve said to and I’m still not getting the captions. Would you be willing to take a look?

Hey Nikki,

cool background images! Could you please send me your admin credentials to support@satoristudio.net (no disclosure guaranteed) – in both cases you mention it is very difficult to say what went wrong by looking on the generated HTML from the outside.

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

Hi there I am planing to buy this theme shortly. can you please clear my doubts below.

- I am a beginner to the wordpress so wondering how complex is it to change the content and few stuff fro me if i buy ur templet?

- is it possible to increase the width of page?

- can i change the button size ?

- can i add a texture on the BG images – it looks like its taking a bit time to load. would you be able to help us reduce loading time?

- do you have any video tutorial on this templet?

Thanks in advance

Hey Rickyartbeat,

thank you for expressing interest in my work!

To answer your questions:

- the template does not change the way one works with the content, it is still done in the classical WordPress way – by creating posts, pages, and other materials using visual editors or upload interfaces. In case of troubles with the process, people refer to my support forums and I do my best to help out every customer.

- increasing the width of the page is the one thing that is not possible from the admin backend, since Kabuki has a fixed layout. The width adjusts downwards automatically if you reduce the browser size, down to the smartphone format (this is called responsiveness). Increasing the width would require changes in multiple template files and would therefore be considered as a paid cutomization.

- changing the size of buttons would require adding one line of code to one of the theme files, this can be done from the admin page. I assist theme users witch such issues for free as well, as a part of the theme support.

- Kabuki supports solid fill background, texture background, and full-size image background (with optional slider, as on the homepage). It is taking time to load the images because they need to be large enough for any possible screen size, otherwise they’d look very poor on larger screens. Once the background images are loaded, the website takes much less time to load for the second time on the same machine. This is normal for full-background templates. One can in principle take large images but reduce size through compression (e.g. in JPEG), but in the demo I preferred to show the best the theme can do :)

- all my theme tutorials are in written and illustrated form at the moment. Kabuki comes with a 16-page manual, and anything not answered by the document can be asked on my forum, where I resolve every single customer issue. Again, I must note that certain large-scale changes that would require time-consuming modifications in template files could be classified by me as theme customization, for which I have to charge fees depending on the complexity of the task.

I hope I managed to cover your questions. Should you have more, do not hesitate to contact me!

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

Hey my images are coming out a little big on the background slider is there any way to have them fit the screen and be responsive

Dear Nixonbobfly,

I’ve checked the website’s code: the images do not get zoomed (you can try opening the same images in a separate browser window on 100% image scale), yet they do indeed get hard-cropped by the system so that they fit into the browser dimensions. Since there are lots of different screen resolutions, there is not sense to try to hard-code the background behaviour on every particular machine – instead, the system automatically trims the images depending on the current browser window dimensions. This ensures that the website’s background looks well on every screen size, including smartphones and tablets. Note that the images are getting hard-cropped, which means that a part of the image is being cut off, either from the sides or from top and bottom, otherwise they would inevitably get deformed on various screen sizes.

You can adjust the background image fitting settings in “Appearance -> Background Slider” admin menu, the “Size and Position” tab, in case the current mode does not suit your needs.

Sincerely, Andrew | Satori

thank you for the info and very happy with the theme

Glad to hear! If case questions pop up, do not hesitate to contact me – either here or by creating a thread on my support forum.

Best, A.