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Beautiful and clean theme. Good luck “Egemenerd” :)

Thanks vickystudio ;)

Great theme and we already have it in use.

Question. On the homepage. If we want to raise the lower area, instead of having it sit at the bottom of the browser (the area which shows “Our business is life itself”) how can we do that?

The reason is that some computers show the task bar over the text and as a result the lower area doesn’t show well.

If we could raise it off the bottom to a higher location it would solve this issue.

Best theme I have ever bought on Envato! You guys checking this theme out, its very well worth it!

Thank you very much

Have a nice day :)

the thing is when its at the bottom like that, people don’t realize there is information below and therefore don’t scroll down. That’s what we’ve noticed.

I don’t want to block slider, so I do this in this way on home page…but thanks for the feedback, I will think about it ;)

Very nice template! :-))

Thank you :D

Link to ‘item demo’ seems to be broken :(

It is working here… Please try again later

Can the orange color be changed? I need red or a different color.

Will I have that option after I buy?

Of course you can change all colors with editing style.css file

Hi egemenerd, I bought your very nice template!!! :-)) GREAT TEMPLATE!!

Pls. can you have a look at the page SERVICES. When you go the first video and then to the other two video’s, you will hear ALL the sounds of ALL video’s together. Can you make in the script a stop when you click on the aArrow for the next video, that the first video stops.

Wait for an update pls…. Would be great!

Thanx a lot!

Hi ronflash,

I used bxslider ( ) for video slider. It isn’t my script and I think there isn’t any solution for that because they are iframes, not built in players…

Also If user clicks on stop button of the video before changing slide, there isn’t any problem. So don’t worry about that… :)

What a pitty. I understand…... :-)) Thanx for quick replay!

You’re welcome :)

Great looking Theme

I am about to purchase this theme. Can you provide the links to where the images used can be found?


Yes, send me an email after purchasing. I will send the links to you :)

Great theme!!!

Extremely well documented and cleanly written. We found it very easy to customize and use. We don’t normally use themes but this one was so good we just could not see taking the time and effort to develop something on our own when we like this one so much.

It’s nice to stand on the shoulders of giants like egemenerd and pretend we did this ourselves!!

Thank you very much for your kind words, It’s very kind of you :)

Thank you for the VERY fast response to our JS question for this theme. We will be able to implement your suggestion easily. We wanted to make sure that we were doing it the best way per your recommendations.

I’m glad to help you :)

Hi – Bought the template and really like it allot! I noticed that there are some minor issues with flickering on the iPad. I think this has to do with the vegas.js. Would you perhaps have any idea for a fix?

most appreciated, S.


Yes, it is flickering a little bit in homepage on the ipad but this is not a big problem and this is related with ipad performance, so if you want to use vegas slider, there is nothing to do…:)

Thank you for the quick reply! Is there a way to disable the vegas slider but still be able to use the in page slider found on the “single portfolio” page?

Vegas slider is only used on homepage. Slider which is on the single portfolio page is using bxslider script… So you can remove vegas slider completely and customize index.html file or you can use a standard page like about.html as a homepage, I don’t know your choice…:)

Hi if we dont want the dropdown animation happening on the internal pages but still happening on the index page what change do we need to do.

Cheers andrew

Hi, you can remove inner.js file to disable dropdown animation on the inner pages. Find the following code and delete it;

<script src="js/innerpage.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Hello, egemenerd

Nice theme. I’m looking forward to putting it to use. Can you tell me how to disable the animation for the homepage?

Thank you

Hi, Open homepage.js file and delete all the codes except “background slider settings”

Excellent theme,

I have a problem with the contact form. I do not get emails.

Change these lines:

define (“RECIPIENT_NAME”, “YOUR NAME”); define (“RECIPIENT_EMAIL” “YOUR EMAIL”); define (“EMAIL_SUBJECT”, “Visitor Message”);


Thanks, I’m testing

Hi I really like the theme, but since 2 days the background doesn’t show anymore in Chrome. Also your own demo website isn’t showing these backgrounds. Do you know whats going on? Thanks in advance!

Hey I think I found the problem. Open css/animate.css file and delete the following code which is at the top of the file;

body { /* Addresses a small issue in webkit: */
    -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;

You are my hero, that fixed it, mucho gracias!!!

You’re welcome ;)

Hi – On the portfolio page there is a option for a youtube video that loads up in a lightbox type of application. For some reason, the youtube video doesn’t play? I’ve tried changing the video URL and I only get a blank screen. Would you have an idea how to resolve this issue?

Thank you! S.


First of all make sure that you selected “Video” from the “Select Post Type” menu.

If it still doesn’t work, please look at the following article and make sure that you are using correct YouTube video link format;