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Hi! I return with the profile that has purchases. I repeat my problem…

Hi! I want to put the blog page without animation, I select this option, but it doesn’t run. I disabled all plugin and then the result is the same, blog doesn’t run without animation.

What is the wrong?


First of all I can’t see anything on this link. I think you are using a “coming soon” plugin…

Page without animation page template is available for standard pages, not for main blog page or for blog posts. If you want to remove page animation from all inner pages, you can do the following;


Hi! I want to change the word ‘testimonials’ in the url that show this post. How can I make it? Thanks!

Testimonials custom post type is made for only testimonials box which is only active on homepage template (Appearance->Theme Settings->Homepage Settings->Testimonials Box). You can’t use them as additional page urls…

Maybe I did not explain well. When I create a testimonial the url is like this:

I want to change /testimonials/ by other word.

I understand but this url is useless… It is generated by wordpress and if you don’t add that link to anywhere (like main menu) nobody can see it… As I said you can use testimonials for only testimonials box which is on the homepage template. If you want to create single testimonial pages, you can use standard wordpress pages…

Hi I want to buy the theme It supports RTL? xml.damo? responsive?

Hi, already used the theme… it works very nice, smooth and soooo well. Need to add some e-commerce to the WEB and I am wondering if your theme supports woocommerce. Have you tried woocommerce on your theme? Anyway, I will try… Thank you so much!!!


Thank you :)

Sorry but no. Kairos isn’t compatible with woocommerce. If you need customization;

This is a really great theme! Would love to buy it, but I have a couple of suggestions that would make this one a winner for me:

1. In mobile view, each footer widgets should get 100% width. Right now each of the 3 widgets are side by side, which makes it hard to view.

2. In mobile view, it be nice if the background photo wasn’t so high in height.

Other than that, I love this theme! Great job, man!

More than 24 hours and these guys didn’t reply. The theme doesn’t work like in the preview…. I would wait 12 more hours before I say it’s a scam

1) Did you read my profile page?

“If you bought the item from another Envato account, you should add your purchase code to your email.”

I don’t see any purchase data on your profile.

2) And first of all please read the help documentation;

Is it possible to make the home sliders clickable? I’d like to assign them a URL if possible.

Sorry but no it is not possible