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I’d like to get the Theme Options functionality with color picker.

This was requested over a month ago in the support forum. Still no response.

hi How can I put forward and back arrow keys picture gallery

please answer me http://suslermobilyaaksesuar.com/1.php dont work

Hello, Just a quick easy one, where do i change the map settings on the contact page?

Thanks Michael


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Thank you! Hogash Team

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WANTED: Responsive Theme Developer * * * Looking at this theme for a client. I need a developer who has used this theme and successfully installed it with client link(s) to verify this. We are looking for a long term relationship with the right developer who is technically very good at they do and provides very competitive pricing. We are not a retail service buyer. Currently using contractors in south and East Asia, that should provide a geographic reference for the pricing we are sued to receiving. Send portfolio link, contact info and pricing structure to recondigital00711@gmail.com

Question: Are all/any image(s) supposed to come out as a pop up (as in pretty photo) if linked to its own media file?

Trying to settle this once and for all. Didn’t get anywhere with this on the forum. Thanks.

Hi there, not sure if you are reffering to the WP or Joomla version however in both cases none link directly to the image through a pop-up, you should add a data-rel=”prettyPhoto” attribute to the anchor tag.


Thanks for the response.

Soooooo, there’s no reason to expect a conflict between this theme and a plugin such as Lightbox Evolution?

PS…I Did purchase this theme. No idea why it’s showing as if I hadn’t.

Hi, I updated to the latest release of the Kallyas theme but it seemed to have changed the red default colour to a bright green as well as everything else which should be that colour. I tried editing it in the theme settings but the tick doesnt register when clicked on. Is there something I am doing wrong? In the past I have overwritten the existing theme with a newer one and never had a problem. The website is teamrgb.co.uk. Please help. Thanks

Seems to be a problem with Chrome, as its ok in IE

Is this theme for wordpress or not? I really don’t understand.


This is not the wordpress version. If you are interested in the wordpress version, please take a look at this link :


Best regards, Stefan

Hello and congrats for the great theme! I’m really looking forward to purchasing it…there’s only one thing missing in the whole template: a date picker for the form! It is really the only thing is actually missing if someone, just like in my case, would like to adapt the for for an hotel website. I hope you’ll find the time to implement such feature.

Regards Stefano

Hello hogash,

Where do I delete social plugins ‘tweet & fb’ for images in prettyPhoto? Thank you for your reply


Hello hogash,

Where do I delete social plugins ‘tweet & fb’ for images in prettyPhoto? Hopefully you’ll reply soon

Hello, can you please help me out with this?? I already changed the mailchimp options and still dont get the solution.

I am waiting 5 months already…

Hello, will there be any future version updates for this one or only wordpress?

Hi where can i set the adress for the map on the contact page? cant find it anywhere :)


Beautiful, but look http://wellington.govt.nz site for municipal councils. Until today I did not find a template that was similar to this website. There is the challenge of making a template similar to this site.

Hi, how to control the speed of “Testimonials carousel”. Your quick reply will be highly appreciated.

Is there a way to make two scripts play nice with each other? http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.2/jquery.min.js the one above is the one came with template http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.1.min.js and second one is use a store locator When i put these on one html page the navigate and the slider stops working correctly. Is there some solution that you can help me with this problem?

Hi, Thanks for making a great template; I’m really happy with it so far. However, I noticed when the browser window shrinks in width, once below 986px, a white space appears on the right side of the content and gets larger the more the window width decreases (it does this locally and on the live demo site). I tried to figure it out but haven’t had any luck. Do you think you can look into it and let us know what the fix could be?

Hello! Can you please assist me in getting the Contact Form to work?

I updated the email address in the .php file and I also updated the path in the html form to point to the .php file.

I have tested the form 1/2 a dozen times and I do not receive the test email that I submit.

I also created a topic in the Forum but I thought I would follow up on here just in case you don’t see my post.

The rest of the template works perfect! Thanks in advance!


Jack F.

The template works fine and looks great but I have found that the support is lacking. A minimal effort was made and there was absolutely no follow up when I explained that the issue was not resolved.

Hello @graphicsforgood,

Thank you for choosing Kallyas HTML Template. We’re really sorry for not answering this thread you opened. Unfortunately we had some troubles in the support staff but we’re now taking care of the problems.

Best Regards, Laurentiu

Brilliant template!!! So easy to use and understand. Thoughtfully designed and laid out.

Best purchase I’ve made.

Well done and Thank You. You have saved me days if not weeks of my time.

Hi @inoz,

Thank you for choosing and purchasing Kallyas and for kind words.

Best Regards. Hogash Team.

This really nice template. I was buy yesterday, but I am still confused about how to change the theme color. For change our website : http://www.jogjarentalmobil.co.id Kindly technical assistance from you soon.

Best Regards


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