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You can check the resolution http://mattkersley.com/responsive/ almost all resolutions except the iPad – Landstsape disappeared top menu. And there was a horizontal scroll bar. And the white background to the right of the content. This means that the page is not completely tied to the size of the viewing device. And is not a ban on horizontal scrolling, and something else. Put the address of the your site there http://mattkersley.com/responsive/ and compare for examle with others which is displayed correctly. I think that this is related to the attribute of the main unit (absolute relative, fixed, etc.) and should not be allowed to scroll horizontally. ... need responsive site.

Yes, i know about those websites, responsive tests, however they are not exactly precise on portable devices.

The current demo version doesn’t have meta viewport width=device-width , instead i left a normal desktop view with responsive fixes, not necesarily adapted for 1024 or 768, however i duplicated the demo here http://hogash.com/demo/kalypso_html_viewport/ and tested on both portrait and landscape on ipad looks really good, here’s the screenshots https://dl.dropbox.com/u/47091266/Screens/Photo%20Dec%2017%2C%2016%2006%2008.png and https://dl.dropbox.com/u/47091266/Screens/Photo%20Dec%2017%2C%2016%2007%2033.png .

For mobiles i included a separate mobile dedicated theme, not responsive http://hogash.com/demo/kalypso_html/_app/iphone_frame.html

I will try to find a way to test on an Android tablet too. On 1280 resolution it should’ve been looked as the desktop view since the media queries start 1200px and below.


Hi, I just bought this template and I’m customizing it. I am using slider page as my index.html page (homepage). However, the Slider menu button is still highlighted in the main menu. What code do I change to make the Home page button be highlighted? And similarly, what code do I change for each page to make that page menu button be highlighted? Thanks.

Hi @mustbebelize ,

Thank you very much for purchasing!!

In every html page you will find a JS code right above the nav menu. eg: http://screencast.com/t/CN1K87Tri . That js code automatically adds active class to any li element that matches the url link. Now if there are 2 menu li’s with same url the script will be a bit confused. That’s why i’d recommend adding the active classes manually, for example:
<li class="active"><a href="index.html">HOME</a></li>

Just add the class="active" to the li element.

Best regards,


Hi Marius,

All problems solved, but the second marker on map. When the page is loaded, the second marker appear only one second, later disappear! I just copied the code you have.

Hi Marius,

the MailChimp suscription is rare; when I write a email in the input, and click the suscribe button, naothing happens, no one text tahnks appear. NOTHING. In the MailChimp website the suscription appear as done, but its cofuse for user, because the email remain in the input, no one text is displayed so the users dont know if it is right.

Hey Enrique,

Just replied back on the email :)

Let me know how it goes!


Hi hogash, This is Super Awesome Theme, Good Luck :-)

Thank you very much, i truly appreciate your kind words!! Wish you good luck aswell!

Best regards,



This is a great looking theme with lots of features. Do you happen to provide .less files or separate .css files?



Hey Laur,

Thank you very much for your kind words! Unfortunately at this moment no, however this is a great feature request and i’ll do my best to add it in the newest update, hopefully withing the next 2 weeks i think. Hope that’s ok :)



My Feedback About This Template: First, thank you, Marius, for your so fast and profesional support. It´s make the difference between you and other sellers. Second, your template is a great item, with a lot of posibilities of customization. Your code is very complete, even when I hate responsive problems. I am very happy working (one more time) customizatiing your templates. So: Thanks a lot for all work and support; and congratulations again. Enrique Tortosa

Oh! one question! please, do you recommend me any jquery weather widget / plugin to insert inside the index.html of the site? thanks in advance!


Thank you very much Enrique, i truly appreciate your kind words and awesome feedback!!

Unfortunately i haven’t used yet any weather widget however please have a look at this page http://www.jquery4u.com/widgets/weather-widgets-jquery/ i see there are some good works there :)



All issues fixed, BUT the second map marker doesnt appear. I am using the correct png image urls for both images, even trying to use the same png file (yours). I dont know why, only appear one of them.

Please, can you take a look to the url I sent you before? thanks a lot friend!!!!!!!!


Just found the fix and sent you an email :bigsmile:



Hi Marius, I sent you an email. thanks for all! You are a really profesional seller!

Hi Enrique,

Thanks! Having a look right now!


One doubt: Can the date be displayed in spanish?

Yes, i think so!

Please try this, open php_helpers/date.php delete all the code there and place this code:
$oldLocale = setlocale(LC_TIME, 'es_ES');
echo strftime("%A %d %B %Y"); 
setlocale(LC_TIME, $oldLocale);


Hello, nice template … but because the images do not open in lightbox?

Hi there,

That’s strange, where does this happen?

Thank you!

Hi Hogash. I want to buy your theme’s. Can i use your theme’s in asp.net (.NET)?

Hi there,

THank you for your interest!

Yes, if you have good .NET knowlegdes i don’t see no problem. There are only a few php helpers there but very minor, not to prevent anything in your work.



Above url, for some reasons, the show/hide div does not work. Can you show me where I can check the codes?

Hi @webboy2008,

Thank you for purchasing!

I’m afraid i don;t understand what to you mean the show/hide div does not work. Could you try directly to access http://www.hogash.com/demo/kalypso_html/ or tell me a bit more precise which one do you mean?

Thank you!


I am very interested to purchase. But I would like an html css and then with Safari browser not see enlargements lightbox. I look forward to yours.

Hi @designer78,

Thank you for your interest!

Some links from the website have the href’s set to # which means it’s a static dummy link and no lightbox attached to the link, however you can have a look at this page http://hogash.com/demo/kalypso_html_responsive/features-photo-gallery.php and click on the thumbs. The lightbox should work properly.

Anyway you can safely purchase this template as there are explanations in the documentation on how to attach lightbox links also you can ask me and i will help you :)

Best regards,


Why I only got blank page when visited the live preview?

Hi @s7ne1,

Sorry, i was adding some changes, how about now?


Ok it’s working now.

Hi Marius,

Do I need download the zip file again to get the 1.1 version?

Thanks, Dana

Hi Dana,

Thank you very much for purchasing!

Yes, you can redownload the package and find the 2 new updated version, and also a folder called Updates where you can find some files that are updated and a txt file (read it please). Please backup your website first if you want to apply the update, ok?

Thank you very much!


Hey Marius,

i just wanted to thank you personally and to say great work with this theme! I’ve been following your work closely since Abrax, and i can see that you are improving your skills and knowledge with every new theme! Every time you bring something fresh and new to your themes and i like that about you as an author.

I especially like Ammon, EOS and Kalypso…they’re really awesome. What i appreciate when chosing you to buy from, is that you give extra features with themes, such as: Coming soon page, Team page, your famous Historic page, Sitemap and loads of cool plugins included. Now i see even more features and pages, such as Shop.

Keep up the good work, and i hope you will bring us even better and prettier theme soon! Cheers friend ;)

Hi @thecoa,

This is one of the nicest comments i ever got, thank you so much for your kind and awesome words, i truly appreciate!! That’s exactly what i always tried, to make something like all-in-one templates to cover most needs.

Again, thank you very much and wish you warm Happy Holidays!


Hi, i just purchase the template which i think its very awesome now i have 1 question and 1 doubt

Doubt : do i need to apply the UPDATE (folder update) to the template ? or its also integrated in the template package (kalypso HTML template) folders

Question: do you plan to make this template also for Wordpress ?

Hi there,

Thank you very much for purchasing and for the kind words!

The 2 folders already have the updates so don’t worry about that. I think the WP version will be released around the half of February most certainly, it’s currently being working on and since it’s so complex it takes a bit more.

Again, thank you and Happy Holidays,


A grate template.

I am planing to buy this template.

Can i use HTML extension instead of PHP extension.

Hi @gautammech,

In the pack you will only find html pages. I used php only for my demo :)

Thank you very much for your interest and wish you Happy Holidays!


Hi Hogash,

Firstly, amazing job! Easy to edit and personalise, thanks a lot.

I have a quick question: how do I add a file upload field to the ‘contact’ page? An option for people who may want to upload a file to their message (not compulsory, just optional)?

Thanks for your help

Hi Christian,

First of all, thank you very much for purchasing and for you kind words, i really appreciate!

In regards to the upload field, it’s a bit tricky because upload field isn’t exactly a normal field, the file uploaded must be added as a temporary server file and then emailed. For example you can take a look at this tutorial here http://www.html-form-guide.com/email-form/php-email-form-attachment.html you can find a brief explanation how you can do it.

Unfortunately we don’t offer customisations included in support but i can recommend you these guys who can do it for you at really affordable prices https://www.tweaky.com/?invite=91fc67dc34c3dbfd .

Best regards and Happy Holidays,