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You have posibillity to have the content at 1170px and 960px: http://screencast.com/t/o8BcQQLAB


Thank you for that additional information. It must be late for you. I’ll wait a few days to ask those questions again.

i can`t change the main color, need help plz.


Hi @bisous0003 , thank you very much for purchasing!

Hope this helps: http://screencast.com/t/jHocJseI3h And please try signing up to Support Board ( http://www.hogash.com/suppport ).

Have a great weekend!

Can you explain more about the Facebook Open Graph feautre? Where can we see within the demo what his means exactly to have this feature?

Hi Jenna,

https://developers.facebook.com/docs/concepts/opengraph/overview/ Hope helps you find more details.

Basically the OG meta tags provide specific info for Facebook to know exactly what to post, instead of guessing the info gathered.

Have a great weekend!!

Great theme! Good luck :)

Thank you very much @louiejie, aswell with your nice works too!!

super super thema….felicitari

Salut Alexandru, multumim mult!! :bigsmile:

Due to the way pre-sales support is being handled, I think you may have missed my earlier comment (on page 3)? I don’t see the reply at least. Thanks in advance. :-)

Sorry, please try having a look now!


Hope this helps: http://screencast.com/t/jHocJseI3h And please sign up to Support (http://www.hogash.com/suppport)


There is not pre-sales support, and is pretty late here in Europe. We are talking only about stable versions of any plugin as WooCommerce is. So no, it was not tested for 2nd RC version of WooCommerce. We’ll try to add some admin screenshots, eventually some videos in future. The theme was released few hours ago.


Do you have a video for how to add a custom color background behind a slider on a page?

Jenna, please try posting the question onto the forums and leave the comment board for presales questions, it’s a bit hart to keep up the comments here (no search, etc).

Thank you for understanding!


i`m sorry, but this doesn`t work :(

Your site just went down bandwidth exceeded…http://hogash-demo.com/kallyas_wp/

Yes, sorry about that, live now!! :bigsmile:

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

Yes, sorry about that, live now!! :bigsmile:

I would also like to ask if there is the possibility to add a styled responsive menu. The iPhone view is important to us too, and a styled menu looks so much better than the standard “popout” menu.



Hi Mark, thank you for your interest!

Mark while i consider your request interesting to be introduced in the near future, for the moment i’m not sure if it will be implemented. But it’s noted and will try to do this!

Have a great weekend!

Thanks. Unfortunately, this is a must for me, especially in a $55 theme. If it’s added later I will consider this theme.


I have added this request in our update queue as it was already requested several times. I will include this in an update that will come in maximum 1.5 weeks.

Best regards, Stefan


Please sign up to Support (http://www.hogash.com/support) for any further questions or for solving the present one. Check documentation folder is pretty easy to read a HTML explained file in your browser.


Same for you, please let continue the discussion on Support.

Wanted to ask 2 quick questions before purchase.

1. Would this theme integrate with Layerslider or, if you’re not sure, would you be able to help with me with certain CSS elements to close the gaps on too much padding?

2. I noticed on the last screenshot to the right an area on the page where the color of a section of information is a different color. Does this theme allow for zebra stripes in color (what I mean is an area in the middle of the page, not the footer, where you can change the color).


Hi @northerndna

Thank you for your interest in this theme!

1. I don’t see a problem why Layerslider plugin wouldn’t work, however there is the Revolution slider which does amazing things as you can see. Unfortunately custumisations are not offered in the free support, however if there are certain big problems with big gaps i think we could find a good solution.

2. You can change this (the color) via CSS.

Hope you have a great weekend!

best theme ever, thanks a lot! easy to use, lot of possibilities, great support – 5 stars!

Truly appreciate your awesome feedback and for your rating!! Hope you have a great weekend!


Yes, sorry about that, live now!! :bigsmile:

what slider is this theme using http://cl.ly/3h360g1f3j17 – Are the slides done in photoshop or the backend?


Thank you for your interest in our product :)

From what i’ve seen, they use Revolution Slider, and i think that the slides were created in photoshop.

Best regards, Daniel


1. No is not integrate with Layerslider, but maybe in future will be. We shall see, the theme was released few hours ago. 2. You can change this (the color) via CSS.