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I already fall in love with your template :)

:bigsmile: Thank you very much @sumonbdinfo i really appreciate!! Good luck with your works too!

Thank you @hogash :)

Awesome theme, of course 5 stars!

:bigsmile: praise to @keyhanjun

Thank you very much, we really appreciate!!

Have a great weekend!

Is there a custom css box within the admin?

Hey @wesleysoccer, thanks for your interest! Curently , we have left the style.css files that can be edited from the admin area emty so that anyone can add its’s own css, however in the first update we will add a custom css box inside the admin panel.

Have a great weekend,


Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

Sorry about that, it’s live now!! :bigsmile:

Yep – would love to demo but bandwidth is exceeded.

Sorry about that, it’s live now!! :bigsmile:

Really great theme. My previous favorite “Builder” by OrangeIdea has been replaced.

Thank you, Stefan really tried to create a great user experience with the builder. It’s one of the most important parts of the theme to be easy and also complex. :bigsmile:

http://hogash-demo.com/kallyas_wp/ – Bandwidth Limit Exceeded – :crying

Sorry about that, it’s live now!! :bigsmile:

As dzn360 pointed out: Bandwidth exceeded.

Sorry about that, it’s live now!! :bigsmile:

Now its ok :) going to buy it

Thank you very much @dzn360!! :bigsmile: We really appreciate and hope you’ll enjoy working on it!

The theme might has features that the other themes don’t have but the way the pre sale support is handled and the authors are not answering all the questions posted and people re post their questions again and again to get answers not only holds me back, but also changes my mind to consider it .. sorry for saying this but pre sale support should be handled in a better way because it indicates to the quality of after sale support.

Hey @proffstudy,

This is Marius (dev of HTML version). Sorry, just seen your comment on the second page and the guys probably missed your question. It’s just been lauched, lots of messages and it’s a bit hard to keep up. Also, here it’s morning so we’re taking care of the business :) Honestly we have a great support team and i invite you to safely purchase it and i’m positive you will find this a great investment!

To answer your questions, yes you can hide the languages selector, it’s placed in the demo so that people will know it’s multilanguage and where is the selector visible. While i’m not sure about BBpress or BuddyPress compatibility, i have to check with the guys (Stefan and Dany) , but i really don’t see any problem why it wouldn’t work. Thanks for the feedback in regards to the page builder, indeed it’s awesome, i also love it.

To clarify something, i myself (Marius) design and develop Joomla & HTML version, Stefan (Zauan) developed this theme (flawlessly) and Dany takes care of the technical and support issues. It doesn’t make sense for me to join this comment board (although i monitor it often) to respond since i’m poor at WP and i can’t give useful advises.

Thanks for understanding!!

Have a great weekend,


Very nice theme! Just a quick question – is it possible to switch to a boxed layout? I’m personally not a great fan of full-width layouts.

Also interested in Buddypress compatibility.


Hi familychoice,

I believe you are asking for something like this : Boxed Layout

If so, this option is not currently implemented , however we will add this option in the first update which will come available next week.

Best regards, Stefan

Thanks Stefan, that’s what we’re looking for – look forward to the update.


You have possibility to choose the content as boxed (1170px and 960px), therefore you can use a fixed width slider for this. Buddypress compatibility is not yet tested, but for sure at time there are some other people that ask about this will be implemented in future versions.

I thank you for your interest,


Good Morning Friend

Congratulations for wonderful theme, thanks to wait out this weekend for me to buy. I have some questions before comprar.1 theme supports up those portfolios? 2 can create unlimited categories to filter the contents of the portfolio? 3 cute slider wp plugins and revolution slider comes with the theme? 4 How did you do that effect with the beautiful background anytime you hover over the bottom of the creative slider? 5 accepted translation for Portuguese Brazil? I look forward to finally buy Replies

thank you very much

Hi felipesanruan,

Thank for the interest in the theme.Please find bellow our answers :
  • You will have a portfolio menu inside the admin area from where you can create your portfolio items and categories
  • You can create unlimited categories for portfolio
  • Cute slider and revolution slider are already included when you download the theme. After you activate the theme you will have the choice to install them or not
  • That slider/effect was created using the Revolution Slider and enhanced with several css3 style to create a paralax effect.
  • The theme has .po and .mo files that you can use to translate the theme in any language. Also , it has full support for WPML if you plan to create a multi-language site.

Best regards, Stefan

You would like me to pass this effect anytime you hover does this parallax effect so I put on my website? thank you


I am sorry , but i didn’t understood you question.

Best regards, Stefan

I was wondering if you can give me the same effect you used in creative slider?

Felipe, unfortunately the js script that was used for the parallax effect was a custom paid job and can’t share the code, i’m truly sorry!

Hi – great theme! I want to purchase.

One question.

Does the blog auto select the first image in the post as the featured image? as existing blogs using this template could have to set 1000’s of featured images.

Thanks EM


Yes, the update is now live.

Best regards, Stefan

Its not working – check out asianfashion dot com


Can you open a new thread on our forum and give us more info about what is not working ? Please note that this option can be enabled from the theme options.

Also , please note that the current version of the theme is 1.7.

Best regards, Stefan

Are these shop images a shortcode? How were they designed? http://cl.ly/image/3i0V1m2E0G15


Hi Wesleysoccer,

The theme has a page builder included. This means that you can create your pages using drag and drop functionalities instead of having to use shortcodes. Please take a look at the following video :

As you can see, you can create your unique pages using 69 page builder elements, each element having it’s own options.

And, to answer your question, those images are added using the “Images box” page builder element.

Shop Page – Page builder

Best regards, Stefan

ok so the images were photoshop by you?

Hi, yes.

You can find the PSD files for those images in the download package.

Best regards, Stefan

Hi Hogash,

I am currently looking to buy a theme for a upcoming webshop. I love this theme! Althhough I am not familiar with these kinda themes. Is everything included with the theme to make a full functioning webshop including payment etc.? To make it more specific; 1) Is the shop customizable via WordPress or is there another CMS which handles this? 2) Is the iDEAL plugin included in the theme?

Hopefully you can help me out on this one, I would love to have this theme.

Best Regards, Michiel

Hi PipiRoffa,

Thank you for the interest in this theme.

The theme uses the popular wordpress plugin called WooCommerce for creating the Shop functionalities. This means that after you install both the theme and WooCommerce ( which is free to download/use ) you will have options inside the admin panel to create your fully functional shop with payment.

Regardin iDeal , i see that there is a separate plugin for WooCommerce . This means that you will need to install it after you install WooCommerce and it will work.

If you have further question, please don’t hesitate to ask them.

Best regards, Stefan

Very nice theme, I think buying it. Many presale questions are below:

1. Please, explain a little about of the images on shop-item. Usually when the visitors open one image, then they look through all images using of arrow keys of keyboards. No need close one lightbox image and open next lightbox. It seems rather useful for visitors, right? and this possibility is already used in KALLYAS theme: exactly here. The question is: is it possible to add this functionality to shop-items too?

2. Also can I use the super page-builder for posts too? (I think – no, but I ask just in case).

3. Is there some custom widgets? I see only the Flickr widget in the demo.

4. I don’t see the shortcode generator in the theme description. Is the theme contains it?

5. Unlimited sidebars?

6. Double-sidebars layout?

7. Concerning of the blog-section: which post formats the KALLYAS theme supports? For example, can I have some simple post-slider from attached images instead of the feature image (slider-postformat)? If yes, is it possible to open images in lightbox too (in order to see there the bigsize images) directly from this post-slider? You can see the example here.

8. Can I create the full-width portfolio-item with description under image? (example)

9. Can I place a few images into portfolio-item like slider? (example)

Also the bbpress compatibility in future should be very appreciated.

Thanks for answers in advance!

Hi fotomaster,

Thank you for the interest in our theme. Please find bellow our anwers :

1. You are right. We will add this feature in the next update

2. Unfortunately , no. The page builder only works on pages

3. The theme has the following custom widgets :

  • Mailchimp widet. Seen on the footer of the demo
  • Contact widget – Seen on the right side of the footer
  • Flickr Widget
  • Side by Side menu – The menu from the footer
  • Social buttons widget – Seen in the footer
  • Twitter widget – seen in the footer

4. The theme adds a button to the editor from where you can easily add the shortcodes

5. Yes, you can easily add unlimited sidebars from the theme admin panel

6. Unfortunately, no. You can only have one sidebar ( left or right )

7. We already considered adding the slider to the posts as an alternative to the featured image

8. Currently not. We will consider this for a future update

9. Currently not. As stated above , we will take this request as a future update

We have tested the theme with BBpress and didn’t found any problem so far. Considering that the theme just launched and we are getting a lot of pre-sale question, we don’t have the time right no to make full tests with BBpress but as soon as we do , we will let you know.

Best regards, Stefan

Thank you Stefan! So detailed and fast answers, WOW! Now here is time for collecting of user’ requests :) Some more widgets (for example, slider-widgets with latest/featured posts and products and so on) will help to promote the rich KALLYAS theme well. I definitelly must buy it ASAP!


Yes , our user feedback is very important to us. That’s why i’ve already started creating the first update that will include a lot of requests from you guys. I have created an internal list with all features requests and i am adding them one by one :) .

Best regards, Stefan

Hi, there a way to make the theme news focused?


Can you please give us more details ? Maybe an example ?

Best regards, Stefan

It’s for a client. They run a community and require being able to make announcements and news quite clear. I guess I’m asking if there is a more prominent version of the recent blog posts widget? For example being able to show the blog more.

Hope that makes sense?

on the homepage sorry