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for Bugs

Before this update I would have given it 4 1/2 stars but now 1 stars is pushing it. Since the add to cart button disappeared this theme is pretty much useless. I would hold off buying until issues are fixed with this new update. Just upgraded and it messed up my website. Before the update my Add to cart button was orange with white letters “add to cart”. Now it’s blank, Nothing. No button to add to cart. It’s gone. So if you are going to sell product you can’t. The person can't add it to the cart. Before the update when you clicked on the enlarged product pictures it went to the next enlarged product picture. like normal websites. Now when you click on it it tries to zoom in. Before the update the other product pictures where spaced nicely below the main product picture. Now the other product page are 1/2 hidden by the main product picture. This update was horrible and now my website can’t launch. I wish I never installed the update. So if you plan on selling anything don't buy this theme until they get these bugs fixed.

for Code Quality

I don't really like this theme anymore and it's upsetting because of the price and time spent working on it for my website. I have problems with the visual builder. I've sent messages in the past but the problem was not fixed. I try not to use the visual builder since it deletes sections I created when I try to move it on the page. That's very frustrating. I thought this theme would be easy to use because I don't want to spend a lot of time with coding. It's not... Plus, I don't really like how my site looks on mobile.

for Customer Support

I'm ambivalent...
On one hand, the design is *awesome*. The code quality is good and the generated HTML is quite clean. On those aspects, I'd easily rate it five stars.
On the other hand, the updates often bring breaking changes which are enormously frustrating and annoying. On that, I'd put one star.
...however, the support is very friendly and helpful.

for Customizability

Verry good theme for someone with little to no Web Development skills. It is easy to use and has many options. Even the documentation is verry easy to find and to understand. Here and there i find some little bugs for colors and text but in the the end they don't feel that annoying.

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