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Just bought this fantastic-looking theme (I’ve been going crazy trying for days to find the perfect theme for my site and this is by far the best I’ve seen), but I’m getting errors when trying to install the Mega Main Menu plugin. Wordpress says:

Downloading install package from /home/uarwbsjq/public_html/wp-content/themes/kamala/lib/plugins/…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

Any ideas what could be the problem?


Thanks so much! Testing it out now. :)

Works a charm. Thank you so much for the update!

You are welcome! :)

Hi, how do i set all my posts to be a full width post? Also, some of the featured photos of the post is missing when i open the post.

Please, use this child theme

You should install a child theme like any other WordPress theme. The main theme should be in wp-content/themes directory also, do not delete it.

You will be able update the main theme itself in the future and all your custom changes will keep safe.

After child theme installation you need to add menu locations and widgets to widget areas like with any other theme.

You may look at custom.css file in this child theme and adjust some styles if you wish.

Also you may simply copy single.php file from the child theme to the main theme, and posts will become fullwidth by default, but child theme is more convenient if you will need to make some other modifications in future.

This will work for all old posts, for new posts you should select layout manually. Also I may send a modification where fullwidth layout is used always not depending on settings.

Oh wow. Thanks for the really detailed and prompt help! Appreciate it (:


What’s the easiest way to update the blog? I notice there’s some updates. Last two times I tried it manually and ended up having to just upload the updated theme and switch to it. Guessing there’s an easier way I’m too dumb to catch.



You may try to use Envato Toolkit plugin for an easy update You may read the manual here

But if you have not updated the theme for a while, there was one major update, so you will need to install Advaced Custom Fields Pro plugin after the theme update, and set up all widgets and theme settings once again. You may install Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin from the list of recommended plugins in Appearance > Install Plugins section after the theme update.

Hi, i am unable to download the ‘Advanced Custom Fields Pro’ plugin even after uploading the updated theme file. It says ‘Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.’

Hi! You may find this plugin in kamala/vendor/plugins/ folder. Upload archive via Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin

Just purchased and installed Kamala – nice theme!

Advanced Menus Pro is asking me for a license in order to get current version. Where do I find this?

thanks very much


Hi! I’ll include the latest plugin version in the next theme release in a few days.

awesome, thank you!

Hi! The theme is updated. You should download it, unzip it on your computer. Then deactivate current Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin, delete it and add new plugin version ( file) from kamala/vendor/plugins folder (Plugins > Add new > Upload).

rock & roll! thanks @themeous


Can you tell me how to get rid of the tick arrows that have started to appear in my dropdown menu please – hover over Europe?

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Thanks David


Please open category settings page and deselect an icon. Please take a loot at the screenshot

If you do not use icons at all, you may disable ‘Advanced Custom Fields: Font Awesome’ add-on plugin

Also this page is not found for some reason

Hello there,

Could you kindly contact me? I need support for installing my theme.

Best Regards, Emrah.

Hi! Thank you for your purchase!

You may ask your questions via this comments or you may contact me via my profile page I couldn’t contact you directly because you email is not displayed for me on Themeforest.

i just did :)

thank you, Emrah.

Hi! I’ve not received your answer by email. I’m afraid my messages are in spam. Please, let me know if you need any help.

Hi! I have some probs with Google PageSpeed Insights How i can use my own local font instead Google Fonts? And what is “Reenie+Beanie” font? i dont use it at my blog…


The updated theme that allows to disable Google Fonts is available for download here You should check the option like on the screenshot also please make sure that fonts fields are empty.

Than you may include you custom local fonts via CSS.

O, man… i do something wrong with comments ((((

Could you please describe your steps in details? What issue have you encountered?

Hi again )) I have two small questions for you 1) Now the home page displays 10 posts. How to make the output 9 and without the empty space at the bottom? 2) How make “Disable Excerpt for Tile” enabled by default?

Thank you! But i still have empty space (((

This is because your right sidebar is too long :) It is better to display more posts on homepage instead, for example 12.

)))) it was very simply to me

I thought I’d show off the site I’ve made based on Kamala – it’s been a pleasure to work with throughout and even though I’ve hacked in some less well-coded additions I think it looks great.

Here it is:

Thanks so much of this theme! In fact, I’m only missing two things: rich snippets for reviews (that I may have a go someday at adding to the code myself, all the base material is there!). And the ability to pick what menus are displayed on a smartphone (it’s displaying my categories menu from the top bar, not the side menu with all the pages listed). But those are minor quibbles perhaps worth keeping in mind for next time, rather than deal-breakers. :)

Thank you very much for sharing your website! :)

I’ll add rich snippets and the ability to select mobile menu in future updates!

Good morning, I am interested in purchasing this template but my doubt and the latest release :( You have decided to abandon the development? When it planned a new release?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in my theme. The theme will be updated to provide the compatibility with new WordPress versions or bug fixes, or in order to add some new features when customers request them. Currently the theme is compatible with the latest WordPress version. Some small updates will be made within the next week.


Tobbe-A Purchased

I need advise on for using Autoptimize with this theme. When I use a minify option I break the theme.


Please, open Autoptimize > Advanced Settings and disable ‘Force JavaScript in <head>’ option

In regard to the styles, you may add this code in your custom CSS (or at the end of the style.css)

.top-bar-section ul li>a {
    font-size: 1.125em !important;
    font-weight: normal !important;
    color: inherit !important;

.top-bar-section .has-dropdown>a:after {
    display: none !important;

I’ll include this CSS fix in the next theme update within a few days.

If you add this temporary code in the style.css, it will be removed automatically with the theme update.

Please, let me know if any style issues will remain after this fix.

Hi! The updated theme version is available for download on ThemeForest. It provides some more fixes to ensure compatibility with Autoptimize plugin.


Tobbe-A Purchased

Excellent news!