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I’ve got a pre purchase question… is it possible to change the menu annimaiton or slow the effect down?

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Hi David,

You can’t change the animation but you can slow it down with 1 line of CSS: > li > a:after, ul.drop-down > li > a:after{transition: all 1s linear 0.5s}

Where 0.5s is the seconds parameter to change. The default is 0.15s, so the provided line will make it around 3x slower.

Hi, if I installed Revolution Slider into the theme would I be able to set it to full responsive screen for the home page?

hi and thanks for showing interest in our work.

first of all im not sure if our theme supports rev slider at all. so i can’t tell anything on this matter.

you better buy a theme that has the Rev Slider already implemtented so you don’t have any issues in future.


Hi, I’ve got a pre purchase question, can i use video (mp4 from my server or youtube link) in the lightbox from portfolio ? Thks and sorry my english.

Hi, thanks for your interest in Kappe. You can’t refer directly to MP4 file but it supports the major video website instead – Youtube, vimeo, etc..

Hello !

This theme is great ! Only one pre-buy question : When I’m going on the website demo through my Microsoft Pad (Surface 2), I cannot open any picture or video presented in the portfolio. The lightbox which should normally open doesn’t work. Do you know how to fix this ?

Thank you :)

Hi Juliettes,

Thanks so much for the compliments! Honestly, no one in our team owns a Microsoft surface (we’ve got iPads and Samsung Tabs but unfortunately not Surface) so I can’t check it at the moment. But will do as soon as we get any access to a Surface device.

Thank you very much for your answer ! Do you confirm that it’s working on Samsung Tabs and Ipads ?

To the best of my knowledge and according to our tests – yes :)

Hey I tried to choose this theme and now my site wont show up and it says: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthConsumer in /home/ortaldes/public_html/wp-content/themes/kappe/library/includes/OAuth.php on line 12

Do you know what can I do? Thanks anyway

Hi and thanks for purchasing our work.

Please open a support ticket at: to get help from our support team.


Hello, I’ve just buy your theme, but my purchase code seems not working ? bizarre ? in french ;-) why the page template “homepage” doesn’t appear in the menu ? i would like my first page without sidebar… it’s possible ?

thanks !

Hi and sorry for the delay.

Since the support forum isn’t working for you. Please contact our dev directly at:

Hello I am interested in your theme but i would like to know what options there are for the home page. Is the only option to have links to picture of portfolio or to the actual portfolio item with descriptions. could i also reduce the number of items on the home page by making the items larger?

Thanks, Danny

I purchased the theme. could you provide the one line of code and instructions

i also would like to know if there is a photo gallery for the portfolio items. Also how can i divide the page into columns like your sample

hi and thanks for purchasing our work.

Please open a support ticket at to get help from our devs.


Hello, is it possible to use the description in the menu on the top level? For example the Menu-Point is “contact” and the description which should show in the menu, too, is “Mail, Phone, ...” Both things should be read. I only need it on the first level, not in the dropdown menu

Hi, Yes, we can solved your issue, but please open a support ticket at to get help from our devs. Thanks for purchasing our work.

Hi after update home page with portfolio template look weird (not like demo). When user hover over item there is no item info just white blank square.

Ok I figured out update changed my theme color to white :) and I change back it solved.

Hi how can I open that Portfolio Item custom destination URL in new tab?


erathemes Author Team


Please open a support ticket at: to get help from our support team.


still waiting a reply for my ticket. Ticket ID is #911117


Ticket replied.

Thank you.

Hi. I am having trouble filter. I enter into the category 4 category, but at me only appears 2. Also, when I apply article under one of the categories that I do not see in the filter, I do not like the article. What is wrong? Well thank you.

Where’s your purchase badge?

Presale question, I like the vertical menu layout but can we make the homepage a standard page and does the theme use a builder like Virtual Composer” Thanks in advance.


Thank you for showing interest in our theme, Unfortunately. Theme do not have builder like visual composer. Also can you please elaborate, what you mean by standard page ?

Thank you.

I mean the home page is more like the about page…I am torn between this and vertikal which I believe is another one of your themes