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Loving the sub menu for each table row. Very nice.

One thing I noticed is that your wysiwyg textarea has some of the images 1pixel off on the sprite, hence showing 1pixel of the next icon. Might wanna check some of those values in your css.

I also think since you have a slide down login box, maybe you can slide the sidebar back in and out instead of having it simply hide.

Just a few thoughts, and all in all, a great file by the looks of things =)

Best of luck with sales! =D

Thanks, QwibbleDesigns! Animation to sidebar applied, in the next update will include :)

Friend, this Analytics code is true or visual only?

The template is magnific and YES , i not speak english.

Thanks, diocrus! PHP Script Google Analytics visits last 30 days included.

P.S. Same here :)

Hi! Beautiful CMS ! How to install it on my Web site?

Hello! This is not a CMS , but only html template administrative panel of your website. To install you need to integrate your scripts with this template

How does this differ from a CMS then? I am a bit confused to the difference between a CMS and an Admin panel.

The difference is that this is template is UI to your CMS , the shell of your development

Can you help me with this?

I am using prototype.js for a lightbox effect and it does not work well with the jQuery you require in your admin theme.

so when I load the admin panel the calendar, tabs, google analytics and the mainmenu don’t load correctly because of this conflict.

Any ideas on how I can replace jquery-1.4.2.min.js with something else that can work with prototype.js?

your feedback is highly appreciated.

It is necessary to modify some script template to use instead of the file var j = jQuery.noConflict (); Then replace all references to the $ j.

If it does not, please send an e-mail your refinement, which resulted in conflicting scripts. I will make a working version and included in the next update template.

I tried the following code in the header but I still can’t get it to work. pls help. var j = jQuery.noConflict (); and I copied and pasted all the JV script from the jquery-1.4.2.min.js file after a I replaced all ”$” with “j”

I am doing it wrong? pls advise.

I tried the following code in the header but I still can’t get it to work. pls help.

<script>var j = jQuery.noConflict (); and I copied and pasted all the JV script from the jquery-1.4.2.min.js file after a I replaced all ”$” with “j” </script>

I am doing it wrong? pls advise.

Send me a mail ( template with the modified non-working scripts.

I saw your pack contain PHP files. What is this PHP files use for? Because my template are all in html, so curious whether it is working with me.

This theme imports three PHP files.
  1. For statistics of visitors, I used a template GAPI – Google Analytics PHP Interface (gapi.class.php)
  2. ajax.php – returns statistics GA the past 30 days
  3. handler_calendar.php – for example, at the moment the script generates random days with events.

If i’d had realized that there were no HTML files in this package I wouldn’t have bought this template, instead only PHP files are included.

The problem is not about PHP knowledge, actually I’m gonna use it with PHP but in a very different way, I’m using the Model-View-Controller software architecture with a very specific view configuration, now I have to do much more work to plug it into my application.

My concern is that it says it include the HTML files (as well as the PHP files) but it’s not true, there is only one HTML (the one with the login form).

Hello, mabrizio! I apologize that my template does not justify your expectations, I just wanted to create more readable code. To save an index.html open the demo version of the template and see the source code, this code will be index.html. In any case, I am ready to give you back 40% of the value of my template (so I get from each sale). Please contact me by e-mail, thanks.

Hi, I purchased but I cant find any sample on how to use the google statistcs on one of the tabs.

could you point me to material where I can see it working (coded) please?



Hello! The documentation has a section on setting GA. Open the file /php/ajax.php and enter the data for authentication, and Report ID

$email = ""; $password = "password"; $report_id = 34583510; // $report_id is the Google report ID for the selected account

Live preview

Thanks lifter,

I didn’t find the documentation on my server, now I have the files and you are right the instructions are there,

thanks for the reply,


Hi lifter,

I’ve purchased your admin template, but i’m getting a problem:

I’m getting troubles with charset configuration. I’ve written some text in Portuguese with some ‘special characters’ as ‘ç’, ‘á’, and so on, and i’m getting ’?’ instead of the char.

I’ve already changed charset to utf-8, but then, I’m getting an ‘á’ as ‘a’ or a ‘ç’ as a ‘c’. How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, akrobatasays!

I understand that this is my fault, I think you will convert the encoding of files in UTF -8. This can be done in any more or less functional text editor such as Notepad++

That’s ok Lifter. Everything’s right now.

Keep up the good work.

Hi, Is there any posibility to change language of the calendar? What kind of calendar plugins is it? Its yours or its some known jquery plugin?

I need it to be in polish language


To plug the calendar of events provides an opportunity of light localization. In html, along with the calendar plugin connects language file:
<script src="js/lang/lang.en.js" type="text/javascript"></ script>
In the folder js/lang/ you can copy a sample file (lang.en.js for English and for Russian language). Next, you edit the phrases and get the desired localization :-)

Hello, Is there any option for showing the side bar collapsed initially ? I want to keep some items ( like images..) in the side bar. But collapsed at page load.



I have a multi-authors WordPress blog.

The default back-end is a bit too classic and technical for users.

I am wondering if this admin skin supports multi-authors? (Not multi -sites) My members (authors) should only be focusing on writing articles and read announcements and change profile etc… They should only be viewing their own posts, comments, media, profile whereas Admin (myself) can view all users’ posts, comments etc… Users should not be changing any settings, plugins etc…

Also, I am using Theme My Login, is this compatible with it?

This admin skin plugin will not cause any conflict with the theme (front end) that I am using right?

Btw, I am using the latest WordPress 3.1, does it support WordPress 3.1 Menu?

regards, Will

Hey , Just updated to IE9 (sucks btw, just like before :) ). The .visible tab is no longer visible on page load , only after clicking the actual tab. In FF work grate . Do you know what could be the issue ?

Thanks Daniel

Hi, Daniel! Thank you bought my template!

Failure to properly use IE9 :) But seriously, I’m busy with this issue.

300$ for extend…a little bit to much for my remaining budget :(

There are Php script, are you able to setup admin, Username and login and does it validate?

Thanks in advance.

Can you make styled file input for this theme? Also, I think your hosting account that runs demo of this theme is down.