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There’ is something Wrong with my template.

I created a NEW WORK PAGE, I added it to my first page. Everything ok until now. But when I click on it, it goes to an 404 error page.

You can see the examples here

All I want to do is a portfólio with videos, photos and text. How can I ? There’s some kind of HOW TO, with basics about KARI TEMPLATE?

Thanks man.


This happens mostly because of site permalink structure. Try to use default permalink structure to see if it’s working. If it works, try to change the item slug (url) on portfolio item page.

And again re-save permalink settings. As addition, don’t choose the Numeric permalinks format (with ’/archives/’ part), ‘Post name’ is preferred.

Also, some 3rd-party plugins or server settings may cause the abnormal behavior. Deactivate all plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If that works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

Sincerely, Alaja

You got it! Now it’s working perfectly. You’re great man! Good work.

you are welcome ;)

Hi, I love the theme, it’s really beautiful and easy to use, and I get lots of compliments on my site. There is something I can’t figure – I checked “comments” and “discussions” but it still doesn’t show on the page that was checked. Is there anything else I should do so it would show on the particular page?

Thank you so much! Comments are available by default only for journal (blog) posts.

and another one… in the post pages, on the right side, I want only the name of the post to show, not when it was published and not the number of the post. I know it’s supposed to be edited in the basic.php, but I don’t know what to remove there :-( thanks!

You absolutely right, you can find this code in theme folder in file called post-basic.php. Please remove (or comment) all the lines in the div block with class ‘one-third’ (lines #5-14), except this line:
<h1><a class="permalink" href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" title="<?php _e('Permalink to:', A_DOMAIN ) ?> <?php the_title() ?>"><?php the_title() ?></a></h1>

Hello! I bought HTML instead of the Wordpress version of Kari, which is what I need. Can I be credited for Kari HTML before I purchase the Word Press version? Thanks.

Hello! If you don’t download the product already there is a chance to make a refund. Please contact Envato Support.

Really like this theme but a couple of things:

- How can I get the portfolio layout to stop truncating works’ titles? I need it to show the full title without the ”...” when it’s too long.

- Is it possible to actively re-order the tiles when you select by a filter? So, the tiles shift around instead of just being greyed out?

- How do I remove the Google maps element of the contact page? I want the form, just not the map.


Hello and thank you!

1,2) It will be truncated any way by the design (there are no easy hack), so you need a custom theme modification. We can recommend the amazing community for that work

3) You may use any other template with contact form shortcodes, or use Custom CSS at Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS:

#map { display:none }

Also, in a work’s description, how do I have it so that the text is not spread over two columns? I’d rather have it all in one.


Is there a way of making this site available to view on Blackberry? It gets the orientation image, but obviously Blackberrys only work one way up. So the site shows nothing. Bit of a waste…


It seems that the Kari theme doesn’t support Blackberry by default, if this is critically for you, you have to custom modify the theme.

Hi Alaja,

First, thanks so much for designing such a wonderful theme! It’s just what I needed for my portfolio.

I have two questions RE the portfolio style (I’m sorry if they’re rather straightforward. This is my first time building my own website :)):

1. How can I change the sequence of the portfolio items (thumbnails)? Every time I add a new work project, that project becomes the new “first”.

2. How can I adjust the thumbnail icons? I’d like to drag pictures that are not originally squared up or down a bit but cannot figure out how to do so.

Thanks so much!

Hello and thank you!

1) Just edit the date of post creation as portfolio items are sorted by the date by default

2) The best way is to upload your custom thumbnails, i.e. disable thumbnail default cropping. For the Kari theme thumbnail size is 240px*180px so uploading Featured Image with this size will not be distorted in any way. Also you may check the plugins