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Unique design, but you should consider moving that right navigation column to the top when in tablet and mobile view. Especially on the portfolio item pages, the content is extremely difficult to read.


Great theme. I’m looking for a theme like this for month’s. Is it possible to use the theme as a music magazine. I post album reviews every day and I would like to use the album covers. Is it possible to post a lot of text after clicking on one of the images?

Nice work of graphic design :)

Nice, waiting for WordPress version.

Looks fantastic. Well done ;)

I dont know what dantehicks is talking about. I have it on a tablet and found it easy to view. Nice design.

I love this theme, I’ve purchased it but there aren’t .psd files.

Can you insert those, please?

Best regards

PSD files will be added in next 24h. You may check the state of “ThemeForest Files Included” attribute later. Sincerely, Alaja.

thanks alaja for psd, very nice team.

Is it possible to set the slideshow to auto on a single page? I’ve been through the help file and it says All related local scripts can be found inside script.js file in the root and the /3rd/ folder. But the ResponsiveSlides.js v1.32 is not there. I went to the website and found the code <script>$(”.rslides”).responsiveSlides({ auto: true }); </script>

But I can’t get it to work.


Hello! ResponsiveSlides added to the script.js in packed version. Just find ResponsiveSlides initialization code in the ‘Run 3rd-party jQuery Plugins’ section in script.js. You can find it quickly by searching ‘responsiveSlides’ word.

I have a problem uploading the theme, the report says the style.css file is missing tho it is there in the folder… I also tried to upload the files through the cPanel, but the results are the same. Please help!!

Actually I realized that the index.php file is missing in the theme content folder….??


This is only a HTML template and not Wordpress theme (that’s why it cost $15 instead of ~$40).

You have to convert it manually if you want to run it on Wordpress CMS . You may start from here

Sincerely, Alaja (web solutions co.)


I was wondering if it is possible to leave a non clickable blank open space, between images, as such (but without the “Please set Featured Image” message.


Could you please help me?


Add margin to some items e.g.

Very nice template!

Question: Can I change the background to a foto (fullscreen)?

Sorry, just found it… %-)

regards, Clemens