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I am trying to add a small button to the top left corner of the big file block but having no luck. when the button is clicked the page is redirected due to the anchor tag. can someone please point me in the right direction? thanks and i love this theme!

You cant use an anchor inside an anchor. Best to replace the main anchor with an div element.


is there a class i can apply to the table to not have the row color change on hover?

We have used the next line for this

.table tbody tr:hover td
this line can befound inside the css theme.

ty sir

Hi, When will the next update? I am waiting for your update. Then I will purchase the template. Thanks!

We do have a small update ready, but this is just an update of the premium plugin called ‘power tour’.

What’s new in 1.3?

The premium plugin called ‘powertour’ has been updated to v2+


Hi Do you familiar with a ticketing support and chat systems that can be easily integrated in to your design?

Thank you in advance

If we know any ticket/chat systems that can easily be integrated into our file, no not really.

Hi Guys

This is a really impressive theme. I love the attention to detail and its unique style. Its really clean and slick.

I am interested in purchasing this to use with my project. The layouts will be great for me to be able to display lots of content and data.

I have a couple of questions i would like to ask beforehand -

1) I have tested this on my mobile device HTC with Chrome mobile browser. The mobile menu seems to break on my mobile. When i open mobile menu, i scroll up and down a bit, before i am able to click a menu link the menu disappears and closes again.

2) Also, i am just curious to ask, when i view the source code i can see you have all the Java-scripts / JS files / plugins referenced in the top of the page in the <head> TAG, and not the bottom. Is it necessary to have all the JS files / plugins referenced in the top of the page, or is it possible to move JS plugins etc to bottom of the page, to improve page performance. Just curious.



Thank you!

I have not seen this issue before, so there’s a good chance that this is a browser bug(should be gone once a new browsers version is released I hope).

Yes you can move all of the JS files to the bottom.

Hi there

Thank you for your reply.

Ok, that is great. I just wanted to check.

Thanks again, and thanks again for such a great theme.

I look forward to purchasing.

Hi CreativeMilk,

This is a great clean theme. I want to buy, but my web app has to support both right-to-left and left-to-tight languages. does this theme support RTL if not are you going to update it or help me to update it.

Thanks, Adel

No this theme has no RTL setting and we dont have any plans atm to add this setting.

I have the problem that when I use DataTables in this theme the pagination and the tooltips disappear, anyone else the same problem (or solution)?

We haven’t had any email about this issue so not sure why this happens.


I’d like to buy the theme, however i do have a question. How do you manage the content of the site ? Directly from the theme, logged in as an admin ? Or is there a special backend ? Or do you have to modify the code every time you need something changed ? Sorry I am quite the noob so I may ask stupid stuff :) Thanks !

All admin theme’s here on ThemeForest are nothing more than a collection of UI elements(skin/theme). You need to use php + a database to manage the content of a admin theme.In other words, theme admin theme’s are mostly used for custom build CMS sytems.

Okay thanks !


I work on Google App Engine with python and jinja2. So be sure to record the path of the icons in the configuration file.

However, there is no menu or button found the location of the icons displayed with. Where are these icons?

We have used fontawesome, these are not image icons but font icons. You can find theme in the folder called fontawesome.

Thank you !

Hello, if I buy the version “Regular License” I can also downloaded the next update?

If items get a updated you will be able to download this for free. Updates are FREE!

thats a lot of css and js on header, can you help me to combine css and js into one file?

Not sure if you want both CSS and JS in 1 file, or CSS in 1 file and JS in a other one, this can be done both, I recommend to separate CSS and JS into 2 files to prevent errors. Just make 2 new files and copy past every file into these new files, just make sure you get the order right.

On the mobile view, there is a bug.

When you view the menu sidebar and scroll it down, it disappears before any menu is clicked.

Can you please look into it? Thanx

I have taken a look at your video, and did some testing again but still no issue, I can post a video of 1 of my tests online if you want to showing that it works fine.The main.js should have solved this issue as it’s the issue with the (not working anymore) click event.

In your video you are using our online demo, this demo has not been update yet(should be updated in a couple minutes).

I have just seen your online demo again… still the same problem as shown in my video above…..while scrolling the sidebar menu up, the menu dissappears

Did you empty the cache, as we are not seeing this issue anymore.

Hi, the responsible hamburger menu icon (when on small screens) does not open the menu in google chrome (current version) and internet explorer 11. On IE 11 it opens but immediately closes, on google chrome it does nothing at all.

That did the trick, thanks.

There are a few more issues with your template:

1. The wizard does not seem to work in current google chrome version.

2. Internet Explorer 11 occasionally does not show the correct styling (try to reload a page with forms a couple of times)

3. The folder trees do not work at all in current google chrome version

4. (Linked to 2.) The folder trees are occasionally visually messed up in internet explorer 11

5. In the google chrome console, I receive some messages for missing files. (example: karma.1.3/TEMPLATES/leftsidebar/light/holder.js/40×40/karma-grey net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND )


IE11 has some issue here so I will answer the questions that I can answer.

Are you have these issues with you own modified theme or are these issue present on our provided demos and online demo?

1. if have look at our demo’s and the wizards does work, I dont see any issues. (version 44.0.2403.89 beta-m)

2. looks like a browser issue(I need to see this issue as I do think this is an browser issue)

3. we are not having any kind of issue with the menu tree. (version 44.0.2403.89 beta-m)

4. looks like a browser issue(I need to see this issue as I do think this is an browser issue)

5. this plugin(holder.js) does give an error in chrome but that no issue, as you shouldn’t use this plugin as it only generates a empty placeholder(best created with CSS instead of this plugin). We have used this plugin for the demo only.(plugin is part of bootstrap)

Where is the “layered PSD file” located?

Karma is an image free design, so there is no layered PSD file of the theme itself. All is build with CSS so an layered PSD file of the theme has no value.

are you going to upgrade to bootstrap 3.3.5

are you going to upgrade to bootstrap 3.3.5

I haven’t seen any notes about this but I will check if this is in our todo list. :-)

I find the quality of the coding of this theme poor. CSS supplied contains errors and you won’t be able to bundle and minify the files unless you find the errors and fix it. The number of CSS files is huge (around 90) and it is likely not all of them are used and they clutter the project considerably.

The JS code is fragile, removing google maps script breaks some of the unrelated functionality on the dashboard, for example, the navigation pane on the left cannot be collapsed any more. The “Show more” / “Show less” switches in the right sidebar stop working as well. What if I do not need google maps in my project, do I still have to use it just for the interface to work?

Again, there is a huge number of JS files in the theme folder and only a fraction of them is used making your project difficult to navigate cluttering it up and littering the version control.

What was the tipping point for me to buy the theme was the media manager, which turned out to be not functional, and completely lacking any mention in the documentation.

Hi…Does this design have a supervisor/manager for all the users for this template

No, all admin/webapps here on themeforest are not working apps, they are nothing more than a collection of UI elements.


selroltd Purchased

any new releases coming for this template?


selroltd Purchased

with bootstrap 4?

No not atm, but where about to release (a couple of weeks) a new cool admin theme which is build op BS4.