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brs Purchased

Hi, Using Karma for many years for our site. Now I am planning to update that site. Do you have plans to upgrade HTML version of Karma adding some new shortcodes? Or more general question: can we expect new HTML template from you in nearest future? Thank you!

Hi there,

Thanks for your query.

Currently, the development team is away until the 21st of November 2016. I will escalate this query to them and they will be able to provide you with further information in regards to any update plans for the Karma HTML template.

Thank you :)

Hello Author Team,

Is there a way to send Emails from contact forms using SMTP?

I am having some problems with my server when mails are sent using PHP.

The user gets a message that sending was successful but I receive no mail.

My provider told me that sending with SMTP was much safer than using the PHP method.

Cheers Maxplay

Thanks for your super fast reply. I know that this is not a problem with your Template – which by the way is fantastic :-)

One quick question before I open a ticket:

Will the “WP Mail SMTP” plugin work with your “non” WP template?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, this plugin was built specifically for WordPress and would not now work on the HTML version of Karma Theme. You would be required to setup SMTP externally as outlined in the article below.

Thank you :)

Many thanks – I will give it a try :-)

Love your theme!

I need to increase the font size of the navigation bar and lists. Would you advise how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

We are happy to hear that you happy with the Karma Theme.

You may take a look at the following article which outlines some steps you may take to accomplish this request.

If you need further assistance with this request, please contact our support team by clicking on the link below.

Cheers :)

I would like to enlarge the logo in the header. Can you provide instruction for that? Thanks so much!

We are working with the .html template, not Wordpress.

Hi there,

My sincere apologies for that miscommunication.

You may open the main style.css file and scroll down to line 7747 where you be able to see the CSS declarations for the width and height of the logo.

You may change these values to suit your needs.

Please let me know if there are any more questions I may answer for you :)


Exactly what I needed! Thank you! Happy New Year!

Presale question: I can use the 2-column mode in mobile display?

HI there,

Thanks for your reply,

It is possible to use a 2 column layout for this page but this will require CSS customizations to the mobile media queries to achieve this design preference.

By default design, the responsive framework of the theme will start to stack rows/columns to respond to the decreased resolution dimension on the respective mobile viewport/device.

We are partnered with a customization service to assist you with this customization if needed as this customization is not covered by our regular support.

Please let me know if there are any more questions I may answer for you :)


Can I contact service of customization? :D

Hey there,


Please let me know if there are any more questions I may answer for you :)


Thank you for all of your help. I am almost done with the web site I have created from your template. I am getting an error message on the form on the contact page. This is the url … and the error message I get when submitting the form is: Class Swift_CharacterReaderFactory_SimpleCharacterReaderFactory does not exist

I would like to follow up on this post. I have submitted several tickets and have yet to receive a response on my problem. I would appreciate your help.

Hi There,

I am searching our Help Center now and am unable to find any Tickets related to this issue. It seems we never received the original Ticket. I’m very sorry for such a long delay in response.

At first glance the error appears to be related to the file called “process.php” which is located in the “contact-form” folder.

Can you double-check to ensure this file is located on your web server?

It will be helpful if we can reach out to you via email so that we may gather more information and help to resolve this issue for you. Please email us directly at so we can gladly assist further.

Thank you :)

I checked that. I have gotten your email and will use that to contact you as requested and Thank you very much.

1. is it possible to install the template under wordpress? 2. can karma be changed to white or another choosen background-colour? fine work – and very fast.

Hi There,

Yes Karma is also available as a Wordpress theme:

Karma can be changed to white header with a simple checkbox option in the Admin Panel, and every color can be changed with built-in color-picker tools.

Thank you :)

Hi TrueThemes. I’m very happy with Karma html, but I need all the missing files and folders say, 3dimages, SWF etc. can you please, tell me how to get the contents. Kind regards.


The files can be downloaded from within your Dashboard here on ThemeForest. Please see this article from Envato Support for more details:

If there’s anything further we can do to help please contact us via our Help Center and our support team will be delighted to help you.

Thank you :)

Is to insert the full width slider with 4 images 1550×650 each image.

I see that you updated WordPress version and it looks GREAT! Are you planning to update HTML version any time soon?

Thanks so much for your kind words my friend! We do not currently have plans for updates to the HTML Version however it is likely in the near future that we will add some of the new shortcodes that have become available in the Wordpress version.

Thank you :)

Can I put videos in the gallery portfolio? If so, it is also possible to insert videos that do not come from Youtube (external personal server)

Hi truffy,

Thanks so much for your inquiry.

Videos from Vimeo and YouTube are currently supported however self-hosted videos are not currently supported. Please let us know if any additional questions.

Thank you :)

We do not currently have plans for updates to the HTML Version however it is likely in the near future that we will add some of the new shortcodes that have become available in the Wordpress version.
PLEASE, PLEASE! The flat headers, full width title bars, image/content boxes, animated lists and features, shaded sections – PLEASE add the stunning css to the HTML version. I will buy for more projects right away :)

Hi, before I buy this template: is it possible to make all content more wide (but still responsive) as it is now? It looks like there is al lot of lost space left and right, compared to other sites…

Hi Paulvb,

Thanks for your query.

It is possible to widen the main content section by adjusting the CSS within the main stylesheet but this would require subsequent changes to other elements to ensure that the responsive functionality works accordingly.

This unfortunately, falls outside our scope of support as it would be categorised as a customisation.

We have partnered with a network of Wordpress Experts that can be hired for very affordable customization services. Check them out below:




kandhro Purchased

Hello before purchase i have a quick question to be answered i want to make a site like will it be possible to make a site as sample site especially language “urdu / arabic text” , main menu and left side bar menu are highly required as in sample site

hope to have a feedback soon Thanks & Regadrs

Hello Kandhro,

Thanks for your query.

Karma fully supports RTL Languages with absolutely no extra coding required. It comes with the required rtl.css built directly into the theme.

Please, let us know if you need some more help.

Thanks :)

I have recently taken over a site that use Karma 4.0.3. What upgrade path do I have? Thanks

Hi again,

The included third party plugins` license is allowing to work with the theme, there is no need to purchase the Premium version.

Please, let us know if you need some more help.

Thanks :)

But I cannot update the slider plugin. See the message I get here:

It was similar with the VisualBuilder.

Hi there,

Could you please submit a ticket using the link below? Our Support Team`ll be happy to help you.

Thank you! :)

According to your sales page, this has been updated recently. Where is the changelog showing what was changed? Thank you

Please tell me what the CSS is to turn off the sticky menu Thanks

Hi there,

Thank you for your comment. Please, feel free to use the option in Site Options-> Header

thanks for replying…but i’m not using wordpress, i’m using the pure html version. how do you make the header fixed? or in non sticky thanks

Hi again,

Sorry, that was our mistake. Please, go to the index.html file and just delete the div element with “B_sticky_menu” id.

Please, let us know how that worked for you.