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I am interested in developing a new website for our organization using the Karma Responsive Website Template.

I note from the Live Preview that Karma features an administration combined with WordPress user interface.

My question is: Since I have been maintaining our present site using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, is it possible to use Dreamweaver to maintain and post to the new site based on the Karma template? Thank you for your help

Avraham Greenbaum Admin Options Panel

Karma features an amazingly powerful administration panel. The extensive array of options combined with a familiar WordPress user interface make this the most usable options panel you’ve ever experienced. It also comes completely white label, so your clients will think you’re an absolute rockstar!

Hi there

That Admin Options excerpt refers to Karma WordPress Theme.

This Karma HTML version does not provide an Admin Panel.
Unlike WordPress, using a HTML Template requires that website development and building is done manually. You can certainly use Dreamweaver to develop you website and once you have finished, you simply upload your files to your server.

Perhaps this Article is helpful to you:

Cheers :)

I’m not sure why this has such a high rating. The template is broken. At least the HTML version… The <footer> tags don’t line up, nor do the <form> tags. You open and close these items outside of their logical structure which breaks the HTML. The main Index page is RIPE full of these errors. What a sloppy mess.

<footer> </footer>



Where the hell did you learn HTML? This code is simply retarded.

Now I have to either waste my money buying another template, or waste my time fixing your template.


Sorry about any error in the code, we are unfortunately human and do make mistakes.

We’ll be happy to provide assistance and fix this issue. All Theme Support is provided via the Help Center.

Please access our private and secure Help Center and our Support Team will be happy to help.

TrueThemes Help Center

Thank you :)

About the last update, what do you suggest to change, just js and css ?

Hi there

The update was the PrettyPhoto script was updated to its latest version. This was an market-wide update required my Envato . If you prefer, you can simply update the PrettyPhoto script in the /js folder.


If I bought the Karma Wordpress theme, can I make an exact copy like this template, for example this template has Compatible-Dependable-Personalized with a picture above, and a short phrase below, can I replicate this using the wordpress theme ?

Hi There,

Thanks a lot for your interest in our product.

An exact replica of the site can indeed be made. Please note that the photos used on the live demo are not included with the download due to licensing restrictions.

For the Wordpress version of Karma please see here:

Cheers :)

Hello! I purchased the template Karma and I have a couple of questions …Can the drop down menu that is activated while scrolling be eliminated?….How can I do it? ….Thank you very much I look forward to your answers…Greetings!

Greetings Yo_Roboto!

Yes this can be eliminated by removing 1 line of JavaScript code from the theme.

1. Open up /js/custom-main.js

2. Scroll to line 12 and remove this line of code:


That’s it! :)

For all future support inquiries kindly reach out to us directly via our TrueThemes Help Center.

TrueThemes Help Center

Thank you :)

Thanks was solved !! =) Greetings!


1. Can I ask again for details of latest updates for Karma (HTML) on 3 Sept 2015


2. Do we have a change log for Karma (HTML).

Great work and thanks again.

Hey Red99,

We’re happy to help!

Currently there is no changelog for Karma HTML.

The 3 Sept release was small update to fix an HTML-bug inside the MailChimp Footer Widget. There was an extra [div] which has now been removed.

This change can be made by doing a global “find and replace” for the line of code from the link below and replace with nothing.

Cheers :)

For all future support inquiries kindly reach out to us directly via our TrueThemes Help Center.

TrueThemes Help Center

Thank you :)

Thanks for that and I will direct questions to Help Centre in future.

I see that Karma works in Dreamweaver (CS), I’d still like to know if there is are actual Dreamweaver template compatible files included.

Hi my friend,

Thanks for your interest in Karma HTML.

This product comes with standard HTML / CSS / JavaScript files and does not include Dreamweaver-specific templates.

Please let us know if anything else we can do to help.

Cheers :)


We have saved a link and was preparing to purchase a Karma Wordpress version, may i know where has it gone!?

Please advice. Thanks


HI There,

Apologies for any confusion.

Karma was only temporary down from the ThemeForest marketplace and is now back to posted live :)

There was a recent XSS Security leak found in the Visual Composer plugin and all theme authors were required to update to Visual Composer 4.7.4

We’ve been providing those secure files since day 1 however for whatever reason we needed to “prove it” to the Envato Market.

All things are now well :)

Hey Everyone,

This is yet another exciting day for us here at TrueThemes!

We have migrated our entire system to a highly secure, blazing fast web server.

The final stage of the move is currently in progress which is our TrueThemes Help Center. You may experience a short amount of downtime while this transition completes. We’re hoping it’s not much more than an hour or so from the time of this post.

The evolution of our services has no impact on your TrueThemes Help Center account:

- Your username and password remain the same.

- All data is still secured by an SSL security certificate.

- The methods of contacting us still remain the same

Thank you for your loyalty and your engagement into our products :)

Sorry this message was posted in the wrong comments page.

Hi TrueThemes, Stopped by today to purchase for our fourth and fifth website projects using the Karma HTML template. It’s hard to say why I love working with it so much and why my clients also love it so much; many great things from the “reasons” list apply to Karma :). During the last design selection, the client commented how beautifully and smoothly everything displayed on mobile. You make it so easy for me! Once again, thank you for your ongoing 5 star development and support.

Thank you so much for your kind words! We truly appreciate you! Cheers :)

Hi,I purchased Karma HTML version three years back,but now i realized there are lot of new features like color switcher ,I downloaded today but i am seeing the old version.How can i get the version showing in the live preview? Ir it is a word press theme?

regards Binu


askjacq Purchased

I downloaded the theme, but missing folders that were in the video: _demo-colors, 3dfonts, 3dimages, swf.

Sure thing my friend,

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)

Hello, I bought this template and I need help with contact form, it doesn’t work, please could you help me with config? Many thanks

Sure thing my friend,

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)

Hi, There are more features in your Wordpress themes and more up to date. Do not updated html theme. Do you think the html version of the update? I want to buy. I wish you a good day.

Hi There,

We do not currently have plans to implement the recent wordpress changes into the HTML theme.

Thank you :)


sikhtv Purchased

Hi, i am getting folowing eror This content cannot be displayed in a frame. when i insert my youtube url

Hi There,

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)


Red99 Purchased

I purchased Karma some time ago but I wish to make changes to the Contact Form within Karma html (want to save some details to mySQL db).

Your documentation is basic to say least on this subject.

Q. Can I ask if there are comprehensive instructions anywhere on how to use AND edit this Contact Form (iphorm) processing ?

Q. Should I ask original author of this contact form ?

I notice the contact folders contain a script “mysql.php” but how to use ?

My Karma html support for this item has ended so is this classed as support or am I ok to ask such general questions here.

Any guidance or help would be appreciated.

Sure thing my friend,

Although your support has expired we are very much willing to assist you with this inquiry. Please consider extending your support in the future so that we may continue covering our operating costs and providing you the best possible service.

Here are some links that I hope you will find helpful:

Thank you again, and please reach out to us via our Help Center for any additional inquiries:

Cheers :)


Red99 Purchased

Thanks for your outstanding help and support, it is much appreciated. Have a great day.

You’re very welcome my friend. Thank you :)


skacko Purchased

Hey guys, I have problems with displaying of some central Europe characters Tried changing charset around with iso-8859-1 working the best (though I should be using iso-8859-2), but not complete. Is this hardcoded somewhere else in the template or does the template uses font that do not support some of the central Europe characters? Thank you in advance.

HI There,

We’re very happy to investigate this further and help you to resolve this issue. we’ll just need to gather more details about the site and preview and errors that need correcting.

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)

I just updated to the latest version of Karma and all of my slider posts have vanished. Please advise.

I just recreated all of the slides. Thanks.

Hi There,

Sounds like you’ve resolved your issue however if you require any further assistance please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)