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it’s possible set for each page a different theme?

Hi There,

Yes this is certainly possible, you would just call in the appropriate stylesheet for that page.

For example, if you wanted a page to have the “Teal Grey” color scheme you would simply call this code in the head of the page:

I hope this is helpful for you.


I’ working on this theme and its features are very polished.

However, the retail download package does not contain all the image graphics – oftentimes, they are hotlinks to images on your server.

Why have you not simply provided all images in the downlaod package (even placeholders images) so it’s easy to edit these aspects within the core files?

Hi Sticker,

Thank you for the kind words. We’re very glad you’re liking the theme :)

As per the placeholder images, most of these are stock photography and unfortunately we do not have legal rights to include these images within the download package. This is why we opted to link to them from our server.

If there’s anything we can do to make your life easier please just let us know.


This template is kick ass! Code is clean, easy to mod and built so extensively I am using it with Expression Engine 2.0. Thank guys! Keep up the good work.

Hi, I am interesting for buying your theme because it is perfect for showing video content for my project.

But, I need to create a website with video content available under iPad/iPhone

So, my question is:

With this theme, is it possible to include videos in an HTML5 video player to allow read them under iPad/iPhone ?

Thanks, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain,

Thanks a lot for your interest in Karma.

Adding an HTML5 player is definitely possible but is not built in by default. The supported video types by default are: .MOV, Flash SWF , Vimeo, and Youtube. (youtube/vimeo are both ipad compatible)

Here are some really great pre-built HTML5 Video players if you’re interested:

I hope this information is helpful.


Firstly great work. the best purchase for a long time.

We need to send oout an email newsletter but we want it to reflect our website, how easy would it be to adapt the page for say mailchimp? or is this something you would be able to do (i would be happy to pay for it)



Hey T,

Thanks a lot for the kind words. We’re glad you are liking the theme :)

Unfortunately we do not currently have a matching email template, however we actually just recently began designing/building a matching email template. :)

We plan to sell the email template on Themeforest as it’s own separate product. The email will come in 20 different color variations and will match nicely with the Karma theme. We plan to launch the template in approx. 1 week. Hopefully this will work for your schedule.

Have a great Memorial weekend.


Hey Everyone,

Karma 2.0 is now available for download! :)

Introducing 30+ new code snippets and 2 new Gallery templates.

If you’ve purchased the theme prior to 5/27/2011 and would like to get the latest files, simply head on over to your Downloads section here on Themeforest to grab the latest files. Anyone purchasing this theme on or after 5/27/2011 will automatically get these latest files.

Thanks so much for all of your support. It’s been so great working with all of you.

Cheers and Blessings from the US

By far the most outstanding site I have ever used. Five stars.


I tried to install Karma HTML theme on Wordpress 3.1.3. installing the .zip file didn´t work so i installed it manually via FTP . After uploading Wordpress gave a message that the stylesheet of the Karma HTML theme is missing. I´ve tried several times, and also reinstalled wordpress. Still doesn´t work. Do you have any advice?

Thanks in advance.

Hi There mate,

The Karma HTML theme is an HTML +CSS Theme, not a Wordpress theme. It sounds like perhaps you purchased the wrong version by mistake. So sorry for the mixup.

If you’d like to pay the $15 difference via PayPal, we’ll be happy to send you over the Wordpress version. Please just shoot us an email and we’ll provide the PayPal info.

Thank you my friend


Well, this is a very nice theme, the best in mounths, I´ll buy it in this moment. the only thing I miss to be the perfect theme is the sort function in the galleries.

Anyway this is a very great job.

good luck with your sales.


Hi Claudia,

Thanks so much for the kind words.

We are actually planning on implementing a sortable gallery in the near future. We are currently working on a few other projects so we’ll likely be adding the sortable gallery in about 2-3 weeks.

Cheers :)

Amazing theme! I just purchased the HTML and Wordpress projects. The style is great and it performs fast.

Thanks for the great theme!

I live your design so much that by accident I purchased two times and payed $20 each time. what can I do at this time?

Hi There,

We unfortunately do not have the ability to issue a refund here on ThemeForest. We recommend to first contact ThemeForest to see if they can issue a refund to your account. If they are unable to do so, please kindly shoot us an email and we’ll figure out another method for issuing a refund. You can email us


Hello, the HTML Template is Awesome!!! Great Job… We have only one problem… The funtion $().load(); is not working… when i remove the karma.js this funtion works ok… how can i solve this matter because i need the karma.js works with load funtion…

Hi There mate,

Our apologies for the delayed response.

In the “karma.js” file we are using a custom jQuery object to avoid any conflicts with 3rd party scripts.

If you wish to add new functions to “karma.js” you will simply replace ”$” with “TTjquery”. So your function would like this:


If you’d like to still use the ”$” instead, you will simply add your new script outside of the “karma.js” file.

I hope this information is helpful for you.

If you require any further support assistance please kindly post your questions on our TrueThemes Support Forums. This will ensure we receive your request and will enable our dedicated Support Team to assist you most efficiently. Our support forums can be accessed at:

Thanks so much


Hi, Great template, is it compatible for other video types other than flash, youtube and vimeo. Cheers Tony

Hi Tony,

The gallery template can also playback QuickTime movies.

I hope this is helpful for you.



Theme is great!

I have just one question – how can I change pictures layout from landscape to portrait? (within portfolio page with 2 or 3 pictures)


Hi There,

We’re glad you are liking the Karma theme :)

As per portrait images you can simply open up the “template-gallery-3-columns-portrait.html” file and grab the required code from that file. I have also pasted the required code for you in the link below. Simply copy/paste this code in place of the landscape image frame code:

If you require any further support assistance please kindly post your questions on our TrueThemes Support Forums. This will ensure we receive your request and will enable our dedicated Support Team to assist you most efficiently. Our support forums can be accessed at:

Thanks so much


Hi, I want buy this theme. But I have two question. 1. If can I use blog, can I need database server? 2. how can I use “search aplication” (from top-right corner website) on this theme? When I write another word here I dont see results.

Thanks in advance for ansver. I realy sorry for my English :)

Hi There,

The search functionality along with the blog functionality would require some database driven back-end if you wanted it to be dynamic.

If you have a PHP server, we highly recommend to check out our Karma Wordpress Theme. The Wordpress Version already has database set up so the blog and search functionality are already dynamic right out of the box.

You can check out the wordpress version here:


(oh and no worries mate, your English is quite well) :)

Great job! What framework is used in this model? Thanks.

Thank you for the kind words.

The framework is one that we built from scratch. We plan to use this similar framework on all of our future themes so that way once you work with one of our themes you will already know how to work with all the rest. :)

Cheers my friend

Thank you for your support.

Your work is wonderful and I’m about to make my first purchase. I want to point out something that is very important, and I think I speak for most who look for products on TF. Naturally we look for killer design and function, and we check comments and ratings for problems. There is a third thing, just as important: is the author responsive to questions and comments? Does he address things, answer questions and does he do so quickly?

There are some authors at TF who have been asked questions who never answer, or take weeks or months to reply. We steer clear of these guys! But you are very responsive and cheerful and always answer questions. This is critically important!

Well done on great products and knowing how to deal with customers, a winning combination.

how are the twitter posts shown in this theme? manually? or JS?

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for your interest in Karma.

The tweets are currently manually entered. We really just wanted to provide the layout so users could choose their preferred method to pull in tweets.

Below are a few links for different methods of pulling in tweets. Please feel free to give us a shout if you need our assistance with anything.


pull in tweets via jQuery -

pull in tweets via PHP -

This seems like a nice theme but I noticed secondary navigation in a sidebar can’t handle multiple lines of text gracefully.

Hi There,

Thanks a lot for your interest in the Karma theme.

Yes the sidebar nav is not suited for very long page titles. We always recommend against having very long page titles. In our experience short and sweet page titles have always worked best for user experience.

The horiztonal sub-nav can be used for very long page titles.

Please feel free to give us a shout if you have any further questions.