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Do you know which are the requirements for the PHP contact for to work in my server: “”

Net Nation is having troubles on the contact form to work it out.

Thank you.


Hey JS,

A PHP enabled server (version 5+) is required for the form to work.

If your server meets those requirements and you’re having trouble setting up the form, please feel free to search or post on our Support Forums. We have a dedicated support team happy to assist you. The Support Forums can be accessed at:

Cheers :)

True Themes has the best customer support ever! I like the theme, but as a total “newbie”, I have very little knowledge. The TT support team is totally patient and always ready to help. It’s just great! Peggy

I bought the Karma html template to set up a new company site for my employer and it’s a fantastic theme that’s great and easy to use.

The customer service is fantastic as well. I was having a problem with forms on my site. I was able to email the files to their support which were then fixed and emailed back to me.

Everything now works great and the site looks amazing.

I’m highly impressed with everyone here.


Sorry it took me so long to send my praises or such an awesome product. Elgant and easy to use. By the way, customer support is the best I have ever seen. I had asked a few questions before and you replied almost instantly. Never gave you feedback, but I am doing so now. AWESOOOMEEE !!!

Purchasing this theme is truly been the best choice I could have ever made in buying a WP theme. The simplicity of using the shortcodes + layout + design + the absolutely incredible customer support have made building my new website a blast. Guys, You Rock!!! and for all those considering buying this theme, let me assure you: You can’t go wrong with this one. :D * :D

the guys at Karma were sooo kind and helpful when I encountered a small glitch in changing out pics for the front page slide show, awesome! and very quick turnaround within a few hours too. will definitely buy their templates again in future. t.

Hi there,

IS it possible to use swf file on this. I’d like to use this template for my virtual tour gallery. Cna this accept swf file or mov?

Ready to purchase antytime.

tnx a lot, -Jay

I am havong trouble installing the theme into my wordpress, can you help me thank you. I unzipped the folder and seen the editing file and other documents. I zipped up the html folder and tried to upload there was no success.

Hey TrueThemes folks,

Just wanted to drop in and say how excited I was to purchase your theme. Starting a new business over here in Sweden, and because most themes have a lot to be desired, I was dreading the thought of having to design my site from scratch. Very happy to have something that I feel lays down a beautiful foundation. Now I must muddle through Dreamweaver, but I am looking forward to it.

Hopefully I won’t need too much of you wonderful support I have been reading about.

Many thanks.


Thanks so much for your purchase mate.

I’m so glad we can be a part of helping your business grow.

We wish you much success with your website and your business.

If you require any help with the theme along the way, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout on our TrueThemes Support Forums. We have a dedicated support team there to answer all of your inquiries.

Cheers :)

Fantastic in every way! Easy to customize and get exactly what you want. Customer service is the best I have ever experienced! Fast, friendly and won’t stop until your question is resolved.

TrueThemes ROCKS !

Just want to clarify this before I purchase: This IS an html template, correct? I see some posters asking questions about uploading it to Wordpress or having problems with WP which would imply its a WP theme? I want the html version and just want to be 100% thats what this theme is.


Hey There,

Thanks so much for your interest in Karma.

Yes this is indeed the HTML version of the theme. HTML /CSS/JS/PHP (contact form)

Cheers my friend :)

Thanks! Purchased and lovin’ it so far…

I have a question regarding the blogs in the html templates. Are the comments functional, or do comments only work in the WP versions?

Having bought this template I am really pleased, but just have one quick question – how can I increase the font of the ‘home, sitemap & contact’ links at the top left hand corner?

Hey There,

Thanks so much for your Karma purchase :)

Please kindly post all support questions on our TrueThemes Support Forums. This enables our dedicated support team to answer your questions in prompt and timely manner.

Our Support Forums can be accessed at:

Thanks so much


I love the theme, how you make a packet out of it cause it is very well crafted.

I wanted to know if I can integrate an image slider in the same way as the video left set up. Thank you

Just have to say great support and service form the guys.

I’ve actually modified this theme quite a bit and have configured it to work with MOdx and the best bit is that the client loves it !! Client’s site


Gavin B

Im in need of help with the contact form on here, I cant seem to get it to work, could you please advise me what needs to be uploaded on the server in regards to things in the “contact-form” folder, it seems their are 250+ items in here do I need to upload them all?

What do I also need to edit on the config.php do I need to edit anything else? Ive used similar themes in past and havent come across this problem, maybe just somthing simple that I’m missing but it’s got me.

If this helps, when I click the submit button on the site, nothing happens

Regards Richard

Hi Richard,

Thanks so much for your Karma purchase. We really appreciate it.

It sounds like perhaps the “contact-form” folder is not in place, or the required files within the < head > of the page are not being called. If you have a fresh copy of the theme files, you can check out the “template-contact.html” to see which files are being called in the < head > of the document.

If you’d like, we are happy to investigate your contact page and provide a solution to get everything up and running.

All of our theme support is conducted through our TrueThemes Help Desk. If you’d like us to investigate things further, please kindly sign up and submit a support ticket at our HelpDesk and one of our dedicated support agents will gladly help you get everything up and running.

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

Hi, I am currently trying to add the smooth scrolling script onto this website as I have a long page with several main headings but I seem to be running into some conflicting java script. What would be the best way to keep the button dropdown on the menu and the ‘back to top’ smooth scrolling links at the bottom of the pages and also add some of my own smooth scrolling links to a page?



Hey Nathan,

The dropdown menu and scroll-to-top should be working nicely together.

Can you kindly post a link to the site so we can have a closer look behind the scenes and help you determine the conflict?

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

Hi. Just bought the theme and I’m having trouble extracting the files. Using Winzip. Is there a better program than winzip that I should use?

Hey There,

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles unzipping the package.

WinZip works nicely for most folks, however many of our PC-based customers also have great success using the WinRar extraction tool:

Please download that application and give it a go, and let us know if there’s anything else at all we can do to help. We’re here for you :)

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

Also, I need to open the theme in Dreamweaver CS5 . Thanks.

Hey there,

Once you unzi[p the files you will simply open up the .html/.css/.js files in Dreamweaver just as you normally would.

The theme was hand-coded using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 , so you’ll be all good to go.

Just let us know if you have any questions at all.

Cheers :)