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kyotedan Purchased

I purchased this theme years ago. Discontinued using it because it didn’t offer a full width page. Does the theme now support this and if so, how? When I downloaded the latest version it does list full width as a page option but doesn’t actually render full page width.

Yes a 100% full-width page is available in the theme.

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)

Hi TrueThemes. I’m using a slider (jQuery type 2) which includes two posts (videos). I noticed there’s an option to freeze the slider animation in case on mouse-hover. But i need to STOP the slider auto-animation if users click a video, in order to let them watch it. How can i do?

Oh by the way: since some days i noticed your support site is down, is it ok?

HI There,

Freezing the slider on video play is unfortunately not available in the jQuery sliders.

Thank you

...oh but it should be just a matter about adding a simple “onclick – stop animation” instruction inside the slider script ! It’s unconfortable to watch a video inside a slider while the animation continues. For sure you have faced more difficult issues than this…

Hi, it’s always me… probably i’ve found a bug:

if we write a blog-post selecting the “Password protected” option, the post preview will show anyway in the blog page ! This should not happen and needs an urgent fix !

Always regarding the blog posts – is it possible to disable the “Drag-To-Share” button only in selected posts (the password-protected ones, for example) ?

Sure thing my friend. We implemented the update on your website. Please check support ticket for additional info.

Thank you :)

Perfect, thanks so much. Just to be precise, i replied about the SHARE button too: there’s absolutely no need to share something private, so it should be removed there – also consider that the same SHARE button covers the comments blue rectangle placed below the date, for the same kind of protected posts. Thanks again, your support is awesome!!!

You’re very welcome my friend! Please continue communication via the support ticket as this is our most efficient way to collaborate as a team and provide you the best solutions. Thank you :)

Hi, I’ve purchased 4 or 5 licenses for myself and some colleague’s websites I was asked to build. Tried another and found myself baffled by how complicated they managed to make things!

Question is this, and I have not found an article or post addressing it (yet, I might find it immediately after posting this): I would like for the Blog Posts Page right-sidebar to be visible, but it is not. I have created the sidebar, added widgets to it, specified Right Sidebar in the Blog section of Site Options (I’m keeping each post full-width for now). I have also set the Custom Sidebar to the appropriate Sidebar within the Page editor (labeled as Blog Posts Page on the list of Pages).

I cannot seem to find any other settings to specify the Right Sidebar to appear on the Blog Posts Page.

Any ideas? If I change the blog posts Page to “Post” type, the post list disappears, but I’m not sure if that’s how I’m supposed to create the Posts page . . .as a Posts Post??

Thanks Jon

Hey Jon,

We’re very happy to help….we’ll just need to log into the dashboard of the site to better determine why the sidebar is not appearing on your website.

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)

Ok, thanks!

Thank you. Submitted. Jon

Hello, I recently purchased your theme and I really like it! Nice job! I do have some questions and I have submitted a support ticket however, I have not heard back in over a week. Is there somewhere to check the status of my ticket or know that someone will review it?

Thanks so much!

We sent a response to the ticket on June 24th. I’ve just added another response. Please check your email for this response. Perhaps it was sent to the spam folder? You can search for ” Support Request – Blog post widget” in your email client.

Please let us know if there’s anything else at all we can do to help.

Thank you :)

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I am getting the notifications via this comment section but I checked my Gmail spam folder and there is nothing there. Neither from the 24th or today. Weird. Is there some other way to contact you besides this thread because I want to give you a different email but don’t want to post another email address here publicly. Can you please remove my email address above from this thread? Many thanks!

Yes sure thing. I’ve just removed the email address and sent you a direct email :)

Is Woocommerce 2.6 supported?

Yes Karma is fully compatible with WooCommerce 2.6…..thank you :)

ka_ is only related to Karma, if I’m not using Karma, can I remove all of those instances in php options?

Hi There,

ka_ is used in many places throughout the theme and options framework code. We highly recommend leaving it untouched as it is very likely that something will break. Please note we are unable to provide support for PHP coding customizations to the theme’s framework.

Thank you :)

Hi … I love how this theme looks …. but what about the load speed of the theme ? Is it a light theme ?. Because I saw this page from a user and it looks to heavy the load speed.

Hi There,

Yes, Karma is a lightweight theme with a fast load time. You can check out the various pages on the live demo site to test the page speed:

A slow-loading site is generally caused by the following items: large images that have not been optimized, slow (cheap) web-hosting provider, and the addition of many 3rd-party plugins with many scripts being loaded.

Hope this information is helpful

Thank you :)

Hey there, i bought this wonderful theme and i like it so much. Just setting up my new site with it.

Im searching for an option to change the size of the top toolbar menue and the social media icons on the right, can you tell me where i can edit it?

greetings from germany peter

Hey Peter,

Thanks so much for the kind words, very glad you’re enjoying the theme :)

There’s not a built-in option however we’re happy to provide the CSS for this customization. Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Have you noticed problems with Karma theme breaking WYSIWYG support for CIVICRM plugin? WYSIWYG loads find when I use a standard theme vs a themeforest theme.

Sure thing my friend,

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)


ykmin88 Purchased

jQuery Slider 2 width is different page container width. width of jquery slider2 was same with page container width in karma demo site. How to do I?

I purchased but I cant access your support page. occur to error

ykmin88 Purchased

I can’t access help service. occur to error. urgent…

sure thing my friend. please email us your support question at


ykmin88 Purchased

I sended mail to my email address