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muratsiz Purchased

hi will there be an update to wordpress 4.6?

Hi, Karma is fully compatible with wordpress 4.6 – we have updated the product info accordingly.

Thank you :)


Having some strange characters showing up on the site text i think something to do with utf8 ( some thai language words)

I currently have the following in my wp-config.php:

define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’);

define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ‘utf8_general_ci’);

still seeing some characters.. someone else mentioned adding this in <head> to get rid of the weird characters.

<meta charset=”utf-8” />

is that advisable?

Hi There,

Normally there is no requirement for extra settings in wp-config.php

We’ll have to take a closer look at the website to better determine the issue and provide a solution.

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our Support Team will be delighted to help.

Thank you :)

Hello, after I installed the updated theme, I got the following error:

call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class ‘KarmaBuilderVCExtendAddonClass’ does not have a method ‘karma_builder_enqueue_admin_script’ in /home/lancekee/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 524

Sure thing my friend,

We’ll just need to log into the website to better determine the cause for this issue and provide you the best solution.

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our Support Team will be delighted to help.

Thank you :)


chays77 Purchased

The theme doesn’t appear to be mobile friendly. Why does my menu not look correct in a mobile friendly test from Google?

Interesting. Yes it appears that the stylesheet is not loading on your website.

We’re happy to take a closer look and provide a solution. Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our Support Team will be delighted to help.

Thank you :)

Hi there, great theme and all… But I’d like to know how I can manage with the page templates to have the Title bar full width when using a “Blank canevas” ? Can I find a bit of php and add it to some file, and which file ? Thank you.

Sure thing my friend,

We put together an article on our Help Center outlining the steps to this customization:

Cheers :)


kyotedan Purchased

Why does the purchased demo content not contain a full screen page similar to the demo on themeforest? There doesn’t seem to be an intuitive means to set up a full screen page. I purchased this theme long time ago but should not need to pay for extra support for such a basic issue.

Hi There,

Can you please provide more details about a full-screen page? Is this a single “section” which takes up the full viewport of the browser? Are you perhaps referring to the Splash page template?

Thank you :)


kyotedan Purchased

Full screen width – responsive. Not anything unique. Most themes offer full width as a normal page. You offer full width as a page type but it is NOT full width, rather more like 960px? Basic stuff here…

Hi there,

Thank you for the clarification, it’s much appreciated. The easiest way to achieve 100% full screen width page template is to choose desired page template (such as “Full Width” or “Page Builder”) and then use Visual Composer’s Row Settings to “Stretch Row and Content”. Karma has a fixed-width page container by default.

Here’s a helpful video tutorial outlining the details:

Hope this information is helpful. If there’s anything further we can do to help please contact us via our Help Center and our support team will be delighted to help you.

Thank you :)

Hi! I purchased Karma and finally installed it and starting to work on my site. I want the color of my home page and especially the header to have the exact same color scheme as the demo… the same blue and very flat…no gradients.

2 things: First, I don’t see the header color that’s in the demo available to me in the “pre-set color site options”. Second, I tried to use the custom color to get close to the color in the demo and I ticked the box to default to flat so I can get that really flat header like the demo but I am still seeing these subtle light rays in the’s not flat like the demo.

I even tried to use your recommended css code below in the “site options custom css panel” that is supposed to get rid of any gradients, however those light rays are still showing up. Here is your recommended css that I tried to use: .header-holder, #footer { background-image: none !important; background-color: #003869 !important; }

Please help, Thanks!

Hi again, never mind the above questions. I figured it out! You guys did an amazing job with this theme! Thanks again. :)

You’re very welcome, thank you :)


Ziffel33 Purchased

Is there a way to disable the parallax effect on mobile versions yet keep it active on desktop computers ?

Hi there,

Yes this feature is the default functionality of the parallax banner. The parallax effect is disabled on mobile.

Please feel free to reach back out if there’s anything else we can do to help. All product support is conducted via our Help Center. Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our Support Team will be delighted to help.

Thank you :)

Hi, how can I just get the html version for this theme. I already have the wordpress but I want something simple…

Sure thing my friend, here’s the link to Karma-HTML:

Hi TrueThemes,

I’m successfully using the Mailchimp widget for my MAILING LIST form in the footer area. Now i’d like to add a second form in the footer, to use as a CONTACT form, and i’ve successfully included the shortcode from the Karma Form Builder.

Sadly, the two forms look very different each-other! Is there a way to get the same Mailchimp CSS style for the Karma contact form in the footer?

UPDATE – i’ve successfully programmed my own AJAX form, along with the customized CSS & HTML, cloning perfectly the Mailchimp style in the footer ;-)

This kind of integrations require advanced skills (and a php plugin), it was a challenge for me but i finally got it!

You may find interesting a little variation: in my contact form i’ve changed the position of the “success/error” messages container, to let it appear at the bottom of the submit button (previously the messages appear above the form fields).

This way, the form fields don’t move no more after the submit action which returns a message.

This is excellent! Very nicely done my friend! :)

Hey Bud,

Pretty serious, but easy issue with your latest update.

You put the new theme in a folder named “karma” (with a lower case “k”). For people with child themes, this breaks the child theme.

Fortunately, it’s an easy fix. After updating to the latest version, I noticed the lower case “k” for the folder and just used my file manager to change the name of the folder to “Karma” with an upper case “K” which brought back my edits in my child theme.

Thought I’d let you know so you can get this fixed ASAP. Otherwise, I suspect your support tickets are going to explode from people using a child theme. :)


Thanks so much Chad!

The updating system in the newest versions of Wordpress require the theme’s slug (“karma”) to be lowercase letters. This allows for the seamless theme updates to function properly.

For a future-proof solution please revert the theme’s folder name back to “karma” open up “style.css” of the karma-child-theme and change “Karma” to “karma” on Line 7.

Please let us know if you need any assistance with this modification and we’ll gladly make the change for you. We can be reached via our Help Center:

Thank you :)

Hoping not to be indiscreet, i’d like to submit some fixes in style.css – i think to have found some css bugs which deserve an official fix:

replace: ” ms-” (space before ms to avoid unwanted changes) with: ” – ms-” (first minus attached to ms, here detached for forum automatic corrections);

replace: content: “” (it causes casual weird symbols instead of the bottom arrow after menu titles) with: content: ”\f107”

delete: -webkit-text-size-adjust:100%; (marked as invalid css for desktop browsing, already present in _mobile.css)

...just tiny sand grains in the sea of Karma code, but hopefully useful ;-)

Great stuff, thank you so much my friend! :)

We will look into these items and add them into the next maintenance release.



islamaah Purchased

hello, I can’t use visual composer anymore, my latest karma update is 4.7 and can’t update further?

Sure thing my friend,

Karma 4.7 requires a one-time manual update to the most recent version (4.8.3). To upgrade please simply download the latest files from ThemeForest and install the theme as normal.

Here’s an article on our HelpCenter outlining the details of this one-time manual update:

We’re here to help if any additional assistance is required. Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our Support Team will be delighted to help.

Thank you :)


alexorion Purchased

Can I change the fontsize of my top toolbar menu? It’s to improve score for Google Page Speed.

Yes sure thing my friend,

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our Support Team will be delighted to help.

Thank you :)


mage321 Purchased

Hi! Right now I installed the theme on a fresh installation on Wordpress. Everything was OK, until after I imported the demo content. The whole site went white (only a header left), the wordpress toolbar went grey, the menu doesnt work, footer gone. Tried to delete the whole installation and went on trying again, but same issue. I did everything as you mention in the instrucions. Any suggestions on what could be wrong? Its a bit urgent. Thanks


mage321 Purchased

Never mind, I found out! Had to deactivate the theme and then activate it again. It fixed the problem:)

That’s great news! we’re here if you need us for any other assistance.

Thank you :)

It would be nice if a future release had the option to hide featured images in posts. I add featured images because I use a post grid on the front page and it would look ugly with no images, but I don’t always want the featured image in my post. Thanks!

Thanks so much for the recommendation, we’ll definitely look into adding this in an upcoming release.

In the meantime, here’s a possible workaround that might be suitable for your needs, this will hide the featured images on normal blog posts via CSS.

Add the following CSS code into the Custom CSS section of Karma’s Site Options Panel:, {
display: none;

If there’s anything further we can do to help please contact us via our Help Center and our support team will be delighted to help you.

Thank you :)


I see in change log you mentioned that it supports RTL languages. Is there any option to make the whole theme compatible with RTL inside admin area? Because some other themes’ authors say it (their themes) needs a bit of hand work to get compatible with RTL languages.


Hi There,

Thanks for your interest in the Karma theme! The front-end site is fully compatible with RTL and will automatically display the entire site in right-to-left layout.

The admin area of Karma utilizes much of Wordpress’ core components, so it’s safe to say that approx. 80% of the admin area will be converted right-to-left. There will likely be minor things such as some text or a checkbox which does not convert to RTL.

Please reach out with any additional questions.

Thank you :)

Hi again,

Thanks for the answer.

I just meant the front-end. so the theme will change to RTL when it detects the language of Wordpress, automatically?


Hey Marani,

Thanks for your reply,

Yes, the Karma Theme is bundled with an rtl.css file that will detect any RTL based languages once set from the WordPress admin and generate the respective page layout as needed :)


Hello, since updating my main nav menu custom css is no longer working. Is there a fix for this? The nav menu is not aligned properly. Thanks!

Hi there,

Thanks for your query.

This may just be an issue where the CSS Selector for your Custom CSS needs to be adjusted.

Please submit a ticket using the link below and our Support Team will be delighted to help.

Thank you :)