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This theme is outstanding.

I use it for a long time with satisfaction.

I have this info in my admin, say :

“This theme requires the following plugins: One Click Demo Import and Regenerate Thumbnails. This theme recommends the following plugin: Woocommerce. Begin installing plugins”

Every time i clic on the “x” to eliminate this info i do not need, it come back every time when i load a new admin page.

Is this normal ? i do not need these plugins :-)

Thanks for the lights



Hello. I added Latest posts to a widget. However the thumbnails are not showing like your demo. What am I missing?

Edit: Nevermind, read the documentation and tried out shortcodes.

Is Karma 4.8.7 theme and Karma Builder 2.2.5 fully compatible with WP 4.7.1 and 4.7.2? Frustrating when you get message Compatibility with WordPress 4.7.1: Unknown Compatibility with WordPress 4.7.2: Unknown

Is it possible to add a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to your remarks?

Hi my friend,

Bug is resolved. Karma Builder version 2.2.6 is now available for download. The thumbnails on “Blog Posts” now displaying nicely.

Thank you :)

I searched through here trying to find a solution for changing the height of the “featured image” on the blog post. Is there a solution? The info at doesn’t seem to be applicable. I just prefer to have the height match the width. Love the theme so far!


I’m using Karma mainly for showing videos, and I have a couple of questions about that:

1. If you insert a YouTube video link in the Featured Video section, then the video is always showing at a set size in the single post view. How do I change the video size there? Either to 1920×1080 or even better, to 100% of the page width?

2. If you post a video from your own server, it shows no thumbnail on the main page, just a grey box with a play button. How do I set a thumbnail there? I have tried to add a featured image, but with no success. The featured image is just displayed above the video in the single post view, and I don’t want images there, just the video.

Thanks in advance!!

hi, is there a way to hide the row of tumbnails that appear on the lightboxes ? i know i can mouse off it and they go, but would just like to declutter the lightbox from the offset ;-) thanks , T

Hi, How can I increase the size of the thumbnail image on the Blog Roll? and also increase the amount of words displayed in the first paragraph on the Blog Roll? Thx

Hi – I recently added a new product to my products page and the product thumbnail is now resized different than the other products. Can you help mefigure out why?

I uploaded an image the same size as the other products BTW

Link to page below, youll will clearly see the new resized image issue Thanks


Pre-purchase questions: 1. The main purpose of my website is to present my products professionally. Three seperate Power Point slideshows (each consisting of 15 slides) were designed to visually explain the three products. The best size for crisp clear view of these slides is 1050×1050 pixels. The slides should be installed on three seperate pages. My question is: Is it possible to embed these Power Point slideshows hassle free into your theme (without breaking any part of your beautiful and functional theme)? I’m not really keen on external links to third party sites to display these slides. 2. Is it possible to install Modal Popups (again without breaking any part of your beautiful and functional theme)? 3. Is it possible to include thumbnail images and icons in the tabs and accordions (again without breaking any part of your beautiful and functional theme)? Thank you for your time.

Greetings, It appears that thumbnail pictures take a while to load (spinning wheel). Do you have a recommended picture size or resolution to avoid this? Thanks

Hi there,

I am interested in your theme for one of my clients and have a pre-purchase question.

Does thise theme work with the (current) standard WP gallery? I mean opening the images in lightbox, with click through by hand resp. slideshow start & stop?

I can see in your demo that the images open in lightbox, but I don’t see any options to click through and/or slideshow…

Thanks for your quick reply, Monique

Hi Monique!

Thank you so much for your interest in the Karma theme.

Karma supports the default Wordpress Gallery under it’s normal functionality. This means that the thumbnails are displayed on a “landing page” and when clicked they open on separate page displaying the full size image with next/previous arrows (non-lightbox).

Karma’s custom Gallery pages open up the thumbnails within a Lightbox (as per outlined on the demo site). The Gallery items also have the ability to have more than 1 image associated with them so after lightbox opens user can use arrows to slide back and forth between the additional images.

We hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if any additional questions.

Thank you :)


I have problems with thumbnails on tablets and smartphones. When you change the tablet or phone to the horizontal position does not load photos. The thumbnails visualize a circle that spins.

Any solution?

Hi, in a specific post into this page you wrote this:

“You can also completely bypass the image resizing by uploading an image that is already re-sized to the proper dimensions.”

Can you explain better? How is it possible? (Wordpress doesn’t allow upload images out from Uploads folder… and re-sizing is setting “ON” by default)

Thank you

This has been an issue for a while now and we’ve just dealt with it by manually re-sizing and cropping images in Photoshop so they will not be “cut off” in the Image Frames. But I don’t think it’s suppose to be this way.

OK, I’ll try to explain in detail our issue:

When adding a “Featured Image” in Blog Posts, the images are being “Cropped” to fit the “Image Frame”.

For example:

Notice the original image set for the Featured Image is 800×661px, but after Updating the post, the image is “Cropped” to 538×218px.

The “Settings>Media Settings” are set as follows:

  • Thumbnail size: Width: 150 Height: 150
  • Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions (normally thumbnails are proportional)
  • Medium size: Max Width: 300 Max Height: 200
  • Large size: Max Width: 1024 Max Height: 1024

Related Site Options Settings are as follows:

  • NO Custom CSS
  • TimThumb Image Re-sizing is ACTIVE

There are no image related Plugins either that would be causing this to happen.

Here is another example URL not related to the Blog Posts:

So basically, how can we get our images to auto re-size AND crop (if needed) to the PROPER dimensions that keep the image in its proper perspective and still fit within the Image Frames?

Also, we have our site set to the “Responsive Design” Box is NOT checked). Also, we have NOT activated Karma 4.0.

The reason why we never “Activated” Karma 4.0 is because most of our pages are using the Page Templates, which are not included in Karma 4.0 (Users upgrading from older versions of Karma should not check this box. You will need the old page templates and settings for proper functioning of your website.)

If this is the reason why our images are not showing properly, is there a way to Activate Karma 4.0, and use the Page Templates that we originally used for the majority of our website without having to go to every page that is effected by Activation Karma 4.0?

Please also note that we tried out Karma 4.0 after updating to the latest theme’s update, but had to disable Karma 4.0 in Site Options due to the majority of our website was designed with the page templates that are no longer included in Karma 4.0, and it basically “Messed Up” our site.

P.S. I’ve already submitted a support ticket but am still waiting on a response, so I’m posting here also in hopes of a faster response to resolve this issue.

How do I display the feature image of post on a rescent posts widget?

Hi There,

The post-thumbnails are currently only available via the Recent Posts Shortcode.

To achieve, insert a Text Widget and paste in the latest posts shortcode:
[blog_posts count="3" post_category="" title="" link_text="Read More" character_count="70" layout="default"]

Cheers :)

Hello, Wow, very impressed by this theme and all of the back end support. Just watched some tutorial videos. Great job and they convinced me to buy.

Quick Pre purchase question and Comment 1) Comment – on the main sales page for Karma in the Complete List of Features the link in the Slider Options is linked to the Footer options screen shot. Same image as in the Footer Options section Could you please fix that so I could see what the Slider Options are?

2) Are any of the sliders that that come with the theme capable of displaying a post and featured image in the slider. I need that feature for an upcoming site.

In watching the video tutorials it looks like the jQuery 1 would do it but I am not sure from the tutorial. I need to show an excerpt of the post text and a thumbnail of an image or featured image of a post in the slider. I know I can do this with a third party slider plugin but wanted to see if it is built into the Karma theme. Thank you

hi! I’m the webmaster of a spanish postage stamp club.

We want to renove the web, and we need a CMS system for blogging (with authors, editors, superadmin …. for some categories as: stamps, covers, news, etc for each editor )

Do you think we can do with your script ? Can I show the lastest news on the index page?

The website is is an ancient design not responsive.

I have knowledges in wordpress


I was testing the preview i have some questions:

If I upload a not rectangular image does it resize ? Ex: a 100×100 image. And there is a way to view the images in modal when click the thumbnail ?

Is full customizable to spanish language? THANKS

I have the following: Karma will not work well with Jetpack’s Photon for the images at the top of each post/page. It works flawlessly for the homepage slider, though.

What seems to happens is that the JS code for the image placeholders on the top of the post/page does some image redimensioning but leaves information for the full-sized image on the HTML: Photon will only read that and send the wrong image, which will “spill over” and flow over the text. It’s harder to describe than to actually see it in action! Just turn Photon on, refresh your cache, watch a post/page with an image on top, see what happens, turn Photon off, refresh cache, everything’s back to normal.

On a Photon-related thread here, it was suggested to turn Karma’s form builder off, even if I don’t know why that should be affecting Photon’s image resizing issues, but that had no effect.

Thanks for any help!

Things are now weirder. Now (with Photon turned off) the homepage slider is strangely resizing the images from 920×360 (the alleged default; I’ve checked, and the featured images on the category for the home slider are correctly uploaded at that size) to 840×270 (). This most certainly didn’t happen before, and the only change was that someone corrected a spelling mistake on the homepage and did an “Update” — since then, we get this odd behaviour.

I installed one of the many thumbnail regeneration scripts as suggested on a different thread and tried to follow the relevant tips on the KB and here on these threads (e.g. re-checking CSS, turning responsive design on/off, etc.)

I haven’t even submitted a ticket for the Photon issues, because, for now, this is more urgent — I’ll follow it up on your HelpDesk.

Thanks for your availability :-)

Hello, I am trying to set up the following – 4 columns gallery where each of the 4 thumbnails would point to a different gallery (different set of pictures). When I open your live demo, each of the icons on the gallery page shows the same 8 videos/pictures, how can I change that? Thanks, Ladislav

Recently Purchased Karma-WP: Q: Can a Gallery Image/Thumbnail open a .pdf document in a new window “instead” of opening the lightbox? I’ve searched the forum & FAQ, but nothing addresses this. Thk-U…Divette