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Hi, how did you get the thumbnails inside the portrait image on the demoside ?

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Is it possible to add multiple images to PrettyPhoto gallery thumbnail. For each thumbnail I can only add one associated image but I’ll like more to appear after the main image opens in Lightbox. If yes, please can you explain how or point me in the correct location?

See my page:!prettyPhoto

Hi I need help i have submitted a question to your help center but know one has come back to me. How can i create a page layout like this? so i would like to have a little Thumbnail picture with some writing on the right hand side.


Hi friends: I have a question: I Can´t find how to create a IMAGE GALLERY 3D Could you say me where can i find the instruccions, please?? Thanks a lot and excuse me for my english.

Sure thing my friend.

The 3D gallery is set up the same way as the additional 3D sliders. When creating the slider simply choose the supplied ZIP file for 3D Gallery and everything will be formatted nicely for you. There are 4 3D Gallery files to choose from: ie. CU3ER_3D Thumbnails –

Here’s a video outlining how to create the 3D slider:

If there’s anything else at all we can do to help please kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can gladly provide further assistance.

TrueThemes HelpDesk | Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase

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Great Theme. Loving it so far. Quick question, how do I open a lightbox image by clicking on link text? It’s easy enough to open a lightbox from a thumbnail but i can’t seem to find how to open a lightbox from text.

Thank you


Have a question about the sidebar as well as the portfolio.

For the sidebars, I notice that as the viewport gets smaller – the sidebars go on top of the main content area. Is it possible to configure Karma so that in narrow viewports the sidebars are displayed below the main content area (or perhaps not even shown at all?).

And for the gallery/portfolios, is it possible to just link from the thumbnails to a “large image” page…and not utilize lighbox or other fancy effects? I tend to write a lot about each individual image, and like the “large images” shown by themselves on a page.



May I know if I can easily style a page into 3 columns of posts, with thumbnail, title and description?

Hi there

I ma having trouble adding the pictures to the karma shortcode add on for the home page and other pages. I tried to follow the video but wordpress has been updated. Now I do add Media, then add the picture and then drag the URL from there. But when I click update and view the page there is just the loading circle icon and a tiny thumbnail picture in the upper left hand corner of the picture frame. I contacted my host and asked them to change to 777 and they did. Still, there is no change. Am I missed something? Thanks in advance!

Is there a way to get video image thumbnails to show up in the windows when using the blog shortcodes? The thumbnails work everywhere else it seems (slider, actual post)

here is the example.


Hey my friend,

Pulling in video thumbnails is unfortunately not built into the shortcode at this time. Sincere apologies.

If you’re interested in customizing your theme’s code to include this functionality and are in need of professional custom coding assistance we’ve got 2 highly trusted partners for all of your Wordpress customization needs. and

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

Thanks so much

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Where can I find support regarding making a 3D gallery? I’m assuming I need to work with the cu3er module but not sure? I’ve watched the support video about cu3er for banners… Thanks!

Sure thing my friend. We’re very happy to assist.

The setup for 3D Gallery is the same process as setting up 3D Slider (same steps as outlined in training video).

The only difference is that when creating your CU3ER within Wordpress you will use the a Gallery ZIP file rather than a Slider ZIP file. For example: CU3ER_3D Thumbnails –

Should you require any further assistance please kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can gladly assist you.

TrueThemes HelpDesk | Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

Hi, love the theme it really looks good.

I was just wondering many themes for the blog just show them as a list ordered by date, is there a way to display blog posts on the blog page as thumbnails with the headings like here:

Or any other ways to display a lot of blog posts easily, I don’t want users to have to scroll for ages to find an article.

I would appreciate any thoughts on how I could do this; thanks a lot for your time and congratulations on all your success!

Hello, we have the karma theme upgrade to 3.0 later, found that there was a problem. If you use the Internet Explorer8, pictures showed deformation (note: this is nextgen gallery gallery thumbnail images) See the link: The show = gallery If you use other browsers display is normal. We tested 360, Google Chrome and so on several different browsers is normal. Which style. CSS file have problem? Can you tell me how to fix method? Or modify the perfect style. The CSS file to send me email: Thank you again and great Karma.

Quick question about the portrait frame.

I know the default modern frame size is: full width (portrait thumbnail) 275×355

I don’t suppose there’s a magical little snippet that can make this 50% smaller? 138×178

After browsing all the designs on Themeforest I like this one best. The design is clean, up to date, and responsive with woocommerce support, Great Work.

I am interest in purchasing this theme, however there are several issues with the design that are overlooked and need attention.

When you browse to a single item in the woocommerce pages the CSS needs more work.

-Thumbnails are misaligned with the main image and are missing padding between them (Single product page).

-Images should have frames similar to the other pages (like blog section)

-Buttons and Form elements should match the contact form.

-Responsive design breaks is some areas. Please test your code thoroughly.

Thank you.


In relation to the blog – I did this

And it looks OK

But instead of the blog post I would like to display the excerpt text instead – Please can you provide instruction on how to do this as I only want readers to see the main post content once they click on “read more”.

It would also be useful to then not display the thumbnail in the actual post –

Hope these can be easily accommodated and I look forward to your great support as always.

Thanks guys.


first a word of praise to the developers. A really fantastic theme.

I have problems with the inclusion of a “Featured Image (External Source)”. I want to integrate the thumbnail of an youtube video. This works fine, according to Youtube API via a URL in a format like this:

An example:

I can easily paste it into an article without problems. Just as Featured Image i get a broken image with the typical red cross.

Is there a workaround or fix? Am I doing something else wrong?

Greetings Otti


I am currently developing a website using this theme and I am looking at utilizing the 3D Gallery page for a selection of photos.

My questions with regards to using the 3D gallery relate to viewing these photos on an iPhone:

1) I noticed that the 3D transformations are using Flash to play – won’t this cause issues on viewing this on an iPhone device?

2) While viewing your “Live View” of your sample site on my iPhone, again, specifically looking at the Gallery 3D Cuber option, the thumbnails on the right hand side, do not seem to be responding to figure/touchscreen gestures, to view selected photo on the left – is this an issue that is being looked at?

You can try this yourself, to see the problem.

Can you please assist with the above queries.

Thanks. Tony.

Hi, 2 questions regarding Karma… a.Where can I find the docs on the frame style code? Specifically, are there any other options than “Modern”, and how do I set the thumbnail height and width? b. When I try an update to release 3.01, I get an error message that tells me that the destination folder already exists. The odd thing is that it is referencing a folder on my local PC, rather than one on the hosting server.

Many thanks


Hi, I found Karma highly impressive. And want to but it now. But I have few questions before buying, and your answers to them will definitely assist me to take my decision.

I am making Handicrafts’ site. My products are highly impressive. and I want to make even more impressive site for this business. I want my product’s catalog in the site which will look like galleries. i.e. Each category page will contains thumbnails and name of the article. When a user will click on this specific item, he will be redirected to article’s page, and the page will contain some photographs of that article from different dimensions and different colors. and also contain article’s description and details as well as ‘Get a quote’ button. I will make categories for each item type, but want to display thumbnail image of each category as a catalog gallery on home page. And also wants to display a gallery on home page which contain recently introduced items (same in nature as I told u earlier). Site will be social media integrated, and Live chat support will be on.

Please tell me that whether your theme will fulfill my requirements? Please also give me link of such type of live site (developed using Karma, if possible).

Thanks in advance.

(Please try to answer as soon as possible, because I want to start my project very early)

I have a more questions:

Slider: Can I select pages as well as blog posts for the slider?

Gallery: – are these just images or featured images of blogs? – can I add links to a URL outside of my site?

Menus: how many are there? I see two on top and one in the footer. Is that correct?

CSS: Is it easy to add a child css file for custom edits?


Hi There,

As per your questions:

- The slider content is generated from ‘Posts’ contained in any category that you specify. You can create these posts to link to pages, blog posts, etc.

- The Gallery pulls in ‘Posts’ from a specific category. The thumbnail is the ‘featured image’ of the post and yes you can choose to link gallery items to URL’s outside of your website.

- There can be a multiple amount of menus through the site. The common menus are the main navigation and footer navigation. You can also choose to add 2 more menus – one to the “top left toolbar” and one to the “top right toolbar”.

- Yes CSS edits are very easy. You can choose to add one of 2 ways. Karma has a custom Site Options Panel with a variety of cusomtization options. There is a section for Custom CSS which you can input directly into the panel. Karma also comes with a free Child Theme so if you prefer you can also add the CSS to the child theme.

I hope this information is helpful my friend. Please feel free to give us a shout with any further inquiries.

Cheers :)