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My Thumbnails on the home page of stopped working abruptly. They were fine!? Error when you try view one is:

“Warning: touch() [function.touch]: Utime failed: Permission denied in /home/irishban/public_html/wp-content/themes/Karma/truethemes_framework/extended/timthumb/timthumb.php on line 469

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/irishban/public_html/wp-content/themes/Karma/truethemes_framework/extended/timthumb/timthumb.php:469) in /home/irishban/public_html/wp-content/themes/Karma/truethemes_framework/extended/timthumb/timthumb.php on line 418 A TimThumb error has occured

The following error(s) occured: Could not create cache clean timestamp file.”

Hi, since I’ve updated Jetpack to 2.0.2 I have an issue with the blog tumbnails in my home page (www.iltuocaveau). I deactivated every plugin and I found that this happens with Jetpack when I activate stats… can you help me? Thanks (PS: I use currently karma ver 2.7.1 but I’ve seen that with 2.7.2 is the same)


I really like the theme! I was wondering if you had any ideas for speeding up the reveal of the thumbnails within the gallery. I am creating a gallery with quite a few images on each page and I would like the thumbnails to appear as soon as possible with or without animation. I tried messing with stuff but can’t figure out a way to speed it up…here is an example of the gallery that I am working on: . I really don’t want to use pagination because I feel a lot of users don’t go on to the next pages. So I know it will take a while to load the images on one page but wondering if there was any way to speed it up a bit. Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you

Hi there, Thanks for the great theme!

I’d like to make a post grid where thumbnails and titles from posts are displayed in a grid. I see it on your demo site’s short code page towards the bottom. ( But I didn’t find a short code for it. How do you do this?

Also, my client does not have images big enough to be shown as featured image (full width) for the posts to be pulled into the grid. Is there a way to get around this?

Hey – I’m about to purchase this theme and I’m wondering if it is possible for the lightbox that launches via the gallery to have thumbnails under the main photo that are photos that go with the main photo. For example the main photo and image on the gallery could be a house then when you click on it the lightbox would have the photo of the house plus additional photos of the interiors, garden etc etc.



I would like to purchase your theme and want to check a few things first as I have had problems with other themes using too much memory resources on my hosting account. Do you use timthumb or some other image resizer? The problem I have is my hosting account limits memory usage to 512mb and a current theme I am using is exceeding this usage with 4 thumbnail images being redrawn via timthumb so the images randomly appear and sometimes don’t appear. I would prefer to create fixed size thumbs and avoid the use of timthumb altogether. Thanks


Is it possible to reduce the size (portrait thumbnail) – 275px x 355px


Im having problem with the portfolio page. By clicking the thumbnail of featured image of the post, a bigger view should pop up. But instead its showing a message “image can not be loaded. make sure the path is correct and image exixt”.

Please help


Nice theme am working with.

Ive installed a gallery using NexGen, but within the code the theme is putting a
before and after the album thumbnail, is there a function with the themes php files i can remove this.

link: ... see souce for the

Thanks in advance


Hi, just a short question before we buy your theme. In the portolio/gallery section, is it possible to have the image or video link (when clicking on the image) to navigate to the post instead of open image/thumbnail in full size in “pretty photo” etc. - thanks, larkje


I’m interested in purchasing this theme. If I want to manually resize my images to fit the image frames is there a way to disable thumbnail creation? I’ve found it can often negatively affect the sharpness of my images and this is a deciding factor for me. Thank you!

Hmm, well I don’t want to deactivate the frame, just the thumbnail generation!

Hello, interested in purchasing your Theme…. Is this one BTW your best and most featureful Theme? Couple of questions.

1. Does this theme allow you to designate a Lightbox to ALL videos and images? For example, often whether on the HomePage or elsewhere, the “thumbed” picture or video will be linked to the actual post. I would prefer all media to open in a Lightbox, and if people want to go to the article, they can simply click on the link that’s already there in the Title, whatever.

2. Can you instead of opening in a Lightbox, also designate certain posts to actually “play” in the image box itself, i.e., and audio, a video, flash, etc.?

3. Your Shortcode Generator seems like it works in the “Visual” Tab of creating a post, is that correct? Does it not work in the HTML section where it should, so the code doesn’t mess up the text as viewed in the Visual tab?

Thank you…. :)

Hey there,

Thanks so much for your interest in Karma.

Here’s some info that should help to shed some light on your questions:

1. All media is opened within the Lightbox itself. The “description” below the ’thumbnail image’ can have links/text etc that can link anywhere you specify. This is true for the “Gallery” page template as well as the Lightbox Shortcodes.

2. Lightbox items can only be played within the actual Lightbox itself.

3. The Shortcode Manager displays only in the Visual Editor. This was done so that the HTML editor is not bombarded with the 100+ shortcodes. Switching between Visual and HTML view has no effect at all on the shortcodes. All shortcodes will still function properly.

I hope this information was helpful for you. Please feel free to give us a shout if you have any questions at all.

Cheers :)

How to get the homepage shows like the live demo? Not the one that shows on thumbnails item? I like the white background behind sliders. Mine right now is half white and half blue from the header menu.



Greetings, Thanks for everything once again.

Is there a way, in portfolio galleries, to have the thumbnails at full resolution? My images that I upload are greatly distorted. There is a quality loss.


Is it possible to group the images of a gallery in albuns (sub-galleries)?


Ok, thanks for your response. I think that’s what I wanted, but just to be sure, let me make an example (just trying to be clear):

I want to upload a photo called “tennis.jpg” in an album called “sports”.

When I enter the Gallery page, there will be thumbnails for all the albuns: “sports”, “fashion”, etc..

If I click on the thumb for the “sports” album, then it will open a page with a gallery with the photo “tennis.jpg” and any other photo in this album.


One question please.

I’ve seen that you have a shortcode that shows up some blog elements. You can choose one column, 2,3 or 4 and I’ve seen that all images will be resized to fill the placeholder. Have I correctly understood? Every image will autoresize itself to cover placeholder?

In addition, is it possible to specify which posts will be shown, for example from one or more category or from one or more posts ID, etc? I’ve not seen a list of parameter for blog shortcode. I think it shoulde be very usefull (at least for me!)

I need to be shure that blog functionality could cover all my needs. Thanks in advance for your time.

Hi There,

Thanks a lot for your interest in Karma.

As per your questions…..The post thumbnails of each post will be auto-resized to fit nicely into the image frames. You can set the column layout, the amount of posts to display, the post category to pull from (will pull from all categories if not specified), the character count, and the text for the “read more” button.

I hope this is helpful for you. Please feel free to give us a shout anytime if you have any further questions.


Firstly the work you have done is absolutely incredible. This theme seems to cover all my needs and beyond :) But I have no skills in coding so I have a few questions?

1. Blog – in the blog is there a way to sort/navigate the posts: latest posts, recent comments and archive? It’s quite a handy tool when reading blogs.

2. Homepage – how can I ad blog posts on to the home page? I can see there are posts on the footer section, but I’d like to use thumbnails and position the posts above the footer.

3. Subgalleries – how can I make subcategories form the galleries? Is there a way to make the image thumbnails clickable or can I make the tags link to the subgallery?

4. How can I change the image of the header and the background?

Hi there, first off, wonderful theme and absolutely thorough documentation!

I am running into one minor snag which I can’t make heads or tails of. On my test space, the entire theme ran without a hitch. Now that I’ve moved the theme to my live blog, there is one minor odd thing. The featured images do not resize and crop as they did on the test space.

As you can see, the images are distorted to fit into the image boxes. Any idea why they behave this way? I’ve already tried to disable all plugins to see whether it was a conflict issue, but that didn’t do the trick.

Hey Wendy,

Thanks so much for the kind words. We’re happy you like the theme.

As per the images, you may need to “regenerate” the images in your media library. This will ensure that the custom image dimensions are in place.

You can regenerate thumbnails with only a few mouse clicks using the ‘regenerate thumbnails’ plugin. Please check out this link on or forums for more details:

If you require further assistance please kindly post any new questions our support forums:

Thanks so much


Does anyone know if you can make items in the jQuery slider clickable? For example, the title or the thumbnail? Having a lot of trouble with this, couldn’t find any answers on the theme’s site. Thank you for your help!


I added images to a four column section of the homepage as described here:

However, this causes the full size images to be used, rather than the appropriate generated thumbnails – i.e. blah.jpg instead of blah-190×111.jpg, in this case.

Should the shortcode not automatically grab the correct thumbnail version?