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We continue to be unable to access Karma Support.

We took down our Karma WP site because of no access to updates or support forums a year ago. We have complained about this several times over the last 18 months since you changed your system.

9 months ago this forum advised us to re-register on Karma Support Site. We have tried… but the support site does not recognize our email or username and when we tried to re-register the system reports our key is already registered to another user.

We have our original receipts and we have NEVER changed our information or email address or usernames. Since you do NOT accept email and since we do NOT want to publish our key here… we have sent our complaints and information to ENVATO support instead.

It is terrible that you (True Themes) does NOT have an alternate confidential way to communicate with your customers.

Your old support email address does not work and the only email we received from you says “NOREPLY”

We do not like our new theme and want to return to Karma but there were problems and conflicts with WP updates and plugins.

<stong>Please fix our registration or flush your system so we can re-register online.</stong>


Hi There,

We’ve not received any contact from you since a comment here on ThemeForest approx. 9 months ago.

We’re absolutely here to help and we’ll get your support account set up asap.

Please see our response to your second question. We’ll manually create your account for you and you’ll be all good to go.

Email: info [at]

Truly sorry if you’ve experienced and inconvenience.

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

I have a WP site using Photocrati templates. I’ve just found your stuff and love it, and I want to change. is it going to be easy for me to transfer my stuff into your new template or will I lose all the old stuff and have to start again? thanks

Hi There,

Thank you so much for your interest in our themes.

When transferring to a new theme all of your content will remain in tact. Wordpress content is stored within a database on your web server so switching themes is A-OK.

Since all wordpress themes have different page templates, file names, etc, you will just need to go through and select your desired page templates within the new theme.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

Cheers :)

Hi, I want to purchase this item but can you please tell me if your theme is also available in French? For administration panel. Thanks a lot

H Folks,

Quick question re the new WP 3.5.1 update released today. I just recently finished setting up my site using Karma and I am worried that updating from WP 3.5 will blow out my hard work. Any thoughts on 3.5.1 update? Does Karma need to be tested or are you folks confident it should accept the new update without problems.

Thanks much.

Hi my friend,

Thanks so much for reaching out to us.

Wordpress 3.5.1 is only a maintenance release so it will not affect the functionality of Karma theme. (maintenance releases only include bug fixes in code, etc)

You will be all good to go with Karma and Wordpress 3.5.1

Cheers :)

IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE THE HOME PAGE SLIDER (JQUERY 2) link to a video via a lightbox? If so, how to I ad the lightbox functionality to it? Thanks

Hi There,

This is indeed possible however it is not a built in functionality of the theme. You will need to customize the code of your theme to achieve this functionality.

You can hire a wordpress expert from and likely get this functionality added for under $15US.

Please give us a shout if there’s anything else at all we can do to help.

Cheers :)

how do you control the order of the slider images? I have attempted to edit the IDs of the posts to reflect the order I want but it is not working. Any other suggestions?

I figured it out. Modifying the publication date to the proper order puts the slides in the order I want.


You can also check out this post from our KnowledgeBase which provides a link to a plugin which makes it super easy to re-arrange posts:

I hope this is helpful my friend.

Cheers :)

I am looking to purchase and wondered if you have samples of how this was used for restaurants. Looks like an awesome, versatile theme!

Hi, I’m very interested in purchasing your theme to build my company’s website. We are an event entertainment company focused on providing high quality music, photo and video to our customers.

Before making this purchase, I would like to confirm that there will be a few features that are imperative to building our website in a way that conforms to our brand and are capable of providing some unique features to our customers.

First, does your admin panel allow for detailed customization of color themes, gradient qualities and design effects (e.g. the subtle ‘sunshine’ effect atop the demo site’s banner)? Specifically, our logo and corresponding brand has a specific beveled, gradient-infused red color to it, and it’s a necessity that the color scheme of the theme matches that design as closely as possible. Do you offer additional design effects like the previously mentioned sunshine burst (e.g. other partially transparent, ‘abstract’ designs that will overlay a background color or gradient)?

Second, does your theme work well with third-party wordpress plug-ins? For example, if I were to prefer a particular contact form-making plug-in, or a widget that displays social media API, should I be able to easily implement those plug-ins as I would in a standard wordpress template?

Finally, does your theme interact well with custom server-side applications such as login sections, password-protected areas, and/or custom made apps for mobile device connectivity? To be more specific, our company would like to offer clients the ability to access photos and videos of their events in either a login area or by using access codes to access their particular event, in order to maintain both privacy and exclusivity. Also, we may eventually develop a mobile app that will upload our guests’ personal photos directly from their mobile devices to their own galleries and albums. Would applications such as these work well with your theme?

If you can answer positively to all of these concerns, I am absolutely interested in purchasing your product. Thank you.

Hey There,

Thank you so very much for your interest in Karma.

In response to your questions:

1. There are a variety of design customization options within the Karma Options Panel but some of the items you’ve mentioned are not included. These design elements can be easily adjusted by adding some custom CSS code to the “Custom CSS” section of the Karma Options Panel. (these include: the image overlay and custom gradient)

2. Yes Karma is very compatible with 3rd-party Wordpress Plugins.

3. Yes. The items you’ve mentioned sound like server-side PHP code which will run perfectly within Karma. This is more of a Wordpress-compatibility concern rather than theme concern. As long as the custom scripts are built for Wordpress you will be all good to go.

Please let us know if there’s anything else at all we can do to help.

Cheers :)

Thanks, regarding my first question: Does your theme include .psd files that can be edited to match particular colors/gradients? I have used themes in the past that included such supplementary files, and while time consuming, they do offer the option of design customization.

Hi There,

Yes Karma comes with layered PNG and layered PSD files.

Cheers :)

The karma theme is working quite well for us. The support here is very impressive and extremely quick to respond. With so many hidden nuggets, this theme is working very well for me.

Excellent. We’re so happy to hear this. Thank you so much for letting us serve you.

You rock!

Cheers :)

Just want to say so far so good, this is a really good theme. The support response is very impressive as someone does actually respond which is more than I can say for some of the other themes I tried using. Thank you.

Thank you so much my friend. We greatly appreciate your kind words and we’re so very happy to hear you’re enjoying the theme.

Cheers :)

i really appreciate this fast “top-notch” Customer Support!!


Thank you for letting us serve you.

Cheers :)


I want to buy your theme Karma but WP is really new for me and I need an complete administration in French for my 1st WP site. Can you please tell me if you supply the French files for this theme ? Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

I hope this time, you are going to give me an answer :-(

Hi There,

Truly sorry my friend. We must have missed your question the first time around.

We do not currently offer a french translation for the back-end of the theme.

While it might not be the ideal solution you might be interested in using Google Translate within yourt web browser. This will enable you to translate any page you’re viewing into French.

More details can be found doing a google search for “google translate” and you can also use this link below:

I hope this is helpful. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

Really like this theme. So may options to choose from. Had this up and running in no time at all. Probably the nicest feature to date is the expandability of the contact form. Great job and thank you for providing a feature rich theme. And best of all the client is extremely pleased.

Excellent my friend. We love to hear it when customers are able to produce happy clients from our products. This is what it’s all about.

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide your kind words.

You rock!

Cheers :)

Hello, I have tried getting my question resolved from your Help Desk, but to no avail. I keep getting referred to a video that does not answer my question. The video is 1 year old and the “Custom Sub-Menu” feature I am asking about does not even appear as an option in the videos. When I told the Help Desk I was “confused”, the reply I received was “There is no confusion”, so they seem to be either unable or unwilling to assist me.

I am trying to get a menu to appear just like the one on your demo page located here:

It is a full width page so there is no “Right” or “Left” Nav, which is what your Help Desk keeps referring to. I even sent them a screen capture. I just want to know how to insert the menu that appears directly under the colored bar that says “4 Column Gallery”, not the bread crumbs within the same bar, but the menu below it. Please provide an answer rather than referring me to the “Help Desk” as that is not available to me. Many Thanks.

Hi There,

Very sorry for any confusion my friend.

We’ve responded back to your support ticket and provided a solution.

We thought you were referring to a custom “sidebar sub menu” when in fact you were referring to a custom horizontal menu.

Please check the updated ticket for the solution.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Cheers :)

Thank you for clearing that up.

It’s our pleasure my friend.

Cheers :)

Hi, Great theme. Where can I find the dimensions for the images? I know that Karma resizes images(crops) but I want to include images at the right dimensions so they are not cropped.

Jquery 2-full width Jquery2- half width post images 3 and 4 column portrait etc… Thanks

Hi There,

Great idea my friend.

Here is a list of all image dimensions:

Cheers :)

Hello Karma Team, This is my favourite team, I guess there is nothing I can’t do with this theme. But sometimes I’m confused how to arrange the theme. For example: I want to use “Homepage jQuery2’ design option for my homepage. But at the same time I want to use a sidebar on the left below the postslider.. I created a new sidebar and placed a custom menu in the sidebar on widgets page. But how come I can use it on my homepage, with my jQuery2 postslider? I’m selecting my sidebar from the list on the bottom of the page, But it does not show my sidebar, because I selected ‘Homepage jQuery2’ design option. Could you possibly help me?

And second: Can i change the location of my site logo.. I think it needs to move a little bit up, it is not on the same line with my main menu..

for all this you can have a look at my site:

(finally, where can i look at otheer websites designed by using Karma web site, It can give my some inspiration:)

Hi There,

We’re very happy to assist you my friend.

All of our Product Support is conducted via our TrueThemes HelpDesk.

Please kindly submit your question as a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can further assist you.

TrueThemes HelpDesk | Training Videos | KnowledgeBase

Thanks so much

Cheers :)


Hi There,

Please check out this Knowledgebase article for solution to this common mistake:

Thanks so much my friend

Cheers :)


I just sent a message.This is urgent for me,as I have a webdesigner that is on the clock. I’ve bought the Karma theme.When I go to unzip the file,it states doing so, I will lose all encryption,do I want to proceed? I googled this issue,and someone commented that the file was made on a Mac. I’m not sure what to do , as I have a PC. Please advise on this asap, as it’s delaying my launch date for my business website.



why are there so many issues going on? I REALLY want and NEED this to work. I just spoke to my hosting site and they also said that there is either a broken theme or defected PLEASE help on this as I also have a deadline on this, just like the guy below me..I don’t expect to pay for something,and right out the box there are issues! lol I am paying a webdesigner,I have marketing sending all out for launch of Wednesday this week Yikes,this can’t be happening.I offered for you to download it from here where I bought the theme so you can see what is wrong,please let me know thanks!


Hey Victory,

Please see our response to your earlier comment.

99% of the time our customers install the theme on the fist try without any issues at all.

We’ll just need to investigate a bit to see what is causing the issue and we’ll get you all sorted asap.

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

yeah,I don’t know.btw,there are 2 themes it says on the unzip,karma,and then child karma,the webdesigner tried both to no aval. then the host at hostgator said the file may be sad at the moment on this ,I really want it to work.