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Hey there Karma

Got to just say your theme is top stuff, and the support is excellent. I asked for support and you guys delivered – my client is very happy.

If I could give more stars I would.

Anyone thinking of buying this theme dont THINK – BUY.

Thanks again


Thank you so much for the kind words Tony! Feedback like yours is why we do what we do.

You rock my friend!

Thanks for letting us serve you.

Cheers :)

I ve purchased this theme Karma, I need to ask that if i want to deploy it for 2 websites, what are your terms & policies.

Sure thing my friend.

Each website requires it’s own license so you’ll simply need to purchase an additional license same you did for the first one.

Thank you so much,

Cheers :)

for this i hope you will offer discounted price as well as Christmas discount. ;)

Hi my friend,

Unfortunately ThemeForest does not give us the ability to alter the price or licensing of any of our products.

Everything related to Sales and Licensing is directly controlled by Envato / ThemeForest and us Authors do not have a say in how this is controlled.

Apologies bud.

Hello, the contact form is showing a default email (my personal mail). Where can I change this since I can’t edit this in the contact page. Is it getting it from the Site settings? I don’t remember setting it to my personal email…

Sure thing my friend.

All is well and no changes are required.

The form builder ties into the Askimet spam filter and automatically pulls in the details of the current logged in user.

To view the site as the rest of the world views it you can simply log out of the Dashboard and you’ll see the details are no longer there.

Hope this is helpful

Cheers :)

Hi support, I have a portfolio page that I am filling up with images that have a pop-out lightbox. I would like to disable the option on the pop-out image that shows previews of the upcoming images and allows you to scroll. Is that an option to do on the CSS in the template? Many thanks!

Hi There,

Apologies we are slightly confused by the question but please let us know if this is correct.

Are you looking for the gallery page to look just as it does however disable the lightbox linking feature?

Hi, Microsoft has just pushed IE11 on us, and I’ve encountered a problem with my JQuery2 homepage. I found this code snippet in basic.php: var version = useragent.match(matchIE); if(version != null){ // only do this if there is MSIE version, and not null. var version_number = version.slice(version.indexOf(".")); // splice MSIE10.10, we only want the value 10. if(version_number > 9){ //if IE is more than 9 we do this css. jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('.content_full_width').css('padding-top','50px'); //add padding 50px }); } } This looks like the problem was fixed in IE10. However IE11 returns null for that useragent.match which causes the code not to invoke. Would you kind support people be able to offer a fix for this?

Awesome!!! Worked beautifully. Thank you!! {{}}

You’re welcome :)

Hello, can I use buddypress pages such as member, activity, etc…with this theme?, thank you.

Hi There,

Karma *could work in a BuddyPress environment however it was not built for BuddyPress so will likely require some custom PHP coding in order to achieve the desired results.

BuddyPress is quite a robust system and themes generally need to be built around BuddyPress from the ground up.

For that we highly recommend checking out BuddyPress Themes:

We hope this is helpful my friend.

Cheers :)


I’ve installed your nice theme on the new wordpress version and I think that I’m getting the widget bars on the wrong place, also some weird things happening .. please check


please check the top widget bar .. this shouldn’t be there, right?

Sure thing my friend, we’ve just previewed the website and everything looks to be in order.

We do see a search bar widget in the top toolbar. If you’d like to remove this widget simply log into Dashboard and click ‘Appearance > Widgets’. You can then drag/drop any widgets in and out of “Top Toolbar – Left” or “Top Toolbar – Right”.

Hope this is helpful my friend.

If there’s anything else at all we can do to help Please kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can gladly provide assistance.

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

Thank you for the quick response!


Hi.This theme works on version 3.5.1 of WP? Tha

Yes. It’s also compatible with WP 3.8

Cheers :)

Hello, I purchased this theme a while ago. I just upgraded WP to version 3.8 and the redirects that were working on going to a 404 error page. Please help.

Also, how do I go about installing the latest version of the theme without messing up the custom settings on my current theme settings?


Ok sure thing.

Just a quick side note….All Site Options will always remain in-tact and untouched during an upgrade. None will be lost.

Cheers :)

Hello, I have a simple website with a main menu and one classic submenu. I create a submenu in the top of one page of my website. But I don’t know how i have created this submenu. I would like to create this submenu in several pages to this website.

Could you help me ?

Thank you a lot.


Sure thing C – we’re very happy to help.

We’ll just need to see your website in action so we can get a better idea about which sub-menu you’d like to display on which pages.

Please kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can gladly provide assistance.

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Thanks so much

Cheers :)


I have made the patch for IE11 but when I click on the logo from the home page, the text content of each slide is superposed on the same slide. When I click on F5 to refresh everything is ok but not when I click on the homepage menu bar

Same thing with your demo here

Is it IE10 on my PC ??

Thank you

Is it IE11 on my PC ??

Is it IE11 on my PC ??

Is it IE11 on my PC ??

Is it IE11 on my PC I mean…

Hi There my friend,

We’re very happy to take a closer at your website and help to provide solution.

Please kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can gladly provide assistance.

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

Hi I opened a ticket on your website Tnx !!


Thank you for the fast support, as you said in the ticket, it was an extension, Avast Online security. When I stop this extension everything is working fine. I’ve tried with IE10 and IE9 and the same problem appear. I have to stop this extension.

Thank you again and happy new year to all.

I just finish testing with my new windows 8.1 tablet with I11 and avast online security, everything is ok. So I have to replace my old PC !! Tnx

So glad to hear it my friend. Have a wonderful Holiday! Cheers :)

I have a pre-purchase question (or two) for the Karma WP Theme. Looks like a great theme but I need to know the following:

1). is it possible to get a sortable portfolio ? I need a 4 column sortable portfolio (ideally with a line or 2 of text underneath each item).

2). Having already purchased a LayerSlider I don’t want to use the CU3ER slider – is it possible to use the layer slider instead?

3). is possible to replace the (now out of date) iPhone on the Contact Page?

4). I presume there’s a social icon for LinkedIn as well (as I’d not seen it on the site).

5). can the frames of the image icons (picture frames) be modified?

apologies for the list and kind regards,


Hey Simon,

Thank you so much for your interest in the Karma theme my friend.

As per your questions:

1) Not currently however this is right around the corner. We’re extremely close to the release of an entirely re-vamped Karma theme which includes filterable portfolio. The update should be available for download before 1 week.

2) Same as above, this is already baked into the brand new Karma version so sounds like holding off until next week will be the easiest solution. Karma will include LayerSlider and RevolutionSlider all with very easy options for slider on any page.

3) Sure thing. We can direct you to the image which you’ll need to swap out.

4) Yes. Linkedin is available and yet another + for the overhauled Karma theme. The update also includes 2 styles of retina-ready vector social icons.

5) Yes and no :) They can indeed be modified however require an intermediate/advanced knowledge of CSS, image sprites, etc. One would need to create the new image frame graphics and modify CSS and possible PHP for this mod.

Hope these details are helpful my friend. Have a wonderful rest of this holiday week.

Cheers :)

Hi…. thanks for the very impressive and rapid response. Clearly the other reviewers are right and your support is excellent. I’ve added one more question below but it’s probably covered by the new theme. I think this will solve my problems with the theme I’ve been struggling with for ages. Have a great Holiday and thanks for the reply.

You’re very welcome my friend.

Cheers :)

and one further question to add to my previous ones:

(1). I’m sure that I can get a one line (rather than two line) main header (i.e. to say just “Features” and not “Features | About this theme”.

(2). Following (1) above, can the ”|” separator bar be shortened and the main text aligned to it’s centre (rather than at the main text category being aligned at the top)?

Thanks in advance.


Hey Simon,

We’re very happy to help.

1) Yes. There is a checkbox option in Karma’s Options Panel for a 1-line navigation.

2) Apologies but we’re slightly confused by this alignment question. Is it possible to provide screenshot showing the area where you’re looking to align the main navigation?

Thanks so much my friend.

Cheers :)

Hi… I think (2) was confusing as I don’t think the separator shows when only a single line of text is shown for the Navigation. Just wondered if the separators were shorter for the 1-line navigation than the 2-line version.

All is well my friend.

The separator lines are removed when checkbox is selected for single line navigation.

Cheers :)

With respect to the Portfolio pages…

(a). is there an option to go to an individual product or project page per item (rather than the light box image in the current version) as I need to add a separate page on each item.

(b). and from (a). above, is it possible to add headings for the portfolio items on their individual pages (rather like your Right Sidebar page).. with headings for: Client: , Date: , Skills:, Technologies: etc. as many other themes seem to have.

Hey Simon,

(a+b) Gallery items can link to a Lightbox or webpage URL. There’s not a gallery detail page per-say however one can use any one of Karma’s page templates to create one.

For example, a full-width page template can be used along with a perhaps a 1/3 + 2/3 column shortcode to create a nice details page. This page can then list Client, Date, Skills, etc.

Hope this information is helpful my friend.

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

This seems to be a faster way to get an answer. I have had some bad experiences with rude customer support. I want to make the picture in the homepage slider “clickable.” Just like it is for the live version, but the training videos do not say how. I would appreciate any support. Thanks.

Hi There,

We’re very happy to assist you my friend. Our sincere apologies if you’ve felt our support responses have been rude in any way. This was never our intention and we are always here to help.

When creating a slider post there is a field labeled ‘Link this image’. Simply drop in the URL of the page you’d like to link to and all will be well.

Here’s a screenshot of this field:

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can assist with.

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

Along with the soon to be released update to Karma, I would really appreciate an update in the video tutorials. I am not I.T. savvy, and therefore I rely on the tutorials to match current versions of Wordpress. Although, I can appreciate this might be a big ask as Wordpress is in constant evolution…. which is what I highly value about Wordpress.

Sure thing my friend.

New Training Videos are included in this update. This is one of the final items before public launch and we’re only days away from recording them.

New theme, new demo site, new training videos, the whole lot :)

Hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season.

Cheers :)


How does one go about moving the homepage slider down on the jQuery 2 homepage template? Mine is crashing with my logo currently and I’d like to be able to move it down so that doesn’t happen. my url is: if you’d like to have a look.

I’m also interested in reviewing the new training videos as the menus and appearance don’t correlate between the older videos and the newer menus.


Sure thing my friend,

Currently the jQuery-2 slider has quite a static position so shifting it around will require a bit of CSS modification.

In the upcoming release we’ve completely re-built all sliders to accommodate any logo size as well as included a “centered logo” option which will center the logo and main navigation within the header of the website. The centered logo option looks like a perfect fit for your website.

Do you mind waiting a few days for the new version to be released? This will make things much easier as a single checkbox will do all the heavy lifting.

The Training Videos are not yet recorded however the current videos will be replaced once the new set is all ready to go. Wordpress 3.8 interface + Karma 4.0 theme.

Cheers :)

Fantastic – thanks! I log into my site’s back-end pretty much daily, so can I assume the update will be showing as ready for install in the next few days?

Yes we will be submitting to ThemeForest before the end of day Sunday and new files usually posted within 24 hours.

For automatic notification kindly visit the Downloads section here on ThemeForest and check the box next to Karma “Get notified by email if this item is updated”

Months and months and months into this new version. We’re so incredibly excited to be launching in just a few short days away. (for real this time :)