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Does this theme is suitable for the latestversion of wordpress?

After installing demo content i have these problems

1. none of the sliders are working. I’m trying to adthe revolution slider id into the page – not working. I’m trying to use jquery method – nothing…. 2. drop down menus are not working ( i have checkd the options in the theme options, settings are ok, uncheked the box for this feature leads to sero effect) 3. menu description not working. Same story as atthe problem no2.

all problems… please help!

Hi There,

We’re very happy to assist you.

Karma is fully compatible with the latest version of Wordpress (3.8.1)

It’s very interesting that those items are not working. They all function very nicely so it’s possible that a step was missed during the setup or permissions on the web server are causing a conflict?

When setting up the theme were the Training Videos followed? These videos will ensure a 100% smooth and easy setup: http://vimeopro.com/truethemes/karma-4/

If anything within the theme still not functioning for you please kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that we can gladly gather more details and provide solutions to anything you need.

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Thanks so much

Cheers :)


Revolution Slider is not working in Karma Theme..

Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias Avada_Full_Width not found

Shortcode doesnt work..

Have no clue how to solve it..

Hi There,

We’re running various versions of Revolution Slider on Karma so we can assure that they do indeed play nicely together.

Kindly reach out to us via our HelpDesk so we can gather some temporary login details and have a closer look at everything and get all things resolved.

Thanks so much :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk: Submit a Ticket

Sorry… its nice to read on every reply that the slider is working fine with other people.. this is also the reply that I got at my ticket.

I will make it clear now. . . THE SHIT AINT WORKING ! ! !

THANK Y.O.U !!!!! and yes I am annoyed..

Slider is there and it is working only the short code that you have to put into your page is not showing the slider ! ! ! ... I tested it.. I mad also already a ticket to the Helpdesk which wasnt very helpfull..

I dont want to hear a answer anymore how many people are working succesfully.. as that does not solve my problem.

Ouch, don’t shoot the messenger – we’re just trying to help you my friend.

Can you kindly add a note to the Support Ticket outlining temporary login details to the website so we can have a closer look behind the scenes and help to determine the cause for the issue and provide a solution?

Please also make note of which slider you’d like to display on which page so we are able to test and provide solution.

Thank you so much

Cheers :)


Cool theme guys. I am considering to buy it for one project but have one pre-purchase question:

Does the theme support categorizing blog posts? Eg. I have a three categories within blog, and I want to place a shortcode for each category at a different page so it displays latest posts ONLY from given category?

Thanks for answer.



Hey Michal,

Thanks so much for your kind words and interest in Karma!

The answer to your question is Yes.

There are 2 methods for achieving the output you’ve described:

Option 1. Add a “Category” navigation point to the main menu and this will lead to a blog page which will only displays posts from that category.

For example if “News” was the category name, “News” would be displayed in the navigation and would then link to a blog page displaying only News posts.

Option 2. Use Karma’s “Latest Posts” Shortcode to display posts anywhere throughout the site. A post-category can be defined in this shortcode so that it only displays posts from that particular category. An example of the “Latest Posts” Shortcode can be seen here: http://themes.truethemes.net/Karma-4.0/shortcodes/latest-blog-posts/

Hope this helps :)


Cool. Thanks for a prompt response.

I have one further question – in case I decide to use jQuery3 slider, can I change the colour of the background and add some pattern (eg. adding .png file that I prepare in photoshop)?



jQuery-3 Slider has the easy ability to set a custom background color using a built-in color-picker.

A repeating background pattern can be achieved via adding a small bit of CSS to Karma’s Site Options Panel.

Here’s some sample code:

.page-id-8801 #tt-slider-full-width {
background: #000 url(http://www.website.com/link-to-image.png) repeat;

Cheers :)

Hello guys!

I have to congrat for this lovely work. Absolutely spectacular.

I have one peculiar question in the live preview specifically in footer menu you have the contacts with vector icons. How you insert that? I think it’s in widgets page you add like a “text” and insert the shortcode, am I right? But how i call the icons for example facebook icon?

Thanks for your great job and support.

ROAR! Forget my stupid question I already saw it. In your demo content you have a page with that.

I get this error:

Notice: Use of undefined constant E_DEPRECATED – assumed ‘E_DEPRECATED’ in /home/licenseg/public_html/wp-content/themes/Karma/functions.php on line 62

Need fix

Sure thing my friend.

We’ve not encountered this issue so we’ll just need to gather a bit more details so we can log into the website to do some digging and gladly provide a solution.

Please kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that we can gather these details and provide further assistance.

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Cheers :)

good morning

I have a very simple question. How social networking open link in new browser window or tab.

If I click on the social networks Facebook, how to do it so that there will be in a new window or tab.


Again thanks muchicimas

Sure thing we’re happy to assist :)

Is this referring to the social icons inserted via the “Social Networks” Widget or have the icons been inserted with Karma’s Social Icon shortcodes?

Thank you.

The question is concerned with social icons from the “Social Networks” Widget.

And Karma’s Social Icon inserted shortcodes.

If you want you can see the web www.pixelcompany.es icons and see the upper and lower.

Again many thanks

Thank you for the clarification.

We’ve just went ahead and added these customizations for you to the upcoming maintenance release of Karma.

- The Social Networks widget now has a checkbox for “opening in a new window”

- The Social Media shortcodes now have the ability for a “target” attribute. For example: [social style=”vector” show_title=”false” target=”_blank” .....]

You’ll need to grab 2 new files and replace the ones currently in your theme in order for the new functionality to work.

Please kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that we can gladly provide the 2 updated files along with instructions on where to upload.

TrueThemes HelpDesk: Submit a Ticket

Cheers :)

Hello, Wow, very impressed by this theme and all of the back end support. Just watched some tutorial videos. Great job and they convinced me to buy.

Quick Pre purchase question and Comment 1) Comment – on the main sales page for Karma in the Complete List of Features the link in the Slider Options is linked to the Footer options screen shot. Same image as in the Footer Options section http://s3.truethemes.net/envato-product-assets/wordpress-karma/Karma4/screenshot-site-options-footer.png Could you please fix that so I could see what the Slider Options are?

2) Are any of the sliders that that come with the theme capable of displaying a post and featured image in the slider. I need that feature for an upcoming site.

In watching the video tutorials it looks like the jQuery 1 would do it but I am not sure from the tutorial. I need to show an excerpt of the post text and a thumbnail of an image or featured image of a post in the slider. I know I can do this with a third party slider plugin but wanted to see if it is built into the Karma theme. Thank you

We’re really glad to hear you’re impressed with the theme :)

In response to your questions:

1) Thank you so much for this! We’ve just updated the link to point to the proper image. This image displays the per-page slider options: http://s3.truethemes.net/envato-product-assets/wordpress-karma/Karma4/screenshot-interface-page-editing.png

You can also check out the global slider options by viewing this screenshot: http://s3.truethemes.net/envato-product-assets/wordpress-karma/Karma4/screenshot-site-options-sliders.png

2) Yes. Karma’s 3 jQuery Sliders pull in posts from a custom post-type called “Slider Posts”. These posts enable you to easily add content, a featured image or featured video. When assigning a Slider to a page you’ll simply choose the category you’d like to pull from and those posts will be displayed. Please note that the slider however will not pull in ‘normal blog posts’ by default.

Hope these details are helpful.

Cheers :)

Hi Folks. Questions before possible purchase. Can I create my homepage using shortcodes, etc., to appear any way I want it to, rather than having to select one of your options and being allowed to turn off something like the top header; your info. on that sounds like I’m really pretty limited and I’m not sure yet whether I can make my page look the way I want it to. Question 2: I’d like to avoid the graduated tints in the header entirely, maybe just go to white there. Is that possible in the settings, or would I have to get in and do some custom css to accomplish it? I want a flatter, whiter design…everything else about this theme looks like it may work for me. Thanks!

Thank you so much for your interest in Karma!

In response to your questions:

1. Yes all homepage layouts are completely customizable. Karma has actually eliminated “homepage templates” by including the very easy ability to add a Slider to any page template. This enables you to use a full-width page, sidebar page ,etc etc as a homepage template.

Karma’s got a “blank canvas” page template which provides a completely clean full-width template for every combination of custom page layout (ie 3 columns, 4 columns, blog posts, contact forms, etc). The blank canvas is what’s used on all of the homepages presented on the demo site.

2. Yes Karma has an in-built color scheme creator which enables you to create a completely custom color scheme without writing a single line of code. Simply use the color picker to define the desired colors and all will be well.

Feel free to check out some of the Training Videos to see some of Karma’s back-end functionality in action: http://vimeopro.com/truethemes/karma-4/

Please let us know if we can assist with anything else.

Cheers :)

Question fellas – Can a guy put the social icons on the top of the screen?

Either on the same level with the Top Toolbar Menu or just above the header?

Thanks S.

Yes sure thing my friend.

The Social Icons can be displayed within the Top Toolbar.

This can be achieved by simply dragging the “Social Networks” widget into the top-left or top-right toolbar Widget Regions.

Here are the steps:
  • Click Appearance > Widgets
  • Locate the Toolbar Region you’d like to add them to (ie “Toolbar – Left Side” or “Toolbar – Right Side”)
  • Drag-and-drop the ‘Social Networks’ Widget into this region and you’ll be all good to go

Anything else we can help with please kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can collaborate and serve you most effectively.

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

OK – Thank you. Can we make them bigger? They are very small.

Yes sure thing.

Kindly reach out to us via our HelpDesk so we can provide further guidance. Please include which variation of social icons you’d like to change (png image, vector, etc)

Thanks so much

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Submit a Ticket

Cheers :)

Is there the ability to have the search field on the home page?

Hi There,

The search field is a Wordpress Widget so unfortauntely cannot be added to the content area of a page.

This can be however added to a homepage if using the Left/Right Sidebar page template as a homepage. This would enable you to drop the Search Widget into the Sidebar of that page.

Another option is adding the Search Widget to the Footer of the website. Each of the footer columns is a ‘Sidebar’ and can accept all Wordpress Widgets.

Hope these details are helpful.

Cheers :)

dear great KARMA team, thanks a lot for your awesome theme and for your great and helpful support. i simply love karma and will recommend you a lot. al, sue

Thank you so much Sue! We love working with you and we thank you so very much for the recommendations.

Cheers :)

Is there a way to universally remove all of the gradient overlays throughout this theme to get a flatter look? Header, footer, buttons…

Hi There,

Thank you so much for your interest in Karma.

Universally there is not an option as each of the objects are styled independently however a few lines of CSS added to Karma’s Site Options Panel will do the trick.

Here’s some sample CSS that would override the default gradient and make the header + footer a solid color:
#footer {
background-image: none !important;
background-color: #003869 !important;

Hope this helps :)


Hello, I am interested in purchasing your theme but I do have a question. My hosting service Bluehost is phasing out PHP 5.2 and will soon be PHP 5.4. Can you please tell me if this theme has been updated to this PHP version?

Awesome theme!

Thank you! Theresa

Hi Theresa!

Thank you so much for your kind words and interest in Karma :)

Yes we’ve got a variety of customers already running Karma on BlueHost PHP 5.4 and everything works very nicely.

Cheers :)

How will we know when there is an “Upcoming Maintenance Release” of Karma?

Sure thing my friend.

An email will be automatically sent out each time a new version of the theme becomes available. No action required on your end.

Cheers :)

You mention that this theme is compatible with IE8, however I see many issues. The theme looks good in modern browsers, but looks terrible in IE8. If this can be fixed, then I would say the theme is perfect, else i would say I am sorry I bought it. On my home page I am using Karma JQuery3 slider and I am using frame style “modern” for the images. On the header settings I am using an overlay image. For IE8 the background color is not displayed in the logo and menu section. If I remove the overlay image then the background color is displayed in IE8. The JQuery slider is not displayed at all in IE8 The images that are in frame style modern do not load in IE8. I have added all the IE8 settings you recommended. Thanks in advance

Hi there,

This one was a quickie! Kindly check out the solution below. We’ll also add this to your support ticket for record keeping.

- Simply grab the CSS code below and add it to the ‘Custom CSS’ section of Karma’s Site Options Panel (appearance > site options > general > custom css)

- The code can also be added to the bottom of this file: /css/_internet_explorer.css

- Save and rejoice

.ie8 .jquery3-slider-wrap .slider-content-sub img {

.ie8 .jquery3-slider-wrap .slider-content-sub {
    padding: 8px 8px 2px 8px;    

Cheers :)

Thank you for the incredible support! I have given you a rating of 5 :)

Thanks so much for 5 star rating! You rock my friend! Cheers :)

Loving the theme (as usual)! However…

I am a real estate agent and I need to implement listings into my site. I am using an IDX plugin called dsIDXpress to pull in my MLS information. The shortcode is diplaying the widget wonderfully on my home page in the content area but once the form is populated and clicked, that’s when the issues start. The results page shows the listings with related information, however, there are places where there is random bits of HTML code indicating that there is a communication error. After contacting the plugin developer, they informed me of a known issue with themes (premium and basic) forcing the content of the plugin pages to be processed by the “wpautop” filter. dsIDXpress is programmed to REMOVE this filter to protect the look and feel (the formatting) of all pages generated by dsIDXpress. This cannot be compromised in any way as stated by my MLS State guidelines. So, this is a big deal! They informed me that “Typically, this occurs because the theme developer has implemented a short-code called “raw” directly into the theme. “Raw” was popularized before WordPress introduced short-code API , and is implementing a less than perfect content filtering stack, which leads to the forceful execution of “wpautop”.

Are there any solutions addressing this issue?

Thank you for all your hard work on this great theme!

Hi There,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us and providing all the details – they’re super helpful.

Karma does indeed have custom functionality around the “wpautop” so it sounds like pulling this out will help things to play nicely with the dsIDXpress plugin.

We’ve pre-coded the fix already in the theme for just this type of scenario.

The fix simply involves commenting out 1 line of code and then un-commenting out 1 line of modified code below it.

If you’re comfortable inside of a code editor simply open up the theme’s functions.php file and scroll to line 327. Next comment out line 327 and then un-comment line 328. Save the file and all should be well.

Lines 327 and 328 look like this:
$new_content .= wptexturize(wpautop($piece));
//$new_content .= $piece; <-- uncomment and delete line above to disble wpautop

We’re also very happy to implement this coding change for you. We’ll just need temporary login access to the server. If requiring our assistance please kindly submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk outlining the login credentials so we can get you all squared away. If submitting a Ticket please also provide a link to the page with the dsIDXpress plugin bug so we can review for testing.

Cheers :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

thank you for the timely response! I had already tried this solution and commented here as a last resort. When I followed this procedure:

from: $new_content .= wptexturize(wpautop($piece)); //$new_content .= $piece; <—uncomment and delete line above to disble wpautop

to: $new_content .= $piece;

wordpress completely shut down on me (displaying only a blank page despite refeshing and restarting my local server). I don’t know if it’s because I am working locally or not.

However, I did find a fix and perhaps this may help others here who are implementing IDX into their theme:

I wrapped the shortcode with raw.

say shortcode was [shortcode] I wrapped it with [raw] shortcode [/raw] (keep brackets around shortcode) on both my shortcode page for my sidebar and on the content for the page the widget was embeded on.

thank you guys for the support and amazing theme!!

Sure thing, we’re very happy to assist you my friend.

This banner is achieved by adding the “jQuery 3 Slider” to the page. The Slider is pulling in a single post which contains the image being displayed.

The “Karma jQuery Sliders” video on this page outlines the simple process of creating sliders: http://vimeopro.com/truethemes/karma-4/

If there’s anything else we can do to help kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can gladly provide additional assistance.

Cheers :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Hey all, I just realized all of a sudden all of my button shortcodes aren’t working when they were previously. All the urls were erased and now when I try to add a url in, it says the target url is blank.

up NOW![/button]

Is anyone else having the same issue?

Thanks, Angela

Hey Angela,

We’ve just tested the buttons and all is working well on our end.

We’re very happy to take a closer look behind the scenes and help to provide a solution. Please kindly submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk with temporary login details to the website and we’ll gladly take a closer look and get things all cleared up.

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

I am receiving an error when trying to upload Karma to my wordpress that says “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.” I have tried updating the theme, which i purchased tonight, and it did’t work. Please help if you have any ideas what to do here. Thank you

Hi There,

Yes it sounds like perhaps the wrong file is being used when trying to install the theme. Please double check to see that “Karma.zip” is being used rather than the full download package from ThemeForest.

Here’s the installation video outlining full details: http://vimeopro.com/truethemes/karma-4/

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

I am considering purchasing this theme. I have search plugin that has datepicker and drop down options that are part of a widget. is there an option to have a widget put in a “top widget area” like something that would show next to a slide?

Thank you so much for your interest in Karma.

Yes the top-left and top-right toolbar areas are both widget regions which can accept all Wordpress widgets.

Cheers :)

Thank you for the quick reply. The area I am wanting to apply it is on the slide like an overlay or right next to the slide like the text area show on your Karma jquery3 slider example. Not a top toolbar area. Is the text area on your Karma sliders able to have widgets in them?

Ah, apologies my friend we were thinking the top-toolbar area.

The slider content can contain text and shortcodes but not widgets.

Perhaps a workaround is to add the widget to a normal sidebar, lets say blog page. Then visit the blog page and ‘view source’ of the page within the web browser. You can then copy/paste the HTML code that gets generated by the widget and drop it into the Slider text area.

Hope this information is helpful.

Cheers :)