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Two questions, please (one is from yesterday): Do you have any examples of this theme being used for a contractor type client (construction, fire and water restoration, etc)...

do you have a sample or trial download I can try before buying?

Love this theme and I can see it working well for a lot of clients.

Hi There,

Here’s a list of example website using the Karma theme: https://support.truethemes.net/?knowledgebase=karma-theme-showcase

As per a try-before-buy we are unfortunately bound by contract which does not allow for this however if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the theme we are very happy to provide a refund.

We look forward to working with you!

Cheers my friend :)

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for your wonderful support – super fast response time and very helpful / direct instructions on how to fix issues we found.

Could not be happier that we purchased the theme and how great you have been at helping us customize!

Thank you!

Aw thank you so much! We’re so honored to work along side you.

Cheers :)


You’ve built a great template, but I have one problem:

I have a problem with the lightbox (Modern image frames), when I click on the image I get instead of the picture, the text “undefined”.

The problem can be viewed on the following page: http://maatveld.ethdesign.nl/?page_id=166

Thank you!

Sure thing my friend.

It looks like a value has not been entered into the ‘lightbox’ attribute of the shortcode.

Here is a sample of a working lightbox shortcode. Kindly double check to ensure the same formatting has been followed:

[frame style="modern" image_path="http://maatveld.ethdesign.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/catering/1.jpg" description="" link_to_page="" target="" float="" lightbox="http://maatveld.ethdesign.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/catering/1.jpg" lightbox_group="" size="two_col_small"]

Hope this is helpful :)


Thanks for the quick response! It works!

how can i change the size of a video please ?

Sure thing.

We just need a bit more details about this video so we can provide some guidance. Can you kindly provide details about what type of video and how it’s being inserted in the page? Also a URL to the page will be very helpful.

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

Hi, I love your designs and want to see how they’ll look on the iphone. When I test with my 4s it looks like a desktop site. Am I misunderstanding the ‘responsive’ bit or doing something wrong? Thank you!

Thanks so much for your interest in the Karma theme! :)

A responsive layout essentially means that the website’s layout will adapt to the screen size it’s being viewed on.

So for example if on a desktop computer there were 3 columns lined up next to each other, these same 3 columns will stack on top of each other when viewed on an iPhone or other smartphone.

The responsive site is essentially the same as the desktop version however elements are organized in a more user-friendly way for that smaller device.

Hope these details are helpful. Please let us know if there’s any additional information we can provide that might be helpful.

Cheers :)

Hi, thanks for the response! Unfortunately I’m still a bit in the dark. Our understanding of “responsive” is the same, but when I open the “Live preview” (http://demo.truethemes.net/?theme=wordpress-karma) on my iphone 4s it comes up as a shrunken version of the desktop layout. That is, the columns are NOT stacked, etc.

Can you post a link to a Karma site (and any other designs you offer on Themeforest – I haven’t settled on one yet!) that I can open in iOS and see how it will look?

Thanks so much!

Ah, so sorry my friend.

The ‘Item Purchase Bar’ disables the theme’s responsiveness on mobile device.

To preview responsiveness on mobile devices kindly hit the “Remove Frame” link in the top right of the Item Purchase Bar or simply access the Live Demo Site directly which will display the site without the Item Purchase Bar: http://themes.truethemes.net/Karma-4.0/

Cheers :)

First let me say thanks for such a great theme. I have struggled with Word Press for years, finding the right theme, themes not looking like I expected and requiring more customizing than I thought. You guys have a great product, training videos, and it has been fun.

I am creating a personal brand site and need help, advice on how to upload a “logo” that is actually my name. I entered my name as text, but get strange box next to my name. How can I fix. www.odellmccants.com Thanks!

Thanks so much for your kind words! We’re so glad you’re enjoying the theme and all of it’s components.

The simplest method is to upload a logo image however we understand this might not always be possible.

We’ve went ahead and created a logo image for you. You can use this logo and upload it via the Site Options Panel as described in the karma videos.

Simply right-click this link and choose “Save Link As” to save the logo image file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7008416/odell-logo.png

Hope this helps :)


WOW! Thanks! Taking customer service to another level.

Hi guys,

I want to insert an image to the contact page in iphone sidebar, but when I do it in the widgets page the image is out of the layout of the iphone. How can I solve this?

Best regards and keep the fantastic work.

Hi we’re very happy to assist you my friend.

Standard Images added to a sidebar won’t be re-sized by default so the simplest method will be to pre-crop the image before inserting into the sidebar area.

The content-holder for the iPhone sidebar is 180px.

An image somewhere in the ballpark of 180px x 120px will provide the most aesthetically pleasing result.

WordPress offers the awesome ability to crop and re-size images right from within the Media section of the Dashboard. Here’s a great article outlining some more details about this functionality: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/crop-image-wordpress/

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

Cheers :)

I was about to purchase this theme until I noticed where you’re coding the h1 tags – For my purposes (and I see this has come up in other comments) the h1 absolutely has to be the Post Title and not in that div class=”tools”

(I don’t want to have to squeeze my – often long – post title into that space nor use a second H1, when everything I’ve read tells me this is a big SEO mistake.)

What happens if I disable the “Tools” area? – I’m not sure that I would want to abandon it, but does the Post Title on individual posts then revert to an H1 or does it stay H2?

(I understand if I disable it for pages I can insert my own H1s in the body – but I don’t think this is possible for posts.)

Can you help me out with this? – Thanks!

Thank you so much for your interest in the Karma theme.

Yes switching to an H1 for post title tags can be done with just a few modifications to the theme’s code and we’re very happy to implement this heading change on your website.

We originally avoided this implementation because from our experience it’s best practice to have a single H1 tag per page and this would not be possible on the “normal blog page” which contains multiple blog posts.

Headings are great for structurally organizing a webpages content however the SEO spectrum is much more varied than earlier years and in today’s arena the Heading Tags will have little to no effect on a website’s SEO ranking. Keyword-stuffing header tags was a great tool we’ve personally used in earlier years but it simply doesn’t hold the same weight that it used to.

We certainly won’t claim to be SEO experts but it’s something we’re always thinking about and using to guide all of our coding practices.

Here are a few blog post replies from some of the more seasoned SEO guys that outline a bit more insight on this topic: http://moz.com/community/q/are-h1-tags-important-or-influential

Hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if we can do anything else to assist.

Cheers :)

Can not find to seem a like page facebook plugin that seems to work with the Karma theme.

I installed about 6 in the footer widgets.. the only thing they show is the Title.. and then nothing..

Sure thing my friend.

We’re very happy to review the plugin and try to pinpoint why the content might not be showing up.

Please kindly submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk outlining temporary login details to the webite so we can have a closer peak behind the scenes and help to get things sorted.

Thanks so much :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

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Hi TrueThemes Im trying to improve the speed of my website , so I’ve been checking on pingdom.com and in the (Avoid bad requests) section ,they said

The following requests are returning 404/410 responses. Either fix the broken links, or remove the references to the non-existent resources.


so, my question is this the file overlay-none.png exists? Where can I find it? if not possible, can you give me a solution?

By the way I’m really happy with your support system really good job in the version 4.0 well done!! I recommend this template almost for do everything

Thank you so much for your kind words my friend. We’re super happy to hear your loving the new Karma 4.0

We’ve done some digging and pinpointed the overlay-none issue. We’ve just fixed the issue by adding an additional PHP check to ensure this will no longer show up and will resolve the issue :)

We’re including this fix in the upcoming maintenance release but please feel free to download the updated file and replace the old file for the immediate change.

Simply download this file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7008416/_helpdesk/site-options-functions.php

....and replace this file on the web server: /wp-content/themes/Karma/framework/site-options-functions.php

We’re also very happy to make this change for you but we’ll just need temporary FTP login details to the web server. You can submit these details via a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk or simply follow the above instruction and all will be well.

Hope this helps :)


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Is the Kama Responsive theme absolutely and completelyPHP 5.4+ compatible, and it has been tested on PHP 5.4?

The answer is a deal breaker… as many hosts are now forcing everyone onto PHP 5.4, and many themes fail if used with PHP 5.4 and above.

Thanks… Jefferson

Hey Jefferson,

Thanks so much for your interest in Karma!

Yes Karma is 100% compatible with PHP 5.4+

Our server running the live demo site is PHP 5.4 and we have many BlueHost customers also successfully running on 5.4

Cheers :)

Updated to latest theme as per the video and have lost widgets, footer, top menu, images and videos no longer on posts and pages. Luckily I updated the test site instead of the real site. Has this happened to anyone else? http://prntscr.com/2r4cww Not sure how to proceed with this.

Re the Revolution Slider…. I want to replace my front page with the full width revolution slider. Have uploaded the slider revolution zip file as a base to start with (and watched the videos). Can’t see in your videos where these images are so I can change them… or how to add them to the home page to replace the current slideshow. Have checked slider posts, gallery posts, posts. What have I missed?

Great stuff my friend. Glad to hear the initial fixes sorted things out.

As per the additional questions:

1. We’ll need to take a closer peak behind the scenes to determine why the jQuery Slider image has not re-sized on it’s own. Details below for submitting a Ticket on our HelpDesk.

2. To change images within Revolution Slider:
  • Click ‘Revolution Slider’ in Wordpress Admin menu
  • Locate the Slider you wish to edit and click the blue ‘Edit Slides’ button
  • Locate the Slide you wish to Edit and click the green ‘Edit Slide’ button.
  • Make desired changes and Save Slider

There are also some really great resources on YouTube for learning more about using the Revolution Slider. Simply visit YouTube and type in ‘Revolution Slider’

3. To add a Revolution Slider to any page simply follow along the Training Video for complete details. At about 3:30 into this video we start to assign our Revolution Slider to a page: http://vimeopro.com/truethemes/karma-4/video/83699465

For additional support kindly reach out to us via our secure HelpDesk using the links below. Please provide temporary admin details to the website so we can login to help determine the cause for jQuery slider image.

Cheers :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

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Tks; submitting a ticket. Cheers

Menu issues… The menu headers are not dropping down with hovering mouse to see sub-menu headers. Thank you.

Hello! I am receiving an error when trying to click ? Please head over to the Karma Content Generator page to proceed with the Demo Content Setup.

The error is…

Server Error 500 – Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

I’ve tried to reinstall and keep getting this message. Thank you in advance for any help.


Thanks so much for reaching out…we’re very happy to help.

We just need to take a closer peak behind the scenes of the website to try and better determine the cause for the issue and provide a solution.

Kindly submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk outlining the description of the issue along with some temporary wordpress login details so we can gladly login and help to resolve.

Cheers :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

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Main Menu Question: Is it possible to add an image (photo) to the left or right side of the main menu. If so, how is this done.



Apologies but adding an image to left or right of main menu is not currently available.

We’re not currently available for custom coding work however if you’re in need of professional coding assistance we’ve got 2 highly trusted partners for all of your Wordpress customization needs. WPQuestions.com and Codeable.io

Cheers :)

does someone have any issue with theme after Woocommerce plugin update?

Hi There,

We’ve updated the live demo site to WooCommerce (2.1.0) and all functionality is running smoothly for us.

If something is no longer functioning we are very happy to take a closer look and provide assistance. Please kindly provide the details via a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk so we can gladly take a look.

Thanks so much :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

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Another question for the service team or group. Are vector icons limited to those found on the site referenced in the training video (can’t remember name of site off hand). When I attempt to use icons from other sources or even those recently added to the referenced site, they do not appear.

Hi There,

Yes the available 369 icons are from the Font Awesome Library found here: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

We’ve just tested a handful of random icons and everything is working nicely for us.

If there’s anything we can do to help please kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that we can gladly provide assistance.

Cheers :)

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is there an easy way to reset the theme so that any changes you may have done can be wiped off?

Hi There,

Yes sure thing my friend.

There are 2 options to reset a wordpress website. The correct way simply depends on the desired outcome.

Option 1: Reset Everything Download and install the plugin listed below. This is a great plugin that we use here on an almost daily basis when building out and testing our themes.

This plugin will reset your entire website and leave you with a completely fresh installation of Wordpress. Please note that this will erase literally everything (pages, posts, site settings, etc) so ensure this is the desired outcome before proceeding: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-reset/

Option 2: Reset Karma Only This option will leave all of the wordpress content untouched and will only erase all options which have been set within Karma’s Site Options Panel (Appearance > Site Options)

This requires a minor coding change so please kindly reach out to us via our secure HelpDesk using the links below so we can gladly provide the details and file(s).

Hope this helps :)


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The revolutionary slider is not coming on full width (responsive).

Can you please look into this?


Thank you!

Sure thing my friend. Great looking website! :)

It looks like the “Full Width Mode” checkbox has not been checked.

Kindly check out this Revolution-Slider Karma Training Video to ensure that the same full-width process has been followed.

You can skip to approximately 4:20 into the video for instant solution: http://vimeopro.com/truethemes/karma-4/video/83699465

Cheers :)

Thanks for your help. I have selected the Full Width Mode Check-box. But Slider is looks same. I can share my admin details if you can help me :):)

Yes that would be great. Kindly submit these details via our secure HelpDesk so we can gladly help out.

Cheers :)

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