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How do I display the feature image of post on a rescent posts widget?

Hi There,

The post-thumbnails are currently only available via the Recent Posts Shortcode.

To achieve, insert a Text Widget and paste in the latest posts shortcode:
[blog_posts count="3" post_category="" title="" link_text="Read More" character_count="70" layout="default"]

Cheers :)

Thank you,, accually how to display the feature image of RSS post on a rescent posts widget

Hmm. Great question.

This type of functionality is something we don’t have a great deal of experience with.

We’re very excited to dive more into this to learn more. It’s likely very possible to display a featured image within the site’s RSS Feed, however pulling in an image from the RSS Feed and displaying it on the website might be a bit trickier.

For example, a wordpress post has a function called post_thumbnail() which can easily be used to grab and display a posts featured image.

It’s our understanding however that RSS feeds do not have a pre-defined function for “featured images” so there’s nothing one could tap into to grab and display this image.

We’ll definitely do some more digging and let you know if we learn of a solution.

Cheers :)

Hi :P

I just want to thank you to the TrueTheme team for their top-notch Customer Support. They spent hours to fix an issue with my host and updated the code to get things working again.

They went well beyond what you would expect from normal support and even declined to send me a bill for it.

Really great effort from the TrueTheme Team.

Thank you so much.

From just another happy customer. :-)

Thank you so much for your kind words my friend. We’re truly honored to work with you.

Cheers :)

Just want to say a big thank you to the TrueTheme team – really is exemplary customer support!!!

Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words!

You absolutely rock!

Cheers :)

Hi I tried contacting you directly but it must not have reached you. Can I just ask, on the Karma theme the shortcodes are breaking on the woocommerce pages, the shading turns into a grey block rather than faed and the responsive design stuggles with the testimonials

Do you have any suggestions please,

Other than that its an amazing theme :)

Also I see you have an upgrade with the social Icons in the top bar, is there any way of keeping the old look at the theme (logo at the side of the titles) but putting the social icons in the top bar? I havent upgraded the theme recently


Its now pulling in blog posts to the contact us form sidebar but the widgets are the same, I hope you can get back to me as soon as possible as I am going potentially lose quite a bit of money here :(

Just reinstalled 3 times and had to redo the contact page but seems to be a little more settled, still a couple of things as its putting the woo images out of line, but what I wrote before I hope it dosent put anybody off as its an awesome theme! Whats the best way to contact you? is it on here or another way, just need to get these woocom images sorted, thanks

Hey Pablo,

So sorry to hear that upgrading from older version presented so many issues. It sounds like you seemed to have worked through most of them so that is an awesome thing.

The good news is that It’s very likely that any of the ‘bugs’ were never seen by the public.

Its been our experience that any items looking out of place after users upgrade from the old 3.0.x Karma to the current 4.0.x Karma is actually not a bug but only a caching issue. A few simple refresh of the web browser loads the updated files and puts things back in order.

Please let us help you resolve any remaining pages that are not looking perfect.

Kindly Submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk using the links below providing us with some temporary admin login details along with links to any pages requiring assistance and we’ll get things sorted right away.

Cheers :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Just wanted to say thank you TrueThemes…as usual…you support services blew my mind and was just absolutely amazing. Thank you!!!

You’re very welcome! Thank you so very much for your kind words! You’re awesome!

Cheers :)

Hey Everyone,

Karma version 4.0.2 has just been released and is now available for download :)

This version includes an all new parallax banner, splash page template, enhanced plugin integration and a small handful of miscellaneous bug fixes.

Overview of Changes:

  • New – Parallax Banner now available on all page templates.
  • New – Parallax Banner options added to Wordpress Page-editing screen.
  • New – “Splash Page” Template.
  • New – 6 starter templates added to Demo Content Generator Plugin.
  • Improved – styling of Search Widget in top-toolbar and footer.
  • Improved – styling of Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Improved – styling of UberMenu plugin.
  • Video – (2) UberMenu videos added to Karma Training Video Library.
  • Video – Parallax Banner video added to Karma Training Video Library.
  • Moved UberMenu Site Options Settings to ‘Header and Menu’ and added 2 new options.
  • Converted Gallery-Post ‘description field’ to WYSIWYG editor.
  • Updated Social Media Shortcodes and Widget with ability to open icons in new window.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Helpful Links:

Hope you enjoy :)


hi there – this theme seems amazing. apologies for my possibly ignorant questions. - is it possible to have a full screen background image to be shown permanently? - would it be possible to superimpose semi-transparent pages in front of this background image? - could each semi-transparent page be of a different colour? Many thanks.

Hi There,

Thanks so much for your interest in the Karma theme :)

A full-screen background image can be added very easily. however transparent overlay page design is not a built-in design option.

Cheers :)

tabs and quoutes dont work anymore.

im checking my server first to make sure its not the server, then will contact you guys.

ok the WooCommerce plugin when enabled it blanks out my images on my pages i dont have anything for selling just yet but I want to in the future as to sell my photos online is there a work around for this?

Hmm very interesting.

All of the up-to-date versions of Karma, WordPress, and WooCommerce are functioning great for us without any issues.

Is there perhaps a caching plugin installed on the website? If so, it’s likely that the caching plugin needs to be ‘cleared’ to ensure that the updated scripts are being pulled in for proper functioning.

If still experiencing issues we’re very happy to take a closer look at the website to help pinpoint and resolve the issue.

Kindly submit a ticket on our TrueThemes HelpDesk outlining temporary login details to the website and we’ll gladly provide assistance.

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Gallery Page not working ( followed video instructions exactly ) and also drop down menu not working. Please advice

Testimonials not working, images not loading, what haas happened????

Hi There,

Thanks so much for reaching out to us.

All of the items listed are working very nicely on our end so we’ll just need to take a closer look behind the scenes of your website to help pinpoint the issue and provide a solution.

Kindly use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk outlining the website’s URL along with some temporary admin login details so we can gladly locate the issue and help to resolve.

Cheers :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Hi There,

Here is a helpful tip to ensure a seamless transition during a theme upgrade:

If using a caching or minify plugin simply make sure to ‘clear the plugin’s cache’ after the theme has been upgraded to ensure proper functionality.

Steps for the ‘Better WordPress Minify’ Plugin:
  • Click Settings > BWP Minify
  • Click ‘Flush the Cache’ button
  • Click Save Settings
  • Refresh the website and all will be well

Hope this is helpful :)


FYI – The latest Woo Commerce Plugin Update… This will break the accordions,

Seems to break menus and a whole lot more too. I deactivated the Woo plugins and things are working again

Thank you so much StudentID! We really appreciate this info.

We’ve just went ahead and upgraded our local Karma site to latest WooCommerce (2.1.2) and accordions, meus, etc are all in working order.

Could this perhaps be related to a caching plugin used on the site? Perhaps try clearing the plugin’s cache and refresh browser to see if any change?

WooCommerce 2.1.2 looks to be a major release so we’re going to continue a variety of testing and we’ll for sure keep everyone posted on our findings.

Cheers :)

Strange – Did you upgrade the woo commerce plugin? – Well I guess you said you just did.

These elements broke on my site when I upgraded the Woo. Then I deactivated and everything works.

I do not use the WOO so no bother.

Of course it could be something in conjunction with WOO. But no bother as I do not use WOO anyway..


This was just an FYI.

iPhone Sidebar – How are other users utilizing this sidebar. I’m doing a personal site and don’t want to list a phone number. Can the feature be removed from the contact page?

Hi There,

A popular use for the iPhone sidebar is to add the Social Networks widget. This gives a cool design effect making the icons feel iPhone apps on the screen.

If no use for the iPhone page template this is no worries at all. All of Karma’s page layouts are completely interchangeable. For example there’s really no such thing as a “contact page template” per-say. Any one of the page templates can have a contact form and be turned into a contact page.

Here’s a ‘Contact Forms’ training video outlining how to create a form and and add it to any page:

Hope this is helpful :)


Main Menu Drop Downs: For some reason my main menu drop downs have disappeared. Haven’t upgraded yet and have the option selected. How do I get these back.

Sure thing my friend we’re very happy to assist.

Kindly submit a Ticket on our TrueThemes HelpDesk outlining a link to the website so we can gladly take a closer look to help determine the cause for the dropdowns and provide solution.

Thanks so much :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Hiya! Loving the theme so far – just one quick question: How can I adjust the height positioning of the Header – Transparent Overlay Image? At the moment it is overlapping my Main Menu :-( Thank you!

Hey Michelle!

Thanks so much for the kind words.

We’ll just need to see the background image in action so we can provide the best solution.

Kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk outlining a link to the website and the desired effect so we can gladly provide assistance.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Hello, is there any way to use my own icons designs into icon boxes? I´d like to have custom icons instead of the ones available at font awesome site.

Thanks in advance :)

Hi There,

Adding new icons is indeed possible however this option is not built into the default theme. Currently only the 369 Font-Awsome vector icons are available by default.

A new icon set can be added by modifying the theme’s code to include the desired icons.

We’re currently unavailable for custom coding work however if you’re interested in modifying the code and in need of professional assistance we’ve got 2 highly trusted partners offering these services: and

Thank you :)

;( Thanks

Hi there, I’ve upgraded to version 4 and my site is broken… images not showing, header background messed up and probably other things I haven’t found yet. Help appreciated. Mark

Sure thing Mark we’re very happy to help.

We’ll just need to have look at the website to see things in action and provide solution.

Kindly submit a ticket on our TrueThemes HelpDesk outlining the details nd we’ll gladly provide assistance.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Guys please fix the slider posts in 4.0.2 i have to use the id number in the url for it to work correctly, and i still get the option in the drop down list in the slider settings karma jquery 2 category. even thou i have it chosen the category it will not work unless i copy the number in the url. I know this is in the FAQ jquery video but it should be on the fly option that sticks, the before option in 4.0 worked with no problems really smooth. I hope you guys get this bug working smooth soon. The support on this theme is solid and very reliable Im always satisfied with the support team I want the rest of customers to know that you guys rock 2 thumbs up. thanks.

Hi There,

Thanks so much for the details my friend.

The drop-down functionality was left untouched during the 4.0.2 upgrade. Still works great on the 3 servers we use for testing.

We’ve definitely got this on the forefront and we’re still working to gather more data to determine why certain web servers accept the drop-downs and others not.

We’ll definitely keep you posted.

Cheers :)

oh ok, thanks, it works but on my server only the url and if it helps the id says 1 in the category but the url has 3 numbers in it.

Thank you so much for the details. This is helpful.

Cheers :)

Hi I need help with LayerSlider or Slider Revolution Plugins but CANT login at Truethems Online HelpDesk. It won’t find my user or email. Creating new account is not possible as Item Purchase is used it says at registration.

HOW to get access so action below can be done?

I’m receiving an Error when trying to install the LayerSlider or Slider Revolution Plugins? These premium plugins are hosted on our Secure Amazon S3 server. Certain web servers do not allow for direct installation of files from an outside server, resulting in the error. We will need to manually install these plugins for you. Please kindly submit a ticket on our Secure Online HelpDesk and we’ll gladly get you up and running.

Thanks so much for reaching out to us my friend.

We’ll gladly create your support account for you. Kindly shoot us an email with item purchase code and desired email and we’ll get you all setup. (we’ll supply you temporary password that can be changed at anytime)

As soon as we email you back with support account you can log into the HelpDesk and send some temporary wordpress admin details so we can gladly install Layer and Rev. Slider. (please refrain from sending admin details via email as email is insecure and not good place to pass login details)

Thanks so much

Cheers :)

I have now updated WP and Karma to 4.02 from 3.something. I have installed all the requested plugins and activated them. Since the update of Karma the frontpage of my webpage is complely messed up.

I had 3 sliders rotating with jQuery1 on the frontpage and 4 picture boxes below (one_forth).

Now on the frontpage i just have one long text side, with Picture then text then Picture then text and so on.

Seems the jQuery slider settings are complety screwed up by the Karma upate.

I am newbie to this, so please tell me how to reset/adjust slider settings so I get back my previous nice frontpage with rotating sliders, thanks.

Sure thing my friend.

We’ve not experienced this issue first-hand so we’ll just need to have a closer look at the website and provide a solution.

Kindly submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk outlining the details and we’ll gladly get things all squared away.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Hey, I can’t seem to see where to input the LayerSlider that I’ve created. There’s an option for the Karma slider and the Paralax slider but not for the LayerSlider plugin?

Thanks in advance. Loving 4.0.

Edit: OH! Just realised that I’d installed it ages ago and it wasn’t included with the theme. I’ll just use the shortcode. Thanks and cheers!

Excellent :)

Also feel free to check out the training videos for further details on installing the Slider Plugins and adding them to any page:

Page 1 of the videos ‘Install Slider Plugins’ and page 2 ‘LayerSlider + Revolution Slider’ video.

Cheers :)

Hi, in reference to i’ve a question: in the 1st example of posts with mini-thumbs i see thats are situated in 1st half of width. Is it possible create a 2nd half width another list of posts?

Thank you

Yes sure thing.

The blog post shortcode will span 100% width of it’s container so displaying 2 columns is easily done using the [one_half] column shortcode.

Here’s a sample of this in action:

A category can be defined and only posts from that category will be displayed.

Hope this is helpful :)