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Hello, how can i build my website pages? how can i build a contact page and add google map to it? how can i create a slider and add it on top of every page?

i dont know php please help me, your theme seems like dose not have any building tools

Sure thing my friend.

Kindly check out the Karma Training Videos for full instruction on the requested items. Detailed instructions outlined in the videos.

Thank you :)


Seriously considering this theme. It’s beautiful and functional, and has most of the functions my client needs in a site.

Can you recomend a page builder plugin that shouldn’t cause bugs in this theme?

The main reason we are considering using a page builder plugin, rather than just using your shortcodes, is to gain the functionality to list relevant posts after the content of the text page. The relevent posts need to be from one particular post category, and different pages will list from different categories. Would you happen to know if that possible to do without using a page builder plugin?

Thanks, Yidalin

Hey Yidalin!

Thanks so much for your interest in the Karma theme.

Karma’s got a built-in “latest posts shortcode” which allows for displaying posts from any desired category. Here is an overview of the available layout options for this shortcode:

We’ve not used Karma in conjunction with a page-builder plugin so we’re unfortunately unable to provide a recommendation for this.

Please let us know if there’s any additional information we can provide.

Thanks :)

That seals it. I bought the theme- looking forward to using it. Thanks for your attentiveness.

You rock my friend! Thank you so much for your support.

Here’s a link to the step-by-step Karma Training Videos:

Cheers :)


Great product – recommend to all!

One question – I am using jQuery 3 slider on my homepage, but would like a button or call out box underneath the video on the right hand side. Can this be done without too much coding?

Thanks again

Thanks Max!

This will require making code-modifications to the theme.

The extent of the customization will depend on how “dynamic” the functionality needs to be. For example, a “non-dynamic” method will involve only editing a single file and hard-coding the button under the video. Since it’s hard-coded however this button will appear on any jquery-3 slider which displays a video. A more dynamic solution will require more advanced coding.

The file requiring modification is located within the theme here: /wp-content/themes/Karma/theme-template-part-slider-jquery-3.php

We’re currently unavailable for custom coding work however if you’re in need of professional coding assistance we’ve got 2 highly trusted partners for all of your Wordpress customization needs. and

Hope this information is helpful

Cheers :)

First off. This theme is great… I do have one question. if I want To have this layout

but I also want this to be the blog page below the three image slides and above the “customers say it best” section. is that doable by selecting:

appearance>site options>Blog and Posts… Then under blog page and select “karna-jquery-2-slider?

But how would it know to place the blog content in the space I would like for it to show up?

Is there some kind of added short-code that i would need to add?

Thanks in advance, Ashley

Hey Ashley,

The blog page can unfortunately only be laid out within the “default blog page layout”.

A similar effect can be achieved by setting up the jQuery-2 slider page just like normal and then use the “latest blog posts” shortcode to display blog posts anywhere within the page. This will provide similar outcome with different blog post layout.

Here’s a sample of the 3-column blog post layout to add to the page:
[blog_posts count="3" post_category="" title="" link_text="Read More" character_count="115" layout="three_col_large" style="modern"]

Hope this is helpful :)


I’m looking for a wordpress design for a couple of websites but unless I’m wrong, this theme has a huge flaw: I looked at the portfolio pages and realised that the columns used for the portfolio are fixed – the images in the 4 column display never change size, and at certain resolutions you end up with a tiny little image sitting in the middle of an otherwise empty screen.

I thought every theme on the market these days was fully responsive, but unless I need to buy a couple of new phones and a new tablet, this theme is only partially responsive.

Or am I missing something?

Hi There,

Thank you so much for your interest in the Karma theme.

The Gallery layouts and image frames are fully responsive. They’re built in a way that ensures nice clean layout on all mobile devices. The images will never get larger than their originals (a mistake by most websites) since making an image larger than it’s original will pixelate and distort the image.

Hope this information is helpful.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to assist.

Cheers :)

I love your theme, and keep using for non-competitive clients. I do have a question though. Is there a plugin that works with your theme like Revolution Slider? I’m afraid it is conflicting with other JS. I’ve also tried Photospace Responsive Gallery, still no luck. Thanks in advance.

Hi There,

Awesome to hear that you’re finding multiple uses for the Karma theme. very cool.

Revolution Slider comes packaged with Karma (4.x) and works great with the theme. Also included is the LayerSlider JS plugin.

If there’s a particular plugin not playing nicely we’re very happy to take a closer look and help to provide guidance for fixing. Many times plugins will have a “safe mode setting” which makes them more compatible with other plugins.

For more detailed guidance on plugin troubleshooting please kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so we can gladly see the conflict in action and provide a solution.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Hello again,

I´m trying to place a search box as the one use in this site with the social icons all together in the top tool bar right side, but for some reason the search box falls down and make the top section thicker, is there any way to have those two items (social icons + search box) horizontally align and keep the default thick of the top area?

Thanks in advance. Regards,


Thanks for the nice words! I just submitted a ticket. Thanks for being there!


Solved trough HelpDesk, thanks a lot! You guys rock!

Kind regards,

You’re very welcome my friend! Thanks so much :)

Hi, I have a client who uses this theme. I have recently updated it to the most recent version of wordpress. His revolution sliders are no longer working (embedded via short code within the content on pages) – when I preview the sliders the work fine (on the revolution slider page) – when I use the short code to embed them on a page it’s a grey box. I read over comments and it seems this is an issue but no solution is posted. I get the following error in error console: [Error] ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: jQuery global code (jquery.themepunch.plugins.min.js, line 51)

Sure thing.

Kindly try wrapping the revolution slider in Karma’s raw shortcode. Here’s a sample:

[raw][rev_slider sliderpreview][/raw]

This is working nicely for us using the latest versions of Karma, Wordpress and Revolution Slider.

Let us know if anything else we can do to help.

Cheers :)

Thank you – works! awesome work guys:)

Great theme. I have really enjoyed it. I’m having two issues.

1) I’m using the Left Nav page Template and I would like to remove the bar between my header and the content.


2) The shortcode for VIDEO LEFT and VIDEO RIGHT doesn’t work. I added the url for a youtube or vimeo video and the box just spins.

I am using WordPress v3.8.1.

Glad you’re enjoying the Karma theme :)

1) The Utility Panel can be disabled from within the “Page Settings” section of the page editing screen. Simply check the box and all will be well. Here’s a screenshot of Page Settings and other custom Karma options:

2) We’re very happy to provide assistance on this. We’ll just need to see the website in action so we can determine why video not showing and provide the solution. Kindly use the links below to submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so we can gladly provide further guidance.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Everything is fixed. I wasn’t running the newest version and I wasn’t using the right embed code for the VIDEO LEFT.

But now when ever I activate the WooCommerce plugin all my gfx in a image frame isn’t showing. I’m using the shortcode for an image frame and all I get is spinning circle.

The site isn’t live yet. I’m working on it on my local.

Awesome to hear that items are resolved :)

It sounds like the WooCommerce issue is likely caused by a “minify plugin”. These are great plugins and we highly recommend them however just be sure to “clear the cache” on these plugins anytime a theme or plugin has been upgraded. This will ensure that the updated scripts will be pulled in and all will be well.

The green callout in this article describes the steps for easily resetting cache on ‘better wordpress minify’ plugin:

Hope this is helpful :)


When using the theme Karma, is there a email option box that you can use in the header? I see it there in the footer but wanted to use a optin in the header. Or would you have to use a plugin for that? And if so, which plugin do you recommend?

Thank you so much for your interest in the Karma theme :)

The top-left and top-right toolbars work same as the footer so the email Widget in the footer could also be added to the header.

From a design perspective the header was not intended for a large email form so we recommend to avoid this practice. A possible idea for achieving similar effect is to use either a text-link or one of the button shortcodes which can then link to a page that includes the email form. This will help to keep things nice and clean.

Hope this details are helpful.

Cheers my friend :)

Hi I love the theme, however for some reason no matter what URL I use for the images in the frames are not showing and I just get the blank frame with the running wheel in it. I place the URL between the “URL HERE” but It wont show the image..could you please help

I also saw the Knowledge base on this, the URL I am using is correct and the image itself is loading no issue when I use the URL on another tab of the browser, Yet is not showing in the frame

Sure thing Bobby, we’re very happy to help out.

We’ll just need to log into the website and determine the cause for the issue to provide a solution.

Please use the link below to submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk outlining the page in question along with temporary admin login details.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Hellowahh! Just bought this theme, works great! I have a question for my homepage: I’m using the Parallax Banner ( and I don’t want the white and blue (prob. gonna change the colour in a minute to gold) space under the Parallax picture. Is this possible with a CSS code and if so, can you provide this code? I suck with CSS :)

Thank you very much!

One last thing: I’m thinking of hiding the top toolbar on every page; is it possible to provide that css code too? Thanks in advance!!

You’re very welcome :)

Yes hiding the Toolbar on all pages is done right from within Karma’s Site Options Panel.

Please click on (Appearance > Site Options > Header & Menu) and un-check the ‘Toolbar’ box.



I am not tech savvy and the thought of building my own website was enough to send me running to the hills. Well I made it through the basic stuff and then came upon an amazing template. I got stuck because I didn’t reach out right away and ask for support. You know how support forums typically are…all you usually hear are crickets. This was just the opposite. Shockingly, I rec’d a reply and it was personable. They stayed with me until the problem was resolved, which was over a few days. Their patience with a non-techy person, ME, was golden.

I’m telling you…look no further. The Sterling Theme and the TrueThemes Support Team are rock stars!!! You want to impress folks with your website and what it can do with this Theme, buy now! You won’t regret it.

Thank you so much for your kind words Danielle! It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and we hope to continue to serve you on future projects.

Cheers :)

I just updated to your latest version. There seems to be a problem with the tabs. The text for the tab title which is active is not showing up. The other tabs do display black text, but as soon as I switch to another active tab, the text in that tab title disappears but the other that wasn’t showing now appears.


It looks like perhaps there is a plugin conflicting with the default tabs. Are you aware of any installed plugins which is pulling in a jQuery UI skin? If so please try to disable the skin to avoid a conflict with the theme.

Another thing to check is that the “cache” within Better-Wordpress-Minify has been cleared after the update. This is best practice to clear it’s cache after any theme or plugin update done within the website. At the top of this article is instructions for easily clearing cache:

We hope these details are helpful. If issue stil persists we’ll just need to take a closer look behind the scenes of the website to best provide a solution. Please use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk outlining temporary login details ith description to the error:

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Hello, I apologize if this has been answered already. I searched through the pages and did not find a solution.

1. On the google map page how do we disable the scroll on the map?

2. In chrome, pages will load and the social icons and font awesome icons will not show unless hovered?

Please advise and thank you for your time.

Sure thing my friend, we’re very happy to assist.

We’ve just previewed the live demo site in Firefox and Chrome and the Google map stays stationary and font-awesome icons rendering nicely.

It looks like we’ll just need to take a closer look at your specific website so we can replicate these issues and provide the fix.

Kindly use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk so we can gladly provide further assistance. Please provides links to the pages along with temporary login details just in case we need them.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Hi I am very familiar with Karma, and installing everything. After setting everything up, Theme, Demo Content, Permalinks, Media Settings, Recommended Plugins etc… The Karma 4.0 installation still looks like the OLD version, not the new 4.0 version I see in the example. The demo menu’s do not seem to match and the overall design still looks like the old one. Is there something I’m missing? I referred to the documentation, as well as the installation videos and seems like I am doing everything correctly…

How would I go about making my site look like the one in the demo version?

Thank you very much

Sure thing my friend.

Kindly check out the following video for some basic adjustments on selecting the color scheme, etc. This short video will change the look/feel to match that of the demo site:

Thank you :)

Hi, Need to buy a template for my Real Estate website. Am I able to put a loan calculator and an interactive calendar on the site are these done through plugins?? and real estate search functions such as “price range” “bedrooms” “location” etc. Please confirm if this is the right template for me as I wish to set it up ASAP.

Hi There,

Thank you so very much for your interest in the Karma theme.

From the project description is sounds like a dedicated Real Estate theme will be the best way to go. Karma does not have native Real Estate capabilities.

Real Estate sites generally require a lot of specific functionality so we recommend really doing your homework before deciding on the best plugin/theme for real-estate.

We’ve unfortunately not built an advanced wordpress-driven Real Estate website so we’ve not got a whole lot of details to share. We just did a Google search for “best real estate wordpress” and the results look promising.

Hope this is helpful information :)


Thanks for the response, information and being honest, Great customer service and fast response time. If I need a similar theme in the future or know of anyone who needs one I will recommend this one thanks for the help and being honest and not just trying to sell it. Thanks

You’re very welcome my friend! Thanks so much for the recommendations! We hope to serve you on project in the future.

Cheers :)

Hi, I have been using your theme for a while but am having major problems. It is hosted with and i have been on to them for the last 48 hours and it seems there is no problem there end.

I have removed plugins etc etc but the response time is over 8 seconds see –!/coWvVW/

Im running wordpress 3.8.1 and i am not on the latest version of your theme as it makes no difference because i tried it. It also mucks my site up with the new theme.

Please can you look into this asap

Hey Marcus,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us.

We’ve just reviewed each page on the website and things seem to be firing very quickly. Each page loaded within 2 seconds and all things funcitoniong nicely.

We’ve reviewed the code and see that a ‘page speed’ plugin seems to be tapping into a lot of the websites csss, javascripts, images, etc. Sometimes these plugins are great, other times they can actually slow down a website. Not sure if you’ve tested with and without the plugin but definitely worth a test.

Karma 4.0.x is has a lot less “overhead” and has increased speed load times form the older versions of Kama. We recommend using the updated version however it’s certainly ok to use an older version.

From our review of the site we see no real issues however playing around with the above mentioned items might be a good place to start. Here’s a list of actionable items:

  • Update to most recent verison of Karma theme
  • Enable/Disable ‘page speed’ plugin and compare the loading times.
  • Remove any un-used wordpress themes and plugins
  • Delete any spam blog comments / empty trash on pages/post
  • Talk to your hosting provider about enabling “FastCGI” and see if it;s something they recommend (we’ve noticed nice speed increase on servers using FastCGI)

Hope this information is helpful :)


Thanks for the reply. I tried removing the pagespeed ad on but no change. It’s the sub pages that are loading slowly – the bottom of the homepage you will find these. I’m getting a response time of 6 seconds plus. If i change the theme the site loads instantly?

Here is a speed test result!/ebnXTq/

Thank you very much for the additional details.

We’ve been testing the page alongside the default Karma (4.x) theme and we’ve got some recommendations that should very likely help to speed things up.

Kindly use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk so we can gladly continue the conversation. This will give us a secure portal to share information and ideas and possible login information if needed during the help.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Theme is great, does what it says. I had occasion to deal with their support desk today. Problem fixed within 24 hours. I say problem, it was actually my eyesight lol, but they were perfectly charming in finding the issue and showing me how to resolve.

Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback. Cheers :)


Does the Karma theme support RTL?! If not, how much would it cost to mirror a few pages?!

Thank you so much for your interest in the Karma theme! :)

Right-to-left text orientation is not currently included in the theme. We’re currently unavailable for custom coding work however if you’re in need of professional coding assistance we’ve got 2 highly trusted partners for all of your Wordpress customization needs. and

Thank you