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Quick question, I really like the template, but before I buy it I would like to know if I can switch off the gradient on the theme so that only a flat colour is visible? Even if I have to tweak it in the CSS please let me know if it is possible.

Thanks Sim

Hey Sim,

Yes the gradient can be changed to solid color either via admin-color-picker or CSS code.

The gradient essentially has a “top value” and “bottom value”. For a solid color simply set both values to the same color.

Cheers :)

Thank you so much

Hello There,

I like the theme but there a a few questions I like to get answered if possible:

1. Color scheme: Is there a way to dynamically change the color scheme to make the site appearance dynamic or even random or linked to the time of day (light blue during daylight, dark at night, red during sunset and sunrise)?

2. Is it possible to add google maps and embed them after a customer login for display. For example there is a custom map with a number of markers created and I want a certain customer to view the map without having to have google account. A customer can have a number of maps and there are a number of customers. Maps are created as my places.


Thank you for your interest in the Karma theme.

1. Color scheme: A dynamic color scheme is not currently built into the theme however with a bit of PHP code this is a very possible modification.

2. Google Map: Pages within a Wordpress theme can be password-protected and viewable only by logged in members. This is done right from within the page-editing screen. A “Google Maps” page can be created and then password-protected. In terms of having a “dynamic page” load with different google maps for different customers, this would need to be a custom-coded solution.

We’re currently unavailable for custom coding work however if you’re in need of professional coding assistance we’ve got 2 highly trusted partners for all of your Wordpress customization needs. and

We hope these details are helpful :)

Hi, dear friend, I have a issue with Parallax Banner. I make it following the Karma Video “parallax banner”. However, after updated, the banner has been separated to EIGHT small same pictures instead of One. I don’t know what’s the problem. The dimension is 140px just as the Video, but now eight same pictures… So any suggestions? Best regards!

Sorry, not eight same pictures. just six.

Sure thing my friend,

The parallax banner requires a larger image since it’s a large call-out area spanning the full width of the website. If a small image is used it will “repeat”.

Here are some sample image dimensions and settings from the live demo site that will hopefully provide assistance:
  • image width: 2200px
  • image height: 900px
  • padding: 250px
  • image width: 2200px
  • image height: 600px
  • padding: 140px

If there’s anything else we can do to assist please use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk so we can gladly help you out most efficiently.

Thank you :)

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Thank you very much! I love Karma so much! Wonderful theme & Excellent services!


Is there a way to upload several posts/pictures into a gallery at once?

Or is there a way to set it so that when the featured image is set, it automatically puts the picture file URL into the Custom Settings > Portfolio Full Size URL box?

It seems like quite the involved process in adding several pictures to the gallery.


Apologies my friend but multiple posts at one time is unavailable.

Hi there,

We purchased the Karma theme in July 2012, and all of our documentation is currently with our accountant, meaning that I do not have access to the license code in order to submit a ticket via your support forum.

I have created a new slider with the Revolution Slider plugin, and have included images 1900 px wide. Despite having the “Homepage Full width” template selected, I cannot get the slider to go the whole width of the screen as with your live preview. I suspect it is related to wide/boxed settings for the site, but cannot find this under the theme options.

Can you assist?

Thanks, Alex

Hi there,

I have now successfully upgraded the theme, and have updated the home page settings. Karma is now version 4.0.2. Revolution version 4.1.4.

However, the slider is still not displaying as full width?

I have cleared the cache, so that is not the issue.

Screenshot of settings:

Homepage template is currently set to “Homepage: Full Width”.

The images are 1920×400 so are more than wide enough.

The site:

Thank you so much for upgrading and providing the details.

Our initial thoughts without seeing the behind-the-scenes Dashboard is that this is likely caused by the actual settings of the Slider located within the Slider Revolution Plugin.

Perhaps this is a “fixed width slider” so it is not displaying full width? With the Slider Revolution Plugin one can hover over the slider and click ‘Settings’. Then within this screen one can choose “Force Full Width – Yes”. This is worth the experiment.

If still unable to get the slider full width we are very happy to assist you in doing so. We’ll just need to log into the website’s Dashboard in order to provide solution. Kindly use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk outlining temporary login details so we can gladly provide the details.

Thank you :)

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Ah, yes, the “Force Full Width” button seemed to do the trick. Many thanks for your assistance!

Is there a way to change the speed of slider? I wish I could make the pages of slider change to the next one faster.

Also, is it possible to make the main menus more spaced out?

Thank you!

Also..How can I add google map in my contact form,.? It says “Tracking Code”,, I don’t know what that means,. please help


We’re very happy to assist you my friend.

Kindly use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk so our support staff can gladly provide assistance.

Thank you :)

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Presales Question- I have noticed that some Responsive themes can zoom/stretch in mobile viewports-yours does not appear to do so. Is this feature you may include in future updates?

Hi There,

Yes the default pinch-zooming on mobile devices is already built into the theme. It perhaps is being ‘disabled’ by the item-purchase-bar on the demo site?

I would like to make “About us” Menu that has dropdowns. For the URL of this menu, I would like to put #. I don’t want to have any page linked to this menu..

How can I do that?

(Just like how you guys made “Shortcodes” menu and that menu has only ”#” as its URL…?

Thank you for your help!

Sure thing my friend.

This is achieved by using Wordpress’ built-in “Links” feature located in the Appearance > Menus section.

Here’s a great video (not created by us) which outlines the steps:

Cheers :)

Thank you! problem sovled!

It says we can get 360 more Vector Icon Boxes.. Where can we get them from?

Sure thing my friend.

The vector boxes are available in Karma’s Shortcode Manager.

The ‘Shortcodes’ video on this page outlines all the details:

Thank you :)

Hello, I’m trying out the parallax banner:

I have noticed an unpleasant effect, visible even in your demo page at

If you have a small width of the browser set in order to trigger the mobile top menu and you click on the menu icon you see that the banner image remains fixed and a repeating part of the image is visible in the lowest part of the screen, which is not nice.

I have the same issue on my page,

I think that the correct behavior should be that when clicking on the mobile menu icon all the content below should shift down together, including the parallax image, in order to keep the look of the page consistent and avoiding unpleasant background repeating.

Please let me know if I’m missing something…

Many thanks in advance. Ciao :)

PS: The above highlighted unpleasant effect is very evident even in this other page of your demo site:

Try to reduce the browser width until you get the mobile menu on top and then click the menu icon: the mobile menu appears and all is shifted down, but the parallax image background remains fixed and the image appears repeated on bottom side… Definitely not nice…

Thanks again for the attention.

Ciao :)

Thanks so much for these details my friend.

We will have a closer look at this mobile-parallax behavior and provide any necessary fixes.

Cheers :)

Is there a way to create more than just one admin accounts? Is it possible to make an admin account only for posting on blogs (and not able to make changes to the website structure)?

Lastly, how can we insert a yelp & instagram button in the header? (at top of website in the right. above the website logo).

I truly appreciate your time and support.

Hi There,

- Yes adding multiple account within a Wordpress site is indeed possible.

It sounds like the 2nd user you mentioned would work best as an “Author” rather than administrator. Here’s an article from outlining more details on user account:

- The “top toolbar” of Karma can be modified via the Widgets Section. This is located in the Wordpress Dashboard unser ‘Apperance > Widgets’. Simply drag-and-drop the Social Networks Widget into the top-right-toolbar section and all is well.

We hope these details are helpful. If thwere’s anything else we can do to assist please kindly use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk so we can gladly help out.

Thank you :)

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I add submenus to my menu. But it dosen’t run, I did not see my menu items. What can i do?

Sure thing. This is likely due to an incompatibility with a caching plugin / 3rd-party plugin.

Here’s an article from our HelpDesk outlining a few probable fixes:

Cheers :)

Hi Karma. I update a wordpress to a new version and can’t find where to manage karma page. Fonts, colors and others…. :(

Already found :)

Hi. I’m just playing around with the “business_contact” in a footer widget. I am wanting to add things like postal address, facsimile etc. I was wondering if there is something I can view to tell me how to accomplish this or am I limited to the items already list in “business_contact”?

Hi There,

The business_contact comes with pre-determined items:

  • phone number
  • skype
  • googlemaps / directions
  • email

We are continually updating the theme and fascismile is coming very soon :)


I am interested if any previous customers have added a Job Board plugin to this theme.

I have asked the developer if they can recommend one or even advise if using such a plug in would be compatible, but got a less than satisfactory response, which surprises me as they are stating:

Purchase this Premium Theme with confidence in knowing that you will be fully backed by a dedicated team of amazingly friendly website professionals.

Be grateful if anyone can advise on this please.

Hi there,

Sincere apologies if you were unsatisfied with our original responses. There is no simple solution to this one but here are some more details that will hopefully help to provide additional guidance.

- Job boards take Wordpress far outside of it’s box and require a lot of custom functionality, styling, page layouts, etc. In these types of scenarios we always recommend using a “niche theme” that is built only for that specific purpose (ie a Job Board theme). This is not a 100% requirement however it will provide the most professional end-result. The job board theme can be installed at a different location than the “main theme” and both themes can remain separate and run most efficiently. Here are some themes that look really great: - To continue using Karma theme with Job board capability one can use a Wordpress Plugin to add this new set of functionality. This is not the recommended path to take as job boards require a vast amount of special functionality that are best left as their own entity. Here are some plugins that look really great:

We hope these details are helpful my friend.

Thank you :)

Hi there – your theme looks awesome but I just have a pre-sale question… is there any “membership area” features? Like I want users to sign up for a subscription to view videos on my website – either a daily price, weekly, monthly, etc…



Thank you so much for your interest in the Karma theme.

Membership functionality is not built into the theme however we’ve had many clients using the “Wishlist members” plugin with great success.

Cheers :)

Hello, little question: how can I change the color of the discription in the main menu? Thanks!

Yes interesting.

Perhaps adding an ”!important” attribute to the color will do the trick?

Here’s another article outlining the Karma main-menu CSS items:

Can change the color of the main menu text & the size of the discription text but the code to change the color of the discription text isn’t working; it’s driving me nuts :)

Sure thing my friend.

The original code provided works seamlessly for us so it’s likely the code is being over-written or is written with improper syntax.

We’re very happy to take a look behind the scenes and help you to resolve.

Kindly use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk outlining temporary login details to the website so we can gladly assist.

Thank you :)

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great work :)

Thank you :)

hello i have 3 websites and and if i buy this theme i will can use for the 3 sites or i need to buy 3 times? Thanks – Very nice job ! Waiting your reply…


Thank you for your interest in the Karma theme.

The theme license here on ThemeForest is valid for a single domain so each domain requires a new purchase.

Thank you :)

I upgraded to 4.0 and now the sliders are gone on the homepage, drop down menu doesn’t show up and buttons below slider aren’t showing there images anymore. Please advise…thank you!

Sure thing hrbaily,

Kindly check out this article on our HelpDesk for likely solution to this common error:

If any additional assistance kindly use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk so we can gladly provide further assistance.

Thank you :)

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