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Hi There,

Is there any way to use a vector box which will open a URL in a lightbox?


Hi laundryst,

This is not currently built-in but a really great idea for new feature. We will include this in future release.

Thanks :)

Slider Post problem in Karma 4. I could not get the Slider Post image to be visible in my page slider, there was only empty slider with bg-colour. I did everything according to your video tutorial, many times…

Then I loaded Karma demo content, and it works. I tried to find out what was different to my settings, but nothing found.

Then I changed the demo page name ”Home” to my language ”Etusivu”, and the problem come back! I changed the name back to ”Home”, but the problem was still there!

I only changed the name, and then changed it back…!!!

What should I do? Who knows…?

We’re happy to help you with this.

Please submit a Ticket on our HelpDesk so that we may replicate this issue and provide a solution. Please include details of the error along with temporary login details.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

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I removed my database and Wordpress installation, and reinstalled everything as a new, and it started to work. I lost everything, but it works now…

Hello is anybody having problems with support for this theme. Its been 5 day now and Ive had still no response from.


Hi Tonymichael,

Apologies for this delay in support. Our system is showing the oldest support ticket as just a few hours old so we’re not certain about your support request?

Please update your support ticket with a new comment so we receive notification and can gladly review the ticket. Alternatively you can post the Ticket ID# here in the comments and we’ll gladly look it up.

Thank you :)

Hello, Still no reply from support after 9 days. I hope somebody can help me here. I have up dated to version 4 and all the images on the home page and the slider have strange shapes around them when viewed on a wide screen monitor. Is it possible to have the join mailing list/subscribe fields to the right hand side of the menu bar similar to this website? Also can the inbuilt logo be increased in size?

Tony Original support number #BGZ-880-26421

Hi Tony,

So very sorry to hear of the very long delay in support.

It looks like you have contacted Envato Support which is a different company than ours. We have not received any support request.

Quick overview of the marketplace….Envato is the parent company which owns the ThemeForest marketplace. The products on ThemeForest are created by individual authors. Our company is TrueThemes and we are an author on this marketplace.

All of our theme support is conducted via our TrueThemes HelpDesk. We respond to all requests within 24 hours.

We’re very happy to help troubleshoot your errors. We’ll just need to gather more information about your website so we can be of assistance.

Kindly use the links below to submit a support ticket outlining your website’s URL, description of the issues, and temporary login details to the website.

Thank you :)

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Is there a way to have more then just 5 items in the Gallery post? Only 5 pics is kind of a low number

Hi there,

Apologies but 5 pictures per lightbox item is currently the max number of items.

Hi @MetHrovat

We’ve just posted a tutorial on our HelpDesk providing instructions for modifying the Karma theme for additional Lightbox items:

Thank you :)

Hello, why the shortcodes are not working? Please help as we have deadlines. Thank you!

Hi there,

We’re very happy to provide assistance. We’ll just need to see the error in action so we can provide a solution.

Kindly submit a Ticket on our helpdesk outlining the details of the error along with temporary login info so we can gladly review and offer a solution.

Thank you :)

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How come that I get an bad request when I leave a comment on my webpage?? My hosting provider says that there is something wrong in the plugin???

Sure thing Barbara, we’re very happy to help.

Please use the links below to submit a ticket on our secure helpdesk outlining the details of the error along with temporary login details so we can explore further and gladly provide the solution.

Thank you :)

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Hi Everyone, :)

We’re very excited to continually provide an excellent product with superb customer service to all of our users. If you have any pre-sales questions please post them here in the item comments and our team will answer them promptly.

If you’ve already purchased Karma and need assistance please sign-up at our TrueThemes HelpDesk to use our ticketing system and other detailed support resources.



Thank you, we look forward to serving you!



I currently have Karma version: 2.6.9.

So what would be involved in updating to 4.0? I’m very concerned that this would break the website.

Is there any procedure I need to do to prevent these things from happening besides backing up the site?

Thanks! :)

Hi There,

Overall things should be quite smooth but since 2.6.9 is many versions old it’s difficult to say for sure which items might not play nicely.

You’re right on the money by backing up the original site and developing the Karma 4.0 site within a new temporary-folder on the web server so there will be no worries on the live website crashing during production. Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

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Thanks. Is there any way that I can have several installations (all the way back to 2.7) so I can see if I can incrementally update, check for issues, and update this way?


Kindly review our comment left to this customer who’s in a similar boat:

Let us test your website’s content here on our local environment and provide our feedback. Kindly follow same instruction outlined in the link above.

Thank you :)

I (and my clients) have purchased several copies of the Karma theme as the customer support is incredible. Regardless of type of question, they always respond professionally, rapidly and also very kindly. If a work around is needed, they provide the code and how to use it. I highly recommend the True Themes team. Great work everyone.

Thank you! :)


What is the process of upgrading from 2.6.6 version to the latest version beside backing up the site?

Can I run the 2.6.6 with wordpress 3.8.1?

Thank you,


Sure thing Sam, we’re very happy to help.

Version 2.6.6 was released a few years back so we do not currently have a formalized process for upgrading from this earlier version.

It’s difficult to determine which items will need attention after an upgrade.

The best solution will be for us to test the upgrade process here on a local staging environment and provide you with our feedback.

We’ll just need your current website’s content to set up a Karma 2.6.6 staging site and perform the testing.

Kindly export your website’s content into XML and send over the XML file for testing. Here’s a great instructional video if unfamiliar with the XML export option in Wordpress:

Please email the XML file to

Thank you :)

Hi Sam,

Great news!

We’ve tested another customers website upgrading from Karma 2.6.9 to 4.0.3 and everything was completely seamless. Website and content rendered perfectly after the upgrade.

We’re happy to review your website to see if we see any “red flags” that might hinder the upgrade.

Kindly post your websites URL for review.

Thank you :)

Hi, I loved the theme. I buyed still v3 and upgrade but… I dont know… my testimonial stop work. Can U help me? It´s possible a testimonial with a single slide? Thanks a lot…


Pedro Peixoto

Sure thing Pedro, we’re very happy to help.

This looks to be caused by a javascript error on the website.

Kindly follow this article for a likely solution to this error:

Thanks :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

I just wanted to say I LOVE the new Theme Control Panel! I’ve been using Karma for A LONG TIME and this 4.0 version upgrade is fantastic. Great job keeping up with this theme. I’m looking forward to continuing to use it.

Oh! Also, I just noticed you updated several of the shortcodes as well! I’m VERY HAPPY to see you’re no longer using fixed pixels for the columns! GREAT change!!!

Thanks so much for your feedback my friend! So glad you’re enjoying the new improvements.

Cheers :)

I don’t see a forum on the support page, so I will ask my question here. I have a gallery with images in several categories. The categories (filterable gallery) do not appear. The images appear in main “All” category and it displays “All” as a tab option, but none of the other categories to make it sortable. Any help would be appreciated.

Sure thing Mill, we’re very happy to provide assistance.

When setting up the gallery Categories were the Parent and Child categories properly defined?

Here’s a video outlining full details on the gallery setup process:

If there’s anything else we can do to help please use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that we may replicate this issue and provide a solution. Please include details of the error along with temporary login details.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

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I’ve just downloaded and installed this, and then used your demo content, but my theme is not looking like your demo one… I believe it has old look and not the updated one which shows in your demo… check my homepage:

please let me know if i am missing anything…

Hi There,

Yes it looks like the demo content has imported nicely.

The supplied demo content will look different than the live demo site as there are many pages on the live demo that are not required on a user’s website.

You might be interested in viewing the “Design and Color Scheme” video on this page which will details how to easily adjust your website’s design:

Thank you :)

Yes I’ve checked that but one particular thing i’d line to mention is demo’s header and its color scheme overall looks different. For example in demo: you have first logo in the center and menu after that in the center too, but in my website and also in training videos logo is left and next is menu, also color is slightly different, in demo it seems more advanced and vibrant. So I was thinking maybe i missed something and current demo is based on next version which you haven’t provided yet for downloading… please confirm me if that’s the case…

demo: my web:

Hi there,

Yes we sometimes change the color scheme displayed on the live demo site. The theme’s default color scheme may be different.

(the live demo site is currently using the “steel green” color scheme)

Choosing a color scheme is only just a mouse click away. Full details covered in this video:

Please let us know if anything else we can do to help.

Thank you :)


This is a presale question. I operate a free to use SaaS service, of which the home page currently is php based. The wordpress theme seems to be easier to use, but i do not want to create a blog, just use it for the website. Would that work? I would need to integrate a signup form that links to the back-end of the service, as well as a login form for the back-end as well.

I also noticed that the html version of the template is version 3, will there be a version 4 for that too?

The last question is that eventhough the SaaS service is currently free, i may have to ask for a small subscription fee at a later date to pay for server costs. The SaaS service itself will not use your template (it would only be used for the main site), could i then still suffice with the regular license?


Thank you so much for your interest in Karma.

In response to your questions:

- Yes the Wordpress theme is the easier version to use. It can be used very nicely without a blog. The website can contain as many or as few pages as required.

- The signup and login forms may require a little bit of code customizing if these forms already exist on the current website and need to be coded into the theme. Essentially just grabbing the code from the existing website and placing it into the theme.

- The HTML version of Karma will soon be available as 4.0. Perhaps ~1 week.

- The regular license will be perfect for your needs.

Thank you :)

I’ve been using Karma for years now and I didn’t think it could get any better! I love the new 4.0 update. Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much. Really glad you’re enjoying the theme :)

I just purchased you theme and I like it a lot!!

1. How to choose the order if the home banner? 2. How to make the home banner automatically start sliding?

I am using the Karma jQuery2 slider, how do I make start sliding automatically?

Sure thing my friend, here are some helpful resources:

- Change the order of slider posts:

- Adjust auto-start and other slider settings within Karma’s Site Options Panel by clicking ‘Appearance > Site Options > Sliders’

Thank you :)

I bought this theme a few months ago, but now I see that the theme is so much better and there are so many new options. How can I get the new version?


I just upgraded my site from 3.3.1 to the latest version. I have few problem: -------— The site is not responsive. The checbox “Disable Responsive Design” is not cheked.

2. I would like to override the css using the Karmachild css, but it does not work. For example I wold like to set the font weight of all links in the footer to normal. All links in homepage > footer are bold. In other pages links font weight : normal.

Thank you.

Sure thing my friend

Here are responses to your questions:

1) We tested the site and the responsive is working nicely for us. Have you resolved this issue?

2) Custom CSS can be added to Karma’s Site Options Panel for easier management. In your version of Karma this is located under Appearance > Site Options > Styling and CSS > Custom CSS.

The links in the footer are already non-bold. Are you perhaps referring to the h3 headings? if so, here is the CSS code for non-bold h3 headings:

#footer h3 {
font-weight: normal;

Thank you :)


can you point me toward where I have to look in the code in order to change the speed of the testimonial slider?

I would like to slow it down a little bit in order to allow for reading all the quoted text before another slide comes out.

Many thanks in advance.


Andrea :)

Yes sure thing.

The testimonial speed setting can be found in Karma’s Site Options Panel.

Instructions here:

Thank you :)


many thanks for the answer, shame on me that I don’t have figured out by myself…

Ciao :)