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I’ve just downloaded and installed this, and then used your demo content, but my theme is not looking like your demo one… I believe it has old look and not the updated one which shows in your demo… check my homepage: http://prntscr.com/36zbw9

please let me know if i am missing anything…

Hi There,

Yes it looks like the demo content has imported nicely.

The supplied demo content will look different than the live demo site as there are many pages on the live demo that are not required on a user’s website.

You might be interested in viewing the “Design and Color Scheme” video on this page which will details how to easily adjust your website’s design: http://vimeopro.com/truethemes/karma-4

Thank you :)

Yes I’ve checked that but one particular thing i’d line to mention is demo’s header and its color scheme overall looks different. For example in demo: you have first logo in the center and menu after that in the center too, but in my website and also in training videos logo is left and next is menu, also color is slightly different, in demo it seems more advanced and vibrant. So I was thinking maybe i missed something and current demo is based on next version which you haven’t provided yet for downloading… please confirm me if that’s the case…

demo: http://prntscr.com/372iwb my web: http://prntscr.com/36zbw9

Hi there,

Yes we sometimes change the color scheme displayed on the live demo site. The theme’s default color scheme may be different.

(the live demo site is currently using the “steel green” color scheme)

Choosing a color scheme is only just a mouse click away. Full details covered in this video: http://vimeopro.com/truethemes/karma-4/video/83664925

Please let us know if anything else we can do to help.

Thank you :)


This is a presale question. I operate a free to use SaaS service, of which the home page currently is php based. The wordpress theme seems to be easier to use, but i do not want to create a blog, just use it for the website. Would that work? I would need to integrate a signup form that links to the back-end of the service, as well as a login form for the back-end as well.

I also noticed that the html version of the template is version 3, will there be a version 4 for that too?

The last question is that eventhough the SaaS service is currently free, i may have to ask for a small subscription fee at a later date to pay for server costs. The SaaS service itself will not use your template (it would only be used for the main site), could i then still suffice with the regular license?


Thank you so much for your interest in Karma.

In response to your questions:

- Yes the Wordpress theme is the easier version to use. It can be used very nicely without a blog. The website can contain as many or as few pages as required.

- The signup and login forms may require a little bit of code customizing if these forms already exist on the current website and need to be coded into the theme. Essentially just grabbing the code from the existing website and placing it into the theme.

- The HTML version of Karma will soon be available as 4.0. Perhaps ~1 week.

- The regular license will be perfect for your needs.

Thank you :)

I’ve been using Karma for years now and I didn’t think it could get any better! I love the new 4.0 update. Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much. Really glad you’re enjoying the theme :)

I just purchased you theme and I like it a lot!!

1. How to choose the order if the home banner? 2. How to make the home banner automatically start sliding?

I am using the Karma jQuery2 slider, how do I make start sliding automatically?

Sure thing my friend, here are some helpful resources:

- Change the order of slider posts: https://support.truethemes.net/?faq=re-ordering-gallery-posts-sterling

- Adjust auto-start and other slider settings within Karma’s Site Options Panel by clicking ‘Appearance > Site Options > Sliders’

Thank you :)

I bought this theme a few months ago, but now I see that the theme is so much better and there are so many new options. How can I get the new version?


I just upgraded my site from 3.3.1 to the latest version. http://www.ariedesigns.com/ I have few problem: -------— The site is not responsive. The checbox “Disable Responsive Design” is not cheked.

2. I would like to override the css using the Karmachild css, but it does not work. For example I wold like to set the font weight of all links in the footer to normal. All links in homepage > footer are bold. In other pages links font weight : normal.

Thank you.

Sure thing my friend

Here are responses to your questions:

1) We tested the site and the responsive is working nicely for us. Have you resolved this issue?

2) Custom CSS can be added to Karma’s Site Options Panel for easier management. In your version of Karma this is located under Appearance > Site Options > Styling and CSS > Custom CSS.

The links in the footer are already non-bold. Are you perhaps referring to the h3 headings? if so, here is the CSS code for non-bold h3 headings:

#footer h3 {
font-weight: normal;

Thank you :)


can you point me toward where I have to look in the code in order to change the speed of the testimonial slider?

I would like to slow it down a little bit in order to allow for reading all the quoted text before another slide comes out.

Many thanks in advance.


Andrea :)

Yes sure thing.

The testimonial speed setting can be found in Karma’s Site Options Panel.

Instructions here: https://support.truethemes.net/?knowledgebase=change-the-testimonial-slider-speed

Thank you :)


many thanks for the answer, shame on me that I don’t have figured out by myself…

Ciao :)


I want to make more than one landing page. Actually I want to have all my pages each as a single landing page on its own, especially right from a Google-search. Has Karma such an ability or do I need a plugin? And what plugin is recommended for that?

Thanks for your reply.

Hi There,

Yes every page template in Karma can be used an unlimited amount of times.

Just to be sure we’re understanding the desired type of landing page, please share a link to a sample landing page so we can gladly provide additional feedback.

Thank you :)

I´m running Karma 4.0. as well as Karma Gallery Addons plugin. Got 2 issues: - i have no lightbox shortcodes to choose from …doesn´t exist in my list

- inserting images is very time consuming as i have always hyperlinks pulled.

Thankfull for any advice


We’re very happy to help.

The custom plugin won’t actually add the shortcodes to the list however once the plugin is installed you will have access to use the shortcode anywhere throughout the website.

Adding images using hyperlinks is currently the only method for using this shortcode.

Details instructions are outlined in this article: https://support.truethemes.net/?faq=add-a-slideshow-to-lightbox-shortcode-or-gallery

Thank you :)

thanx for the fast reply … myquestion about the lighbox is based on the instructional video here: http://vimeopro.com/truethemes/karma-wordpress-theme/video/29874474 , and following this video the lightbox shortcodes are in the list available . see video at 4:13 ” Column layout with lightboxes” ...


It seems that you are viewing the old training videos….Karma 4.0 videos can be found here: http://vimeopro.com/truethemes/karma-4

In Karma 4.0 the “lightbox shortcode” and the “image frame shortcode” have been combined into a single shortcode.

In Karma 4.0 you will simply choose “Columns + Image Frames” from the Dropdown list and this will include a lightbox attribute already built in.

Here’s a sample of this shortcode:
[frame style="modern" image_path="" link_to_page="" target="" description="" float="" lightbox="" lightbox_group="" size="two_col_large"]

Thank you :)

I am running wordpress 3.8.2 with karma theme 3.0.3. http://transform-coach.com When I go to the admin, I don’t see the admin menu bar to the left. I have two sites with the same problem. What could be happening? Thank you.

I figured it out, it was not the theme (which I need to upgrade) it was wordpress or the hosting. I reinstalled just the admin folder and the left menu came back. Very strange.


Glad all is resolved. Thank you for the update. Cheers :)

Hi I am looking at this theme as an upgrade to the following site. If we purchase layout we will be using is boxed. we will be using a logo slider for our sponsors etc…


will it be hard to match the colors? don’t have to be exact, just close to the original,


Yes matching those colors will be a very easy process with Karma.

The page background and content area background are both set with color picker tool.

The top blue header bar can also be set with color picker, or even easier to define with just a few lines of CSS.

Thank you :)

Hi All,

after researching a lot of themes, I would like to purchase Karma. I only have one question, and I would be very glad if you can give an answere on it :) is it possible to integrate some kind of reviews? Like star ratings or other thing like that?

thank you very much for your help.

best regards, markus

Hi Markus,

A rating system is built into WooCommerce but not the other areas of the Karma theme.

Ratings can likely be added via 3rd-party-plugin. This looks like a nice plugin that might suit your needs: http://wordpress.org/plugins/rating-widget/

Thank you :)

Hi, great theme! A few pre-sales questions I could not find answers to:

1- In the demo, the content area is only about 980px wide, which is really narrow. Can this be changed/widened easily (without breaking the footers, headers and other sections? I would like it at least 1200px while still being responsive.

2- I see that some ubermenus are compatible, but is any mega/ubermenu included?

3- The left/right nav pages are nice, but can you still add widgets below the nav?

Many thanks!

Hi @7summits

Thanks a lot for your interest in the Karma theme.

1. The content area is not constructed for a one-click change to larger width. It can indeed be adjusted but will require adjusting a variety of layout elements.

2. Karma is fully compatible with the popular UberMenu plugin from CodeCanyon. This plugin did not offer an extended license so we were unfortunately unable to package it with the theme.

3. Yes. Widgets can be added below the left/right navigation.

4. No floating button.

Thank you :)

Thanks for your reply! #1 is a dealbreaker as it makes no sense to have a fully responsive theme which is so width/content limited; a shame, as I love the design, so maybe a future version.

Sounds great.

Best wishes on your Website project.

Cheers :)

Has this ever been made? Is there an option for a wider content area? 1170 would be great. This 960/980px is really too narrow, it defeats the purpose of a responsive theme and is sooo 2008 :)


1170px wide is currently not available. Pls see above comment for more details.

Thank you :)

Sorry, my bad, I did a search and thought I was commenting on another, older post. Please ignore/delete :)

Greetings – I followed your tutorial (https://support.truethemes.net/?faq=how-to-upgrade-a-wordpress-theme-to-the-latest-version) for upgrading my version of Karma and it appears it has messed up my header and footer. http://test.provendatarecovery.com/ Any help would be greatly appreciated! I attempted to submit a help ticket however I no longer own the email address that was previously set up so I cannot retrieve my password.

Hi @congienterprises

We’re very happy to help.

- In the footer it appears that the Text Widget has moved into the ‘Footer Copyright’ widget region. To resolve simply drag the text widget out of copyright area and into one of the Footer Columns. This is located under ‘Appearance > Widgets’.

- The header appears to be loading nicely however the slides are not loading. Our guess is that this website was upgraded from Karma 3.0.x to Karma 4.0.x – is this correct? Here are some observations:

  • The new slider requires that slides were created using Karma’s ‘Slider Post’ custom post type. A tutorial for doing so can be found in the ‘Karma jQuery Sliders’ video on this page: http://bit.ly/1kB2q5j
  • If you prefer to keep old posts and not use new post-type than the old “Homepage :: jQuery 2” page template needs to be used. (currently Homepage :: Full Width” is used.
  • That should do it.

If further issues we will need to log into the website to determine the cause and provide a solution. Kindly shoot us an email with your old helpdesk login details and we’ll get things fixed up so you can gain access to our helpdesk.

Thank you :)

is it possible, to have more than one accordion “active” at the same time?

No, sorry.

Hi i’ve got instal the latest version of karma 4.0.3 but now something doesn’t work!! (http://www.vetrinaitalia.net/)

In main menu the sub menu doesn’t show In home the testimonial shortcode doesn’t show the content In home the image frame shortcode doesn’t show the image

please help :(


This is a common error generally caused when a minify plugin is installed on the website.

After a theme (or any plugins) are updated on a Wordpress site you’ll simply need to “clear the cache” of the plugin so that the new files are loaded in.

Full details outlined here: http://bit.ly/1kQASEL

Thank you :)

Thanks for replay … now everythings work good ;)

Awesome. So glad to hear!

Cheers :)

HI, I have just noticed this has an events page.

Can you send me some information about this please.

I have not seen it before, and run events. So need a section for my events on the website.

Does it have an up and coming events widget? or something like that?



The Events page is an example of how Karma’s Gallery functionality can be used in creative ways to make really great pages.

To create an events page simply use the “Filterable Gallery” Page Template and add the Events using Gallery Posts.

It will follow the same process as creating a Gallery Page as outlined in the ‘Gallery Pages’ training video on this page: http://vimeopro.com/truethemes/karma-4/page/2

Thank you :)

Hello, i need a help.

I i’m trying activate the plugin of the revolution slider and is showing the message: Purshase Code is Invalid. Please, i try to install thru this video http://vimeopro.com/truethemes/karma-4/video/83699465 but isn’t working, on the place of the revolution appears a box gray. Here is my website: http://www.dlrh.com.br/site/ ID is: 8e41680e9af911e39936b8ca3a6774f8.


Hi @Softmania

We’re very happy to help. Registering the plugin is not a requirement for proper functioning. Full details outlined on our helpdesk here: https://support.truethemes.net/?faq=layerslider-revolution-slider-unable-to-activate-purchase-code

Thank you :)

When I scroll down on my theme the menu does not come down as you scroll as in your demo http://themes.truethemes.net/Karma-4.0/

is there an option to enable this? My current site is http://test.provendatarecovery.com/

Thank you!

Yes sure thing…..this is an option located in Karma’s Options Panel.

- Click: Appearance > Site Options > Header and Menu. - Then activate the fixed Header and all will be well.

Cheers :)