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Hello. Again, a fantastic theme and good support!

One question – how can I direct people to a certain page after they submit an enquiry through the contact form? At the moment it goes to www.example.com/#tt-contact-notify/ but i’d like it to go to say www.example.com/finish.

Also, I can’t seem to get the images next to recent blog posts in the footer area like you have in Karma live preview.

Many thanks

Hi There,

We’re very happy to provide assistance.

1. Unfortunately the contact form only has ability to link to a success message rather than new page. Perhaps a usable workaround will be adding a link within the success message to provide customer with more detail? Also another great option is to use ContactForm7 or GravityForms Plugin. Karma is fully compatible with those great plugins.

2. Here’s an exact replica of the shortcode being used in the footer on demo site. We’ve simply inputted this shortcode into the “Text Widget”:
[blog_posts count="3" post_category="" title="" link_text="Read More" character_count="70" layout="default"]

Hope these details are helpful my friend.

If there’s anything else we can do to help please submit a Ticket on our HelpDesk so that we may gladly provide the best assistance.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

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Considering purchase of your extremely excellent KARMA theme. Does KARMA come with a LAYOUT BUILDER (drag & drop)? ... If not, is there one you recommend that is easy to install and works well with KARMA?

Hi There,

Thank you so much for your interest in the Karma theme.

Karma does not come with page builder plugin however the VisualComposer Plugin is an excellent plugin for page building: http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress/242431

Thank you :)

how to update karma?

Hi There,

Detailed guide for updating theme to latest version: https://support.truethemes.net/?faq=how-to-upgrade-a-wordpress-theme-to-the-latest-version

Cheers :)

Hello! I love the theme, but recently I’d had a slight issue. I’m trying to delete the words “Discussion, comments and trackbacks” showing up on every page? I’m using the default template for all of my website pages, but there seems to be a blog type feature up on the bottom of every page although I have comments closed. Is there a place to delete this? Thanks.

Sure thing my friend we’re very happy to assist you with this.

We just need to take a closer peak behind the scenes of your website to better determine the issue and provide a solution.

Please submit a Ticket on our HelpDesk so that we may replicate this issue and provide a solution. Please include details of the error along with temporary login details.

Thank you :)

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Hi, I’d like to purchase the Karma theme to develop a new wordpress site. The new site will eventually be moved to another domain. So, initially Karma will be installed on 1 domain, but then we will move the files over to a different domain… will we run into any licensing issues?


Hi There,

Thank you so much for your interest in Karma.

The Licensing will work out very nicely for you. It is ok to develop the site locally and then push to different server when live to the public.

Additional License(s) are only required if theme is being used for different website. (ie different company)

Thank you :)

After 3.9 update, i cannot manage filterable gallery pages. existing pages are ok, but trying to add new categories, and gallery posts, it seems broken to me…

Hi There,

we’re very happy to assist you with this.

We just need to take a closer peak behind the scenes of your website to better determine the issue and provide a solution.

Please submit a Ticket on our HelpDesk so that we may replicate this issue and provide a solution. Please include details of the error along with temporary login details.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

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Solved by ticket, thank you.

Recently I bought this pack it’s really awesome! and very user friendly and the tutorials included is so informative and self explanatory… But one thing I find difficult to insert images into the place holders if you could you kindly explain it will be so kind of you

Sure thing my friend. We’re very happy to help.

Here’s an article from our HelpDesk outlining more details about adding images to image-frame-shortcodes: https://support.truethemes.net/?knowledgebase=adding-images-to-image-frame-shortcodes

Thank you :)

Yes Thank you so much

How can I change the background color of the testimonial slider?

Sure thing my friend.

This is easiest achieved using a small bit of Custom CSS code.

Simply copy/paste the code below into the ‘Custom CSS’ section of Karma’s Site Options Panel and you’ll be all ready to rock.

‘Custom CSS’ is located under: Appearance > Site Options > General > Custom CSS

(adjust color as desired)

.testimonials_static {
background: #CCC;

Thank you :)

Thank you very much. Worked perfect.

Hi! Purchased Karma (nice theme) and installed, Have multiple errors installing plugins. This is the one for CU3ER 3D Slider:

object(WP_Error)#378 (2) { [“errors”]=> array(1) { [“plugins_api_failed”]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(218) “An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with WordPress.org or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the support forums.” } } [“error_data”]=> array(1) { [“plugins_api_failed”]=> string(21) “name lookup timed out” } }

MailChimp and Post Type are also both erroring out. Any ideas? thx -sam

just opened a support ticket.


Nice theme! Planing to purchase, but one question: if I feel at home with HTML and CSS, will it be easy for me to make the header area some other tone AND to make the footer area totally different (e.g. black)?

Thanks in advance and sorry, if it is a stupid-stupid question.

Hi there,

Thanks so much for your interest in Karma theme.

Yes changing the color will be very simple process and it will be very helpful since you’ve got good understanding of HTML/CSS.

There is a built-in color-scheme-builder tool which enables you to specify all elements of the color scheme using point-and-click color picker.

There is also a ‘Custom CSS’ field that allows for easy insertion of CSS code enabling you to easily customize the colors with some CSS code.

We recommend using the FireBug plugin for FireFox which allows for very easy ‘inspection’ of the HTML/CSS of the website and makes it super-duper easy to write some custom CSS. https://getfirebug.com/

Thank you :)

Hi there,

I just voted 5 stars, you guys really deserve a great rating. Awesome theme!!

I just have an issue with my images, I hope you can help.

1) I want to insert three images under my slideshow. I believe the code is;

[frame style=”modern” image_path=”” description=”” link_to_page=”” target=”” float=”” lightbox=”#” lightbox_group=”” size=”three_col_square”] or using the size=”three_col_large”

The problem is the theme only has these size optionsif I want to add 3 images with a frame in a row.

Can I use my own custom image size? I can see that if I want three images in a row its best to use the standard width of 275. But what if I want my own custom height such as 245?

What would I need to add in the size=”” ?

Is it possible? I still want the image frame.

So to be clear I am happy to use the width of 275 but I want to choose my own height and not use a predetermined height using the shortcode for an image frame.

Surely there must be a way to use my own custom height with the image frame?

Please help.


Sorry maybe you didn’t understand my question.

All I want to know if the indicators for the slideshow that are below the slideshow, if those can be hidden? They have created unnecessary space below the slideshow.


Yes sure thing.

These indicators can be removed with just a bit of CSS code. Kindly post this as a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that we can gladly provide all the details.

Posting to our HelpDesk helps us to provide the fastest possible support by enabling our multi-national team to effectively communicate and collaborate on all support requests.

Thank you so much.

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

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Hi Everyone, :)

We’re very excited to continually provide an excellent product with superb customer service to all of our users. If you have any pre-sales questions please post them here in the item comments and our team will answer them promptly.

If you’ve already purchased Karma and need assistance please sign-up at our TrueThemes HelpDesk to use our ticketing system and other detailed support resources.



Thank you, we look forward to serving you!


Hi there,

very nice theme, absolutely lovin´ it. It´s my first site, I create with wordpress and your videos are absolutely great for getting started. 10 out of 10 so far… But there is one thing I can´t figure out myself. I would like to customize the fixed header section (only the fixed header which drops down after scrolling, not the “normal” header), slightly different height, a little transparency and also I can´t get rid of the shadow… I did try to find the responsible bit of code, but no luck. Can you please tell me where the code is located (hopefully in css, otherwise I have to try my luck in php)?

Thanks a lot.

Greets from Germany, Marco

Hey Marco,

Thank you much for your kind words, we’re glad things are working out nicely for you.

Modifications to the sticky header will be most easily applied with a small bit of custom CSS code.

When the header becomes sticky it gets wrapped inside a div named: #B_sticky_menu

Here’s an example of some CSS code that will remove the drop-shadow and change the background to solid black, only when the header is sticky.

Please feel free to follow the same logic for additional CSS customizations:

#B_sticky_menu {
box-shadow: none !important;

#B_sticky_menu .header-holder {
background-image: none;
background-color: #000;

Kindly reach out to us via our HelpDesk if there’s anything else we can assist with, we’re very happy to help.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

...works out very well. Thank you!

Incredible work, TrueThemes. Any plans to release the plain HTML version of Karma 4.0 ?

Thanks, D-L

Thanks so much for the kind words D-L! You rock my friend!

We are right around the corner from launching Karma-HTML 4.0

Please just note that Karma 3.x to 4.x was a massive coding overhaul so ‘upgrading’ a currently built Karma 3.0 site into Karma 4.0 will not be possible. New sites built after the Karma 4.x HTML release will be able to adopt the new and improved codebase.

Thank you :)

Superb! Looking forward to it. Thanks :)

Thanks for the amazing theme.

Just one thing is really frustrating me.

Can I hide the navigation buttons underneath the Karma JQuery2 slider?

Simple that all I am asking?

Hi, it is very disappointing that the above code you gave me doesn’t work. It has caused my slide to go blank and the navigation buttons below jQuery are still showing.

Please can you give me the correct code ONLY to hide the navigation buttons under the jQuery2 slide on my homepage.


My slideshow is still not working and after 6 days no bother to respond!!

Hi ShaunMichael,

We’re incredibly sorry for the long delay in response time here on ThemeForest. I’ve recently returned home from hospital and the comments section was left unattended during my absence.

Our HelpDesk and support team have been fully active during this downtime and we have put processes in place so that this type of thing will never happen in future. It’s truly completely out of character for our company and it’s our sincerest apologies for this delay.

If still requiring support for the original question we are incredibly happy to help.

Kindly use the links below to submit a Ticket on our HelpDesk so that we may replicate this issue(s) and provide the most complete solution. Please include details of the error along with temporary login details.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

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Hello is the wordpress version of Karma Compatible with WHMC Plugins, either WHMC Bridge or WHMC Integration plugin from WPMUDev ?

Hi @Jai_nos

Thanks so much for your interest in the Karma theme :)

We’ve not yet worked with the WHMC Plugins so we took the liberty to reach out to the WPMU development team in hopes of gathering more details about the compatibility.

They’ve informed us that the WHMC plugins are not in any way “theme specific” so they should indeed work very nicely with the Karma theme :)

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

Thank you

Hi, I’m setting up a buddy press installation and would like to use your theme on my extensions. Since this is single site would your single site license suffice or would I need a slightly upgraded license like where I can use it on unlimited sites type of a thing? I don’t need an won’t get a big extended license. So, will your single license suffice?

Thank you, Patrick

Hi Patrick,

Yes it does indeed sound like a single license will be sufficient for your needs.

A Regular License basically entails that the wordpress theme can be used on a single website or domain. So for example if everything is hosted under a single website domain (ie. www.pats-rockin-extensions.com) then all will be well.

The Licensing terms have been defined by Envato/ThemeForest so if you’re interested in a (more well-informed) second opinion we highly recommend reaching out to the Envato staff and they will for sure be able to give definitive answer: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/443

Thank you :)

Does this version of KARMA come in WordPress? I don’t like the official word press one as much as this one


Thank you so much for your interest in Karma.

Karma-HTML and Karma-Wordpress are exactly the same product. (Karma-HTML was generated from Karma-Wordpress)

Both demo sites are staged a little differently so the color schemes look different, etc.

Thank you :)

How do I host this site to the public using ftp client…Please help this is urgent…this site has to be online by tonight

Sure thing my friend.

Head on over to YouTube.com and do a search for “upload wordpres theme ftp”. Many great step-by-step videos.

Thank you :)

Hi, i have a question!

I can put videos in Gallery? Or create a Video Gallery with multiple themes? Similar as a E-learning system for example?



Thank you for your interest in the Karma theme.

Karma can accept an unlimited amount of gallery pages. The page itself will display an image however a video can be added into the lightbox when user clicks the image.

Hope this helps :)