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guys for the iphone contact which file can i find the css or the template to change the tile for the icons in the iphone, I want to edit the titles when the mouse hover. for example I want twitter to say something else instead of twitter.

Sure thing my friend.

The contact page uses Karma’s “Social Media Widget” to display social icons in the sidebar.

This widget can be modified within this file: /Karma/framework/widgets.php

Should you require additional guidance please use the links below to submit any question(s) as a Ticket on our TrueThemes HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can gladly provide assistance.

Thank you :)

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ok guys, for that widget it would be nice if you can add 500px, natgeo, deviantart, 72dpi, please, I really like the option of having it on the fly instead of editing. I will have to edit for now until you upgrade that. or ven if you can have something like a option to add your own icon with link that will be better and easer. thanks again.

For your blog post

How do I

1) reduce the title characters ( i don’t want it spill to next line)

2) increase the thumb image size (for instance, the thumb image looks small (the same) even for a 2 column blog post

3) add read more to the display post? the text just ends with … without a read more

please kindly get back to me as soon as you can

Hi There,

We’re happy to provide assistance.

Please use the links below to submit any question(s) as a Ticket on our TrueThemes HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can gladly provide assistance.

Thank you :)

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It’s a great looking theme, however I encountered 3 problems at the moment:

1)Theme is incompatible with Pull Out Widgets plugin (CodeCanyon). Once the plugin is activated, the layout of the theme gets broken (first footer column jumps to the header, above the main menu). Here is a response from PullOutWidgets author:

I’ve seen this happening once or twice. register_sidebar() function contains before/after_widget properties that allow to wrap each individual widget and assign their respective widget IDs. If widget IDs are not assigned or assigned incorrectly, PullOut Widget won’t be able to tell which widget is which – it has to identify each widget within HTML markup by their IDs in order order to make things work. If IDs are not there, my plugin tries to fix the problem, by wrapping all widgets and assigning them their IDs. This is the only place I can think of that can actually affect the way things look without having any PullOut Widgets active.

2) Accordion shortcode results in some minor bugs. The accordions end up not in the middle of the page AND there is an extra arrow above the accordion name. (see the problem here I installed Shortcodes Ultimate plugin, and it doesn’t have those bugs (see here

3) There are some issues with ShareThis service. Karma theme will display the social icons only in a column OR it will produce a lot of empty space above a row of ShareThis icons (see here , “Share us” tab). Even the default social media icons have some spacing issues, see “Write us” tab.

Thanks so much for the details my friend.

Please use the links below to submit these items as a Ticket on our TrueThemes HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can gladly provide assistance.

Thank you :)

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Hi, loving Karma theme! So glad I purchased it!

Question: On the main menu under each menu item there are is a little written brief description under the main menu item. How do I insert those?

On your Example website on your main menu.

“Pages” – then under that is says “layout options” – How do I insert that section?

I hope this makes since. Talk soon. Evan

Sure thing Evan.

This article outlines full details for adjusting the short descriptive text:

Please use the links below to submit any additional question(s) as a Ticket on our TrueThemes HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can gladly provide assistance.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Is it possible to create a multilingual commercial homepage, at least for 2 languages? I coudn’t find any otpions in the theme prewiew.

I meant an option on the welcome-site, with a country-flag or somethig like that.

Hi There,

Yes Karma is 100% translation-ready and the homepage (or every page on the site) can be translated into multiple languages.

There are a few options for multilingual site-translation….

The comprehensive and more professional solution is achieved via the WPML Plugin:

WPML is a very powerful plugin that enables you to provide translated text for every part of your website. This will allow for a “flag dropdown” and user can select their language. (Please note that WPML does require you to provide the translated text for the page being converted)

Another great option is the Google Wordpress Translator Plugin:

Google Translate is an awesome service that enables you to begin translating your website within minutes. The only downside is that Google uses “machine translation” which means that things like grammar, proper language may not always be rendered correctly during a translation.

Both great options. Just depends on the desired needs and required accuracy of the translation.

Hope these details are helpful my friend.

Thank you :)

Hi, is it possible to put Parallax Banner towards the middle of the page and not always at the top?

Hi my friend, apologies but parallax banner in the middle of a page is not currently possible.

Hi, I asked in support forum about a new page design – both side sidebar (left & right a sidebar area), before some month. Then someone there say “if enough interests…” but how can I try to create more interests for that? :) Is in support forum any place for feature requests, where other user can say “Hey, nice I like to have too…” ? I cant find, if available please sent me the link. :) I had it before with Karma 3.X all work fine, and it looks nice with both side sidebars. :)

thanks Peter

Does this heme automatically create meta-keyword lists and a meta-description based on your post’s title, its category list, its tags etc? thanks

Hi There,

Not auto-generated meta tags however each page/post has SEO input fields for the ability to add relevent information: Title, Description, Keywords.

Thank you :)


Hey Guys,

Just purchased theme and trying to import demo content but it fails. Videos also don’t work and keep getting server down message.


Hi my friend, we’re very happy to help.

The videos are now back online and can be found here:

If the demo content import is still not working we are happy to help fix. We just need to take a closer peak behind the scenes of the website to determine why the import not working.

Please use the links below to submit any question(s) as a Ticket on our TrueThemes HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can gladly provide assistance.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

just bought theme but is there a way of pausing the slider when one of the videos contained in a slide starts playing? I am using the ‘Karma JQuery 1’ and ‘Karma JQuery 2’ options on the page. At present, the slider keeps animating through the various slides even when a video is playing

Hi my friend,

The jQuery sliders do not include a video/play-pause option.

A great option for many customers is to activate the “pause on hover” option from within Karma Options Panel. Alternatively one can use one of the included sliders (revolution or layerslider) for video-play-pause.

If there’s anything else we can do to help please use the links below to submit additional question(s) as a Ticket on our HelpDesk so that our dedicated support team can gladly provide additional assistance.

Thank you :)

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I am unsure what my next step should be. I submitted a ticket #32644 on July 23rd and have yet to receive any useful information as to how to resolve the issues I am having with your theme.

I am on a fast approaching deadline and I need a dedicated Karma theme expert to take the time to resolve the problems.

I sincerely ask for your help. If I need to hire you or one of the theme developers for an hour to go in and fix the issues, I will do that. Please advise.

Thank you

correspondences added via support ticket. we’re here for you :)

I have been on ActiveDen since it was FlashDen, and this is hands-down the most beautiful web work I have seen on this site, or any other site. Absolutely breathtaking! KUDOS to you!

Thank you so much mate! Really means a lot to us! Cheers :)

Love the theme (bought html 4.0) how do I make the header fixed? Couldnt see any instructions in the template.


The Karma-HTML (4.0) template comes with the fixed header already activated. This is powered by the “scrollWatch” javascript file being called before the closing body tag.

Karma Wordpress has a checkbox option in the Site Options Panel for toggling the fixed header: Appearance > Site Options > Header and Menu

Thanks :)

Hi really like your theme however I have read through many comments and still do not understand whether you can add a background image – so here is my question. I would like to add a full page background image and I would like to have the content on no background or a semi-transparent background so that you can see the image behind the main content area. I am not talking about the header or footer – they can remain solid – just the boxed content transparent or semi-transparent so that I can see the image through the content. Is this easy to do – or does it require a lot of css coding. Thanks


Thank you so much for your interest in the Karma theme.

The functionality you’ve mentioned is indeed possible however it’s not a built into the theme’s point-and-click Admin panel.

We’ve written an article on our HelpDesk outlining how to achieve this effect with a bit of CSS code:

Thank you :)

Help, I can’t fix this problem !!! WPML doesn’t change the homepage language…

Thanks TrueThemes! Your quick response to my queries enabled me to keep just a little more of my hair. For anyone who is NOT a code master and is feeling their way through the dark (like I am) I highly recommend Karma and TrueThemes! They’ll get you through it! Cheers!

Aw, thanks so much my friend! :)

Karma Theme Support is OUTSTANDING! They respond to support tickets much faster than any other place and walk you through any bumps along the way. They are always professional and courteous and the theme is very flexible in terms of options and up-to-date with current trends. You won’t be disappointed with Karma by True Themes! Thank you!

Aw shucks, thank you so much for your kind words! You rock! :)

Hello, I am a beginner here. Are the future product updates included, if I buy the theme license? I could not find the information. Thank you.

Hi There,

Welcome to ThemeForest!

Yes updates for our products are free for life. The only time additional licenses should be purchased is when re-using the wordpress theme for a new website.

Hope this helps :)


Thank you for this quick response. :-)

Karma has the BEST support EVER – and it’s a great design – love being able to create different sidebars especially.

Thanks MamaSara! You’re awesome!

Cheers :)

Question on Galleries… Is there any way to create a NON-filterable gallery? I have several pages and categories that each have pictures. I also wanted a separate page that shows ALL of the pictures without the option to filter through the categories. The reason for this is since there are so many categories, the top of the page looks messy with all the filterable choices. Thanks

Hi There,

There’s currently not a ‘non-filterable gallery’ option however it sounds like a small bit of CSS code can help achieve the desired outcome.

Simply write a single CSS rule that hides the “filtering navigation” and all categories will be hidden for a nice clean gallery page displaying all items.

If you need guidance on the custom CSS please use the links below to submit a Ticket on our TrueThemes HelpDesk and our dedicated support team can gladly provide guidance.

Thank you :)

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