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Hello, before I make a purchase, can you please tell me if there is an option to create more than 5 menus at the top? Thanks!

Hi There,

Yes the menu bar can have an “unlimited” number of items. The only thing that will limit the amount of menu items is how long each item is. If very long menu names than will be able to hold less items.

With the centered logo option one can generally fit 8-10 items.

Thank you :)

Just dealt with support for now the 2nd time, and they completely went out of their way for me again. So glad to have purchased their theme :)

Thanks guys!

Thanks so much my friend!

It’s truly a pleasure working with you and we’re thrilled to hear you appreciate our services!

You rock!

Cheers :)

I have spent nearly 5 hour yesterday, trying to fix the property listings that are overlapping each other on iPhone and iPad’s. This issue is a lot more complex than I though. The problem is in the template.

The listings show up correctly when you open a page with listings for the first time. But if you enter a listings page a second time, or you refresh the page, the listings come on top of each other.
Then I found a website that has the exact same template. This site has the same problem with the listings:

Can you please help me repair this problem? is my website.

my email is

I look forward to hearing from you!


Sure thing Evan, we’re very happy to help.

We’ll need to please see the website which is displaying the error so we can troubleshoot the issue and provide the best solution.

Please use the links below to submit this question as a Ticket on our TrueThemes HelpDesk and our dedicated support team can gladly provide further guidance.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Are there any know issues with the Shareaholic?


There are no known issues with Shareaholic.

Thank you :)

I have an older version of this template which I think it’s not yet responsive. This is the link: Would I be able to upgrade this?

What kind of slider are you using in your default preview? I like the video player there?

Thank you. Ferdinand

Also, are all those sliders included already?

Hey Ferdinand,

Yes you can upgrade to the latest version of Karma very nicely. The Full instructions for upgrading are outlined here:

The slider used on first page of demo site is Revolution Slider which is included free in the theme.

Thank you :)

Are you planning to package up a new version that includes the updated Revolution Slider? This is needed to fix a security issue.


Yes the free included plugins are delivered via our secure S3 servers and we publish the updated plugins as soon as they become available.

The most recent version of Revolution Slider is available via our servers.

To re-install one can simply remove Slider Revolution plugin, and then re-visit Karma’s “Install Plugins” section to re download/install the updated plugin version.

Full details for using Karma’s “Install Plugins” can be found here:

Thank you :)

I actually purchase this theme in my another account.. I just this question… How can I Embed the Video in a 1/4 Frames that you provide from youtube and play it in a lightbox? I dont want my video to be redirected to youtube when they click the vid..

Sure thing my friend.

We are very happy to provide assistance.

All of our product support is conducted via our TrueThemes HelpDesk.

Please use the links below to submit this question as a Ticket on our TrueThemes HelpDesk and our dedicated support team can gladly provide further guidance.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Great Theme – Problem though…..

I am using RSS to build some of the articles (BLOG)

The THEME automatically puts in a FEATURED IMAGE. I do not want the featured image. This is not supposed to work this way. The theme is ADDING something I do not want.

I posted this problem to Support and they told me I need SPECIALIZED CODING. And I would have to go elsewhere and PAY for that EXTRA.

This is not the case. The theme is doing something I DO NOT WANT. Not the other way around.

When pulling in the RSS feed why is the theme ADDING the FEATURED IMAGE??

Get it?

I do not want extras – I want the theme to do as it is told… Nothing more… Nothing less….

Great theme – But Bogus to make me pay extra for something the theme is NOT SUPPOSED to be doing.

Thank you StudentID

PS I reopened my ticket twice and it is being ignored.


We’re very happy to help.

We responded to the Support Ticker 7 hours ago looking for login details to the website so we can replicate this issue and provide the solution.

Please kindly respond to the Ticket and we’ll gladly help resolve the issue.

Thank you :)

Plugins – - Although the videos explain how to INSTALL the included plugins it does not show nor tell how to update the plugins.

I have read that they are on your secure server., How do we get to them in order to update?

Thank you

OK PROBLEM…. The plugin ALSO wants to delete ALL files for the plugin. I do not want the data deleted.

ALSO there is a HUGE security breech with this plugin right now. See screen shot –

Hi There,

We’re happy to get you resolved ASAP.

Kindly submit a Ticket on our HelpDesk outlining login details to the Wordpress Dashboard and we’ll manually upgrade the plugin for you. We’ve done this on multiple sites and can assure that no data will be lost.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

I was wrong – Your directions were perfect. – Once again THANK YOU – I LOVE THIS THEME!!!!!!!!

Hi ,

Is it planned to release Karma Theme for WordPress 4 ?



Hey Phil,

Yes we’re running the live demo site on Wordpress 4.0 and everything is running nice and smoothly.

Thank you :)

Thanks for your reply. I’ve just upgraded and it looks working fine.

Great to hear :)

Hi There!

Great theme and one of the easiest when it comes to customization. However, just wondering if you are planning to release an update to address Revolution Slider’s Security Vulnerability.

Karma has been identified as one of the themes affected due to this vulnerability. Here’s the link:

This is a matter of grave concern. Please suggest a temporary workaround until the next release.

Thanks, JD

Thanks, mate! I will try it out. :)

It worked! Thanks a ton, my friend. Wish you guys a great success. You guys do a fantastic job. Thanks, again. :)

You’re very welcome! Glad to hear all is sorted!

Cheers :)

Hey… me again… :)

Quick question. On the contact form, the submit button does not take the custom style I have implemented.

What is the easiest way to make the form button have the same styling as the buttons on the rest of the site??

I can see that the form button has a class of “ka-form-submit”. Whereas all my other buttons have “ka_button small_button small_purple”.

Thanks as always!!

Hey there my friend – we are very happy to assist :)

Please use the links below to submit this question as a Ticket on our TrueThemes HelpDesk and our dedicated support team can gladly provide further guidance.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Hi there,

I’m looking to purchase a new theme for our site. We want to add a forum/bulletin board on the site. Would the phpBB forum plug-in work with this theme? Thanks in advance.

Hi There,

Yes Karma will work nicely alongside a phpBB forum installation.

When combining a phpBB forum and wordpress site the phpBB forum remains separate from the Wordpress installation, meaning it does not run off Wordpress but rather it’s own core application.

There’s a great plugin which helps further combine Wordpress + phpBB called WP phpBB Bridge. This plugin allows for seamless login capabilities between the 2 platforms:

Please let us know if anything else we can do to help.

Thank you :)

Just a little side note….

We are adding full support for BBPress on or before October 1, 2014

BBPress is another great forum solution. You can learn more here:

Thank you

This is great news! Thanks for your help with this! Much appreciated.

Hi I have been working on the customization of the template for my page and it has been a great experience, it is a great work.

I got a question? it is posible to have a “one page design” in the homepage with menues linking to different parts of the home? like in this theme:

If it is possible or it could be made through personalization? would you let me know?

Thank you so much.

Hi thank you for the quick response, I have been looking for different ways of doing it, I find a plugin on code canyon ( do you know if its compatible? I need to replace only home on my actual site but the rest remains the same like in the demos you show us. Any info regarding this theme would be very appreciated. Thank you so much.

You’re very welcome my friend.

The plugin did not provide many details about the inner workings of the plugin so we are unable to provide an educated response about compatibility with Karma.

We’ve just reached out to the plugin author to learn more about how this plugin functions and we’ll gladly provide you more details as soon as we learn more about it.

Thank you :)

Hi guys I still looking for a way of solving a parallel navigation (one page style) and I am wondering what kind of code or short code can be written in a button to go to different parts of a single page like a content that is at the bottom or the middle? is there a way? Thank you so much for your time


I´d like to add accordion slider ( in the home on my Karma theme, is this possible? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Hi There,

Really nice plugin!

We’ve reviewed the documentation and it looks like it can be seamlessly added any one of your Karma pages.

Karma has a section on the page-editing screen for adding a slider to any page. One of the options is an input field for a “slider shortcode”. The accordion plugin comes with shortcode for each slider so you’ll simply add that shortcode to Karma’s input field described above and the slider will display nicely at the top of the page.

Thank you :)

Thank you! Always kind and super fast! Regards,

hi sent a ticket yesterday and today it wasn’t there anymore. resent it today.

the layer slider demo “LayerSlider 5 responsive demo slider” I can’t look at or edit the slides. When I click onto it it gives me a 500 internal error.

Any idea why? It worked okay when I installed it on my localhost but not on the live version.


Hi Heather,

Kindly log back into the HelpDesk to review the most recent comment(s) added to the Ticket. All is well and seems to be resolved. Please feel free to respond to the Ticket if any further assistance is required. We are very happy to help.

Thank you :)

Hello i have already translated Karma theme to Turkish language. If you put my name and my contact details i can send the .po and .mo files website: mail: name: Fatih Mehmet Ekler

You’re amazing Fatih!

Thank you for your contribution :)

Awesome theme as I’ve stated before…but have a question. I’m trying to embed an iframe link and I need to get it to go the full width of the screen. I’ve used both the Full Width template and Blank Canvas template with no love. Both templates have an invisible border on both left and right not allowing an actual “Full Screen Width”.

I’m not finding any info in your Knowledge Base on it.

Is it possible? (crossing my fingers that this is a yes)

Sure thing my friend.

We’ve just went ahead and wrote up a Knowlegdebase article describing how to add the 100% width container:

Please follow the instructions outlined in the Article. If still experiencing any issues we are very happy to help you with this.

Please submit a Ticket on our HelpDesk so that we may replicate any issue(s) and provide the best solution. Please include details of the error(s) along with temporary login details to the website.

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Sweeeet! Thank You Very Much!!! I actually ended up using the Splash Page with a “Back” button to the site because I’m using the sticky menu and I needed the Iframe to be as large as possible without the menu dropping down. That worked perfectly! I really appreciate it!

You’re very welcome! Page looks awesome!

P.S. – Chuck Norris says hi :)

Hello, I’m working with the theme and I have noticed that the 5 columns provided with the related shortcode are not evenly spaced: the latest column is slightly more placed to the right than the others.

Looking carefully this is visible even in your demo page:

Unlucky this effect is way more noticeable if you add some images in the columns (as I’m considering to do in my site): the picture (and text) in the last column is more spaced out to the right, and this is unpleasant looking, in my opinion.

BTW: this effect does not happen in the 4 or 6 columns, but it is clearly noticeable in the 5 column arrangement.

Do you know if there is a “fast and dirty” css workaround for this behavior? Should I open a ticket or can you take a look on it and maybe consider to fix the issue in a future theme release?

Many thanks for the great theme and support, please, let me know your findings, ciao.

Andrea :)

Ok, many thanks for the blazing fast answer, I have submitted a ticket.

Have a nice day. Ciao.

Andrea :)


I have received an effective answer to my ticket literally in few hours, and then, via some css, I was able to successfully achieve a perfect behavior for all the columns layouts I need, with even spacing and good fit in all media screen sizes, including the 3×2 and 2×3 grouping!

That’s simply amazing! :)

Your support proved in time to be absolutely top notch, and this is a terrific added value to the Karma theme, in my opinion.

Many thanks again, and keep the good work going on!

Ciao. Andrea :)

You’re very welcome Andrea :)

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. You’re awesome!


Does the theme support sound clip post types? In other words, can I add a blog post and have it display a sound clip at the top of the post?


The newer versions of Wordpress, 3.9+ have native support for audio files. You can insert them into a post just like adding any normal Media element.

Thank you :)