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My question on changing background color – I was talking about the light grey area behind the main content…. I think its here background: url(“images/_global/bg-main.gif”) repeat-x scroll 0 0 transparent; so I guess its just an image right?

Yes thats correct. There is a background image on the “main container” that is about 100px tall. Everything below that is just the background color of the body element. You’ll need to make some CSS modifications, but you can certainly customize the background to your needs.

Just give us a shout if you have any specific questions. We’re here to help.



Did you get a chance to look at my reply to your reply :-)

23 sales and counting this is gonna be an awesome seller for you I can feel it now


Ah, just saw it. I’m responding to it now…

Cheers :)

Sorry i mean, where it says sitemap, contact, purchase very top. that top menu can it be made thicker and the font larger.



No worries at all, thanks for the clarification. The answer to your question is yes, you can certainly modify the height of that area and the size of the font. It will simply require making a few small changes to the CSS . If you need any assistance with this please feel free to give us a shout.


Hello. Bought your theme and love it. Question though; I want my blog postings to be my home page but it looks weird to have the title bar on there saying Blog on my home page. Anyway to get rid of that? Thanks.

Hi There,

Thanks a lot for your purchase. This customization is certainly possible. It will require you to slightly modify the blog page-template. I’ve outlined instructions below. We can do it for you if you prefer, just let us know via email ( support [at] )

- First you need to tell Worpress that your homepage and posts page are the same. To do so log into your dashboard and click on ‘Settings > Reading’. Then choose the ‘static page’ radio button and select your blog page for both dropdown lists.

- Next you need to modify the actual page template of your blog. This file is named “index.php” and is located in your wp-content/themes/Karma folder on your server. Open up that file and delete the entire “tools” div. (delete everything from line 10 to 18 in the code). Upload the new file and you should be all set.


Thanks worked like a charm.

Great theme!!!

Are there shortcodes for opening images in a light box (like gallery) and for sliders (like the home page)?

Thank you!

Hi There,

The 4 images on the homepage (the ones that fade in with nice shadow border) are indeed shortcodes. There is currently not a jQuery slider shortcode or an image gallery pop-up shortcode.

Please check out the page below to preview all the available shortcodes. Please note that all shortcodes are inserted with only a click of the mouse using the amazingly powerful shortcode manager that’s built right into the wordpress content editor.


If you have any further questions please feel free to give us a shout :)



All purchased and activated :-) Just waiting on your email now


I’ll package it up now and email it over very soon.


Hi like the theme, What is putting me off purchase it it says ‘website messages are stored neatly in the theme’.

Can I also get the messages emailed to me so I don’t have to login to know I have a message?


Hi There,

Yes the emails get sent directly to your email address. All messages will get sent to you by email, and will also be stored nicely in your dashboard.

I hope this is helpful.



I really like the them. But I wonder how you’ve styled tables? I haven’t seen any examples in the videos or in the live preview. Have you covered tables in your styling?

Thanks in advance


Hi Juri,

The table styles are only very basic. We have found that most people who implement tables from older websites already have specific styling for their tables, so we didn’t want to interfere with that at all. If you require any assistance with table styling please just give us a shout. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.


So clean, nice work Sean!

Thanks so much for the kind words!

My main thing before i buy the theme, for the jquery homepage, can i fill all the slider box with images only… without the text part… all images?


Hi There,

This is not currently built into the theme, however we’ve gotten a few requests for it so we will likely include it in an update within the next day or two. Stay tuned :)

Nice. Let me know when it is.

Will certainly do.

If you use twitter please follow us on twitter. We’ll also post it on this comments thread when its available.

twitter: @truethemes


The best theme of 2011!

Congrats :)

Thanks a lot for the kind words :)

Dear TrueThemes,

Before purchasing, I have some questions: 1. Is the theme supporting right to left direction? I mean for layout and menus etc… (for Arabic & Hebrew text).

2. Is it including a pdf file thats explains every tiny details?

3. can i add more color to the scheme?

4. does it support iphone & ipad?

if all FOUR answers are YES , I will buy right now.


Hi There,

Thank you for your interest in Karma. Here are responses to your questions:

1) To be honest I’ve never worked with right to left arabic text so I really don’t if the theme is compatible or not. I’m assuming this type of thing might be done on the Wordpress database level, so I would think the theme would be compatible but can’t say for certain.

2) This theme includes an HTML -based user manual that covers the functionality. This theme also comes with a set of in-depth video tutorials that walk you through every aspect of using the theme. You can view the videos here:

3) You can certainly add more color schemes, though it will need to be done via slicing your new images and creating the proper CSS . Currently each color scheme has its own separate stylesheet that is very easy to follow. You simply copy one of those stylesheets and re-use it to create your new scheme.

4) The theme has been tested in iphone and ipad environments and renders nicely without any issues. Please remember though that ipad/iphone do not support flash, so the 3D sliders do not display on those devices.

I hope this is helpful.


Hi karma owner :),

Thanx a lot for ur replying, I have a small tip for converting to RTL That’s is to modify the values in CSS file from left to right (for floating, padding.. Etc)

So, I’m very close to buy it :), pls confirm is that can be done with this theme?.


Hi There,

Thanks a lot for the info, but changing floating from right to left in the CSS wouldn’t effect the orientation of the actual text. It would simply float the entire block of text left or right. We will have to investigate this further for you. Please allow a couple of hours for our response.


Hi Mate.

I want to ask…. can we add external plugin in this…

I need to know if i can add SEO plugin in this….


Kash The Konsultant

Hi Kash,

Karma is indeed compatible with SEO plugins. I hope this helps.


Hi there, I bought this theme yesterday and I absolutely love it! Great videos that explain exactly how to configure everything – but I also find it very intuitive and easy to use. Well done! I also wanted to ask a question about the possibility to add a multi-lingual option.
  • I was thinking about adding a multi-lingual plugin but I’m afraid it’s going to conflict with the theme (things like latest posts, category widget etc. ) any thoughts on how to go about it? Thanks!!

Hi There,

There’s no way to 100% guarantee a 3rd party plugin since we are not the developers of it, but you should have no problem using a multilingual plugin with this theme. I did a little research for you on good multilingual plugins and I cam across the plugin below. It’s a premium plugin, so it will require purchase, but it seemed to be the most robust option out there. Plus since its premium you get the added benefit of customer support from them. I sent them an email and asked if they can send me the plugin so I can quickly test it on my local wordpress envionment so I can 100% ensure compatibility.

I will let you know as soon as I hear back. Do you mind sending me a quick email just so I have your email address? This way I can contact you directly when I hear back from them? Please send to: support [at]

Link to Multilingual plugin:



This is an elegant and very functional template. Very impressed. Ticks all my boxes. I have 3 question as I have an extremely fussy client.

For the blog thumb nail images can the user resize them. I checked your short-codes for the thumbs and unfortunately there not what I need.

1. Can these sizes be configured to any size or are they resized automatically 2. Can the user have variable thumb sizes like landscape or portrait example link 3. As much as I love the frames and shadows can these be removed (fussy client) 4. Will the videos sit in the same wire frame as the thumb nail images on blog page?

Fantastic template and very impressed with your testimonials.

Hi There,

Thanks a lot for your interest in Karma.

In response to your questions:

1) There is no built in way to manually resize the blog thumbnails, though its certainly possible, and not all that complicated via changing the code.

2) This depends. If you are using one of the pre-built gallery templates all of the thumbnail images are the same size and can’t be different size. However, if you’d like the page to look similar to the link you sent over, you can simply use one of the other page templates such as the right sidebar template or the full width template, and then the user can just insert their images of different sizes via the wordpress content editor.

3) These can be removed, but not from the admin interface. You’ll need to make the change in the CSS code.

4) Videos do not sit in those image frames on the initial blog page. Those frames are for post-thumbnail images. You can however modify the template to your needs.

If code customization isn’t really your thing you might want to consider checking out You can hire wordpress experts from around the wrold who can handle all of your coding requests. You can post a listing for a job and get an estimate on any customizations and then you can determine if its worth the investment for you.

I hope this helps.



I just want to ask the following.

In Gallery, How does gallery content is populated? DOes it pick up from post/pages? Can I set it to pickup images from a directory containing all my images?

Can I manually link each image to a page or post?

In Color options, Can I order another set of colors to be added on the theme?


Hi There,

As per the gallery templates, all items get pulled in via posts. You simply specify the post category for that page and you are all good to go. Here is a video that outlines this process if you’d like to check it out:

As per the color schemes, you can certainly add new color schemes. It will require you to slice up new images and adjust the CSS accordingly. We can create a new color scheme for you for $20 USD . If you’re interested please contact us at: support [at]


I’d like to add my “+1” to be able to add images to the jquery slides as several have mentioned. It’s not a huge deal, but I also would prefer it not to be “post” driven because that’s just another unique link that the site creates. I’ve already run into a situation where I had to really think about what I was going to name the post slug so it didn’t interfere with another page on the site. After all, homepage hero’s are typically to draw attention to pages that have already been created.

Make sense?

Very nice theme though, good work!

Hi There,

I’m slightly confused about the post linking reference. The slug won’t matter if the post is only used in the jQuery slider. It will not show up anywhere else in the site and the end user will never see the slug.

As per the +1, are you referring to the ability for a “full width” image with no text on the jquery slider?


Wow, quick response. Thank you.

Post linking reference: You’re correct in the fact that it won’t “show” up to the user, but it will to the search engines unless you have done some sort of no-meta, no-index reference for each of these links. I can do this manually but it’s just another step.

jquery slider: I thought the previous posts to this referenced the slides having full images on them without the post text + image. I like the thought process behind what you have done to a point, but it seems more natural to have slides just be slides. To me slides are more to be call to action to the user, highlighting what is already on the site. Just my opinion though.

Hi There,

I think perhaps you might be confused about the inner workings of the jquery slider. Each slide is simply a regular wordpress post. These posts do not show up in the blog or anywhere else in the site. We are simply using the familiar and stable Wordpress Posts functionality to pull content into the slider. The only things that get pulled in are text and an image path. The jQuery slides will not affect a search engine in anyway. Search engines only crawl web pages. Here’s an example of some code from jQuery homepage. Regarding the jQuery slides, this is the only thing that a search engine would ever see.

I hope this information is helpful.