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Hiya buddy, did you get my email, i’m around now if your free


Hi Rich,

I did receive your email and i’ll get you all squared away shortly.


How big should the download be? I purchased it yesterday and downloaded it at about 56Mb. I had some issues with the installation so I downloaded it to another PC for install and the file size is 29Mb. What is the correct file size? Thanks – I can’t wait to use it!!

Hi There,

The complete download is approx 30MB. You just want to be sure you’re not trying to install the entire download package from Themeforest. This download package includes things other than the theme such as source artwork, user manual, etc, etc.

The theme itself is only about 3MB and it is located within the ZIP that you get from Themeforest. If you require assistance, the following video walks you through the entire setup process:


Your a star thanks so much mate

Thanks. I had already found the internal .zip file but there have numerous issues with installation – that’s why I decided to download it again on an different PC. I’ll try it again – thanks!

Very strange. The installation should be nice and smooth. Please feel free to contact us if you require any assistance: support [at]



Thanks for the prompt reply.

I am ready to buy the template…it is so far the best on theme forest. And you are right in the intro video, that it is more like CMS template using Wordpress. Awesome.

I am still in process of watching the video tutorial.

Will you offer free update to those who already bought if you have any updates?


Kash The Konsultant :)

Hi There,

Thanks a lot for the kind words. To answer your question, Yes, all future releases of this theme are free for life.


Hi – great theme! But I have run into a brick wall and need some help please.

I have created my menu and the items are now present in the appropriate place, however along with the menu item titles, it also displays the entire content of the page.

For example, on the demo, the menu displays:

FEATURES about this theme

On mine it displays: FEATURES about the content on this page is displayed here in the menu and I can’t work it out!

Please help!:)

Cracked it! Phew! :)

ur karma rocks… you hit it!

Love this theme and so impressed with the customer support!!! Has been great for someone with very little experience! Absolutely Fantastic!!

So glad to hear you’re happy with everything. :)

Something well weird going on mate, have a look at (this is with your xml file in place) I must be missing something either that or my upload of your theme has gone screwy


Hi Rich,

This is indeed strange. I sent over the XML since you asked for it, but I don’t have much experience with using the XML and I’m not 100% certain how it all gets handled on the wordpress side of things. I believe you sent me wordpress login access correct? I’ll login shorty and have a closer look behind the scenes. (TBH this theme is so incredibly easy to use that you might just be better off not worrying about the XML and build out your site like normal). I’ll keep you posted with my findings.


Hiya Bud,

I will email you direct in a sec


I have just dumped the theme and am re-uploading it via the zip now



I believe when you import wordpress content via XML it only affects things on the database side of things, so uninstalling the theme likely want affect your site’s content. Just sent you an email.



Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’ve looked through the demo throughly and watched the portfolio video and can’t find an answer.

Can you get a gallery item to link to another gallery? Like in the homepage 4 column section. With thumbnail, title, excerpt and learn more. I am assuming while the homepage thumbnails link right to a page, I can get them to open lightbox, is this so?


Hi There,

I’m not 100% I understand your request, but let me know if this is correct? Would you like to create a page that looks exactly like the 4 column portfolio layout, but instead of the thumbnails linking to the jquery popup they will link somewhere else throughout your site?

When using the gallery templates, the items will only link to the jquery popup. You can however very easily create a “portfolio page look a like”. You would do so by simply creating a new page and selecting the full width layout. Then just use the point and click shortcode manager to insert your columns and framed images. If you need any assistance with this please feel free to send us an email, we’re happy to help. Email address is: support [at]


hey truethemers,

gratulations to your excellent work! :grin:

1. please do us a favour and add an antispam feature to the contactform (like the sum of etc…)

2. how to create and add a sitemap?

many thanks, cheers chris

Hi There,

As per your questions:

1) Thank you for your suggestions. We will certainly keep them into consideration during future updates.

2) Simply create a new page and select the “Sitemap” page template. Everything else will happen for you automatically.

I hope this is helpful.


Thanks for this great theme. :)

Two issues I have:

a) In the KARMA zip file I downloaded today, there are tons of files in the cache directory. I’m quite sure they shouldn’t be there/be uploaded?

b) I’ve tried the theme on two separate domains on my (hosted) server. Both times, when I tried to upload the cuber .js and .swf files, they were uploaded properly but the wpCU3ER Setup page keeps insisting that “You are missing CU3ER .swf file. Create a project with using CU3ER zip project file or upload CU3ER .swf.”

When I check via FTP , they are both in the root of the uploads folder where they should be. Could this be a permissions error? BTW : Do we need to set any permissions on any of the Karma folders?

Note: I did Google for this error a bit online and afterwards made sure I had a 5+ php version, the only solution I came up with.

Any ideas?

P.S.: I did upload both .js and .swf files through the Cu3er page (NOT via FTP )!

P.S.S.: The cu3er setup page also lists both files as present:

- “”

- “”

Still, the warning does not go away. Logging in/out and clearing cache doesn’t help.

Hi There,

Approximately when did you download the theme files? When we first initially released it we accidentally left images in the cache folder as you mentioned. We re-submitted the files last night and got confirmation from Themeforest that the files were posted. The new files don’t have the cache images and bring the theme down to ~3MB. We can email you the ZIP directly if you still need it.

As per the CU3ER settings, it will be very helpful if we can have a look behind the scenes to get a better idea of what’s causing the issue. Do you mind sending us temporary wordpress login credentials so we can check everything out and get you all squared away? Please email us at: support [at]


Very nice theme! So the next theme update will let me add an image that is full width with no text on the jquery slider? if so I am buying now!

Yes, that’s correct. We will likely launch this update tomorrow sometime.


How about being able to change the fonts? Can we change the top header to white? Is this HTML 5 and pure CSS 3 ?

Looks awesome!


Awesome job here. Question – can I use custom colors – I want to update an older site that is pure CSS and not WP – I need to be able to use the original color scheme if possible.

The text area is colored (not white and part of the schema) and text is also colored. Would this be hard to do? – Thanks

Hi Mate…

Man tell me any reason not to download it please….. i cant stop my self anymore…. I don’t have a project yet to use this theme but still i am going to download it….

Stop me if anyone can :) with a good reason :)

This theme rocks . . . surely beats any CMS and WP theme on Themeforest to date… :)

Keep the good work on


I would just like to say that this theme is absolutely truly awesome.

I have been working with TrueThemes over the past few days to resolve some server and WP Admin issues I have been having, and it’s safe to say that this is probably one of the best themes I have ever seen on Theme Forest and most certainly the best support I have ever received from an author.

These guys have gone out of there way to help me, they respond like lightning, and reply in a nice friendly manner, if all theme authors could take note of this customer service then purchasing a theme would be a whole lot easier.

Not to mention the theme has awesome help files, video help files and a completely professional look and feel, the functionality rocks along with the authors.

Keep up the good work True Themes you have made my week with all your help :-)

And lastly I have given this theme and it’s support 5 stars I would have given it 10 if there was an option to do so :-)

Kindest Regards Richard

Richard, thanks so much for the kind words.

We love what we do and we try to provide everyone with the best possible user experience. We’re not here to make a quick buck or to compete with other authors. We’re cool, laid back normal people just living life and making miracles. Cheers and God bless.