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WOW . What a great business theme!

Thanks a lot mate. :)

Hey bud, when you get 5 mins could you also look at why my shortcode manager button displays a 404 error page


Sure thing. I’ll check things out and respond via email. We don’t get a notification when a comment is left here on Themeforest, so it’s generally better if you email us directly anytime you need support.

support [at]


Got so many questions for you LOL , your karma logo did you upload various versions so it changes colour per style or have you designed it so it has a transparent background somehow ?? can’t quite see how it pushes through the bold colour on each change of style


Hi Rich,

The logo on the demo site is the same for every color scheme. The icon next to the logo is black with a low opacity, so the color behind it shows through. Here’s the logo if you’d like to check it out: Karma logo


When i choose jqery homepage all the info of the slide shows out of place.

When i choose Jqry homepage 2 , no border nor shadow shows on the featured image.

in Chrome.. FF and IE…

pls provide help.


Hi There,

Please kindly send us temporary login access to your Wordpress dashboard so we can take a look behind the scenes and help to remedy the issue. Please just reference your comment so we know what you need assistance with. We’ll have you all squared away asap.

email: support [at]


I found out that shadowBG.jpg is missing in the download .. in the folder images/_global/

i donwloaded everything 2 times from TF … not there the file .. nor in the zip..

So i copyed it from your demo site and uploaded it..

still cant make Jqery homepage 1 show correctly ..


Hi There,

Thank you for this info. We discovered the same thing yesterday and have posted new files to Themeforest. Everything is all good to go now. Please feel free to re-download from your Themeforest Downloads area.



Do you have a file that we can download that contains the sample site and settings used on your demo site as a starting point for my site??

Many thanks


Hi DWhitt,

We don’t have a file like this but we can certainly put one together for you. Please kindly re-send your comment to us via email that way we will not overlook this request. It’s easier for us to have everything all in one place. Thanks so much.

Email: support [at]


Still having issues with the theme install. I’ve even loaded three other themes into the same WordPress environment and they all work without a hitch. WP doesn’t report any files are missing but I continually get this error:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Again, I’ve loaded three different themes into this environment with no issues so it’s not the environment. Any suggestions?

Hi There,

Would I be correct to guess that your site is running on a goDaddy web server? Another client had this same issue and it ended up being one line of code in one of our custom functions that didn’t play nicely with goDaddy’s servers. We have since fixed the issue and everything is all good to go.

Please simply re-download the files here on Themeforest and re-install the theme using the new files. Your installation should go through without a hitch. Very sorry if this has caused any inconvenience. If you require further assistance please feel free to contact us: support [at]


That seemed to do the trick! Thanks!

Hi Mate,

I have done extensive search into your theme and would suggest 3 things:

1. Please add full width with no text on the jquery slider.

2. Please add anti spamming code in Contact Form Page.

3. This theme should have built in SEO plugin…trsut me it will give boost to your sales as well.

Beside this i cannot recommend anything else at this stage.



The Konsultant

Hi Kash,

Thank you very much for the recommendations. The first item on your list will likely be implemented later today. We will certainly keep your other recommendations into consideration for future releases of this theme. In the meantime, if you need an SEO plugin, here is a link that you might find useful: Wordpress SEO Plugins


Hey… Great theme. Love it. But I ve got one problem. And I guess it must be a mistake of myself. But after starting the 3D Cuber, the menu is behind the cuber…

What have I done wrong??

Woud be nice to get some help.


Hi There,

Please kindly send us temporary login access to your Wordpress dashboard so we can take a look behind the scenes and help to remedy the issue. Please just reference your comment so we know what you need assistance with. We’ll have you all squared away asap.

email: support [at]


Hi guy,

Great job ! It’s full of features !

I download the themes 15hours ago and I got some problems.

1. Cannot access to sidebar menu (href is empty) when I look at html source code, I have: <ul><li class="wp-first-item"><a href="themes.php" class="wp-first-item" tabindex="1">Themes</a></li><li><a href="widgets.php" tabindex="1">Widgets</a></li><li class="current"><a href="nav-menus.php" class="current" tabindex="1">Menus</a></li><li><a href="themes.php?page=siteoptions" tabindex="1">Site Options</a></li><li><a href="" tabindex="1">Sidebars</a></li><li><a href="theme-editor.php" tabindex="1">Editor</a></li></ul>

2. I don’t have the “Descrition” panel when I add an item to the menu as in your video:

3. If in the menu, I don’t set a description pages (or don’t add content to the page) then color menu is broken:

4. On footer right widget, if I add custom menu, it add on “Haut de Page” (Top) link:

And I got also a problem to get cu3er works but I post something on the Cu3er user forum:

Thanks for your support

Hi There,

It will help us out greatly if we can have a look behind the scenes to better determine what is causing the issues. Please kindly send us temporary login access to your Wordpress dashboard so we can help to remedy the issues. Please just reference your comment so we know what you need assistance with. Thank you.

email: support [at]


Tim thumb (thumbs.php) is not working at all on my site. I’m using WP 3 .1 All images are coming up broken links. help!

Hi There,

Some web servers have security settings that don’t play nicely with the thumbnail script. This might be causing your images not to show up. Please try the following steps. We can also do all of this for you if you prefer. We’ll just need to to send over some temporary FTP login access.

- Log into your server via FTP and open up this folder: wp-content/themes/Karma/functions/ - Within that folder you will see a folder named “cache” and a folder named “temp” - Give full permission to both of those folders (777). This may fix the issue.

Please contact us via email and let us know how you make out: support [at]


THANK YOU ! That did it. Awesome. Such a simple fix. Can’t believe how simple that was and how long I tried to figure it out! I got the cache CHMOD right, but missed the temp file! LOL !

Awesome! Glad to hear it worked for you!

I totally feel your pain. Debugging always seems to be that way. We spend the most time on what ends up being the smallest of things. :)


As stated numerous times AWESOME theme! I have been checking themeforrest on a daily basis for 6 weeks looking for a theme that would caught my eye and this one did more than that! You are amazingly talented! And you inspire me!

Quick question, how large is the file? I have downloaded it yesterday but had some issues so I am trying to downloaded it again and reinstall and its taking forever. It shows 28.5MB this correct?

Thank you!

Hi Miguel,

Thank you very much for the kind words. Glad you like the theme. :)

The complete download package is approx 30MB but this is not that actual theme. The actual theme is located within that ZIP package. Simply follow these steps and you should be good to go:

- Download the files from themeforest

- Unzip the download package

- Locate the file named “” within that download package. This is the actual theme itself. (file size is approx. 3MB)

Here’s an installation video if you run into any issues:


Oh yea… Thank you! I did that yesterday… followed step by step but there were a lot of issues once I installed the theme and after reading all these comments looking for help, I decided to downloaded a fresh copy and reinstall it.

Cool. If you run into any issues please feel free to contact us directly at: support [at]


Something is not right again – the entire page has its content completely out of place! Sent you a support request to your email – please help :)

Hi Miguel,

We resolved your issue and just sent over an email.


I have a question after purchase (thanks for previous response btw)

I have set my home page to have 3 text columns, but despite watching the vids (maybe I missed it) I cannot work out how you add the thumbnails above each separate column of text?

Can you enlighten me please?

Many thanks, I’m loving this theme :)

If it had an e-commerce facility in built – I doubt I would ever use another theme again :)

Hi There,

Glad to hear you are liking the theme.

You can copy and past the shortcode we provide below or we have outlined the steps below for your reference.

You can add thumbnails by using the point and click shortcode manager. Simply go to your dashboard and Edit your homepage. Next, click in the content area wherever you wish to add the image. Next, pop open the shortcode manager and scroll down the list to the “Image Frames” section. Then simply choose between “Modern Style (3 columns)” or “Shadow Style (3 columns)” – whichever style you prefer. Lastly just fill in the image URL , description, and link URL if you wish to link this image. (users will not see the description. this is the alt tag).

I hope this information is helpful.

Shortcode example:

[modernframe size="modern_three_col_large" image_path="" description="enter description here" link_to_page="" ]

Thanks will try that. Last question now hopefully. Just noticed if I click on tags, I’m shown the post with date and comments count. Can I remove these as I dont want them showing. Thanks

Amazing job really awesome theme one of the best I have seen. :bigwink:

Thanks for the kind words. We’re glad you like the theme.


Ok as per instructions, I have managed to add the Image Frames shortcode. However, although I see where the image should be, but it’s not displaying the image. I have tried uploading it via wordpress and just on the domain via ftp. I have tried both image urls, but image above the text columns is not showing, please advise?

Hi There,

Please kindly email us a link to the site so we can have a closer look behind the scenes.

email: support [at]


Hi there again, The “SIGN UP FOR TRUETHEMES ” in the footer of your demo …is that a separate plugin that you acquired? Or was it created with the form builder?

Hi Miguel,

The mailing list form on the demo site uses the Mailchimp plugin. The theme has been optimized to work seamlessly with this plugin. Simply download, install, and setup the plugin. If you require further assistance please feel free to contact us directly via email: support [at]

Mailchimp Plugin:


awesome theme, and i’m stuck on why the page content is being pulled into the navigation menu?

Hi There,

Glad to hear you like the theme.

As per your question, the top level nav items display a short description underneaths. By default, wordpress pulls in nearly all of the pages content as the description. You’ll simply need to modify the menu so that the top level items only have about a 2-4 word desription. Here are steps for changing the descriptions. You can also follow the video tutorial posted below. If you require any further assistance please contact us via email at: support [at]


Changing the Navigation Descriptions:

- Log into wordpress dashboard and click on ‘Appearance > Menus’

- Click on the “Screen Options” tab located in the top right near the default wordpress toolbar

- In the slide down menu activate the checkbox next to “Description” and close this panel

- Still within the Menus page, Edit one of your menu items by clicking the small arrow next to it.

- Clear out the “Description” box and fill it in with your 2-4 word description. (the top level items are the only items that display the descriptions)

Link to Video Tutorial:

this is my bad – i already figured it out. i wasn’t thinking! thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

Great Theme! Look forward to it looking like the thumbnail