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On the whole, the theme is nice, but there are also annoying issues. For instance, I can not understand why the h1 tag in every blog post is just "blog" instead of the post title. Also, there is a sort of bug that make it impossible to have the same text color for both "strong" and "b" tag. I contacted the support twice about this problem, but they could not help me.

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They helped me solve a formatting problem quickly

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First and foremost, I love this theme, it looks great and has all the required imperative features.

However, the Customer Support of the Karma theme is rather awful. To clarify, the customer support its response time, on either difficult or simple questions, is quite slow (one to two days), reply with matters from other issues (i.e. sends out e-mails to the wrong persons), provides non-working solutions and in worse case; simple ignore my e-mail, even though I have 3 months of customer support remaining. All this considered, even though I have drawn attention to several bugs in the Karma theme.

In addition, the code quality of this theme is also not superior (or admirable for that matter). If it were, I would not have to contact the customer support frequently, in order to help them improve their theme, and by doing so, benefiting myself by receiving an updated version.

Would I repurchase this theme? Perhaps. However, only if the quality of the Customer Service were to improve.


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Excellent Customer Support!
Very helpful assistance with a problem I had.
Thank you Steve P at Karma Support.

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The theme is great and the support is excelent!!! They answer very quickly and help you with any issues.

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Amazing customer support! I highly recommend this theme and this team. They have been so helpful and the best to work with!

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Very nice theme! Until today, I use it only by one project, but this will change in near future! I had an issue after I did an upgrade over several wordpress and theme-versions at once ... and the support is just great. They really make it work, even if takes some work. Again: Great theme! Thanks a lot!

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I'm a long time user of this theme and overall I think it's very good to excellent but what drags this down and many other Wordpress themes is usability. For example they advertise how this includes Revolution slider and Visual Composer, now WPBakery Page Builder. But you can't use the update in plugin page. You have to go thru another complicated convoluted routine to manually update them. If you want auto update you have to pay for the full plugin. Also, when you go for help on their support page the info is outdated or incomplete. This and a thousand other annoyances is what makes this theme and Wordpress a pain and why we now have Squarespace, Wix, etc. Simplicity, repeatability, consistency is that too much to ask for?

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Customer support is quick, friendly, and extremely helpful!! THANK YOU Steve P. for your help!!! LIfesaver!

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The theme and its features are on par for its price.

The usability of the theme is very easy for new Wordpress users. Most of the features work as intended.

The theme comes loaded with quite a handful of additional plugins, some of which are paid for through the theme. A great additional value. I'm not sure how often the theme authors update the licenses through the theme.

Customer Support
I've been attempting to reach TrueThemes through their customer support/ticket system privately for quite some time over the past week or two, without response. It doesn't even show I have open tickets. I tried by email through "Contact Author" here on ThemeForest, I received a response that they were out of the office.

It seems my requests for support are going unanswered so I've taken some stars off for that. Otherwise, the theme is a great purchase!

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I absolutely love the Karma theme, its beautiful, easy to set up. Great desigh quality

Lots of features
Has an option to customise
Great documentation and videos how to set it up.

Knowing how to set it up was a big plus for me and if i can set it up anyone can.

The customer support the Karma theme Author is providing is OUTSTANDING.

With very fast response to get the job done. it was very reassuring to know that someone in the world wide web would take notice of my email and provide me with a solution to my problem. Fast and easy.

I have purchased two karma themes and I will be getting another one soon.

If you are wondering whether this theme is for you, stop thinking and searching go and get a karma theme now, because you wont be disappointed.

Thank you for creating such a great and intuitive theme and for the excellent customer service.


Author response

Thank you, we really appretiate your feedback!

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This is a great theme that has worked really well for us! Thanks to the author!

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Updated review as I had to DL from TF multiple times to get a clean file.

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