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I just realized I like everything you do. I’d like to see a masculine version of this theme as well. Great work.

Thank you Asphyxiant, we really appreciate it and also we are glad that you like our work !

Great work ThreeePixels

Thank you miseld, we are really glad that you like it !

Looks great, is it possible to have a slideshow on start page?? Thanks!!

Hi johannes , first of all thank you , and second , sure it is possible , in case you will need help with that, we will definetly provide it for you ! :)

Beautiful! Minimalist and simply beautiful! I may use it for a client of mine. Keep up the good work!

Thank you soireeDigitale for your kind words , we’re glad that you like it !

Very nice design, good luck :)

Hi Bedros, thanks a lot !

nice unique design! ;)

Thanks designesia, we’re glad that you like it !

My first purchase on this website ;) Love it so far, will test it when I’m at home.

Hi Jussel, thanks because you bought our item , you will not be dissapointed ! :)

I probably will :-)

I purchased another one page template for a website I am using for my own business however I do not like the protfolio on that template so I purchased yours hopefully to place inside the other template as my portfolio page – can this be done – if not don’t worry I love your template and I can always use it for a client site.

Also I am interested as well in the slide show if you are doing one for the person who commented earlier.

Thanks and great work

Hi imagu, thank you because you bought our product, give us some more details on the email address and we will try to take care :)

Great theme, but were do you put in your own mail for the contact form??

Hi Jenstar, first of all thank you because you choose our product, and second you put your own mail at line 53 in mail.php file :)

Thanks! I can’t believe I missed it.. :)

No problem , if you have another question don’t hesitate to contact us ! :)

I love the design! I was wondering if it is possible to use this with wordpress. When I purchased it I thought it was a wordpress theme….opps, I didn’t read it properly.
Thanks in advance,

Hi! First of all, great job, thanks! :superbashfulcute: But I tried to add 4. work in page-work section with “li” code, javascript get mad and doesn’t work truely. I can not fix it. :crying: And I wish to add navigations, like page-work or page-resume, to other pages. (like page-me, page-about also page-contact). ;) Sory for my bad English and please help me!

Will you be making this available on wordpress soon? Thanks!


Great theme. very cool! I’d like to set the first screen up as a slideshow. could you please advise what code in the custom.js i need to change to allow this?


Hi there, looks great! Looks like your live preview is down though, just an FYI.

live preview still down. do maybe someone to reupload (owner or envato)

Hi! I love the design. I would like to use i for wall murals and painting. I have a question, can i add 2 more galleries? Change first page picture? What i can customize? Or bettet to go with website? But i want this design:/ pls help Paula

demo doesn’t work

The demo is broken, so I can’t find out if I want to buy this or not…