Discussion on Karta, Minimalist Responsive Email Template

Discussion on Karta, Minimalist Responsive Email Template

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@saputrad I am considering buying this template but the demo doesn’t work/ is not responsive in my Chrome webbrowser on Android altough CSS media queries should be supported right now in Gmail right?

hi kata livre preview does not work


I wrote to you a while back about the container background image not showing up in Outlook. Has this problem been fixed, or do you have a suggested resolution?


Alex – WriteNoWrong

Hi Alex

You did’t reply to my latest email asking about are you sure also changing the image source in conditional code targeted for Outlook.

Background image on this template is works on Outlook.

Please let me know for further.
Deni.S – saputrad


Is there any news on making this template work in gmail?

Best regards


Thanks for your purchase :-)
we’ve replied to your email.

Best regards! Deni.S – saputrad


I would like know why the mail is not responsive when you open it from gmail app or other iphone mail app ?

Please let me know how to tweak it.

best regards,


Thanks for your purchase :-)

Gmail was indeed doesn’t support to read responsive media query CSS. They stripped the codes.
However, it must be works in native Android email app / iphone mail app.

Please send us email via support tab, if you need further assist.
Best regards!
Deni.S – saputrad

I already sent an email to support, but wanted to follow up here too. I am having some difficulty with the way this template appears in Outlook – it’s always reverting to the default font and as a result (or maybe it’s a separate problem) some of the spacing is off). Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this?


We’ve replied to your email :-)

Best regards!
Deni.S – saputrad

Almost done :-))

These slugs {webversion} | {forward} | {unsub} are not visible in email when I create a new campaign and us it foas a notification.html ….

Using the standard MyMail notification works fine.

What’s going on you think?

I mean TAGS and slugs (sorry)


Thanks for your purchases :)

Just replied your email
Sorry about the delay. We’re working on Monday-Friday officially.
Let us know if you need further assist.

Best regards!
Deni.S – saputrad

Hi! I managed to upload. Case closed :-)


Thanks for your purchase :)


I get “This is not a valid MyMail template ZIP” when I upload the Pink files in Zip format.

Can you advise me please? Thanks in advance Eric

Hello sir!

Im looking for a plugin that allows me to change the emails WordPress sends out to my costumers for forgotten passwords and welcome email etc.

The wordpress now sending is extremely ugly.

Can i use this plugin?

/Khial SEO www.karaebar.af


Just set up my first campaign now. I have retina size images inserted via the uploaded and then scaled down. The responsives is not working. It looks broken on phones. Am I missing something or can we not use 2x image size for full with 1/1 column (540x?? pixels) ? This works for logo and other stuff though.

I can send you a link private…


Thanks for your purchase :-)
Please contact me vi contact form in my profile page for further investigation.


Well done – this is a great email template. The HTML is very well organized, which makes it easy for a non-expert coder. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your kind words, glad you like it :)

Space over and under logo

I have a quite high logo so I would like to increase the white space over and under the logo. Possible?

Yes, you need to edit the code.
Few lines under the <!-- START OF HEADER BLOCK-->

You will find <!-- START OF VERTICAL SPACER-->
and <td width="100%" height="30"> You can adjust the height as you need. As weel as if you want to add more space under the logo.</td>

hmmm…replacing 30 with 10 only gives less space under. I still want it to be centered. Less space both under and over


Please look at this screencast video

Editing template in MailChimp

I upload and alle the sections are there. I then want to edit the default text etc. If I say change the featured heading and hist save all other sections disappear! They are still available in the Design part if I go ahead and make a campaign, but I want to edit the template so I won’t have to edit the standard content every time we send. Whats wrong or am I missing something?


I have replaced the featured-background.png and when I open allmodules.html locally its ok, but when I Zip Up and upload to MailChimp it still uses the default png. How is that possible / How do I make a custom background image?


Please make sure to follow this one http://www.screenr.com/5P3H for MailChimp uploading template, and editing.
About your case about, I just retest it to make sure, and looks works fine. I try add section through repeatable feature then edit the text and save, and everything looks working fine.

Let me know for further.

I did follow the instructions, but your video shows editing in a campaign – not template editor: https://us6.admin.mailchimp.com/templates/

Anyways, your work around works.

I’d suggest to edit the campaign then save it as a new template, rather than editing directly via template editor

Retina Images… Will the CSS fix everything so I simply use 2x images and replace the ones in the template?

What happens when I want to send out a campaign and use images specific for the newsletter? Do I have to keep the filenames or can I simply “Edit – insert 2x image”?

So I will have to edit the code. I can not simply upload an dinsert the 2x image?

If you use service like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor there’s an option to adjust the image proportion without edit the code directly.

Kool, works!


Trying to edit the code to tweak some colors. I want to change the background color and tried to replace #f5f7fa with #f1f1f1, but then the rounded corners in the footer got broken. How do I go ahead and change the background color?


Thanks for your purchase :-)
How broken do you mean? I just retest it to make sure, changing the ”#f5f7fa” to ”#f1f1f1” and looks fine on me.

Though that cause reduced contrast of these two elements, then the “footer radius” looks bit vague.
In this case you’ll need to make that rounded element bit darker. You can edit it in photoshop, there’s a guide in the help docs.
Or you can contact me privately via contact form in my profile page for further assist.

Deni.S – saputrad

Thanks Deni, It was indeed the contrast. I´ll might come with some more questions as I customize around.

You;re welcome :-)

I’ll try to provide a support as good as I can.

Good Job, I Like it, ;)

Thanks! :-)

Good work :) Good luck and with sales

Thank you ;-)


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