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Kataleya - Restaurant Pizza Coffee WordPress Theme

Kataleya - Restaurant Pizza Coffee WordPress Theme

Kataleya - Restaurant Pizza Coffee WordPress Theme - 1

3 restaurant types
Kataleya is not overbloated all purpose theme. We built it with restaurant, pizza and coffee shop owners in mind. A clean tasty design theme perfect for your business.

More than one blog style
We went and design more different blog styles different column options, so you can have more freedom to present your work.

3 Header styles
With 3 header styles you can customise your header the way you want it.

PSD files included
We know how important is further on customisation, that is why we included PSD files and save you 10$.

Boxed and Wide version
We included boxed and wide version of the theme to maximise your options.

100% Responsive
Kataleya is 100% responsive, from slider to the last element. It looks great on all devices.

Ordering, reservations and menu plugin
We went and designed and developed custome ordering system, made strait to the point, easy to use and manage your orders aswell as your reservations. Also you can add the menu seperatly and call it in easy with a shortcode.

Font awesome icons integrated
You get amazing icons to really customise your theme.

Browser compatible
All biggest browsers supported.

Cool Code
The code is done cleanly without any fuss, so you can enjoy working on it.

WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)
For easy page build up we added most popular page builder plugin on Codecanyon – WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer).

Layer slider
We have included layer slider with tons of options in it.

4 colur schemes
In addition to all this great features we added 4 colours schemes so you can get started faster.

Extended documentation
We include the detailed documentation on how to use the theme and it?s features if that’s not enough you can always contact our fantastic support.


Images used in this template are not included!


Update: 16.11.2018 – v2.3.8

- added compatibility for WooCommerce 3.5.x
Update: 19.02.2018 – v2.3.7

- added compatibility for WooCommerce 3.3.x
Update: 27.10.2017 – v2.3.6

- added compatibility for WooCommerce 3.2.x
- fixed small styling issues
Update: 06.07.2017 – v2.3.5

- added compatibility for visual composer 5.2.0
Update: 05.07.2017 – v2.3.4

- added woocommerce 3.1.0 compatibility 
- other small fixes
Update: 22.05.2017 – v2.3.2

- added: WooCommerce 3.0 support
Update: 26.07.2016 ? v2.3.1

- added: Google Maps API option
- added: WooCommerce 2.6.x compatibility
- fixed: styling issues with WooCommerce
- fixed: WooCommerce back-end issue
- updated: TGM Plugin Activation
Update: 01.05.2016 ? v2.3.0

- fixed: issue with WordPress 4.5
- fixed: small styling issues
Update: 07.04.2016 ? v2.2.9

- compatibility: with latest WooCommerce
- fixed: styling issues on WooCommerce pages
- changed: mobile menu navigation
- fixed: heading styling issues
Update: 12.01.2016 ? v2.2.8

- fixed: media upload issue
Update: 18.12.2015 ? v2.2.7

- fixed: comment issue with WordPress 4.4
- fixed: issue with Isotope filtering
- fixed: portfolio images issues
- fixed: importer deprecated functions errors

- style.css
- functions.php
- style/functions.js
- anps-framework/shortcodes.php
- anps-framework/classes/importer/wordpress-importer.php
Update: 16.12.2015 ? v2.2.4

- compatibility: with WordPress 4.4
- compatibility: with Visual Composer 4.9
- fixed: sidebar issue

- style.css
- functions.php
- js/functions.js
- anps-framework/helpers.php
- anps-framework/sidebar_generator.php
- anps-framework/shortcodes.php
- anps-framework/vc_shortcodes_map.php
Update: 14.10.2015 ? v2.2.3

- fixed: heading styling issue
- fixed: blog hover issue

Update: 2.9.2015 ? v2.2.2

- Added support for visual composer version 4.7
- Fixed WooCommerce bug

Modified files

M style.css
M anps-framework/js/select2.min.js
M anps-framework/js/wp_backend.js
M anps-framework/css/wp-backend.css
M anps-framework/widgets/
Update: 20.8.2015 ? v2.2.1

- Small wordpress 4.3 compatibility bug fix 
- improved fontawesome select 
- improved variable products 
Update 6.8.2015 2.2.0

Existing customers, please read: This is a major update, upgrading the theme might result in different display of your content. We improved the way the theme displays Visual Composer?s content. So the theme got faster and better. However we couldn?t do this without modifying the way it is rendered. In practice this means, that if you want to get the most out of our theme, you will need to adjust visual composer rows and paddings. For everyone who isn?t willing to go through this, we added the ?LEGACY MODE? option at the bottom of ?Theme options? -> ?Page setup? settings. By check marking it, the old system will be turned on and no row adjustments will be necessary. Before upgrading we suggest creating a backup, just in case. 
Update: 16.6.2015 ? v2.1.3

- Updated prettyPhoto to version 3.1.6

Update: 11.5.2015 ? v2.1.2

- fixed woocommerce checkout selecting payment method issue
Update: 29.4.2015 ? v2.1.1

- Removed bug that prevents theme installation on some server setups, caused by TGM class. 
Update: 22.4.2015 – v2.1.0

- updated woocommerce files 
- updated tgm class to latest version 
- escaped add_query_var and remove_query_var
Update: 23.3.2015 – v2.0.9

- improved navigation 
- improved visual composer mobile hide content
Update: 17.3.2015 – v2.0.8

Reason: - Updated woocommerce files
Update: 14.3.2015 – v2.0.7

- fixed codestyling localization issue 
- fixed visual composer media grid prettyphoto issue
Update: 23.2.2015 – v2.0.6

- Woocommerce 2.3.x styling fixes
- latest Visual Composer compatibility
- Site title fix (Good for SEO)
Update: 12.2.2015 – v2.0.5

- updated Woocommerce (2.3.2)
- fixed Google analytics bug
- fixed author's page
- fixed IE display bug
Update: 22.12.2014 – v2.0.4

- fixed: Mobile menu fix - Menu now closes itself, when link is clicked.
Update: 18.12.2014 – v2.0.3

- added shortcodes for visual composer plugin
Update: 2.12.2014 – v2.0.2

- fixed: Recent portfolio Ajax (minor bug from version 2.0.1)
Update: 1.12.2014 – v2.0.1

- new: reservation item required option 
- new: reservation date & time show as now time stamp 
- new: yelp icon
- fixed: single product fancybox 
- fixed: menu css if menu not selected
Update: 29.11.2014 – v2.0.0

- new: woocommerce support 
- new: courses shortcode
- new: menu item tags
- fixed minor bugs 
- updated documentation 
Update: 17.11.2014 – v1.1.1

- new: order system required fields 
- new: orderby and order to anps_menu and anps_single_menu shortcode 
- new: reset order data after submit order
- fixed dummy content xml files 
- updated documentation 
Update: 06.08.2014 – v1.1

- new: icons and support for visual composer 4.3.x version 
- new: js redirects into theme options when saving