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Hi There

I am trying to do something with the Red Dots that you have for the Take a Closer Look. These look good, but when I try to move them, they all move, plus I cannot seem to get them to line up with where they should be when it goes to the web.


Thanks – just working on this again. I cannot find any reference to this in any of the files as to where to change it.

Found it hiding in one of the CSS files

Hope you can finish working with Katemi template soon :)

If I link to external pages in the main navigation the links don’t work. Any idea on how to fix this one up?

Hi seopundit,

Thanks for purchasing my item. :) The navigation is using jQuery OnePage Nav, to have any external link on the nav you should add some class on the anchor, and make some filter on the javascript. For example you have class name external on your link then the filter would be:
    filter: ':not(.external)'

For more details please visit: https://github.com/davist11/jQuery-One-Page-Nav :)

navbar-brand anchor

I’d like to make the logo link to an external site. Is it possible to edit One Page Nav without breaking the other functionality?

Sorry, completely missed the previous question… Will try to fix on my own. Thanks!

Great! Just tell me if you have another question. :)

Thanks for purchasing my item, gwelch! Also please don’t forget to give your rating. :)

Best Landing Page theme on ThemeForest thx man!

Thank you very much, SweetOpium ;)

The hopscotch menu bar passes over the menubar when scrolling. Anyway to fix this? Thanks!

Hi Johnbick, thanks for purchasing my item also thanks for noticing this issue. To fix that, you only need to edit a bit of code from style.css file. Open style.css from css folder and find:
Then add following style:
z-index: 1000000;
position: fixed;

I hope this help, please don’t forget to rate Katemi Landing Page :)

excellent, thanks!

You’re welcome! Please don’t forget to give your rating to Katemi :)


I’m getting this error when I install. Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Theme install failed.

Please help. I’m using latest version of wordpress(3.9) and uploading the theme by compressing the main folder to a zip file from the wordpress theme section upload page.


Thanks for purchasing my item :)

Anyway, did you see that Katemi is not a Wordpress theme? it’s HTML template so you can’t install it on Wordpress, however you can just adjust the content into your requirements and then just upload it on your server.


Love this theme!

I’m using the app layout. How do I get the phone screens to start rotating quicker. I don’t want the opening screen to stay for so long. Thanks!

Hi scott45,

Thank you very much for purchasing my item :)

The phone slideshow is using Flexslider jquery, to adjust it please open the katemi.js from js folder and find the adjustment for “jQuery Flexslider” then you can adjust the animation/slideshow speed there. For more info you can check it here : http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/

Please don’t forget to rate Katemi. :)

I am not super technical but what program would be best to edit this template for use?

Hi thanks for dropping by, do you mean the program to edit the template code? Any code editor will be good and based on your OS, you can use Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Coda, Sublimetext, etc.

I think as long as they support css and html code tag it will be good.

Is it fairly simple for someone thats not super techincal. I know a little dreamweaver but defintely not an expert.

Hi There

One thing that is missing with the site is the signup page.

It would be nice if the button was linked to something – what do you think ?


Hi Iain,

Thanks for the advice! I love to hear from the customer, already noted that and hope I can provide that on the next Katemi update.

Thank you :)

Hi, love this theme! Another suggestion might be to add a blog page :)

Thank you Mr.Bond’ :D I’m sure will note that idea :)

So if i purchase the $12 version of this, im not allowed to sell anything on it? For example if im selling a e-book or a subscription to something.. thats not allowed?

Hi yavarr, Of course you’re allowed to sell your product. This landingpage template is intended for promoting/selling something. One thing you’re not allowed is if you resell the template that you’ve bought. Anyway, could you tell me why you’re asking that? Is there any of my item description makes you confuse? Just curious :)

” Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for ” made me a little confused, but I’m trying to put an external link for one of the nav buttons, I literally have no clue what to do with jquery and stuff do you think you can instruct me?

Hi yavarr, I hope this link can help you more http://themeforest.net/licenses/standard :) about jquey and stuff, of course I can instruct you. Also you can read the documentation inside the download file.

Thank you for this perfect template! I love it!

I need you help, please )

I want to cjange color from green to this #576caf How I may do it?

Please, see https://yadi.sk/i/rZJuRDNNhoPAg

Best regard, Natalia

Hi Natalia,

Glad you like the template! :)

You can find the green color #2e9a66 on style.css file and change it to your desire color. The active and hover nav menu is on line 457 and 464. And for the green button, find class .green-btn on style.css then you can adjust the background gradient color.

I hope this could help you Natalia.

Hello, thank you verry much, great work… i want to have the modal open whenn i open the website… how can i do this ? Do you have an easy solution for this ? Thank you

I Find a way :) thank you! The Solution is:

Hi, you’ve done a great job! It would be nice if you share it to us here :)

Hello :) :) i need your help. How to solve this, after sending the form, i want modal close automatically… how i can do this?

Goodjob nicnicnic :) hope you enjoy developing with Katemi :)

I love your Work <3

Thank you very much! :) please give Katemi a review if you love it :)

Hi, I want to link the logo in the Nav to my main site. How I do that? I sow your explanation you add but sorry don’t get it how to do this. DO I need to add a css class under what css file? Thanks

Hi rodrigomtl,

thanks for purchasing Katemi. :)

To create an external link please add class=”unscroll” to your nav anchor. For example:
<a class="navbar-brand unscroll" href="http://yoursite.com"><img src="img/logo.png" alt="logo" class="img-responsive" /></a>

it work! thanks xwisnux ;P

Anytime, hope you have fun developing your site using Katemi :)


I was wondering what do I need to do to enter my mail chimp details?

Hi PeroGLVS,

Thanks for puchasing my item. :)

It’s your Mailchimp post URL. Go to your Mailchimp dashboard > create a List > go to Signup Forms > choose Embedded Forms, use the default form structure (don’t create any changes to your form) take a look at the embed code under Copy/paste onto your site section, copy your URL form action.

You can also read from the Ajaxchimp github page here https://github.com/scdoshi/jquery-ajaxchimp#url

Hope this answer your question.

Why is this theme advertised as fully responsive? The Layout is broken on mobile devices and nothing really “fits” and is all over the place… Does not seem to be my problem, the template preview does not work on my iphone aswell

Hi sesambrot,

Thanks for the report, we will take care about it and update the item. Anyway, which series of iPhone do you use?

Thank you!