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When there isn’t that much of content in the maincontent and I have a few dropdown items in my main navigation. When I open them all, the dropdown lists overflows the footer. How could I fix that?

1. Open style.default.css file
2. On line 76 you should see .leftpanel {}
3. remove line of code below

position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; 

4. and replace it with
float: left;
I also added another solution to this on the v1.2 update is that you have to add another class name .floatleftpanel to to .leftpanel
<div class="leftpanel floatleftpanel"> ... </div>

Radio Buttons on Katniss, does not work.

Add the below code in the css file

.radio input[type=”radio”], .checkbox input[type=”checkbox”] { margin: 0 !important; float: none; }

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