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Nice debut, a responsive ecommerce theme is tough to code. Doesn’t work quite well with the TF iframe but does when you remove it.

Good luck with sales.

Hai mate,
First product is it?
Great one and all the best!

Just an advice, try to put more info in the product section.
Maybe with some screenshot and features that would grab our attention.

Just my 2 cents

Thanks guys!

@EZfanpage – I was thinking about that but haven’t figured out how to add all the images and nice stuff yet :P

Hi, Im thinking of buying this theme and would like to know a few questions. I want to use this theme for a client that has a shop, at this stage they don’t want to sell online, but they want to just showcase each product they sell, Can the add to cart button and featues be disabled on certain products or all? So it can just be used like a product catelog?

Hi ! Of course, you can use the theme as product catalog. You can disable add to cart button in e-commerce admin. However, since there are placeholders for price and product options, if you disable them, you’ll have a lot of empty space …

werry nice ;) keep up the good work, sales will surely come.


Nice work! Can the slider just contain images and could it be made deeper via the backend? Also is there anyway of getting a PSD of the layout so i can mockup the layout prior to purchase?

Sorry, at this point, the answer is no to both questions. We will be adding additional options for slider in future releases of theme as well as PSD files. We are working on it :).

hi… two problems: the “back-to-top” image does not stick as I scroll down the page on my iPhone or iPod touch – so, I would have to manually scroll back to top… and, can you please make the menu system compatible with the built-in iPhone/iPod touch menu system (accessed with a simple touch of a “menu” button) or at least as a drop-down menu on a mobile device? Having the full menu/buttons in view creates a very large header/menu area the user would have to scroll through?

two requests: Can you add a complimentary facebook app for the theme? This would put this theme over the top for me:)

And, can you add compatibility/pre-formated pages for a forum for buyer/seller interaction?

Thank you for explanation. I wasn’t sure what you ment as I noticed that back to top circle “misbehaves” while ThemeForest frame is on. We will fix this and upload the update.

I see, after 3 weeks, the issue with the “back-to-the-top” image still does not stick in place on a mobile device (I tried this on an android and iPhone) – but, travels up out of view as I scroll the page down. This takes the “back-to-top” ability away… still.

Hmm … We had other issues to resolve, mostly concerning plugin and upgrade … We will change the function on that button with some other function … Thanks for the info …

Nice theme. Just to let you know though that your ‘view products by price range’ buttons aren’t working. They’re displaying items outside there categories. :)

Thanks, I’m happy you like it. :) Actually it is working, but the plugin is displaying products within range based on original price, not the discounted one that is displayed on Store page. And since I’ve put some ridiculous discounts ;) , results seem all wrong.

Id like to purchase your theme,but would like to make sure it is ecommerce ready. The tester site only sends an email to me when i submit for check out. Will it have paypal, visa, and other options available ?

Thank you for considering our theme. Payment gateways are included in WP e-commerce plugin (free plugin) that this theme was built for. Gateways supported by WP e-commerce plugin are: ChronoPay, Google Checkout, PayPal Express Checkout 2.0, PayPal Payments Standard 2.0, PayPal Pro 2.0. You can check all the features supported by WP e-commerce plugin at their website http://getshopped.org/features/ .

Buyer Beware!!! I purchased this template and the template will only allow your logo to be 300 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall. It looks ridiculous having a logo that tiny. Plus the site you get is hardly a template like what you see on the live site. That page does not exist in the template. You have to go through and build everything up in order for it to begin to look like the template you thought you bought. I want my money back.

We are sorry you are disappointed in our theme. However, we urge you should first read our explanation here and documentation as well, so you can achieve the theme demo look. We intentionally limited the logo size if someone accidentally places to large image which can disrupt the theme layout. We will add to future theme releases option to disregard the logo size limits. To achieve the theme demo appearance, you should fill the site with products and other content. This is usual procedure for any theme you buy. Please read the documentation and explanations in Theme options. We will add dummy content in future releases of theme, with explanation how to import it. With the purchase of our theme, you are entitled to future versions of theme, so you will be able to put any logo size and have demo content. Best regards.

Great work :)

Just need to know if the theme can be used as a corporate theme without the e-commerce component/plugin? Is there an easy option in admin to simply disable – check/uncheck the e commerce part?

Good luck..many happy sales!

Thanks, :)

Well, the theme is supposed to be e-commerce completely, primarily the home page, as there are no other but carousel for featured and latest products list.
Still, we are considerning to include options to choose between featured and latest posts/products as well as all other e-commerce specifics to make theme “all purpose”. We will probably issue the non e-commerce version of theme in near future.

Good luck to you too ! :)

On a mobile device (there are others than iPhone ;) ), drop down menus (like shopping cart) render off screen (both landscape and portrait). There is no way to see what is in the shopping cart (even the “Checkout” button is missing (which at least goes to another page). Please make shopping cart an actual page to avoid this. In an e-commerce theme, this is critical.

Just thought you might want to know…

Thanks for your input, we will definitely check this on other mobile devices (are there others ? :) ) more thoroughly. Unfortunately, The WP e-commerce plugin doesn’t give an option of shopping cart actual page … :(

I love the theme but always a risk buying a “new” theme. I cannot see from the demo or content whether it is easy to change the background image and colors of the theme. Can I “choose ” my lay out on the home page? Also can I get unlimited sidebars and have a different sidebar per page?

Many Thanks

The background images can be changed but at the moment all of them are light (no dark versions). You can change fonts (heading, body fonts) & link colors. As for layout, you can change position of menu, slider, latest products and content bar. No unlimited sidebars or different sidebars on every page.
But, we are planning to update the theme with new options next week. New features will include skins (dark, light, different colors) and more color controls. Not sure about sidebars in next version yet, though. It is popular feature and we are definitely considering it.

Ok thanks. Couple of other questions please. Can I not use the latest products on the home page? Can I get rid of the words “Featured Products”? Can I have the Facebook symbols at the top rather than the bottom? Can I have a facebook feed appear somewhere on home page? Also can I have any form of content on the home page – might be a feed from the about page or the blog page? Many thanks!

  • Yes, you can remove latest products from home page
  • The carousel, at the moment, supports only featured products (as we thought that carousel is the best place for that)
  • You can write your own title on that place, but it was meant to must have title – we will consider option to remove it totally
  • Facebook and twitter links cannot be placed at the top at the moment, but we will issue with future versions the FB and Twitter widget so you will be able to put link more on top
  • You can use some third-party plug iin for Facebook and display it as widget in footer
  • You can have posts from blog on the home page (currently bellow latest products), and you can rearrange (inside the theme options) home page so that posts display at the top of the page


Hi! I still think buying a theme or not. For me the important function of sales. I have not seen anything like sales in the demo. It is possible to implement, or wait for the next version?

When you say “sales”, do you mean discounts ? Because, if you do, discounts are integral part of WP e-commerce plugin. You can see discounted demo product on Kauri theme demo page, just type in search box “Rose oil” and go to single product display. Is that the function you are looking for?

Looking really nice~ three questions:

1) I need the site I want to build to be in two languages – is there flexibility/functionality in the theme for this, or is the best approach to have the sites on sub-domains?

2) The shop will be selling tailor-made clothing, so I’ll need to have a way to allow customers to input key information somewhere. Am I able to quickly/easily add fields into the contact form? (If it’s otherwise a matter of going into the php, this is fine – I just want to understand what might be required)

3) where does the paypal payment process come in? I went through the shopping user journey, and received an email, but couldn’t find how to “pay” for the product via paypal…



thanks for the compliments. :) To answer your questions:

  1. There is a support for multilanguage with textdomain, every theme string is covered, and .pot file is included. There are multilanguage plugins: WPML (premium), xili-language, qtranslate (free) which we didn’t include it in theme’s package.
  2. There is a possibility to add field in a single product page which allows buyers to add custom information about product. You can change the label for the field in plugin’s language files
  3. PayPal payment process comes in checkout area. These are the payment options (included in WP e-commerce plugin, currently disabled on demo theme):
    • Manual Payment (checks/money orders)
    • PayPal Payments Standard
    • PayPal Payments Pro
    • PayPal Express Checkout
    • Google Checkout – Level 2 integration
    • Chronopay
Best regards

perfect :) thanks

Hi there :)

Just a couple of pre-purchase questions please.

I have not used wpecommerce (I have however used cart66lite) is it possible to just have a simple PayPal checkout button instead of the information request forms on the checkout page?

Can I easily change the background image and make it fixed?


let me answer your questions:
  1. Yes, you can simply change from “Add to cart” to “Buy now” in WP e-Commerce admin. Still, we have some issues with that part of plugin, so perhaps it would be better id you wait for next version release (in a couple of days)
  2. Yes, you can change background, there is a selection of background images in theme admin. You cannot add (upload) your own images (yet ;) )

Thanks for the fast reply :)

I will wait and purchase this template when the problem is solved as I need the purchase process as streamlined as possible :)

I didn’t want to change the ‘Add to Cart’ to ‘Buy Now’ I just wanted a ‘Paypal’ button to replace the ‘Checkout’ button on the cart, to save the visitor from entering all their details on the website as that information will be relayed by PayPal anyway.

I currently use storemmerce TF template for a client with cart66lite and has this ability, most carts have an express checkout method available if paying via Paypal gateway.

Ta Amber

Hi there,

I can’t seem to find an area where I can add my own Background image, or to re-colour the exisitng one, can you let me know where I can add a full image background please?


At the moment, it’s not possible to add full size image or any custom image. In next version there will be much more possibilities to customize background. We are even considering a possibility for also adding your own back image.
Patience, please … The next version is near (any day now…)

Sorry for another question so fast but ….

The shopping cart at the top right of your demo does not appear on mine, i can add/remove categories tab but no cart. Am I supposed to set wpcommerce as page? or widget? would this help?

Yes, you should add Cart Widget to “Top shopping cart” widget area (as described in documentation) to display shopping cart there.

Thanks for that.. I didn’t see this direction in the documentation :)

Also.. how can i change the button colour on the featured products slider? and can I have the product categories widget show as a drop down I have 30 categories lol :)

Thanks for your help Amber

You will be able to change buttons color (site-wide, not just featured) in next version (it’s already done, it’s just waiting for release ;) ). Do you mean prod. categories in sidebar ? If you do, then no, sorry. Categories dropdown is hardcoded for header only … :(

No problem …. I like to help. :)

Greetings, I’m quite the newbie, so I apologize if these questions have obvious answers. 1. How do I change the bg img for the site to something other than what’s in the options? I edited and replaced the file by ftp but didn’t change.

2. Also, how do I include your icons on the menu options? I see nothing for that in the control panel.

thanks in advance