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Okay to update to Wordpress to v 3.6?

We have not encountered or got reports of any issues, so … ;)



Would you be able to send me the code (and where to put it) to change the appearance of the categories drop down? If you look at the website http://www.body-foods.co.uk and hover over categories in the top right corner, I would like all text to be one line. So the box width should probably be “auto” to match the text width?

Thanks!! :)

Hi, put the following code to Custom CSS (Theme options > Styling options):
#header-categories .product-categories {
width: auto; right:0; left:auto;
#header-categories .product-categories li a {
white-space: nowrap; width: auto;
Just, remember that the size of all items will be same as the longest item, for all items.


Thank you for the code. That’s perfect!



I have a query in relation to delivery options but although I assume it is down to the plugin, the WooCommerce site doesn’t appear to have an answer. Maybe you could point me in the right direction.

I have an item for sale which costs $10 to be delivered to Town a, $30 to Town b and $50 to Town c.

Can I reflect this in the delivery options? If so, how and where?



Hi, sorry for such a late reply …
You can try with simple product variations – create custom attribute with specified Town and shipping cost and reflect shipping price differences in variations.


Hi there,

Does this theme support a gallery with item description ?

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this theme supports WP native gallery with image captions.

But you probably ask if there is a gallery/portfolio custom post type and the answer is – not yet.


Can I easily add my own background image I have created?

Yes, in Appearance > Theme options > Styling options. First check the “Customize background image” in “THEME SKINS OVERRIDES” section, select “Background images choice” to “Uploaded background images” , and then upload your image. You can also set background repeating and background scroll properties.


How to change the green color on the middle rectangle on the featured product slider?

Theme is working great so far. Thanks!

Only with code editing:
  1. open the “woocommerce/shop/wrapper-start.php” from theme and change div id="primary" to div id="primary" style="width:100%"
  2. open the “woocommerce/archive-product.php” from theme and remove (or php comment) the line do_action('woocommerce_sidebar');
This will make your products page (and single product page too) full width without sidebar. Only – if you are going to do this edits, then use child theme or backup those edits, because when you update the theme, you’ll lose those edits.


Worked perfectly Thank you. I do have one more question. (I wish you had email support) I want to use revolution slider. How do I replace the other slider with the revolution slider? thanks!

If revolution slider uses shortcodes (I believe it does), you can use “Widgets block” (in Theme options > Home settings) and Text widget, and insert a revolution slider shortcode.

We do have email support – themes@aligator-studio.com and support forum, too :) .


When i click on another page on the site it says sample page instead of the horizontal menu bar how do I correct this?


Kauri has two menus – Home menu and Site menu. You probably didn’t set up the Site menu (in the Appearance > Menus) ... ?

Featured Products not showing in sidebar and footer widgets????


can you please provide the address, and, if possible login info to themes@aligator-studio.com ?


Just purchased this theme. Documentation doesn’t seem to tell me how I a) add a standard carousel slider to the home page, 2) control the settings for autoplay on the carousel slider, or 3) remove the arced background that’s appearing on the sole random slide that’s being generated. Can you point me to these instructions, please?


please register on our support forum and submit new topic/ticket.


I haven’t seen you registered on support forum, so, briefly: 1) to add standard carousel – choose “classic carousel” (Theme options > Home settings), make sure that featured homepage block is in “Enabled” box (in same theme options place), set featured products (click on star in products listing page, or make posts “sticky” (in post “Publish” box)

2) There are no theme options setting for changing carousel autoplay except if you edit the javascript file (js/custom.js)

3)in Theme options > Styling options > Custom CSS add this code : .overlay {display: none;}


Hi there, I sent a private email but haven’t got your reply so I’m posting the questions here again. We have the following issue while trying to set up the template 1. Import “dummy_data.xml” has fail media error

2. Cannot find the Shortcodes page, Blog page, Contact page.

...still waiting…!!!

It will be answered in 10 mins.

It’s answered. Sorry again (we’re just releasing a new theme, you won’t mind the delay once you see it … ;) (kidding) )

Hi there, Sorry for bombarding you with single question emails. Let me sum it up again here I have the following questions 1. I need to set up Vietnamese Dong (VND) for the products. How can I do that? 2. I need the most basic homepage banner in which the images are not associated with any product. Do I need to install another plugin just for that? 3. Thumbnail of products: - On homepage I need them to be in square shape instead of 280×180 to keep it consistent with all product photos. How can I adjust that? Basically I need product photos and all thumbnails to be proportionally resized. - If I upload a big product image as featured image, can the thumbnails be resized proportionally instead of cropped out. I will only upload product photos in 1 size, and I need the thumbnails to be scaled down proportionally with a fixed width. Currently my thumbnails are white because that’s the background of my products and that is how the thumbnails were cropped out :-(http://mozchi.com/dev/skin_arts/product-category/my_pham/dermalogica/

Thank you & good luck with the launch!

Please ignore question 3 because my coder has fixed its CSS. Thanks!!!!

I know. I do sound like a pain in the neck :D. Just too anxious to get this thing going!!

That’s ok … :)

I believe all this is solved now, but please, if not – contact me via email …


I am having the strangest problem. My widget 1 area is not responsive at all. Note that it it’s setting each element to 33.3% width which means those widget areas continue to display side by side even in mobile view. It seems to be a function of some sort but I can’t seem to locate it. Any ideas sinfreesugar.com

Ouch, there’s a lot of mess with menu, too … ? You added some custom css for menus ? No need for that, menus are responsive for mobile views

You are talking about footer widgets, right ? Because, the homewidgets block is working ok (“Free Sample”, “What Is Sin-Free Sugar”, “Get Inspired”) ... I see that you added custom css here, too, or you are using some kind of shortcode which added #promotion fixed css width 950px.
And the title and banner are using different widgets … Why not one ? Try this:
  1. Remove the second widget (with title only)
  2. Add this css to theme options custom css (replace your existing custom css for selectors bellow):
    #info ul li.info-tab {
    width: 100%;
    #info h4 {
    background: none;
    font-size: 1.5em;
    margin: 20px 0 5px 10px;
    padding: 0 0 5px;
    color: #C22121;
    text-align: center;
    #info ul li.info-tab .widget .textwidget img {
    padding: 10px 0;
    width: 100%;
    max-width: 748px;
    height: auto;
This should solve your issue. Bear in mind that this code will not work if you add some more widgets to “Bottom bar 1,2 or 3” widget areas (Above the footer)

I forgot this (add this to custom css):
#promotion {
width: 100%;


Okay first thing the menu. I’ve reverted back to essentially it’s default. But notice how it’s breaking longer titles like Features & Benefits and Store locator. I’d prefer these display without the mobile default and display as it does on the website or keep these from breaking into two lines.

Second the widget 1 area was not responsive. I made that edit thusly. .homewidgets .widget, .homewidgets2 .widget { margin: 10px 0 30px; width: 300px !important; } If i removed this the display on mobile would be side by side. This works well enough though so I’m just looking to resolve the issue with the menu now.

Also is there any further development on showing more than 3 featured products on the homepage for a future release?

Hi, with adding 300px !important width (I checked the site, that’s still there …) it’s perfectly normal that homewidgets aren’t responsive. Add this to custom css and remove the 300px !important code:
@media screen and (max-width : 800px) {
.homewidgets .widget , .homewidgets2 .widget {    
There is no further development to Kauri, we just maintain the compatibility with updates and provide support – so, no – there are no plans on changing the number of LATEST products. The FEATURED products (in carousel slider) are unlimited in number, however.


Hi i am from indonsia, is there Currency for IDR instead USD Or EURO, for Pricing Product of the theme?


in WooCommerce settings there is a “Indonesia Rupiah (Rp)” option to set as default currency.


Hello, I would like to point out, perhaps an anomaly. Your Cart payment has displayed free shipping as the purchase is over 75 euro. Now if I post a discount coupon, and then the amount of the expenditure is less than 75 euro, remains set free shipping, that should automatically disappear. Do you agree?

Sorry for my written English with google translate. ;)

Ah ok then will check with woocommerce better if I can correct it. thanks

I ask if it is possible to add to the theme Kaury, other widgetblock on the home page?

also if the slider can become a simple image viewer (sarebbere of advertising messages) without, necessarily, bring up the details of the product

thank you very much in advance

Hi, ok … I believe I understand all … ;)

Kauri has 2 widgets blocks for home page + footer widget area – so in total there are 3 possible widget areas for home, which we believed is enough. In any case, we don’t have plans to add more blocks for home page.

Homepage slider carousel can display products or posts (using post featured images) – so, you can make couple of posts with featured images, and use them as images slider.




Any luck on offering pagination in the store? I’ve had a client request it and I can’t find a workaround anywhere. Love the theme otherwise!


Hi. Please contact us on themes@aligator-studio.com with small reminder and we’ll solve this. Thank you

Hello, I’m sorry again, could you help me with the code? I would change the form of research in kaury theme, present in the header, with that of the product search widget for woocommerce- Can you do?

thank you very much

Hi, it’s a bit too much code editing to do if you want to use full widget, but you can use WooCommerce function:
to replace:
in header.php
If you do that, I hope you are using child theme, because in case of theme update, you’ll lose that edit.


grande. grazie mille

Prego … tanti saluti :)


I have been super happy with this theme – but now my host is forcing me to grade as it requires php 5.4 So I upgraded to the latest wordpress theme first and got this message:

blockUI requires jQuery v1.3 or later! You are using v1.10.2

SO not sure what to do about that.

Trying to upgrade the theme now but unsure which bits to upload – there are so many in the folder?

The site is down because of all this so would appreciate a fast response please!

we just read this message, so after we inspect this we wil answer asap.


did you update the Wordpress too ? (currently 3.7.1)

I have upgraded wordpress and have an error message. I have not yet upgraded the website as I cannot see from the download what thing I am supposed to upgrade – and whether I am supposed to upgrade the woo wommerce thing as well. Can you let me know the zipfile names please. Thanks

Do you have your site live ? If so, you can send us temporary admin access to your Wordpress backend and we will fix this for you – please, contact us on themes@aligator-studio.com , with a small reminder.

Thank you.

Ok, we got the email …

Not sure why but it’s like the database doesn’t hold the settings that I put in for the theme. Specifically the homepage settings. Is there something that I’m missing? I’m about to delete some stuff and add some stuff from the files themselves because the dashboard settings don’t seem to do anything.


Theme options require that theme folder “options” is writable – that’s where the css and javascript is created, based on information saved in database (when you hit “Save all changes” button in Theme options panel).

So – in FTP program or Host control panel set the permissions 775 to “options” folder. After that, reset theme options, and then, try to make changes in theme options – this should do the trick.


Tried changing file permissions but still no luck. For example I’ll move the layout around in the theme manager like remove the menu, but the menu is still there. Any other ideas?

Hi, hmmm… ook, try this – in WP root, wp-config.php file, find the line define('WP_DEBUG', false); and change it to define('WP_DEBUG', true);, refresh the admin page (any, but, theme options preferably ) and see if it outputs any error notice.
Did you try to reset theme options ? (First back them up !)


I purchased this theme a while back. I am trying to create a static landing page where people can then click to enter the main site. How can I do that?