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Hello, tell me please which files are changed in v.2.1.6 (woo)? I want to replace the only files that have changed. Thks.

Hi, we don’t keep track of all changed files, many files are changed in very small details, like code indentation or comments, so we decided not to keep track of changed files (still not on Git …).
But we can estimate which files are affected with important changes:
  • header.php
  • functions.php
  • shortcodes.php
  • js/admin.js
  • page_posts_2.php (ADDED)
  • admin/admin-interface.php
  • admin/theme-options.php
  • woocommerce.css
  • style.css
  • shortcodes.css


thank you

You’re welcome :)

Hi, about a year ago I purchased this them for wp-ecommerce, however I have become increasingly frustrated with wp ecommerce and would like to switch too woocommerce. Can I get the version of the them for woocommerce please? I would really appreciatre it! =]


Awesome; thanks!

You’re welcome :)

First of all, thank you for a great theme. I just found a couple of issues, one of them… If you look at: http://www.rollwithitskates.co.uk/products-page/clothing/ You’ll see that my product images stretch to fit the area. I wouldn’t like this to happen. Is there a way in which the thumbnails show a section of the photo? instead of stretching it?

MAny thanks, Ana

Hi, I see that you are using images that are rather small … That’s why they are stretched – the Kauri layout is stretching images to it’s placeholder width – this is better for UI and it looks more tidy.

You should use images that have minimum 300px in width in order to avoid image stretching. If you want to use product images for homepage carousel (type2- “classic”) it would be advisable to upload images of min. 940px in width (1400px is Kauri’s max. image width)


Another thing is that sometimes, on the product page, images don’t load the first time, only if I reload the page. http://www.rollwithitskates.co.uk/products-page/clothing/comic-book-tights/ Any ideas? Many thanks, Ana

Hi Ana,

I haven’t notice that issue – and I refreshed (with cache cleared) couple of times …

Does this theme support payment through visa and mastercard? Thanks?


theme supports anything that WooCommerce or WP e-Commerce plugins are supporting. Theme actually just styles the output of the plugin. The plugin (WooCommerce), by default, supports PayPal, Mijireh Checkout, Cash on Delivery, Direct Bank Payment. For other payment gateways, visit the WooCommerce extensions page


Pre-Purchase Question

Hello. I created my existing e-commerce site using Wordpress and a theme called Storefront Elegance, which no longer works as the developers don’t provide updates or support any more.

I’d like to replace this theme with a new one and Kauri looks pretty good. My question is whether replacing my theme with Kauri wold be possible for a Wordpress amateur? I think I’ll also switch from WP-Ecommerce to Woocommerce whilst I’m at it.

Your support seems to be really great, which is one of the reasons I’m thinking of going for Kauri.

Many thanks for your assistance.


thank you for your interest in Kauri.

Is it possible to replace your current theme with Kauri to an amateur? – well, off course it is, but there will be probably some issues.

But, how do you plan to migrate to WooCommerce ? This can be somehow painfull process … If you have just a few products, I would recommend you manually re-enter products after installing WooCommerce.
If you have a lot of products, there are couple of solutions – this plugin, or this extension (not free …)

In any case, we recommend the WooCommerce version of Kauri for number of reasons, but one of them is – from next release we will remove WPeC version of Kauri.


Hi, I’ve been using this theme brilliantly. I’ve updated to wordpress version 3.8. Now I’ve lost the layout with menu buttons vertical instead of horizontal and the side widgets are now below the page body text. Can you advise what I should do? website is www.privateoccupationaltherapist.com Thanks in advance

Yeah, sorry—it was a typo … it should have been “themes” not “theme” (good thinking … ;) ). We got the email and will reply asap.


Super fast response, all resolved – thank you

You’re welcome :)

I just upgraded to the latest version and I’m running into an issue with JS error “Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘widthByChildren’ ” Seems to be referencing the slider js and I’m not sure what widthByChildren is trying to reference, it doesn’t appear to be a JQuery function?

Hmmm… could you please contact us on themes@aligator-studio.com so we will fix that … With a small reminder, please …


email sent…thanks

we replied to your email …

Hi tried emailing support. No answer. Just sent another email. Please check. Thanks.

No email received yet … sorry … did you try through our support forum ?

Just submitted. Thanks.

We replied to your message on support forum …

How can I set the image on the product pages so that they don’t get squashed? I would like to crop them at the right size, but they are just resizing to fit the height and width.

If that’s not possible, where can I change the product image size?

Many thanks, Ana

Any ideas of how this image could be set so it doesn’t stretch the height to the given size of 300px? Another example here: http://www.rollwithitskates.co.uk/products-page/skates/powerdyne-arius-plates/

Sorry, me again. I have managed to set the height of the product thumbnail to .product_image {height:auto;} and that’s good. But THE POST THUMBNAIL editor doesn’t apply the changes when I crop the image. Any ideas? Thanks, Ana

Hi, glad you managed it … Did you regenerate images with “Force regenerate thumbnails” plugin to apply new image site AFTER the cropping ? And, I would suggest small css tweak – add this to theme options custom css:
.single_product_display .image-links {
height: 180px


Hey hey. Been using your theme for a site and it’s going great. Thanks for your hard work. : )

I’ve just got a small issue regarding images in widgets at the bottom of the page.

My site: http://hyperstrength.net.nz

Basically I’ve got the menu on the bottom left widget, but then in the center I’ve got an image which is just the credit card options, however it’s not displaying in Internet Explorer.

Hope you can give me some insight on this and steps I can take to resolve this issue.


Hi …

try to add this css code to Custom CSS (Theme options > Styling options):
.textwidget img {
width: 260px;
height: auto;
If this won’t help, please contact us on themes@aligator-studio.com



We purchased this theme last year and are really pleased with it :)

We have a small problem that the featured image is not displaying on new products I have added to the ‘Latest Products’ section of the home page. (It is a recent problem, the products I added a few days earlier do display the featured image correctly in this section)

The featured image does display fine everywhere else on the website – the problem is just with this area of the home page.

Do you have any suggestions as to what I might try to get this to display correctly again?

Many thanks

Hi there, I have now sorted this problem – it was all down to the way the images had been added to the products. Everything works wonderfully now :)

Well .. I’m glad you solved it … :)

I was just about to suggest theme update (that’s always the first step because theme updates are for solving bugs … and some new features, from time to time … ;) )



when I instaled the theme of word press, I get this error message

”” ”” “The archive could not be installed. Missing style.css to this theme.

Installing the theme failed. ”” ”” “

help me please

this theme is very very dessevent, it is not only all that is instaled me angry, you should solve this problem, because I must look for hours to solve it to your place or pay for SOMEBODY does. is inadmissible.j ‘I pay a theme that is not functional.

Please – check this Kauri Theme support page (under “Common WordPress Installation Issues”) and THIS ) – every Wordpress theme item on Theme Forest has it. Kauri theme is perfectly functional and has many satisfied buyers.

Zip package you downloaded isn’t installable theme. That file is inside downloaded zip package – you should unpack the downloaded zip and install the file inside : “kauri_woo.2.1.6.zip” or “kauri_wpsc.2.1.6.zip” , depending on version of plugin you are planning to use with Kauri.

Best regards

OK I instaler ” kauri_woo.2.1.6.zip ” and AC works . :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P is what I should instaler all zip file called kauri_woo ? such as: kauri_woo – 1child and  WooCommerce ?


I’m sorry … I don’t understand the question …

I install all as explained in your “documentation” and my theme does not work properly. No adjustment does not work, I do not just change the logo, I downloaded the image but it does not appear, as the carousel saffiche do not like the demo, I do not have the 3 images nothing works …..

is it possible not instaler the theme correctly?

thank you for helping me

again … theme will function correctly if the set up is correct. Perhaps this isn’t mentioned in theme documentation (in 99% percent of Kauri installations is not needed) but – “options” folder needs to be writable – set folder permissions to 775 (with FTP program or via hosting admin panel).

But, I see you contacted us via email so we will continue conversation there, if that’s ok with you …


yes is better

Hey thanks for your response. I’ve sent an email to that address you gave me.

Another question: Is there a way I could have the product images more zoomed out – so I could see more of the product in the image? At the moment it’s slightly zoomed in and cropped until you click on the product page.

Thanks again, Chad

Hi, just a quick info – we got your email and will answer asap … Thanks


A quick pre-purchase question:

In the section ‘My Account’ there is the option for a customer to Log in to their account. But there is no Registration function, so how do they create an account in the first place?

Hope you can answer this for me, as I require this function.

Many thanks.


thanks for your interest .

It’s standard feature to choose if you want to display registration form in “My Account” page in WooCommerce general settings. (we disabled it in demo for maintenance reasons).

We are recommending WooCommerce version of Kauri, as from the next update we will abandon the WP e-Commerce version )


Thanks for fast response! OK, I understand now.

he forgot to add widthByChildren () function in the file carousel_options.php “child theme”.


I’m not sure – did you resolve this or … ? We will inspect this function and if needed, add it to carousel_options.php in child theme …