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I purchased your Kause html template (Item Purchase Code: 1f1c5e15-75ee-477a-942c-1cc6811c08ac) However, the buttons for the main slider do not work on mobile devices. I have contacted “Slider Revolution” and have the newest code, but I require your assistance on how to integrate it with your template so that I can keep the original theme styling. Thanks a lot for your help!

The issue is happening for me on your demo ( Do you have a timeline on when you be will releasing a working template?

Hello, just following up again to see when the update will be released? Thanks

Hello again, can you please tell me when the update will be released? Thanks

I have tried several procedures to update my Kause website theme. The instructions on your site recommend switching to another theme, deleting the profile theme and then reinstalling. I have a Kause Parent Theme and a Kause Child Theme. In such a case, what gets switched, what is the profile theme and what gets deleted. So frustrated by my unsuccessful attempts to work through the server, to use Envato Toolkit and Theme Add New.

You release this is the HTML template your commenting on. I think your after the WordPress version of the theme.

I am indeed talking about the WordPress version of the Kause theme. Please help me do what is necessary to update it to version 1.41 (it is currently at version 1.0.34). I need something very step-by-step as I have so far failed all the procedures I have attempted.

You need to then be commenting on the WordPress theme page by Theme Canon, this is not handled by me. Here is the link to the WordPress version:

Great Template ;)

Hi! I’ve bought a wordpress template on your site (specifically i’ve bougth SPORT TEMPLATE!) but unfortunately i can’t create 2 pages like i’ve seen on your demo version….on the documentation i can’t find any information about this pages….is it possible to have an help??? Thanks a lot….. p.s the pages are: and this:

You need to comment on the WordPress item page, not here. Here is the WP page:

Also there are slight design differences between the html demo on make lemonade and the WP demo site here:

I accidentally bought this theme by clicking “BUY NOW” from this other theme:

How can I change it?

Thank you so much, Andrea

Hi Andrea, you need to contact Envato Support, they should be able to help out with an exchange.

Thank you so much!

Hi Kenny,

We are very pleased with the Kause template and use it on

I have encountered a problem with hyperlinks in the Slider section. They work fine on Mozilla etc, but not on ipad and iphone.

This seems to be a common issue for other template providers too, and there seem to be solutions involving touch-action properties, but I would be grateful if you could tell me what I would need to configure to get our site working.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Kenny, I see there is another thread on the buttons not working on slider.

To clarify my issue – the buttons work on IOS 7.1.2 on my iphone, but don’t work on IOS 9.3.2 on ipad and iphone 5/6.

The site is

You mentioned a release of scripts – did anything happen on that ? I am still rather hoping that there is a parameter somewhere that just needs tweaking :)

Thanks in advance

Hi Kenny,

I did using the html Kause template in 2014 – It has been very well received, for which, once again, thank-you!

Unfortunately the slider buttons now don’t work on the latest version of Apple Safari on IOS 9.

More details: I only use a slider on my home page. index.html The slider buttons work fine on my PC Mozilla (v 47.0); Chrome (51.0.2704.103) and IE.(11.0.96) They also work on my iphone 4 (IOS 7.1.2)

The slider buttons do not work on my Ipad (IOS 9.3.2) I suspect this means that they also don’t work on iphone 6.

I have not touched any of your .js, but have done a fair amount of customisation on .html and .css files, so could you recommend a (painless, OK fairly painless) way forward please?

Many thanks, in advance

Hi musgraj, My apologies for the late reply. I am working to update my templates over the next few weeks and include more current versions of the slider. This updated slider should fix your issue. You should get a notification once I have uploaded the new template. If you want to do it yourself in the meantime, you would need to update the Slider Revolution jQuery plugin library.

For the life of me I cannot center the header logo nor the navigation in a way that centers on a desktop browser and mobile phone. Desperately seeking help. Thanks!


Kenny, Is there an easy fix to make the header sticky? Gordon


I have just purchased one of your downloads (sports site template).

Is there any documentation within the assets folder regarding installation etc.

My order confirmation is




please forget my last message but I have now opened the download and it looks to be some polital, church, charity site.. Have i received the wrong download?

Hi Gave you a refund, cheers

That is really appreciated I’ll go ahead and get the right template this time, many thx

Kenny, Are you able to provide a fix to make the menu sticky? Happy to cover the additional cost.


Hi Gordon, sorry for the late reply. I would recommend using to create sticky elements. If you need help implementing this, let me know and send me your files, should be pretty easy.

Hi Kenny,

where can I change the font and line height in the slider on index.html? I’m using Kause political. See test site

Thanx in advance, Leon

Hi Leon, Styles for the slider are kept in the folder “rs-plugin/css/settings.css”. Cheers,


Leontb Purchased

Hi Kenny,

I don’t want the arrows (left-right) in the slider on this homepage:

Can you tell me how I can get rid of them? Thanks for your support.

Best regards, Leon

Hi Leon,

Open the rs-slider.js file in the JS folder and update navigationArrows to none:


Hi Leon,

Open the rs-slider.js file in the JS folder and update navigationArrows to none:


Hi, about a year ago you said you were updating your templates, I was just wondering if you’d done that? I bought the ‘Kause’ template a few years ago and loved it, but updated my site recently with something more modern. I’d love to go back to the Kause site if it was updated. Hope to hear back…