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Hi, I’m very interested in this theme as well as Bliss. Can you tell me what the functional differences are?

Also, is there a Pinterest share button available?



Sorry for the late reply.

Bliss was built after Keilir and includes more layouts. Mostly they differ in styling.


I am a big fan of your work. Bought the Keilir and Bliss themes.

Could you tell me how to remove the big image on posts? I want to keep the thumbnails on the home page though.

If there is an custom css involved, can you help me and let me know what to do. thanks.

Best regards, Aurélien


Sorry for the late reply but here’s the CSS snippet you need.

.single .entry-image {
  display: none;
.entry-container {
  border-radius: 4px 4px 0 0;

Hey Everyone

If you have purchased the theme and need assistance please visit our support forum.

If you have pre-sale question you can use the comment system here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


There is a virus in the functions.php !!!! I found a base64 in this file, don’t download this theme !!

What you’re saying is completely and utterly false. base64 is just an encoding function that is used all over the place, even in CSS stylesheets. The instance of this base64 function you are referring to in the theme is just to encode an inline PNG image.

You can read more about base64 encoded images here.


it´s a pre-purchase cuestion. I love this theme but I wonder one thing…

Is there a login custom page or widget to access to a private zone?? If not, I can do it somehow??



The theme doesn’t include any functionality to restrict access to certain parts of your site. There are a bunch of plugins available that can do that for you and the login modal box in the theme can be used with that.

The theme uses the normal WP login system so all those plugins should work fine out of the box.


Version update my website after I get the following error. How do I fix this? As I see a problem arising from Keilor contact.

Notice: à ‡ ± aäÿrä man wp_widget yordamä ± 4.3.0 geã§erliliäÿ the yitirmiåÿ since sã¼rã¼mã¼n! Lã¼tf instead of __construct () Use of ± n. /home/omerakgu/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line in 3457


Sorry for the late reply.

This error message is all scrambled I can’t read it. If you’re still having theses issues please disabled all plugins first and see if the error goes away.

Hi Do your theme support Buddypress? Did install BP now but nothing shows on my pages.

I am getting a malware warning when I unpack this theme? Do you know anything about this?

Could you help hi i am the owner of my writing under my label I want to be like my data is displayed?

:(:(:(:(:(:( tag problem ?

How can I fix this problem?

I have lost the ability to have images on the header of my posts. Can you help?

Wiil there be an update?

Hi – installed this theme but my sidebar looks nothing like the purchased theme. It’s simple text. How do I get the images, three column posts, and instagram feed like you have on the theme purchase page?

Hi, my client has your theme version 2.3 – it looks like it does not support PHP7.

Can you please help?

HI, I just viewed the theme web site and saw that when we open the home page for the first time the featured image for the post loads immediately. On MY SITE the image takes some time to load (staying blank) and just after loading completely the post is shown.

Is there any config i’m missing to make my site to work just as YOUR site?

The featured image doesn’t get any resize or optimization, is it right?

Instagram has changed its rules as of June 1, the Bluth Instagram widget no longer works. I contacted them and for just posting on your blog we do not need individual permission but the widget needs to be corrected or added to sandbox users,

Please correct!

{“code”: 403, “error_type”: “OAuthForbiddenException”, “error_message”: “You are not a sandbox user of this client”}

Hello, multiple people have left questions on the support page for this theme, and I haven’t seen any of them answered. Are you planning on fixing the Instagram widget for this theme? I know I don’t have many days of support left, so you may ignore this, but it would be nice to at least hear from you on this. People like myself paid for extra support for this theme, yet there’s been nothing but silence. Please at least respond. It makes me hesitant to purchase another theme from you if you don’t at least support the theme during the full support period people have paid for.

Instagram module doesn’t work. Can you fix it ?