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hi, I have this problem in my site:

Warning: array_unique() [function.array-unique]: The argument should be an array in /web/htdocs/ on line 182

Hi, thanks for letting us know. This is now fixed, please send me an email from my profile and I’ll send you the update.

The design of this theme and the typography is beautiful. It seems you’ve created a lovely WordPress theme, so thanks for your hard work.

I have a question: is it possible to disable the “post footer” that displays the post author information and the “share story” icons?

Thanks…that’s great news. I’m looking forward to that update.


This feature is now in the latest update :)

Outstanding support, thanks! You rock. ;-)

Quick question, how do I get my image at the bottom of the post like what you have on the demo. I am trying to figure this out and having some trouble. I am a newbie so this might be a dumb question but would love the help.


Hi, are you talking about the footer were the logo is ? If so it is done with a HTML widget. Go to Appearance->Widgets and drag a Text widget to the footer widget area on the right. Then you can write what ever html you want in there including img tags for your image. Send me and email through my profile if you need more assistance.

I am attempting to use the Twitter widget on the side bar, but it shows now Tweets. Could this be the case with the API versions?

Hi, If you are using our twitter widget that won’t be the case. Make sure you follow the directions provided in the widget and copy the embed code exactly as it appears on and paste it into the appropriate input field. If you have more issues let me know.

Hi, I have purchased this theme and it is great! I have a few questions. 1. I noticed that you updated it since I downloaded it. I am trying to upload the new version into the site, but it is not letting me. How do I do that? Do I have to delete the current version to install it again? 2. Jetpack subscriptions look back in the sidebar (See:, but I want to use that instead of MailChimp. Is there a way to make it look better? 3. In the newest version, it says you can have a fixed header. How do you do that, or is it easy once installed? Thanks, Jen

Thank you! Yes I see there are a few css issues on your page that have been fixed. Send me an email through my profile and I’ll get you the latest version with instructions on how to update. After updating I’ll take a look at your page and see if something needs fixing ;)

I just uploaded the latest version to Themeforest so you can grab it there. I also wrote update instructions in the documentation under section 11. However if you are still having trouble updating let me know and I’ll help you. Thanks

I’ve run into a pretty big snag. I have many posts with tables in them, and the images in the tables are showing larger even though the image size is specified in the HTML. I suspect there is a setting overriding the HTML in order to display the largest version of the image. However, these images are sized down using HTML tags to fit within the table.

Any fixes?

Can you email me through my profile with a link. I’ll take a look and we’ll continue this conversation there. Thanks

Quick question: Is there a trick to creating a link post? I thought I was doing it right by selection the Link tab, entering a title, entering a link, then saving the draft. Yet, when I preview it, it seems like it’s trying to post as a quote instead, and the title/link are absent. I do have the latest version installed.

Hi, The thing with link posts is that it doesn’t have a single view (the page with the comments) because it is just a link and the heading leads to the link not the post itself. The users should not be able to click a link on your site that leads to the page you are seeing. At least that is how we see others handling it, if you have any examples of other implementations let me know. Thanks

Thanks. I think the issue resolved itself after updating to the latest version. :)

Hi, Loving this theme, features, support. Not sure if anyone else would like this but is it possible to have an option to have a “featured image” on some of the post types? I know a couple by default don’t show it. :S

I’ll look into that, thanks :)

In the latest version it is possible to have a featured image for the following post types: standard, quote, link and audio. The new update will be available here on TF in a few minutes when it’s accepted. Thanks for the feedback :)


When updates to the theme occur is it mandatory to download the new version? In addition, I created a child theme, but the styles are not changing. Do you know why?

Thank you!



No it’s not mandatory however you should look at the changelog and see if there are important bug fixes that affect your configuration. For example if you’re using the Instagram widget and we fix a bug for it.

We didn’t make any special arrangements to make the theme child-theme supported. However since the new Wordpress theme requirements say every theme should support this we will modify the theme if necessary. Let me look into it and I’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Thanks, Ivar Rafn


Have you added the child theme option to the new template? Let me know!



I’m working on it right now. I’ll keep you posted, I got you here in my reminders :)

(oops, double posted, see below)

Hi guys,

This is a lovely theme, really like it! But I think I found a small bug to do with the iPhone/mobile version.

I tried it out on an iPhone 4S, both the demo and your own blog which is using the theme, and noticed that it doesn’t lock at the correct width at the iPhone size – there appears to be a slightly wider strip of ‘background’ on the right than on the left, around the posts, which extends past the width of the screen and introduces sideways scrolling where it shouldn’t be possible. This is visible on a phone or if you shrink a regular browser down to iPhone width.

(Actually what happens is as it first loads it appears to use the full width, but on full load then it shrinks back slightly to reveal the wider margin on the right.)

But also I noticed that on an actual iPhone (this bit doesn’t seem to happen on a regular browser) I can scroll right quite a long way into ‘nothing’, and actually pinch to zoom out to see the entire site as a long narrow strip.

Hope this helps! Lovely stuff, and also I love your company name. Annyong!

I’ve made a huge mistake :) This turned out to be some weird css configuration for the footer. I fixed it and this doesn’t happen anymore. You can see the fix in action on the blog. Thanks for the feedback!

Happy to help!

Hi there,

This is a great theme, and I’m really enjoying it! I have one question. I am trying to use the Bluth Likebox, and I believe that I am entering the proper URL, The widget shows up as a blank space in the sidebar with only the Facebook header appearing. How can I get content to appear in the widget?


Are you using the absolute url, like so “” ?

Send me an url to your site and I’ll take a look.

Do you offer just the Twitter widget from the Keilir theme for sale?

No sorry. However you can create your own here and add it to you page with the default Text widget in Worpress

Hiya me again – I just have one more question! I would like to add a ‘featured posts’ slider to the homepage above the content, and I’d like it to sit above both the blog and the sidebar.

If I jumped into the php for the homepage to add any required shortcodes from whatever slider plugin I go for (for example RoyalSlider), do you think how you’ve coded the theme would allow such a slider to sit across both those columns, and/or would it get all mucked up on resizing the page do you think?

I know this is well outside your support remit, but without already owning the theme to try it out I have to ask, sorry!

Thanks, Owen

Hi, I can add a textarea in the theme options panel where you could add a shortcode or html to be placed above the main container. I recently added similar options (See image) I’ll add this tonight and let you know when the update is accepted here on TF. Thanks for the feedback :)

Cool, look forward to checking it out :)


Poking around, I noticed if I search for something that the Search can’t find, there’s just a ‘Post not found’ message. Same seems to happen if try to elicit a 404 error – could there be a more useful page template for unsuccessful searches or 404 pages built in? For example, a list of recent posts, featured posts, or a sitemap or something to get visitors to stay and keep looking for what they wanted?

Or could you recommend a quality plugin that does something similar?

One other thing – is it possible to go full-width on a per-post basis, for example if a set of images really deserve to be seen full width?

Many thanks, and sorry to keep plaguing you with questions!

(actually, is it possible to view the theme documentation pre-sale? I often find that really helpful when trying to determine what I could do with a theme).


Hi, Good idea with the 404/Search Results. I’ll add that to my list.

Full width on per post basis is possible with a meta box, I’ll add that on my list as well.

If you send me an email through my profile I can provide you with the docs. Thanks

No need, I did the decent thing and am now a proud owner ;) Looking forward to having a play!

Ohhhhh, back again – I was looking at the site on an iPad in portrait-mode and noticed that all the sidebar widgets stretch to full-width and stack vertically. It looks a little odd as they almost all suit being narrower. Was wondering if it might be possible for an update to tile sidebar widgets two at a time in a narrower form on the iPad? Still below the post, and still stacking vertically, but two by two, Noahs-Ark stylee ;)

On the iPhone etc they look fine stacked because they’re all narrower due to the screen size, just looks a bit weird on the iPad.

Also I notice that the logo seems to slightly shift position and also get squished in and out as the page is resized. Is that intentional?

Hope this feedback is of some use, and that the weather in Iceland is as lovely as it is in London today!



The logo part is fixed, I just need to update the demo page to the latest version.

The two column suggestion for the sidebar in tablets is problematic because the widgets are different in height so there would be gaps between each row if the left widget is smaller in height then the one right to him. I was thinking of hacking up some solution with the Mazonry plugin (See here) so that the widgets could be stacked up beautifully together, I’ll take a look at that later.

Oh yeah I never thought of that, good point! I’ll leave it in your capable hands :)

Hello. I’m thinking of buying this theme, but wanted to know if there is a way to “like” a post w/ Facebook. I see the social media icons that share posts but I’m really needing a way for people to Like a particular post – with a counter.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, we decided that it would be better to leave that out because so many people use plugins to add that feature. It varies what social buttons people want, some people have a lot of buttons some just a like button so because of that we thought it would be easiest to leave it out and let the users choose what they wanted.

It should be very easy to add a plugin to do this but let me know if you decide to buy the theme and need assistance with doing this.

Hey! i just love your theme but i was wondering if it is possible to remove the logo in the middle of every post

I’ll add that feature right away, make sure you check the “Get notified by email if this item is updated” on the download page so you get an email when the update is ready.

Thanks a lot!


i love this theme. Great work. One Question.

Is it possible to set up the quality of the featured picture higher? Everytime the theme cuts my images to 700×300 px in the post header but the width of the content ist 840px. So the featured pic looks a little bit bleak.

Many greetings, Marco


The theme is loading the wrong image size. I just fixed it so now the correct image (870×400) is pulled in. You don’t need to upload them again as you should already have the correct image it was just loading the wrong one to the header :)

Thanks for the feedback, Ivar Rafn

Hi Ivar,

will this fix be in the next update or what have i to do? :-)

Thanky you!

Many greetings, Marco

This will be included in the next update, I plan on releasing it tomorrow.

Hi, I really love the theme so far. I’ve run into just a few issues. First, where is the ad widget located? I can’t seem to find it. Second, when I change the background color that change is not saved. Third, there is not a custom css tab on my theme options page. I’m running the latest version of Wordpress. Thanks!


Hi, I’m gonna release a new update today and then the custom css tab will be available to you. Also the background color issue will be fixed.

To insert adsense ads to your sidebar I recommend the Bluth Html widget, there are some settings that you can change there that makes it work better with the theme then the standard text widget from wordpress. If you want to insert ads to the header or between posts the settings for that are located in the Theme options page.