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I also wonder if it is possible to remove the “continue reading” link from the index page excerpt when the post is shorter than the 55-word excerpt length?

Done! this will be included in the next release scheduled for today. Thanks for the feedback

Another question.

Can you talk to me about the “about” page in the demo. We would like to create something similar, but I didnt see anything in the documentation about it.

Let me know.


Hi, We included a demo data file in the zip file you downloaded from Themeforest that you can import by going to Tools -> Import. I’m also going to make some sample pages and put them on the demo page so people can copy and paste the code required to make them. Thanks for the feedback :)

ok got it!

Hey. When I upload images into the gallery, it adds them into the post instead of creating a gallery .

Hi, I also get this issue sometimes when I’m adding images to the gallery post from the library. If I upload new images it works every time. I’m gonna look into this but since we are using a plugin that we did not build ourselves to handle this I might not find a fix for this exact plugin. If that’s the case I will find some other solution for post formats.

I get “script error” and “object doesn’t support this property or method” when I load my page in IE 8.

It looks like it is the Likebox that is messing things up. Also the google font I’ve chosen does not work in IE 8 either. Do I have to switch font or is there any way around this?

Thank you.

I got the font working now, but none of the Twitter blue or Facebook blue colors show up in IE 8. Instead they are the main black color.

Hi, I see the problem, I’ll fix the css and add it to the next update. Thanks.

If you need assistance with anything else use the support forum, there I can send you fixes for files, and have a better overview of our conversation.

Cheers, Ivar Rafn

Hi, i’m having problems with the background, it seems to be that i can’t put a solid color like background, how can i fix it?

Hi, what version are you using? Make sure you use the latest version.

hi, im using the version 1.42 but every time i try to make the update it doesn’t work, how do i should update the theme?

There’s information in the documentation, section 11, this is what is says:

Download the latest version of the theme from Themeforest

Unzip the main file to your computer

In the unzipped folder there is another zip file called, unzip that file as well to a folder of your choice

Login to your wordpress admin panel and navigate to Appearance » Themes

First we have to get rid of the old theme and to do that we have to activate another theme

Click the activate button for some other theme like the wordpress default “Twenty Twelve” theme that comes with wordpress

After the other theme has activated click the Delete button below the Keilir theme

Now you can install and activate the new theme like normal

So basically, just delete your old theme and install the new one :)

Hi, I love this theme and friendly support. Thanks a lot :)

Your welcome, Thank you for purchasing.

Is there a way to make a background image repeat? I tried adding Body { background-repeat: both;} to the custom CSS tab but its still showing the single stretched out image.

This is a great looking theme – thanks!

Hi, If you upload the new image as a pattern in the theme options it will repeat.

I had tried that with the older version and couldn’t get it to work but downloaded the update last night and now it’s working perfectly. Thanks!!!

I think it would be nice if the share this button open as a popup rather than a new tab. Overall it was really nice :)))

You can remove the “lightbox” class that gets added to every linked image. I can also put an option that disables this feature but you will have to wait for the next update. I’m not exactly sure when that update will be available but we are releasing updates pretty rapidly so it’s probably just a few days away.

The share buttons now open in a popup, you can see it in action on our blog

That’s really nice :) Thanks. looking forward for the update

Someone I know has purchased your theme. Asked me several questions about the quote-format. The quote-title is truncated, which she does not like. Can you help me out how to solve this, since I cannot find it in any file, or especially the functions.php?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Irene

That’s weird, did your friend do any modifications on the theme? The reason I ask is because in the quote post format the meta info is not used (see image). There should only be a quote and an author – see this page

Yes, like I said above here. My friend wanted the look and feel of a normal post, except did want the Quote badge.

Can you please inform me why the title is truncated?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Irene

Hi, We are not truncating titles in the theme but if I could get a copy of the modified file (keilir/inc/post-formats/content-quote.php) I can take a look and resolve the issue for you. You can send a support ticket with the above mentioned file attached through our support forum. Best Regards, Ivar Rafn

Hey :-)

jsut another Question. Is it possible to exclude a categorie in the “Bluth Tabs Widget” for the latest Postings?

Many greetings, Marco

Hi, I can add that feature to the widget, go to the downloads page and check the “Get notified by email if this item is updated” checkbox and you’ll receive an email once the update is available here on TF. Thanks, Ivar Rafn

Hey! That would be great! Thank you very much in advance!

Many greetings from Germany, Marco

Anyone figure out how to update this template theme in order to get the new “advertising” and “css” update in the theme options? Wanting to add the updated feature of advertising space above the content and sidebars, but do not have the options to do so. Help!

This issue has been resolved through our support forum. For those who are having trouble figuring out how to upgrade the theme check out the documentation, there are detailed instructions on the process. Best Regards, Ivar Rafn

Is there a full-width option for pages?

Yes that’s possible. I just updated the demo to show different page layouts, you can check out the full width demo here

I just want to chip in to say to any potential buyers that the guys at Bluth Design are great, they respond positively and promptly to support queries over at their Support Forum, and are always adding new features to the theme in response to customer requests.

Thanks, guys! :)

Thank you! We appreciate it.

Hello. I got a problem with “Image with a link”. I can’t link an image. Evertyime i am landing at the openend page. Is this a known Bug?

Many Greetings, Marco

Hello. Yes that’s right. I am changing the PHP Version via .htaccess. Now it works. Perfect. The function to exclude Categories in the “Bluth Tabs Widget” will be in the next update? We talked about that a couple of days ago. Do you remember? Many greetings, Marco

Yes, it’s ready. I’ll upload a new update tonight.

Yeah. Great. Thank you very much! :-)

Good Morning.

I got this after the update. I am Using Wordpress 3.6. :-(

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /www/htdocs/xxxxxxx/wp-content/themes/keilir/inc/theme-options.php on line 25

Many greetings, Marco

Good Morning.

I got this after the update. I am Using Wordpress 3.6. :-(

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /www/htdocs/xxxxxxx/wp-content/themes/keilir/inc/theme-options.php on line 25

Many greetings, Marco

pre-purchase question. will posts display my gravatar?

Yep, we use the default WordPress avatar function that pulls author images via Gravatar.

Hi, is the them compatible with Wordpress 3.6?

Yes it does. The demo is actually running WP 3.6

Thank you for answering my last question. Also, is there a maximum width on the logo?

No, the width can be as long as you like but the height is fixed to 45px.